Naughty responses in children - what to do in such a situation?

Don't know how to deal with your children's naughty responses? We'll give you some tips! Rude responses in children are common. Nevertheless,

Naughty responses in children - what to do in such a situation?
Naughty responses in children - what to do in such a situation?

Don't know how to deal with your children's naughty responses? We'll give you some tips! Rude responses in children are common. Nevertheless, it is disturbing. Perhaps it is even one of the things that can irritate parents the fastest. An aggressive or rude reaction from children to a parent's comment or request can really upset you. The moment your children react badly, follow these steps.

Remember that the most important thing is not to respond with the same attitude to the provocations that are given by the child during an argument. You are an adult and you must avoid the temptation to fight pointlessly on bad terms. Rude responses in children should not provoke you.

Naughty answers in children - what to do?

Here are some tips you may find useful when dealing with the problem of naughty responses in children:

Keep Calm

When rude responses arise in children, it is least advisable to react negatively. The way you react can weaken or strengthen your relationship with your children, so you need to be very careful.

If your reaction is too mild, your children may repeat this inappropriate behavior. If, on the other hand, she is too strict, the youngest will feel that they cannot express themselves freely.

Never scream when children respond impolite

Avoid screams and uncontrollable words. When you are not calm, take a deep breath and think carefully about what you are going to say. articalpone the conversation until you find a point where both parties are calm and able to come to a reasonable agreement.

Identify the causes that trigger this type of behavior

Rude responses in children do not come without a reason. You must remember this. However, it's important to know that your children don't always react badly because they have a problem specifically with you.

Try to determine if there is any external problem. Perhaps, for example, in school or in the child's social circle, there is something that negatively affects his behavior. If so, don't react aggressively, go to the cause of the problem and try to fix it.

Maintain clear rules about behaviors that are unacceptable

When you establish family rules in the company of your children, it is imperative that you explain as precisely as possible what is expected of children for parents and other family members. Seeing clear boundaries will help your children think better before speaking to you disrespectfully.

Remember that you also need to control the audiovisual content that your youngest can access. Much of their disrespectful behavior may be the result of imitating attitudes they see on their favorite show or on the Internet.

Take care of what your children see and hear both on TV and in the real world. And not only within the family, but also in their immediate social environment at school.

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Naughty answers in children - other useful tips

As you can see, there are different strategies for dealing with inappropriate behavior in children. What else is worth remembering?

Naughty responses in children - remind them that every action has consequences

After determining which tone of voice or words are unacceptable between parents and children, explain that if your toddler exceeds these limits, he will have to face the consequences.

To do this, one option is to take certain privileges, such as play time, entertain them, assign them extra household chores, or some other agreed method of discipline.

When it comes to punishing inappropriate behavior, first of all, don't improvise as the problem can only get worse. Remember that if you set the rules from the beginning, life under one roof and the parenting process will be more stable for all of you.

Act as you expect your child to behave

If your arguments with your partner end up with offensive words that come up with great ease, it is natural for your children to react badly. Rude responses in children in this situation may be nothing more than a learned behavior by watching their parents.

Therefore, treat everyone in your family and in your social circle in a correct and acceptable way for your children.

It is also very important to address your children respectfully so that they can see that they should speak in the same tone you use for them. Avoid sarcasm and rude words that can negatively affect your toddlers or teens.

Praise the child for being polite

Pay special attention to children when they are kind and show them respect and gratitude.

Positively support activities where your toddler shows respect for you or other family members. Don't miss out on these opportunities to encourage friendly interactions under all circumstances.

Give your baby enough attention

In many cases, your children react badly to feeling ignored. Spend at least an hour a day listening to your toddler. Make you participate in his classes and immerse yourself in what he lives, what worries him and what interests him. Disconnect for a while from your mobile and work related matters. Spend time with the little ones.