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How to remotely control iPhone camera?

How to remotely control iPhone camera?
How to remotely control iPhone camera?

Did you know you can take a photo with your iPhone without touching the case or screen? Check out the tricks that will make it easier for you to take photos. How do I trigger the shutter button remotely? How to remotely control iPhone camera?

The iPhone has not had a physical shutter release since its inception. No one is surprised today, but in 2007 the decision seemed irrational. Time flies and iPhone owners are taking more and more photos. Few people know, however, that in order to trigger the shutter release, we do not have to touch the screen or even the device’s housing.

In today’s material, we show you unusual ways to take a photo using the iPhone without touching it.

Use an Apple Watch

Got an Apple Watch? Great – Regardless of your generation, there is a camera remote app on your wrist (remote camera on older versions of watchOS).

After launching the application of the camera remote control on the Apple Watch, the Camera application will start on our smartphone. All you need to do is press the round circle and the phone will take a photo. Importantly, we see a preview on the watch. The program also allows you to start the second hand and change the camera from the rear to the front. We can enable / disable HDR, flash and Live Photo. The only thing that cannot be changed is the camera mode and switching between lenses. We need to use a smartphone for these options.

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Use voice commands

Voice control is an accessibility solution that we can use to take a photo from a distance. All you need to do is set the activation of the volume down button (responsible for triggering the shutter button) in the voice control.

In Settings> Accessibility> Voice Control, turn on Voice Control. Later, just start the engine and say the command Turn down the volume (the function does not work in Polish). The phone will automatically take a photo after calling the command.

Use Siri

We can also use the Siri voice assistant to take a photo from a distance.

To do this, we run shortcuts applications and create a new shortcut (plus icon in the upper right corner). We search for camera applications and select the option Take a photo. We come up with a name, eg Take a picture and save the shortcut.

Use the remote button to trigger the shutter button

The last option to take a remote photo is to buy an accessory with a built-in shutter release. Devices of this type connect to the phone using Bluetooth.