Top 10 richest singers the wealthiest singers in the world

Top 10 richest singers the wealthiest singers in the world
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The top 10 richest singers are welcome to another episode of all-in-one luxury. If you enjoy all things luxury, subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you never miss out on our latest and greatest uploads. There are many, many people out there who have great singing voices. There are only a few, however, who have an extraordinary talent that is bankable to boot. Some have risen above having to play in bars and bar mitzvahs to make ends meet and fill up major venues. They are the richest singers. All figures in U.S. dollars

Number  5 ( Dolly Parton ) has a net worth of 650 million dollars. Dolly Parton had grown up dirt poor and clawed her way up the ranks to become a legend with 650 million dollars according to celebrity net worth. How did she do it well? There have been the record-breaking the number of hit records, the nine Grammys, the three amas and numerous other Awards. The more than 3 000 songs she's composed in her acting career in film and T.V. production companies, there are also Dollywood theme parks. The singer has never forgotten her Roots and is known as one of the world's most generous millionaires.

Number 4 ( Bono ) net worth 700 million dollars as you two's frontman Bono has become one of the most famous people from Ireland he's made a lot of money with the band and through other musical projects however, he's also become very very rich through shrewd Investments including investment in Facebook he co-owns the Clarence Hotel in Dublin serves On The Board of Private Equity Firm elevation partners and owns a vast real estate portfolio according to celebrity net worth He has 700 million dollars to his name [Music]

Number 3 ( Celine Dion ) net worth 800 million dollars according to wealthy gorilla Celine Dion has a net worth of 800 million dollars as of 2020. originally known mainly in Canada, where she had some success with French language albums, she learned how to speak English and signed with Epic Records in the U.S. once she started releasing English language albums, she became an international Superstar with a penchant for some of the most memorable outfits throughout her style evolution in addition to record sales she's made much of her money from touring and what became the highest grossing concert residency of all time her business ventures include co-founding the restaurant chain Nichols as well as a popular nightclub in addition she owns a line of fragrances [Music]

Number 2 ( Madonna ) net worth 850 million dollars celebrity net worth estimates Madonna's net worth at 850 million dollars, making her one of the richest self-made women in the United States. Guinness World Records calls her the best-selling female recording artist of all time. Her tours are legendary, and she's been the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time to her film career has been marked by box office flops and a Golden Globe. She is also a well-known businesswoman with a record label, clothing line, children's books, film production, health club, and lucrative endorsement deals to supplement her income.

Number 1 ( Paul McCartney ) net worth of 1.2 billion dollars with 1.2 billion dollars to his name, according to Money Inc Paul McCartney is still the richest of the richest rock stars ever. How did he do it? Having been one-half of the most successful songwriting Partners in music history helps; he still collects royalties for those hits of decades ago. In addition to his work with The Beatles, he also had commercial success with Wings. As a solo artist, he has 18 Grammys and a Knighthood to his name, not to mention all the other Awards and accolades; he also owns an extensive Music publishing catalog that includes the rights to popular musicals like Greece and Annie.