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How much freedom should be given to teenagers?

How much freedom should be given to teenagers?
How much freedom should be given to teenagers?

Every child when going through their teen years wants some kind of freedom. Now it is good to allow children to be on their own in some matters, giving them total freedom will never be a good idea.

Teens are highly vulnerable and emotional as a result of the hormonal changes going on within their bodies. If at one hand, complete freedom is sure to ruin the teens, on the other, undue restrictions are sure to mar their mental growth. Parents need to be reasonable enough to strike a balance between freedom and limitations.

Uncontrolled freedom can be harmful for teens, therefore parents need to help them understand that their actions and decision will have their own consequences which they must be ready for. When a teen breaks a rule, parents can put them under restriction for breaking the pre-decided law.

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Explain your expectations from them; if you want them home before evening do make it clear to them. In case of violating the rule of taking out the vehicle without asking or informing the parents it is fine that they lose privilege of driving until they mend their ways. In order to keep the household power dynamics in control, explain to your teens that you will not be responsible for their actions.

They might have grown up but still they are not adults in emotional, legal or physical terms. They are unable to make right judgments or consider long term results of a decision. It is therefore, parents’ responsibility to stand by them until they are capable of deciding on their own. Keep your support intact for your teens, guide them through the course of their life and help them face the fallouts of their actions by not demoralizing or discouraging them.