Tips and resources for studying the table of elements

Tips and resources for studying the table of elements
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The periodic table shows the elements of nature ordered in such a way that we can see their atomic number and their chemical properties. It is very useful to learn about the relationships between the properties of these elements or to investigate properties of elements that have not yet been discovered or synthesized. Currently, there are good tools and applications that help to study the table of elements in a simpler way. If you need a little help, then read on

Resources to study the table of elements

Mobile apps

Today there are great applications that make the study of the periodic table much easier. That's why it's good to take advantage of technology a bit. If you are looking for resources to study the table of elements, you can look for apps that help you memorize the table and associate each element of it. In addition, many of them offer a learning methodology through fun games or quick questions. In this way you learn by playing.

Homeschooling methodology

If you have to study the table of elements and you find it complicated, a great idea is to use the homeschooling methodology. It is an ingenious idea that we have seen on the blog: Teach Beside Me. It is a great method to learn the periodic table in a totally different and fun way. In this case, to help the little ones with chemistry, the blog talks about the game of sinking the fleet.

If you are looking for resources to study the table of elements, this classic game has been revamped and modified to resemble the periodic table. In this way the board of the ships has the coordinates of the table of the elements. Thus, when the coordinates are indicated, they must be done with the elements.

As you can see, it is a great and fun method to learn everything you need to know about the table of elements. To be able to play, you just have to enter the link above, find and print copies of a periodic table and laminate them. Then you will have to label the rows in alphabetical order and the columns with the numbers. Then hold the copies on a folder forming a 90º angle.

If you know the game of sinking the fleet, you don't have to know much more. The rules and regulations are the same as the classic game, only that the coordinates will be the elements.

Resources to study the table of elements

Online games

If you are looking to study the table of elements, another idea is to use online games. This is especially effective with the little ones, so that they learn without getting bored. It is showing that learning by playing is much better and less boring.

There are many places to find games online to help you learn the periodic table. In some you will have to find the repeated element, in others match the elements with their symbols or fill in the blank spaces.

Test and improve your score with online games to learn the periodic table. Here we leave you with one of them: Quimitris. It is a game similar to Tetris in which the tiles, made up of chemical elements, are falling and you have to place them correctly on the table. The game is divided into levels and phases that increase in difficulty.

Use songs

If you are looking to study the table of elements, music is one of the keys to make it easier. She helps us memorize all kinds of things.

Learning the periodic table with music is no nonsense. In fact, you can make a custom song to study and make it easier. At present there are already many songs to learn the periodic table, if you take a look around the Internet you will see it. Some of the best known are 'The Elements', by Tom Lehrer.

Resources to study the table of elements

Image association method

This method is one of the best for learning the periodic table. An image is enough to be able to remember the element you want and its symbol. The association of ideas is a practical and fast method to learn the table of elements.

If you are looking for resources to study the table of elements, the association of images is one of them. Each of the elements must be assigned an image that makes sense to you. This is the way that will be easier to remember.

If you need a little more inspiration, we recommend the periodic table that is designed by the best physicist. It is completely free and it graphically represents all the elements of the periodic table.  In this way, each of them is related to an object of daily life.

loci method

This is a simple and great method that will help you learn many things, not just the table of elements. In this way, with the Loci method you can train your memory in a fun way.

This method consists of imagining a route made up of a limited number of rooms, all in a familiar environment. This is so effective that we can use it well for the periodic table or to remember a shopping list and thousands of other things.

The idea is to mentally associate each element of the table with a tour of the house or the place you want. Although it may seem somewhat complicated, we assure you that the tool is one of the most effective and that it can be used at specific times to accumulate a lot of information.

Resources to study the table of elements

Association of ideas: Memory Palace

Finally, we leave you with an idea very similar to the previous one. It could well be a complement to it or an extension of it. It is a modality which, instead of taking a tour of a place and associating it with an element of the periodic table, is done through a palace. In the imaginary palace there are many rooms and these will help you remember each element of the table that you have associated with it.

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