Stress before the exam? You can master it!

impression of a total lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is good to find out what steps to take to significantly reduce this pre-exam stress

Stress before the exam? You can master it!

Throughout our education, our knowledge is repeatedly checked. We write unannounced cards, tests after each department, and even class work, which very often includes material from a longer period. However, the largest and most significant of them, exams, are not so frequent and easy. Most of them are organized at the very end of a given stage of education, sometimes also a course or training. One of the most important ones are the eighth-grade exams and the matura exam, which are held this month. Due to their nature, they often provide a lot of stress, which is difficult for many people to control. As a result, many people turn to textbooks and quickly get the erroneous impression of a total lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is good to find out what steps to take to significantly reduce this pre-exam stress


The chance of a complete elimination of stress before an important exam is really small. Nevertheless, by taking appropriate steps, it is possible to significantly reduce it. One of them, and extremely effective, should be proper preparation. It turns out that the very awareness that you have not left your fate to chance is really reassuring. This is why it is so important not only to create a detailed revision plan based on the textbook's tables of contents, but also to stick to all of these provisions. Thanks to this action, you gain an extremely valuable assurance that you have not missed anything, and that you put a lot of effort into the very process of preparing for the exam. It is therefore the perfect combination of the ability to reduce stress, but also to repeat the required knowledge, ensuring a satisfactory result.

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The last weeks before the exam are almost always filled with sitting over textbooks and learning. There is nothing surprising in this, because proper preparation is the key to success, obtaining a good result, which gives you a pass to the selected high school or the dream field of study. Nevertheless, one should not forget about the necessary rest during this time. It is worth knowing that numerous studies have confirmed that we absorb knowledge much better and faster when we are relaxed. What's more, only then are we able to effectively control the emerging stress. It is therefore worthwhile, especially on the final straight to the exam, to plan activities with friends or family, thanks to which the attention is focused on something completely different than learning. One of the best ways to learn to manage stress is through meditation, so it's a good idea to include it in your daily routine.


The day of the exam is often the one where all the stress seems to be getting stronger. That is why, contrary to what your intuition may tell you, you should not pick up textbooks. It can only disturb the already organized knowledge and thus contribute to even greater stress. A good solution is to make sure you have enough time to get ready to leave home and to get to school. Remember that it is better to be earlier than even a few minutes late. It is worth to prepare your clothes the day before, pack the necessary stationery and all the necessary things. Before leaving, it is worth giving yourself a few minutes to calm down, take a few deep and conscious breaths or play with the dog. All this will make taking the exam not too stressful.