Tools to learn typing

Would you like to perfect your keyboard skills? Are you looking for websites to learn to type? Next, we leave you with the best tools

Tools to learn typing
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Would you like to perfect your keyboard skills? Are you looking for websites to learn to type? Next, we leave you with the best tools to learn typing in a fast and fun way. Using the internet you can access great websites that will help you improve your typing.

Tools to learn typing

Great platform with up to 16 lessons to learn typing. The website offers an animated keyboard and the help of graphic hands from a virtual tutor. It will guide you and help you correct all misspellings and typing errors. To do so, he will show you the correct way to write and thus improve this skill.

Little by little the lessons will increase the difficulty to learn much more. As you complete and pass all the lessons, you will notice that you™re writing level increases a lot. Little by little you will learn to write more accurately, have fewer errors and write faster.

On this website there is also a section to learn typing through games. This part is great for younger children. But, in general, no matter how old you are, this is a great tool to learn to work with the keyboard quickly and efficiently.

Free Online Typing Test “ SpeedTypingOnline

If you are looking for websites to learn typing, this is it. In it you will have an online simulator that can be adapted to the topics that interest you the most. You can write what you like the most, such as song lyrics, books, stories and much more.

This website allows you, in addition to the aforementioned, to adapt the time you dedicate to typing tests. In this way you can do them in a few minutes or spend 20 minutes on this practice. In addition, you will be able to see how you write, how fast you do it, the mistakes you make and how to correct this. You will be able to see the speed of the words per minute and all the errors, to be able to correct them.

Tools to learn typing

Dance Mat Typing

Another great website that will help you learn typing is Dance Mat Typing. It is a tool with which to access the rapid learning platform divided into 4 modules. Each of these modules focus on learning the center of the keyboard, that is, the central lines. Later we will study the upper line and then the lower one.

Finally, the user will learn to write the letters 'x', 'z', capital letters, the aarticalrophe, the full stop and the slash. But in addition to learning about typing, the user will also be able to find relevant information on other topics to learn.

Touch Typing Practice Online

We propose this website to learn typing, which has a simulator that indicates the keys to be marked. In addition, this simulator will show you both the successes and the errors that you have in the text. It will also show us the time we have invested in doing it and the real progress.

The website has several great lessons to learn typing and also offers several games to learn in a fun way. Young children can also learn on this website.

Tools to learn typing


Great website that has tools that will help you learn typing in a short time. In this space you will learn about the most basic notions to put your fingers on the keyboard and how to write.

Thanks to its online tutoring, you will be able to learn through exercises, didactic tests and great games. This way you can learn typing in an easy and fun way. Also, if you want, you can take advantage and write in another language to practice it too.

Free Touch Typing Software

This is another great website that we can count on to learn typing. It is also a great option for the little ones in the house. So they can learn from a young age to write on a keyboard quickly and functionally.

On this website you will find, nothing more and nothing less, with 600 levels to learn typing. You will also find different topics that will help you to place your hands in the proper position and how to place your fingers on the keyboard.

On the other hand, this website also has great games to learn in a fun way. We will also find in it voice reproduction, previous jobs, badges, stars, achievements, etc., so that users are very entertained.

Tools to learn typing

Typing Tutorial:

Another website to count on to learn typing is Typing tutorial. It is a well-known website with which you can improve your keyboard skills. In fact, this website was designed to teach the basics of the PC.

The site is great, easy to use, intuitive and quite beautiful. Visually it is easy to understand and becomes a very practical tool to teach adults and children. How about?

The website, in addition to teaching the user to type, also has other great learning topics on basic computer concepts, programming languages, and much more.

Finally, we offer you this website to learn typing and thus improve your keyboard skills. It is a very particular site which presents different ways to learn typing. On the one hand, you can do it using video tutorials; on the other you can do it through daily tasks and exercises. You can also learn typing through the proposed games, achievements and themes.

This site is fun and you won't regret learning to type with this tool. In addition, the design is great for the little ones in the house. This way they show interest and do not get bored learning. Children can learn by playing with an achievement indicator, so they will feel motivated. Finally, we tell you that this site can be adapted to different languages.

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