How to find the best teacher in the world

others do not even wait for the results and decide to hire support due to a negative attitude. How to find the best teacher in the world.

How to find the best teacher in the world
How to find the best teacher in the world

Where to go and what steps should you follow if your child needs a private teacher? Assuming that our child needs private lessons is a very important step. Not all parents reach this conclusion under the same conditions. Some decide when the first bad grades arrive and others decide to wait a little longer, others do not even wait for the results and decide to hire support due to a negative attitude. How to find the best teacher in the world.

There are platforms on the internet where finding a private tutor for school support can be something simple since there is a great demand, but we must do it well, because it is something that will greatly affect the education of our children. As parents we have the opportunity to choose our children's teachers and that is a great opportunity to give them a good education.

A private teacher can be a great influence on a student

Private teachers help their students in those subjects that weaken the most, work with their weaknesses and make them overcome them. A good teacher is involved to the point of establishing very special bonds with his students. Among all the demand it is a complicated task in which the results are not always as fast as we expect. We want to give you some guidelines when selecting a private teacher for our son. How to detect if our child needs school reinforcement and what to do from that moment.

How to know if my child needs classes

The normal thing is to think that our son needs school support when they begin to see results that we did not expect. It is not always necessary to see failures or bad grades, simply when there is a drop in performance we can come to think that something is wrong.

But this is not always the case, at certain ages encountering disappointing results can have many different reasons, therefore not always the same solution. Try to find the reason for the poor results and if a private teacher can provide what you need.

Private classes for children are complicated because they provide extra work, albeit in a dynamic and perhaps more entertaining way, but they are still more hours of work, so we must think about it or we can overload our child.

First of all, it is best to always be in contact with the tutor of your school or institute. He / she can provide information to know the problems you have and will be able to recommend us about the private classes are necessary or not. In addition, this relationship will be essential for the school support to be effective, since it is good for private teachers to communicate with tutors.

Private classes are not a failure

If you have decided to look for private lessons for your child, you have to be clear that this is not a failure. And in neither case should he see it as a punishment, or it will backfire. Private tutors should not be seen as an enemy but rather as a support to overcome an obstacle.

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We do not all have the same abilities and what we are good at may be the weakness of others. Nobody is perfect in everything and for that reason we should not see a bad school result as a failure. Needing extra help is perfectly normal.

We are lucky to have detected the problem and have the solution, it is only a matter of time to overcome it. If the student sees private classes as something negative, they can easily become demotivated. You must see in your teacher a figure of hope that will serve as support.

Teachers or academies

  • The first thing we take into account when hiring school reinforcement is that home teachers are not the only option. There are academies and they offer a different service in some aspects, and it has its advantages and disadvantages
  • Number of students. Having classmates has the advantage that they can move forward together, being able to share information with colleagues, and classes become less intense and more relaxed. Although there is more danger of distractions or that the teacher cannot pay as much attention to his students.
  • Various subjects. Some academies make several teachers available for various subjects, if your child needs reinforcement in more than two subjects, this may be the best option.
  • The academies usually have teaching materials available such as index cards, books, blackboards, games...
  • If you do not have a good space for study in class or you do not know a teacher who does, an academy may be a good solution. Having a classroom at your disposal can be a good solution to find a good study place where you can do your homework with the help of a teacher.
  • Most academies offer to go several hours for school support. We have to bear in mind that our son has been in a classroom all morning and that spending more time can be counterproductive, we have to take into account the amount of time that we have to dedicate to study or it will turn against us.

How to choose a good teacher

Ask for references. The first thing we must do is check the teacher's experience, which is very important, but we cannot radically rule out those who have never worked. Sometimes the enthusiasm of the beginner is worth more than the experience. We must take a good look at his concerns and everything he has done in life, not only in education. Consistency, work and patience are essential in a good teacher.

Interview without the student. It can be a positive thing to do a brief interview without your child present, so you can talk freely about their strengths and weaknesses, you can confess your concerns without reservation. Remember that private teachers are your best ally.

Interview with the student. It may be before the first class. A small relaxed meeting where your child and the teacher get to know each other, talk about those things that concern them and set goals all together.

Trust. If after all this process he has to have full confidence, because from now on the two of you will work together without your presence or help. You have to try to get involved enough and necessary, if you do not trust the teacher it will never work.

When to hire a private teacher

The best time to hire a review teacher is when you need one. If you detect a problem in studies, do not wait for it to get bigger to start a new course or a new term, the sooner you do it the better.

However, the beginning of the course or term is when more teachers are left free, both in primary and secondary education and more options you will have to choose from, even so this does not mean that you will not find the right teacher.

Despite the credentials and the fact that there are teachers who can be better with than others, one of the fundamental things is the good relationship that the teacher has with your child. The links that they create and that are well understood, and this can come at any time of year.