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How to download Microsoft Power Toys

How to download Microsoft Power Toys
How to download Microsoft Power Toys

Microsoft Power Toys are a set of extremely powerful open source utilities inspired by the Windows 95 project of the same name. These tools are mainly utilized and made in order to improve the performance or tweak the visual aesthetics of the current Windows 10 system in order to better suit the needs of gamers and workflow professional. There are video overviews and walkthroughs available on the GitHub page of Microsoft Power Toys. Please not that this is all done by independent developers and it is not something Microsoft have done on their own. How to download Microsoft Power Toys.

Microsoft Power Toys has 10 main modules which one can use and customize. The first is Color Picker, it is a system wide color picker where one can use a shortcut to instantly pick a color from any application and copy the hex or decimal or RGB values directly to one’s keyboard. Another Microsoft Power tool is Fancy Zones.

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It is a window manager that makes it very simple to make complex window layouts and to quickly position windows within these layouts. File Explorer has also been updated in Power Toys where one can now use the Preview Pane and can also view Markdown and SVG file formats. Image Resizer just like the name mentions is a shell extension to resize images.

Keyboard Manager is another interesting Power Toy that lets you customize your keyboard keys and make your own shortcuts and macros. This current tool requires the latest version of Windows to be running on the computer. Power rename is a power toy that lets you rename items in bulk and search and replace them whereas Power Run can make you launch apps instantly with typing. Shortcut guide is used to show all the shortcuts available for the current instance of the desktop

One of the most exciting and useful PowerToys especially in the current COVID-19 Pandemic is Video Conference Mute which is a shortcut that lets you mute your microphone and video camera globally anywhere. You just need to adjust your webcam and microphone before you end up opening the application.