Samsung Neo QLED - a new series of TV sets will delight fans of sports, cinema and games

The new series of Samsung TVs - Neo QLED, is one of the biggest surprises this year. Find out why. The Samsung Neo QLED series

Samsung Neo QLED - a new series of TV sets will delight fans of sports, cinema and games
Samsung Neo QLED - a new series of TV sets will delight fans of sports, cinema and games

The new series of Samsung TVs - Neo QLED, is one of the biggest surprises this year. Find out why.

The Samsung Neo QLED series of TVs offers users not only the latest technological solutions, but also extraordinary freedom of use and versatility of applications.

Regardless of whether you use the TV mainly to watch movies and series, games or work, Samsung Neo QLED proves that in 2021 it will be difficult for him to compete.

What is so special about the new series of TV sets from the manufacturer? Check it out.

Samsung Neo QLED - the most important features

The Neo QLED series currently consists of five series: QN95A, QN91A, QN85A, QN900A and QN800A. The last two are equipped with matrices with a resolution of 8K, while the others offer 4K quality. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 50-inch to 85-inch.

Regardless of the model you choose, you can count on the Quantum Mini LED image display technology, which, in combination with the Quantum Dot solution and advanced AI Neo Quantum Processors, will provide you with a picture of much higher quality, contrast and blackness compared to TV sets with LED technology.

Particularly noteworthy is the AI ‹‹Neo Quantum processor, which, thanks to advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, is able to optimize the displayed content in real time. This means that no matter what you do or what you watch, you can always count on the best picture quality without having to explore extensive TV settings.

Minimalistic and practical design

The Neo QLED series televisions are available with screens with a diagonal of up to 85 inches. Therefore, concerns may arise as to the dimensions of the device. Unnecessarily, in its new series, Samsung took care of a delicate and ergonomic design. The screen is almost bezel-less, and the slim profile of the devices makes them not only extremely adjustable, but also very impressive. The esthetes will be pleased.

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But that's not all, one of the novelties that debut with the Neo QLED 8K models is also the new, slimmer One Connect Pro module. Its new version allows you to easily organize and hide all the cables that leave the TV. Now the module can be placed not only next to the TV, but also attached to its base, for example.

Samsung Neo QLED - perfect for work and play

Televisions have always been associated with entertainment. We can not only watch our favorite series and movies on them, but also follow sports events or relax at the console. Although the models from the Neo QLED series will of course be perfect for this, Samsung decided to go a step further and adapt their new TVs to modern home office trends.

Working on TV? Until now, it seemed not very convenient, but thanks to the "PC on TV screen" function, users of the Neo QLED series can easily connect to a laptop, computer or smartphone (wirelessly). What's more, Samsung TVs also allow you to connect a mouse and keyboard and direct access to MS Office 365 from the level of a web browser installed on the device.

But let's go back to entertainment, series, movies and sports are one thing, but we know well that the most demanding users are currently players. Devices intended for them must be characterized by the best performance on the market, and at the same time provide comfort of play for long hours.

Among the most important functions dedicated to gamers, it is worth mentioning: the player's panel, ultra-wide view in games, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, low input lag and HDR.

The Player Panel is an interesting solution that allows users to access detailed data of the displayed image. This way you can easily check e.g. the number of frames displayed per second. Ultra Wide View in Games, on the other hand, is a feature that is only available when playing on PC. It allows you to display the image in the aspect ratio of 21: 9 and 32: 9. All models available in the Samsung Neo QLED series can also boast of the support of AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, which synchronizes the displayed image and prevents such unpleasant phenomena as: "tearing" ("screen tearing"), "stuttering" ). What's more, the AMD solution now also includes HDR technology, which means that we can additionally count on contrast optimization.

Speaking of HDR, it is worth adding that Samsung Neo QLED TV sets have received the VDE "Gaming TV Performance" certificate. What does it mean? This award is given to devices that offer "breakthrough in gaming performance". In the case of Neo QLED, in addition to the solutions mentioned above, it is also about HDR support with a brightness exceeding 1000 nits, extremely low input lag (below 10 ms) and an intelligent audio system.

A sound to fall in love with

Although this is an element often underestimated by consumers, it should not be forgotten that good sound quality significantly increases immersion and improves the experience of using the TV. Samsung Neo QLED does not disappoint in this element. Users have at their disposal solutions in the form of "Sound Following the Object" and "Sound Adjusted to the Space", which make the sound reaching our ears even more spatial and realistic. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the speaker system adapts to both the events on the screen and our surroundings. This means that regardless of the conditions, we can always count on the best sound quality tailored specifically to us.

But that's not all, the Q-Symphony function also deserves attention, which allows Samsung Neo QLED TVs to use the additional power of Samsung Q-Series soundbars. Q-Symphony synchronizes the sound coming from the TV speakers with that from a Q-Series soundbar such as the Q800A, which makes the viewer's ears more powerful and enriched sound. So far, we had to decide whether we use the soundbar or the speakers on the TV. Samsung made it possible to use speakers from both devices at the same time, which will significantly expand the stage with more dynamic effects and better sound quality. Certainly, this solution will appeal to sports fans who will be able to feel like in a real stadium and create a cinematic experience while watching movies.

Samsung Neo QLED - the revolution has just started

It is difficult to find faults in Neo QLED. The new series of TV sets from Samsung impresses in almost every respect - from design, through excellent image and sound quality to artificial intelligence and functions dedicated to players. The wide range of available models also means that everyone - be it a fan of sports, movies and series or games, should find something for themselves.