Bear gait: what are its benefits?

There are countless exercises for the body and bear gait is one of them. Find out about its main positive effects and use it in your training

Bear gait: what are its benefits?
Bear gait: what are its benefits?

There are countless exercises for the body and bear gait is one of them. Find out about its main positive effects and use it in your training!

The world of sports training is full of movements and exercises suitable for everyone. Here, exercises that imitate specific sports gestures or animal movements stand out; the latter is about bear walking, a special name for a rather unusual exercise. Bear gait is not a common exercise in routine muscle toning and toning workouts.

However, it brings many benefits to the body. What is it characterized by?

What is a bear's gait?

Overall, it is an exercise that mimics the way a bear walks; hence its name in English, bear crawl. This training is based on imitating the bear's steps in the places designated by our exercise routine and gives the opportunity to stimulate different muscle groups at the same time.

In order to perform the exercise correctly, you need to assume the starting position with four supports - hands and feet. Additionally, the torso must be upright and remain parallel to the ground. It is recommended to half-bend your knees.

As for the positioning of the hands, they should be spaced slightly wider than shoulder width apart. This way you will be able to stabilize your body while doing the exercise.

Once you are in the starting position, perform the exercise by moving one arm and one leg at a time. You can choose for yourself whether you want to start from the right or left side, it is only important that you have the right coordination to perform this movement.

What are the benefits of bear walking?

Simultaneous stimulation of different muscle groups can be considered a benefit in itself. However, a bear's gait has many more benefits.

It does not need a lot of space

One of the great things about this exercise is that you don't need a lot of space to do it. You only need to move a few chairs around the house, and gait can be put into practice.

Also places such as parks, corridors or some green area may be sufficient for this exercise.

No hardware required

Apart from comfortable clothing, this exercise does not require any additional materials to be performed. Body, limbs, and determination are all you need to incorporate into your training routine.

Strengthens the muscles

The nature of this exercise helps to stimulate large muscle groups. Moreover, it can be said that practically all major muscles are required when performing it.

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In the arms, the triceps and deltoid muscles are most involved; in the trunk area, the trapezius, the lats, the loins and the oblique muscles of the abdomen work the hardest.

Finally, in the area of ‹‹the legs and hips, the gluteal muscles, iliopsoas, gastrocnemius and quadriceps are strengthened the most.

Stimulates motor coordination

In addition to strength and endurance, a bear's gait requires a high degree of coordination. While a minimum of proper coordination is required, you shouldn't avoid exercise or feel frustrated if you feel your coordination isn't enough.

All you need is regular practice, discipline and a willingness to learn. You can be sure that you will gain sufficient coordination step by step.

Different intensity

The intensity of the exercises depends largely on your abilities and the expected results. In this order, be sure to stick to what you have planned, and if you are a beginner, try to gradually increase the intensity.

This way you will reduce the likelihood of injury and your muscles will develop properly.

Have you heard of bear walking?

You are probably unfamiliar with this type of exercise and are therefore not entirely sure how to do it. If this is the case, we advise you to seek professional advice not only to understand the technique correctly, but also to incorporate it into your routine.

With the help of a professional, you'll be able to incorporate bear gait into your targeted training routine. Finally, remember to supplement your training with good eating and rest habits so that the results will come quickly!