Profession - web master

comfortable and, preferably, beautiful. And the creator of the site - a web master - has a headache about technical issues.

Profession - web master
Profession - web master

The user does not even think about how much it takes to "click" the mouse to open the page. He should not think - the main thing is that it was comfortable and, preferably, beautiful. And the creator of the site - a web master - has a headache about technical issues.

In fact, web-master is a very vague concept. After all, in order to create a properly functioning site, it takes the efforts of at least three specialists: a web-programmer (combines writing programs with site administration), a web-designer and a content editor. And so that their offspring does not "die" and "spin" on the World Wide Web, you also need a marketing and advertising manager.

But such a narrow specialization can only be in large design studios. Basically, the work of a web-master is similar to the work of a repairman who does all kinds of work: from plumbing to floor repair. The webmaster must combine what is not compatible: to be both a mathematician and an artist, to be able to communicate with the client, to formulate a technical task, to program and own complex graphics packages. Being talented in everything is a gift of units.

Let me be taught!

This specialty is young. And they come to it or programmers to learn the basics of design, or designers who have mastered web-programming. Education that combines these two aspects does not yet exist. But sooner or later, the creators of the sites will still face the need to "disperse by profession" - within one education it is very difficult to fully teach both design and uncut programming.

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Today, a webmaster must be able to:

  • Identify in conversation with the customer the architecture and logic of the future site, take into account the wishes of the design and formulate a technical task;
  • Program in C / C ++, Perl and Java / JavaScript (rarely - PHP and ASP);
  • Work with databases (SQL, articalgres, etc.);
  • Develop a firm style (or maintain an existing one);
  • Work with graphics packages (Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, etc.);
  • Place and optimize graphics;
  • Page machines in html;
  • Debug the site to work in any browser, ensuring code compatibility;
  • Install and configure the appropriate web server and mail server, ensure their protection and stable operation. This requires knowledge of NT + IIS and Unix (FreeBSD, Linux ...) + Apache;
  • Conduct advertising campaigns on the Internet, be able to work with major banner networks, communicate with advertising agencies and advertisers, negotiate with the administrators of other sites on the mutual exchange of banners and links.

How much does it cost?

The designer is traditionally an expensive employee, because his work involves the author's brand and copyright. Especially if the designer "from scratch" creates a firm style. Then all further advertising and printing products will be tied to the style of the site created by the designer.