School insurance - how does it work?

Always with the beginning of the school year, there is a need to insure a child against accidents. Insurance. With the beginning of

School insurance - how does it work?
School insurance - how does it work?

Always with the beginning of the school year, there is a need to insure a child against accidents. Insurance. With the beginning of the school year, there is always a need to insure a child against accidents. School insurance is an issue that parents should consider before starting school in order to choose the optimal solution for their children. But what is child insurance? And how does it work?

School insurance, or what?

First of all, we have to answer the question of what school insurance is all about. Well, it is accident insurance (accident insurance), which is offered primarily to school students - although the protection may also cover a person in adolescence, even up to 25 or 26 years of age.

Despite the fact that insurance for students, as a rule, is designed to protect against the consequences of accidents, the current offers provide for a much higher level of protection. Therefore, they can protect against hospitalization, protect against civil liability, or provide support in the event of a child suffering from a serious illness.

How does the insurance work?

First of all, the task of school insurance is to protect against the consequences of accidents, as a result of which the child suffers a health impairment. This will include damage to internal organs, fractures, sprains, loss of a limb, or damage to the sensory organs.

If your child is injured, you will be entitled to compensation. The amount of compensation will depend on the amount of the sum insured and the percentage ratio specified in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance. The percentage ratio to the sum insured is specified separately for each type of injury covered by insurance.

Not only bodily injury!

However, insurance does not only protect against personal injury. If the child requires hospitalization, the compensation may also be paid - if, for example, the insured person stays in a medical facility for a period specified in the insurance conditions (e.g. 3 days). This amount may be used, for example, to cover additional costs related to hospitalization.

Moreover, an appropriate amount of insurance may be transferred in a situation where the child becomes seriously ill. It should be pointed out here that the catalog of serious diseases is always indicated and the diagnosed disease must coincide with one of the diseases listed in this list. Interestingly, you can now find offers that also protect children against COVID-19.

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An even wider range of insurance

Accident insurance for children, depending on individual offers, can protect against more non-standard events. You can find packages that, for example, will cover the costs of treatment after a tick bite, as well as offers thanks to which the insurer will take care of the reconstruction of permanent teeth - in the event that the child loses them.

As if that were not enough, selected accident insurance packages for children can protect against civil liability, as well as provide support for a child who has become a victim of Internet hate. Certainly, insurance with an assistance package or a protection package during competitive sports will prove to be a noteworthy solution.

Is it worth buying school insurance?

In our opinion, it is definitely worth choosing school insurance with one of the insurance companies. Its cost is usually several dozen zlotys per year, which is enough to provide basic protection to our children. All the more so as children tend to be injured and are always more prone to unwanted injuries.

Insurance - choose it according to your needs!

Remember that school insurance is not compulsory, and the school the child attends cannot impose its purchase on us. We can always choose a package in any company that best suits our needs and expectations. However, it is worth deciding on an offer: the cost of insurance is low, and the feeling of security - definitely increased.