Mistakes to avoid while shopping electronics online in Pakistan

Online Shopping in Pakistan is getting more and more famous these days. According to the recent report of 2020, the online Business in

Mistakes to avoid while shopping electronics online in Pakistan
Mistakes to avoid while shopping electronics online in Pakistan

Online Shopping in Pakistan is getting more and more famous these days. According to the recent report of 2020, the online Business in Pakistan is getting more booms, especially after Covid-19, the number of On-line Shoppers has increased. From style brands to diners, everyone is getting on board with the web-based business fleeting trend and dispatching their website or internet shopping entrance.

As per the State Bank's recent report, the quantity of enlisted web-based business vendors in Pakistan has expanded by 2.6 times. That has brought about 2.3 times to increase in online exchanges over a time of a year. In any case, numerous specialists accept that it is only a beginning with the potential for enormous development later on. According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) assessment; there are presently 44.61 million web clients and 37 million dynamic online media clients in Pakistan. It is also expected that within the next 5 years there will be around 15% to 20% increase in Internet users, so it is expected that there will be massive growth of Online Business within next 5-10 years.

Regardless of the increasing numbers of online shoppers and also the validity of certain online stores, there are several things to consider while doing online shopping in Pakistan.

  1. Website Integrity
  2. Customers Feedback
  3. Payment Method
  4. Order Confirmation and Delivery Details
  5. Refund and Exchange Policy

Let™s discuss one by one by one in detail;


The best way to protect yourself from any fraud is to always check the authentication of the website from which you are going to buy the Electronic items. A brand with an immense fan following and a lot of positive feedback can be trusted, as it won't settle on its credibility by defrauding you out of your cash when contrasted with more modest stores. Most renowned brands fall into this classification. They do not compromise on quality and always deliver what they promise to their customers to avoid any negative comments about their Brand. The Authentic and Credible Online Stores always provide you a direct method of communication so you can judge their integrity. Online stores such as Qmart provide live chat facility to their customers to have a communication with the qmart.pk team until their satisfaction.

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To check the credibility of the Website, the easiest way is to do look for customer feedback about the particular Online Store. This is particularly valid for the expensive Electronic items you need to purchase from the Online Store, where each seller on their website has recorded their products available to be purchased. Great surveys assemble the believability of the vendor, and you would then be able to consider buying their items according to your need.


There are tons to be done to form online shopping in Pakistan as reliable and convenient as other countries in the world. For now, since most folks have a natural mistrust of any website that asks us to do Online Payment. Cash-on-delivery is the best mode of payment for online shopping especially for each new website that you think about purchasing from.

Card payments, while available, are always risky, as online security remains in its developing stages within the country. However, more and more banks are getting to make the processes of online purchasing easier by offering two to three methods of identification for the cardholder also as offering a One-Time Password (OTP) for each purchase that's sent only to the registered telephone number and email address to verify the acquisition.


Most of the Online shopping websites in Pakistan will call you or confirm your order on the phone. There™ll be some kind of confirmation either through email or phone. You ought to always check whether you've got any such telephone number where you'll get in-tuned with the corporate for help just in case of any problems.

Delivery of the products which are bought from Online Stores can take several days to be delivered. It is often assumed that brand stores like good ones may deliver your order quicker than any third party seller who is offering the products through web shopping portals in Pakistan. There is a delivery notification from reliable and good online stores. Through e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or a call they confirm the date and time of the product to be delivered.


Among the various things to think about while shopping Electronic Items online, the refund and exchange policy offered by a seller is among the foremost crucial factors to stay in mind. While you would possibly feel excited with the image of a product, there™s no guarantee that it™ll reach you within the same state. If that™s the case, what can the vendor do about it? Do they provide money-back guarantees or a guaranty on the purchased item just in case of damage? Does one have the selection of returning the bought product to the seller within a certain time period if it doesn't meet your requirements and expectations? Finding out the exchange, refund, warranty, and guarantee policies before you inspect will assist you to avoid scams and getting cursed with damaged goods.

By going through the above checklist of the mistakes that you should avoid while doing online shopping for any product specifically Electronic Items, you can keep yourself safe from any scam.