Games to exercise your mind - learn about 9 suggestions

These original proposals are an injection of vitality for our brain that we should use every day. Games to exercise your mind.

Games to exercise your mind - learn about 9 suggestions
Games to exercise your mind - learn about 9 suggestions

If you want to increase your intellectual flexibility and creativity, games like backgammon or math training are a great proposition. Mind games are timeless. Children, adults and the elderly in their third youth, we can all get carried away by the pleasures of these cognitive propositions. They mix curiosity with challenge, and creativity with discovery. These original proposals are an injection of vitality for our brain that we should use every day. Games to exercise your mind.

Today we also have an advantage that our parents did not have: new technologies. In mobile phones, computers and tablets we have thousands of possibilities to activate the mind thanks to millions of applications available on the market.

But in this sea of ‹‹technology, let's not renounce the physical pleasure of the game. Let's not forget what a joy it is to mate with a good chessboard.

In the list below we list a number of games for training your mind. However, it should be noted that there are many more of them, because the imagination has no limits and there is always the possibility of creating new games or variations of existing ones.

Games to train your mind

Games to train your mind are often referred to as vitamins for the brain. Indeed, the metaphor is very successful. Sometimes we meet people who say they are doing enough on a daily basis to keep the brain active.

Although here we can also be wrong. For example, with multitasking, what you actually exercise is stress and anxiety. Thinking a lot, not getting enough sleep, and being busy all day long actually contribute to cognitive decline. It doesn't matter how much we move or what diet we use.

If we don't pay attention to cognitive flexibility, if we don't arouse our curiosity, or we don't allow ourselves to learn new things, our brain stagnates.

The plasticity of the brain, or the ability to change its structure based on our behavior and approach to better adapt to its environment, is a unique process that is within the reach of all of us. It is enough to spend half an hour to an hour a day playing games to exercise your minds.

If we also add good life habits to them, our body and mind will appreciate it. Moreover, a healthy, fit and curious brain is synonymous with mental well-being. So why not give it a try? Here we have a number of very interesting proposals ...

  1. Logic games developing lateral thinking

Riddles, riddles, stories with a challenge, incomplete series ... Puzzle games are the perfect training that forces us to think creatively, using both inductive and deductive abilities and innovation.


What is the question that no one can answer?

Answer: Are you sleeping?

  1. Creative writing games

Among the games that train the mind, those related to creative writing cannot be ignored.

We only need three things: paper, pencil and unleashed imagination. Here are a number of interesting ideas that we can share with friends and family:

"Sam spent three hours looking for a red sock" -> Write five suggestions explaining the situation.

You just got shipwrecked on a desert island: "What message would you put in the bottle before throwing it into the ocean?"

"The Seven Deadly Sins." Pick one deadly sin and write a story.

  1. Chess, a game classic

In recent months, chess has become relevant again with series such as The Queen's Gambit. Therefore, for people who do not know the rules of chess yet, have not mastered their techniques or can control all the moves, it is time to get to know this queen of games.

Research, for example, shows that playing chess optimizes cognitive functions, develops attention, concentration, and even improves problem-solving abilities.

  1. Backgammon - one of the oldest games

Anyone who has been a fan of the series Lost - Lost will remember some of his characters playing with a unique board of elongated triangles and round pawns. Its backgammon, a game that already existed, at least in a primitive way, in ancient Egypt.

  1. Sudoku, sweet food for your brain

Sudoku is undoubtedly one of the most classic of the mind training games. Is there anyone who hasn't had a good time solving this mathematical proposition?

Sudoku was invented in the late 1970s, and today this puzzle continues to challenge our minds for hours.

  1. Scrabble or word games to train your mind

Scrabble, the word game ... Today it is still one of the most downloaded games in our mobile applications.

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The purpose of this proposal is both simple and interesting: to create words from different cubes that contain very specific letters.

  1. Chinese

We all know the classic game of checkers. However, in their Chinese version, the thing becomes more original as well as complex. A Chinese requires the participation of two to six people.

The goal is to move the pieces to the corners opposite to the starting position using one-step moves or moves where some pieces jump over others.

  1. Games to train your mind: puzzles and Rubik's cubes

Among the mind-training games, it is crucial to always have puzzle toys such as the classic Rubik's Cube at your fingertips.

Putting aside technological applications and focusing on the physical manipulation of objects in the form of a game is also a great option for improving your visual-spatial skills.

  1. Find the hidden object

When it comes to this kind of mental fun, it makes sense to go online or in app stores to discover these resources.

Hidden object games, in addition to being beneficial, allow you to improve your attention, discrimination, concentration and patience.

If we had Where's Wally books decades ago, today we can delve into mysterious castles, mysterious islands, and fantastic scenery where you can find these hidden objects. The entertainment never ends.

Finally, while we could add many more to this list, it is very possible that many of us still do not know much of the ones described here. It's time to train your brain, it's time to dedicate some of our time to one of these games.