Professional training in greatest demand

Vocational training has become one of the choices most demanded by students. Although until a few years ago only university studies seemed

Professional training in greatest demand
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Vocational training has become one of the choices most demanded by students. Although until a few years ago only university studies seemed to have prestige and demand from companies, the situation has changed drastically since then. Now, vocational training has great prestige and its graduates are in high demand by companies looking for employees.

There are some professional training qualifications that stand out for their high demand in the labor market and, therefore, are being highly demanded at the beginning of the course by students of all ages. We are talking about mid-level and higher-level qualifications. Among the degrees with the highest demand, we can highlight the following:

Administration and management

Vocational Training cycles related to business administration and management are in great demand in the labor market. We speak both in its middle grade version and in the higher grade version. In fact, the higher degree in Administration and Finance is the most demanded by companies of all sizes and sectors. An ideal training for those who dream of working in offices, agencies, consultancies and company administration departments.

Electricity and electronic

Professionals with training in the field of electronics and electricity are highly demanded in the job market. Electrical installation companies, in the field of industry and many other sectors need qualified personnel in electrical or electronic work. The demand for this type of graduate exceeds the number of professionals who graduate each year, so it is one of the best professional training options today.

Sanitary Branch

Intermediate or higher vocational qualifications in the health branch have one of the best employability rates. We are talking about qualifications such as the higher degree in oral hygiene, the average degree of nursing assistant or the higher degree in clinical or biomedical laboratory, among others. The demand by public and private health centers, clinics and medical consultations is so high that it guarantees a job for graduates in this sector.

Trade and Marketing

Vocational training related to commerce and marketing is also among those with the best employability rate. The demand for professionals with knowledge in marketing has risen rapidly in recent years. Now companies invest more in marketing than ever and need qualified professionals to help them design their marketing strategy to grow their business and attract new customers.

IT and Communications

We cannot forget professional training in the field of computing and communications. Graduates in this sector are very well integrated into the labor market and it is rare to find unemployed graduates. Many companies are looking for IT VET graduates to fill the gap in university graduates and have found that their level of training is up to what they need.

The rise of vocational training thanks to its employability

Degrees such as the above are behind the boom that vocational training is experiencing among young people. Whether in intermediate, higher or basic vocational training, vocational training currently has a higher employability rate than university training

According to one of the latest employability studies, the employability rate of vocational training stands at 42.2%, while the employability rate of students who have a university degree stands at 38, 5%. This highlights the great demand for professionals with VET degrees that exists among companies and how it has managed to outperform university degrees in terms of employability. This dismantles the myth that only through university education do we have access to more and better jobs.

As you can see, professional training is today the best way to make a qualitative leap in anyone's professional career. Quality training with which to become the professional that companies need, getting the job you've always dreamed of.