Knowledge and skills required by a programmer

And that's all. In addition, many already have a computer and Internet access. Knowledge and skills required by a programmer.

Knowledge and skills required by a programmer
Knowledge and skills required by a programmer

In most cases, a programmer needs a computer and the Internet to work. And that's all. In addition, many already have a computer and Internet access. Knowledge and skills required by a programmer.

These are not pilots who need a whole plane to train. Due to such small requirements, many learn programming on their own and can try this lesson without assistance. The basics of computer science are now taught in schools, so a minimum idea of ‹‹the profession should be for everyone.

Without English here in any way. It will have to be taught, mostly on translation from a letter. The ability to write is not so important, the ability to speak and understand by ear - does not matter (it is, of course, useful, but not for programming). If after school you have the impression that it is enough to remember the translations of several commands Basic and Pascal, then you are wrong: programmers have to read a lot of technical documentation in English and at high speed.

It may seem that a programmer needs to be well versed in mathematics. That's right, but the math here is quite specific. It very much depends on the area in which you will work.

How complex math you need depends on the area in which you have to work. The fact is that only at the very beginning of programming was engaged in computational problems and only them. In most current programs, calculations are performed at the level of four arithmetic operations, as the tasks have changed.


Some modern films may give the impression that a programmer may be a kind of "crazy genius" who shies away from people who look like a sick monkey, but his superiors still appreciate him for magically breaking any defenses quickly.

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It happens that very popular and very good programs are written by single enthusiasts. And well-paid programs are always done in a team.

You have to get along with the boss, who understands something in the work of a programmer, and may not understand anything. You will have to argue with the authorities, but very correctly (after all, the authorities) - or you may be asked to make a perpetual motion machine or something like that in a week, and then be punished for non-compliance. It is necessary to explain politely that before the eternal engine it is necessary to wait while Microsoft will not let out the necessary drivers (it is better not to say that it is impossible), and here to prolong service life of the existing "engine" it is possible to try.

In addition, you have to constantly argue with colleagues. At the same time, you will have to prove yourself right - regularly, sometimes for a long time and always patiently. The meaning of all disputes is to find the optimal solution to any technical problem.

Optimal - in the technical sense, in terms of cost and time, and not in "who is to blame" or "who is more important."


The programmer has to relearn very often and a lot. Sometimes you have to learn what you don't like. At the work of a programmer you have to learn literally every day. The fact is that all the necessary knowledge simply does not fit into one head - so you have to add this knowledge as needed, and much of the old - to forget. Suffice it to say one thing: if you hope that "unlearn at school, unlearn at the institute, and then I will work" (rather than study), then you hope in vain: then you will work and study.