Professions of the future

were so popular in post-Soviet times simply disappear, and in their place come new ones that meet the expectations of the modern world.

Professions of the future
Professions of the future

Do you know what makes "knowledge validators" or who is a "startup mentor"? No, these are not whimsical devices or characters from science fiction movies. These are the professions of the future. Humanity is developing dynamically, and many specialties that were so popular in artical-Soviet times simply disappear, and in their place come new ones that meet the expectations of the modern world.

The professions of the future have similar features: most of them are aimed at preserving the environment, developing new technologies that would simplify human life and conquering space. We have divided the professions of the future into blocks, depending on the priority area of ‹‹activity: Developers, IT / Internet, Ecology, Medicine, Sociology, Space.


Modern phones, smart watches and independent houses - it is difficult to surprise a person today. Mankind is moving towards global automation and robotics. It is difficult to judge how this will affect our lives in the future, so let's just get acquainted with the advanced professions of the future in the field of design and development.

Smart Home Infrastructure Designer

And let's start acquaintance with the world of the future from the specialist Smart Home (smart house). The very concept of "smart home" includes the idea of ‹‹complete systematization and autonomy of all home gadgets. The coffee maker prepares coffee for your awakening, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans the apartment on its own, and the windows open for ventilation in good weather - all these are small things that take human life to a significantly new level.

The specialist who will design, install and configure the Smart Home system will be worth its weight in gold in the future - in 6-8 years, when the idea of ‹‹living autonomy will take root in most of the world's population. This profession requires an analytical mind, knowledge in the field of IT and modern technology.

Designer of airships and infrastructure for aeronautics

The aviation industry is developing in parallel with the space industry and soon airships in the sky will not be associated with steampunk, but will enter our lives as an integral part. Airships will compete with aircraft, although they are inferior to them in speed, they are much more environmentally friendly and, last but not least - do not require fuel. Well, their load capacity is many times higher than that of conventional Boeings. A specialist who will design airfields, hangars, service stations and airship navigation programs will be needed in the future.

IT and the Internet

In this section, we will not list the professions of programmers, application developers and databases that are popular today, but we will focus on those specialties that have just appeared and are in the development stage.

IT is a preacher

Everyone has heard of religious preachers, or cosmetologists. But did you know that from 2020 the profession of IT preacher is gaining popularity. The purpose of his work is to explain to people new programs and services, to instill the value of using modern technologies. Previously, the older generation did not know how to turn on a computer, and this was considered the norm, but today, to survive and be competitive, you need to be knowledgeable.

Game tester

Modern games are no longer considered something childish and frivolous. Global companies spend billions of dollars to launch a new game with a unique plot and fantastic graphics. The characters have their own charisma and character, and the person is completely transported into a fictional world. Games have become part of the culture, on a par with movies and TV series. Therefore, such a profession as a game tester will only gain popularity.

Digital Death Manager

Half of the life of a modern person is spent on social networks. So it is not surprising that after death it is necessary to restore order not only in physical matters, but also in virtual ones. Digital Death Manager deletes accounts, blogs and channels of deceased authors. The profession is fresh, but over time it will take root in the open, because social life is difficult to imagine without the Internet, and someone needs to "clean" this space.


2020 showed all the importance of ecology and the negative impact of man on his condition. It was necessary to isolate people for a month - and immediately cleaned the rivers and seas, returned rare animals, and the air became crystal clear. To support this result, we need to reconsider our attitude to life on the planet. The topic of environmental protection will be at the peak of popularity in the coming years.


Specialist in overcoming environmental disasters

This specialist will work on solving large-scale environmental problems: "plastic" ocean, pollution of water bodies with industrial waste, radiation dumps, melting glaciers and the greenhouse effect. The task is not easy, so the specialist must have an analytical mind, understand biology and chemistry, navigate in modern technology. One of the subspecies of this profession can be attributed to the Port Geologist - a specialist who monitors the environmental performance of ports, the impact of ships on aquatic flora and fauna.

Ecoanalyst of the extractive industry

It is a specialty whose main activity is aimed at preventing environmental disasters related to human mining activities. Thanks to the work of this specialist, humanity will not harm the environment by their actions and the balance in mining will be maintained.

GMO agronomist

It has previously been thought that modified gene code products are dangerous to human health and can affect genetics. But modern scientists have refuted this myth, and today you can find experts who specifically cross the DNA of carrots with eggplant, and there is nothing wrong with that. These specialists will develop the rural industry and implement biotechnological achievements in it.

Designer of new organic materials

The trend towards environmental friendliness has found its place in the beauty industry. Many global brands refuse to use animal skins and furs, preferring artificial materials.

As a result of this trend, materials that have a natural origin, but do not harm nature, have come to the fore. Yes, today you can find clothes made of bamboo, nettle, algae, hemp, eucalyptus and more. The designer of new organic materials will develop the field of ecological use of raw materials, as well as create new, unique fabrics.


The coronavirus epidemic showed how medicine and humanity in general were not ready to fight the enemy. During the pandemic, medicine has changed greatly, and this impact will affect the professions of the future. Example, has become a very popular online therapist who can be consulted without leaving home, and many people will not return to their usual trips to the clinic.

Neuro pharmacologist

This specialist creates drugs that directly affect the brain, increasing productivity in healthy people. The specialist must have a medical education, in-depth knowledge of pharmacology and psychology, as well as a flexible mind.


Medicine is increasingly intertwined with modern technology, so at the junction of their collision there is a need for a specialist who could solve controversial issues. The bioethicist must find compromises between morality and the introduction of medical advances in genetics, cloning and transplantation.

Molecular nutritionist

The privilege, so far, of rich people is a personal nutritionist. Molecular nutritionist is an improved version of the usual specialist, because he creates the future diet on the basis of genetic analysis of the client, his physiological characteristics, as well as the molecular composition of food. This specialist will help fight not only obesity, but also with many diseases that occur against the background of malnutrition (diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, kidney disease, etc.)


Specialist in the image of the future for the child

The essence of the work is the formation of an approximate way of life for the child, outlining the trajectory of his development. Of course, all this happens at the request of parents who understand the strengths and weaknesses of their child, his abilities. The expert must select the optimal training programs, courses and development plan for a certain period of time.

Startup mentor

As it is profitable and perspective to develop the business, it became possible to earn on it. A true mentor must have his own successful projects in order to use their example to explain the peculiarities of promotion and the secrets of success to young startups. The profession is modern and very profitable.

Knowledge validator

This specialist replaced the usual school and university commissions. The essence of his work is to develop new systems  assessment of knowledge and skills that can be applied in the educational system. The specialist must be a well-developed person with good logical thinking and higher education.


After the launch of Crew Dragon, no one left any doubt that humanity has reached a new level of communication with space. Thanks to Elon Mask's developments, the space industry has taken a seven-mile step forward, and the concept of "space tourism" will soon become commonplace for all of us.

Space tourism manager

Like a regular manager, this specialist will develop travel programs, with the only difference - the trip will be in space. The profession will appear only with the launch of tourist shuttles, which is scheduled for 2025.