Fun crafts to do with kids

Are you looking for children's activities for the classroom? Do you need some ideas? We offer you fun crafts that you can take

Fun crafts to do with kids
Fun crafts, Crafts for kids, children's activities, classroom activities,

Are you looking for children's activities for the classroom? Do you need some ideas? We offer you fun crafts that you can take to class or do at home, with the little ones. In this case, we leave activities in which materials used for recycling.

Fun crafts

Crafts with cardboard

As you already know, cardboard is one of those materials that are used in crafts. With this material you can do many things and the best of all is that it is easily achieved. At home you will surely have some cardboard to be able to use in any format, for example in boxes. The idea is to make crafts with materials that we already have at home and that recycled. Cardboard is easy to find and many things  made with shoe boxes, containers and plates. With cardboard you can make homemade musical instruments, cars, houses, parking lots, dolls, toy kitchens and many other things. Below are some ideas for you.


  • Owls with cardboard tubes
  • Toy boat
  • Cardboard animals
  • Cardboard bed for dolls
  • Fun crafts

Cork crafts

Cork is another great material that can be easily obtained from certain containers and bottles. If you have them at home, do not throw them away, since you can do many things with them. Here we talk about children's crafts, but you can make them decorative to give a different touch to your home. If you have corks, consider it as a great material to make all kinds of children's crafts. In this way we will be reusing a material that will end up in the trash. Children will learn in class or at home the value of recycling first hand and doing a fun activity. Here we leave you some proposals of crafts to reuse the corks of the drinks.


  • Horses
  • Little boats
  • Key chains
  • Seals
  • Fun crafts

Crafts with felt fabric for children

Another of the most used materials is felt. It is very versatile and easy to use in crafts of all kinds. One of the characteristics that makes it so popular is that it found at an affordable price, it is flexible, it comes in many colors, it can be cut, glued, painted, written on and sewn. As you can see, it is a good material for crafts that you cannot miss at home. The ease of use makes it a widely used material in children's crafts. With it you can do countless types of crafts, including: dolls, embroidery, puppets and much more. To give you an idea of ‹‹what can be done with felt; we leave you some proposals below.

  • Felt finger puppets
  • Headbands with felt
  • Felt Decorated Pencils
  • Felt dolls
  • Fun crafts

Crafts with Eva rubber

Eva rubber, also known as foam, foamy... is another of the star materials that are widely used for crafts of any kind. Like felt, Eva foam can be glued, painted, bent, and even heat molded; it can also be obtained in all kinds of colors, patterns and different finishes. You can even find it in its sticky form. Here are some great ideas to choose from.

  • Eva rubber bracelets
  • Eva rubber crowns
  • Handbags
  • Dollhouse

Crafts for kids

Crafts with wool

Wool is another great material both to complete other crafts and to make a single one out of wool. In almost any house you can find wool. You can also use leftovers that are no longer going to used for another purpose. Wool found in many different colors and thicknesses. With wool we can do many things and we can also teach children to knit. Both macramé and crochet are two techniques that use wool and threads to make all kinds of textile wonders. With wool you can do many crafts, here are some examples. What do you think?

  • Dolls with socks
  • Wool balloons
  • Homemade dream catcher
  • Crafts with modeling masses

Dough, clay, modelling clay, is great materials for all kinds of creative crafts. Both in the classroom and at home, the little ones will have a great time modeling. One activity they can do is that learn to make it themselves, it is very easy and there are many recipes on the internet for it. Clay crafts are usually very creative and then you just have to let them dry. Clay, plasticine or modlling dough have their differences. Some need a drying time, others require baking, etc. It is important that you inform yourself well about the product before using it.

Paper crafts

Finally, we leave you the paper as another material to make crafts. You can find all kinds of paper to use as gift paper, newspapers and magazines or tissue paper. You can also use those papers that are to throw away and you can take advantage of. Paper has a material widely used in craft activities because it has easy to manipulate, it cut, painted, glued... and anything done with it. With a bit of paper you can make origami, you can make airplanes, animals or you can manipulate it to make braided baskets. There are so many paper crafts that it would be difficult to mention them all. Therefore, we only leave you a few ideas. How about?

  • Paper animals
  • Baskets with newspaper
  • Paper stained glass
  • Easy paper bowls
  • Paper flowers

As you can see, there are many crafts that you can easily take to class as a teacher or do at home with your children. Children's crafts have enormous benefits at these ages. So you just have to find the most suitable for the age of the child. Which of the above crafts do you prefer?