5 proverbs that provoke reflection

they are not with us. We are looking for ways to justify their behavior because we care so much about them. proverbs that provoke reflection.

5 proverbs that provoke reflection
5 proverbs that provoke reflection

Sometimes we consider a relationship a friendship when it really isn't. They are people who use us to get something from us. Later, when we need them, they are not with us. We are looking for ways to justify their behavior because we care so much about them. proverbs that provoke reflection.

However, proverbs and quotes that describe friendship can serve as a reminder to let go of our illusions.

Friends are a blessing, but you should know how to distinguish "friends" from "acquaintances". Not everyone deserves our care or our time. Being nice and generous to others is a great trait, but we shouldn't let people overcome them.

A true friend will never make us worry like that. Of course, you may get irritated by some of the behaviors. Sometimes he can make you angry or start an unnecessary argument. However, when you really need it, it will be there for you.

For better or for worse, even when there are better things to do, a true friend loves you and always shows it. After all, what matters are actions, not sweet words.

We leave you with these 5 wonderful quotes that describe friendship for you to reflect on ...

Friendship - 5 proverbs that will stimulate you to reflect

"Who is looking for a friend without flaws will be left without any friends"

This Turkish proverb makes us think about what we expect from others in comparison with what we expect from ourselves.

Nobody is perfect because we are all only human. Like everyone else, we have faults that our loved ones respect (and maybe even appreciate).

Rejecting someone because we don't like their defects tells a lot about our self-esteem. If your friends are good, loyal, and noble, everything else shouldn't matter too much. Concentrate on the wonderful things this friendship brings to your life, not on its little flaws.

"Friendship multiplies joy and shares sorrow"

This is a quote from the famous philosopher Sir Francis Bacon. As he well knew, shared happiness is doubly lived. Man is a social animal, no matter how hard he tries to isolate himself. Therefore, there is no better feeling than to be understood and supported by friends in good times and bad.

Happiness is twice as high and sadness is diminished by friendship. A good friend always knows when to listen to you or make you laugh.

"Friends are like good books: it doesn't matter how many you have, but whether they are good"

Proverbs describing friendship are often anonymous, such as the above. Many people measure their personal worth by the number of friends they have. This is however a mistake.

Quantity is not the same as quality. Remember that true friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

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Those who brag about having friends all over the world often don't have any real friends. In the presence of a friend, you don't have to pretend to be someone you are not because you have a unique relationship.

"A false friend is like a shadow that haunts us when the sun is shining"

The Italian writer Carlo Dosis warns us against those who call themselves our friends but are not really friends. They are with you only when you are doing well. When the world smiles at you. They only care about you because you have influence over others, not because they really want your friendship.

If you find it hard to tell your true friends from the fake ones at first, don't worry. When you go through a difficult time in your life, you will find that you lack certain "friends". Appreciate those who will stay with you, not those who have disappointed you.

"Move away from the friend for whom you mark the means, not the end"

This clue is from Santiago Ramona y Cajal. If you notice that someone is taking advantage of you, move away from them. You don't need such people in your life. A true friend will always be honest with you and will never use you solely for his own profit.

If you don't want to discuss or provoke a confrontation with him, it's best to withdraw gradually. Do it subtly, and if he asks for an explanation, present it to him. Unlike him, at least you'll be honest.