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In the middle of your career and thinking about studying?

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In the middle of your career and thinking about studying

#Here are the options!

(thinking about studying) It has said that today’s workforce needs to devote 5-10 hours a week to learning in order not to fall behind in development. If you work, you can often take advantage of compensation for teaching at work – or, for example, YouTube tutorials, online courses or podcasts will suffice. However, are you thinking about changing careers or jobs? Then you may need to acquire new or refresh certain knowledge and skills. How do you do it, this mid-career? Here are options on education paths you can take:

University or college

Studying at university or college is an option that often requires an investment in time before you get a degree and get back into working life. On the other hand, it gives you a good and stable foundation to stand on. Depending on the industry you interested in, it may be good to know that most university and college programs are theoretical and rarely include practical work. An advantage, however, is that universities and colleges generally have flexible schedules. You will probably have time to work extra in addition to your studies to gain experience.

Vocational college

If you want to learn through practical application, a polytechnic education has probably a better fit for you. These are often significantly more niche than university or college education and focus on a professional area. Today, there are many universities of applied sciences around with a wide selection of educations, where you can choose between a variety of industries and professions. YH training courses carried out in close cooperation with business and you also get the chance to practice during the course of the training, which means that the knowledge you acquire is up-to-date and you have a great chance of getting a job immediately after graduation. If you come to the conclusion that a YH education suits you best, there are websites that compare the various educations.

Construction, construction and property


Finance, administration and sales


Culture, media and design


Accelerated Learning program

The fastest way to change careers is via Accelerated Learning programs. Accelerated Learning programs focus on a professional role and that you should learn exactly. What you need to quickly enter the labor market. Because the programs focus on a professional role, they are very niche, in contrast to the breadth you get through, for example, a university education. The advantage is that the programs are only for weeks long and often guarantee permanent employment after graduation. The range of these programs is so far quite narrow – but it is expanding with each passing year. If you interested in a quick career change within, for example. Work management, finance or the IT industry, this has the fastest way to guaranteed permanent employment. (thinking about studying)