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Is there a lack of medical schools in Pakistan?

Is there a lack of medical schools in Pakistan?
Is there a lack of medical schools in Pakistan?

Medical schools are vital for the development of a nation. They are the back bone of the medical health care system and without them patients would remain untreated. A larger increase in doctors would mean that more individuals have access to professional doctors. Having proper health care is a basic right of every individual. Moreover, due to more competitive examinations a lot of aspiring students have been unable to pursue their education in the medical field due to lack of seats. More competitive examinations and lack of seats have led to students committing suicide due to not being admitted to their favorite universities.

Medical Education also has many branches, research and bio medical engineering is an important avenue of the Medical sector. This means that Pakistan is lacking research and development in terms of medicine. Pharmacologists are unable to research new medicine and create it while most find it difficult to get into top government medical universities as the merit is based on cramming and memorization.

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This has led to the rise of subpar private medical universities which are extremely expensive but still provide horrific education according to the price. This has become a large issue for the Pakistani public as most students who aspire to be medical students end up submitting huge fees expecting good studies but end up getting under qualified teacher and don’t end up good jobs at medical universities. These doctors then end up opening private medical clinics and pharmacies which too are subpar due to their lack of education. This creates a chain of malpractice within Pakistan.

There is a definite lack of medical universities in Pakistan, especially when it comes to other provinces such as KP and Balochistan. This has led to most students studying in these areas moving to hostels in Punjab and Sindh away from their families and even further reducing the local seats available to students in the region. This too creates resentment within the society and leads to a lack of medical education and medical schools in Pakistan.