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The best apps to study music

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The best apps to study music

If you plan to study music, there are many applications that can help you and serve as a complement. With them you can learn chords, learn theory and even train your ear. If you are looking for applications to study music, we leave you with a great selection of the best.

Apps to study music

iReal Pro

If you are looking for applications to study music, we leave you with this one which can complement your sessions. With it you can edit the accompaniment, the mixes and also the chords. iReal Pro includes thousands of great chord charts, all ready to use wherever you want.

iReal Pro is a great app that will help you practice improvisation and also create music of any genre and style you need. How about?


If you are looking for applications to study music, Chordify cannot be missing. It is a website with all kinds of applications for both Android and iOS. This tool is specially created to show the chords of the different songs.

The difference between chordify and other music tools is that you can play the chords at the same time as the audio of the original song and you can play it. In this way Chordify is a totally practical tool to learn music. It is also free although it has a payment method that offers more functions and, of course, without advertising. How about?

Apps to study music

If you are looking for applications to study music, Ultimate guitar cannot be missing. With it you will be able to access large databases of chords, string instrument tabs and much more. The app is designed for both Android and iOS systems.

This app allows you to play the tablature of the songs, modify their speed, adjust the volume of the instruments and much more. Through the website you can access the app with many practical functions if you are studying music. In addition, you can use it for free, although you can also access some of its applications through a subscription.


If you are looking for more apps to study music, check out this tool. It is a free program that you can find to download for android, iOS as well as for PC and Mac. This program to learn and practice music like a professional is very easy to use.


You can use the version of the program for PC as a note editor. You can write many of your compositions using this tool easily. In addition, in the app for smartphones and tablets it is also possible to play and read the scores. How about?

Apps to study music

Perfect ear

Within the applications to study music, Perfect ear is one of the most complete. In it you will be able to see scale exercises, other rhythmic exercises, chord exercises and also sight reading. As you can see, it is a very complete application that you can use in its free version.

To unlock other types of exercises you have to pay an amount, although it is little. Otherwise, the app includes a great theory section.

The app aims to strengthen and support ear training. This way you will be able to know what notes are playing in the score you hear. Also, music theory articles are very practical for learning music. Finally, say that this app contains beginner levels with very basic things and even more advanced ones. How about?


When you go to study music there are many things you can take into account, such as YouTube. Here you will find an innumerable source of information, tutorials and things to consider helping you in the study. You can use YouTube as a tool where you can find practically anything; you can even solve many of your doubts.

Find music theory lessons, examples, tutorials, music history and much more to support you in your studies. Without a doubt, this is a platform to take into account to study music, whether you are starting or at a higher level. What do you think of this app?

Apps to study music

Complete Music Reading Trainer

If you are looking for applications to study music, complete music reading trainer is one that you cannot miss. This app offers you many short exercises on music, so that you have the best long-term results. This app will allow you to learn to understand and read the staff, and they will teach you the notes. How about?

When you study music you need to exercise it with good exercises. The short ones will help you a lot and you can also repeat them as many times as you want. It is a study method that becomes more fun than the typical long exercises. The shorter ones will mean that you can do it in a more fun way, without it being stressful, long or repetitive. So the learning experience is much better. What do you think about this application to learn about music?

Learn to read sheet music

Last but not least, if you are looking for more applications to study music, we leave you with this one. With it you can learn to read the scores from the beginning. This app is intended for the most beginner users and in it they will be able to learn the most basic and essential topics such as reading sheet music.

With this app you will access a methodology of repetitive and memorization exercises, you will also learn a lot about keys, musical notes, key signatures and intervals, etc.

If you are looking to learn the basics of music, learn to read sheet music and much more, this app is the one for you. It is enough to invest less than two euros to have it fully accessible. What do you think of this application to learn to read sheet music?