Why is free time important?

home to work and vice versa? You may want to reconsider, since free time is more important than you imagine. Why is free time important.

Why is free time important?
Why is free time important?

Is your routine characterized by going from home to work and vice versa? You may want to reconsider, since free time is more important than you imagine. Why is free time important.

Unfortunately, people have been romanticized to alarming levels when people get out of work late, sleep poorly, eat poorly, and let alone the time spent in front of a computer or in traffic. And while you have this distorted idea that it means that you do a good job, the truth is that it is the opposite; the human being is not designed to be violent in that way, and hence it is dangerous to equate all this with something "good" or "normal". The truth is that although we have adapted to work and certain schedules, it is of the utmost importance to be able to give ourselves some free time, where we simply do nothing. And it is interesting that while harmful activities (physically and mentally) have become popular, leisure or idle time has been equated as a bad thing. And no! Do not get wrong; It is just as important to be able to disconnect and nurture yourself spiritually, as it is to be responsible and take charge of your jobs.


Now, you must take into account that not everything in your life is deliveries and deadlines. The world is full of art, events, museums, workshops, everything! And each of those things helps you become a fuller and more satisfied person, in addition to improving your self-esteem and reducing the possibility of you falling into the famous work burnout. In a way, it is important that we equate a wiser and fuller attitude with success, than leaving your office at 11, arriving home to sleep at 12, and waking up at 4 am ... to return to work.


Now, it's not about getting home early from work and sleeping. Well-directed leisure is also something that must be well-mannered. Yes, that movie you wanted so much to do is much better than a nap that will last until the next morning. That book that is waiting impatiently to be read by you, is better than looking at the ceiling of your bedroom for hours (which is not a bad thing either, but better to divide times. What if you turn the books while you lie down?) .

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Unfortunately, the pressure for "good work" with the aforementioned bad habits, being validated by the majority of society, gives rise to anxiety to fulfill those negative expectations; apologize for leaving on your work hour, or lying when you say you have another commitment, when you really just want to get home to read one more chapter of your favorite book. But with us the change begins, and letting anxiety rule you is a losing battle against these ideas that, in fact, reduce your self-esteem and emotional health. And especially if you have a job where the maximum of your creativity is required, let's say that knowing only your work chair and your bed, will not make your best ideas come to life. So change your chip: the activities you do outside of work are just as important. Don't apologize and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Has it happened to you that you just noticed one day that you haven't asked for a vacation for two years? Nope, this is not a sign of what a good worker you are or of responsibility. This means that you have not balanced your rest and reconnecting with your foundations, as well as your slopes and your deadlines. And it is not about planning an impossible trip (the first excuse that many make at this point); it's about you can do your thing, with patience and dedication. See old friends, your family, paint, read a book, watch your favorite series and movies. All in your free time, it's about nurturing your spirit and not letting yourself be hit by work stress or anguish.