13 things you might be doing wrong when you study

13 things you might be doing wrong when you study
13 things you might be doing wrong when you study

Each course the same purpose: study from day one. Of course, later, for some reasons or for others, this purpose ends up being diluted and the most frequent thing is to finish near the exam period doing a study sprint. Does it sound familiar? 13 things you might be doing wrong when you study.

Studying is not a sprint race, but a marathon in which you have to plan very well each step to get the best results in the end. If you do not consider the study as a long-term process and leave everything to the last minute, you will have to consume a lot of energy at the end to pass. This is just one of the 13 things that you could be doing wrong when you study, next we are going to reveal the others, and perhaps among them you will discover how to improve your way of studying...

13 things you might be doing wrong when you study

Not having enough sleep

When you study you are asking the brain to make a significant effort to understand and memorize, but it will cost you a lot more if you have not had enough time to rest. Also, part of the memorization process occurs during sleep, so if you don't get enough sleep, you're putting a lot of strain on your brain.

Not having fed you properly

If sleep is important for rest and memorization, a healthy, rich and varied diet is what will provide the energy that the brain needs to do its work. Do not forget that studying "well" requires effort and can be exhausting, so make sure you have charged batteries.

Not having a study schedule

Study time is the best way to organize the time available and to use it effectively. A good organization of the hours is much more effective than a lot of hours studying without more or more. If in addition to not having a study schedule, you do not take advantage of your moments of maximum concentration, the error is double, because you will be wasting a lot of valuable time.

Not planning study breaks

When you consider not getting up from your chair until you learn whatever you have to learn, you are inviting yourself to check the clock every two by three, to get up and get tired studying, and worst of all, to get that! the study day is very long! Short breaks, even to stretch your legs with a walk around the room, help you focus.

Not setting realistic goals

These same breaks can also help set small study goals, yes, it is not just about setting goals and objectives without more, but about doing it in a realistic way taking into account the time available, the agendas and their difficulty or the level itself.

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Not having a spacious study area

To study well, you have to use books, notes, notebooks and blank sheets, too many things to not have enough space to have everything at hand. A wide study table helps to organize the material properly.

Not having a pencil and paper handy

Studying is not just a matter of reading and memorizing. Writing important concepts, making diagrams, creating notes or doing practical exercises are some ways of learning that make studying more enjoyable. So if you don't have a pen and paper on your study table, you're wasting a simple way to make studying more entertaining.

Not keeping notes up to date

Yes, you are lazy to clean notes every day. But by doing so you would be reviewing what you have learned in class on a daily basis and, in addition, you would be taking away valuable study time when the exams approach and you have to pass the notes cleanly and, also, learn everything.

Not having my own notes

Although it may be that to you that of passing the notes clean, do not worry because you know that there will be someone who will pass them on to you just before you start studying. Error! The notes are personalized study material that attends to the way of studying and the way of being of each person (not to mention the subject of calligraphy), so if you do not have your own notes, avoid studying directly from someone else's , because it is quite likely that you do not find out anything ...

Not using study and memorization techniques

You may think that they are a waste of time or that learning them takes more time than later is saved with them, but in reality the use of study and memorization techniques is excellent to take advantage of the time and improve the quality of the study without investing more hours.

Don't walk away from all possible distractions

But all the effort involved in sitting in front of the study table, having all the notes updated, paper and pencil, and a study schedule with breaks is of little use if the cause of the constant distractions is near ... To avoid temptations it would be better to devices with which to access social networks or instant messaging are far away, as well as gaming devices and, in general, anything that reduces the ability to concentrate on the study.

Study only "to pass"

Studying to pass with the lowest grade may or may not lead to your goal. When the objective is to study simply to pass the exam, you may be surprised that a small mistake or the lack of a good foundation will ruin your objective and, ultimately, that all the effort is useless, because you have to repeat the exam. If, in addition to studying just to pass, some more of the above mistakes are made, the chances of success will be significantly reduced, so it is better not to risk it and study to obtain the best possible grade.

How many of these things are you doing wrong when you study? Do not worry if there are many because now that you know them you can avoid them and increase the chances of success when you study.