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When were the main soccer leagues born?

When were the main soccer leagues born?
When were the main soccer leagues born?

The main soccer leagues have their beginnings as an amateur at the end of the 19th century, and as professionals, in the first half of the 20th century. We suggest you review its origins!

The main soccer leagues have been played, for the most part, since the beginning of the last century, with many changes to their credit in terms of game system and participants. Next, we will tell you how they have developed throughout their history.

Creation date of the main soccer leagues

They are currently the most important leagues in the world, in which all footballers aspire to play. However, in their early days they had more “modest” and not so popular developments. We tell you the date of creation of the main soccer tournaments:

  1. Premier League (England)

It was not founded under the name we know it today. In 1888, the official year of its inauguration, it was called the Football League First Division; this switched to the Premier League in 1992.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The First Division was born under the rules of the FA (Football Association), issued in 1863, and later replicated throughout Europe. The one in charge of shaping the tournament – the oldest in the world – was the director of Aston Villa, William McGregor.

The first champion was Preston North End and Liverpool was the top winner under the previous name. With the new name, Manchester United became the most successful team, mainly during the time when Sir Alex Ferguson was the coach.

  1. Serie A (Italy)

It has also changed its name since its inception. Formerly, between 1898 and 1929, it was known as “First Division of Italy”. The first champion was Genoa, who repeated the feat two more consecutive editions. Subsequently, Milan went on to be crowned in the already Italian Football Campionato.

Serie A dates back to 1929, when football was professionalized in Italy. Juventus was one of the top winners of the early days, along with A.C. Milan and, later, Inter.

  1. La Liga (Spain)

At the beginning of the 20th century, soccer was increasingly popular in Spain, which is why different regional cups or championships were organized. In 1903 the Spanish Championship was organized to encompass teams from all over the country.

After an assembly of the Spanish Federation in Madrid, it was decided to create a regular tournament in 1929, known as the National First Division League Championship. The first champion was Barcelona, ​​and in the following years Athletic and Real Madrid also won — the three teams with an absolute presence in the first division.

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In 1984, it changed its name to the National Professional Football League of the First Division; again, the first champion was Barcelona. However, the top Spanish winner is Real Madrid, with 33 titles to its credit, against 26 for the Catalan team.

  1. Bundesliga (Germany)

The first German championship was played between 1903 and 1933, after the creation of the German Football Federation. This system was abolished by the Nazis and replaced by the Gauliga.

During the Third Reich, that is between 1933 and 1945, the tournament was divided into regions and groups. From 1946 to 1948, the tournament was grouped according to the country’s division zone: American, French, British, Soviet and Berlin.

Then two simultaneous tournaments were played in Germany: the Oberliga —of the Federal Republic of Germany, between 1946 and 1963— and of the German Democratic Republic —between 1949 and 1991—.

What we know as the Bundesliga today dates from 1963; the first champion was Cologne and it was played in West Germany. In 1991 the rest of the country joined and was called FuBball-Bundesliga. The top champion is Bayern Munich, with 28 titles.

  1. Ligue 1 (France)

The first French championship was organized in 1894 and only five teams from Paris participated. Two years later there were already 18 regional leagues, and the northern one stood out. It was only in 1932 when professional football was installed in Gallic territory, with the implementation of the national championship and the French Cup.

The first edition was organized in two groups, the winner of each one played the final; Cannes and Olympique Lillois were the ones who arrived, and the latter won. The following season the single 14-team format was adopted.

Division 1 was called this way until 2002, when it was renamed Ligue 1. Saint Etienne is the top winner in history, with 10 titles.

The birth of the South American soccer leagues

Finally, other important soccer leagues that are worth highlighting are Argentina and Brazil. The first was organized as an amateur in 1891, and as a professional in 1931. Meanwhile, the Brasileirao was organized professionally since 1959 and changed its name to Taca Brasil in 1971.

As we can see, these contests stand out not only for the figures that enter the field of play every weekend, but also for their great history. Many years have passed since its creation!