The best educational apps for children

It has been shown in many studies that educational apps for children are specifically designed to stimulate the brain development as well as

The best educational apps for children
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It has been shown in many studies that educational apps for children are specifically designed to stimulate the brain development as well as the cognitive functions of minors. They are all good tools that serve as a practical strategy to delve into the knowledge of certain subjects and, in addition, to encourage the development of certain skills.

Educational apps for children

Great application designed to introduce the little ones to the world of plants. With this tool you will be able to learn everything related to plant life in a fun way.

The app offers a fairly complete encyclopedia, full of knowledge about the different plants and their parts. With this app they will be able to discover how some of the vital processes of plants work, such as photosynthesis or pollination.

Namoo for children has an interactive simulation Methodology in which the little ones can experiment through weather conditions, observing plants and also interacting with them... all through augmented reality. Have you heard of this app?

Educational apps for children

Anatomy Learning

Another great application for children with which they can discover the anatomy of the human being and all its systems. Little ones will love this 3D anatomy app, which is also a lot of fun. With it they will be able to navigate tactilely through the different muscles and bones of the human skeleton. All fully interactive and very interesting for children to delve deeper into this topic.

This app is specially designed for children by doctors and anatomy experts. In it you can remove, add and combine different parts of the structures of the human body. In this way children will be able to understand and learn about anatomy.

With more than 6 thousand anatomical structures, this application is one of the most complete. It also offers a quiz at the end where the little ones can test everything they have learned with it.

Endless English

Excellent application for children that has been designed by Originator. It is specially designed for children who are just beginning to speak. With her and her protagonists, the Endless monsters, the little ones will learn to speak, spell and the meaning of words.

With this application the little ones will learn to speak, to know when to use certain words and in what situation. In addition, the app offers a methodology through really fun animations. This ensures the recognition of words in young children.

The app also offers a series of fully interactive puzzles where letters come to life and words become what they describe. A fantastic idea with which the little ones will have a great time. Also, the app doesn't keep track of scores so kids can learn to speak at their own pace. How about?

Educational apps for children

Oxford Quick Reference Grammar

Great application for young children, designed to learn English in a simple and fun way. This app, available for both Android and iOS, offers nothing more and nothing less than 181 topics on grammar. In this way it serves as a complement to what they are learning in class.

The app also provides more than 2 thousand sample examples for children to learn grammar correctly. It also offers help to avoid the most common mistakes and learn how to correct them. One of the features that we like the most is that it contains cross-references in different topics. In this way children will learn much more about grammar. What do you think about this application for children?

Math for kids

If you are looking for more applications for children, we leave you with this one to help them with mathematics. A subject that resists many but with help, understanding and apps like this, it will be a piece of cake.

If you are looking for a practical application for preschool children, this is one of them. The app allows them to learn about the numbers from 1 to 20, ascending and descending. It also teaches them to identify and compare numbers. So with some slides the little ones will learn a lot about mathematics.

It really has an application designed for children, but older people can also benefit from it since it includes certain slides with somewhat more complicated operations. There are slides for different ages that are very practical and great for studying math.


Finally, we leave you an application that you may know since it is very popular. Tangram is a type of puzzle and an educational game at the same time. It is very easy to play and encourages creativity among other things.

Tangram is designed for younger children and is based on the famous Chinese game of forming silhouettes of figures with only 7 pieces. They cannot be put on top of each other, just look for the shapes. To do this, the children will have to place each piece in a suitable position until completing the figures that appear in each level. What do you think of this wonderful application for the little ones in the house?

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