Beaconhouse and Knowledge Platform Sign Education Technology Deal for 100,000 Students

Beaconhouse and Knowledge Platform Sign Education Technology Deal for 100,000 Students
Beaconhouse and Knowledge Platform Sign Education Technology Deal for 100,000 Students

Beaconhouse, Pakistan™s largest and premier education company, and Knowledge Platform, Pakistan™s leading education technology company, have signed a landmark education technology agreement. Under this arrangement, Knowledge Platform will provide its education technology platform for 200 schools and over 100,000 students in Beaconhouse schools in Pakistan and seven other countries.

Mahboob Mahmood, the founder of Knowledge Platform, noted: œWe are thrilled and honoured to serve Beaconhouse through this landmark transaction. In terms of numbers of learners, this may represent the world™s largest education technology deal contracted to date in the private K-12 education sector.

Nassir Kasuri, Executive Director of the Beaconhouse School System, added: œThis is the third stage of our 14-month relationship with Knowledge Platform. In September 2019, we invested in the company. In December 2019, Knowledge Platform launched a specialised version of its national curriculum content and platform for our Educators™ partner network. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the platform was extended to Beaconhouse schools offering the national curriculum. Now, in partnership, we will be offering educational content and technology across our entire school system, including at the CAIE O and A level programmes.

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He further observed: œTechnology is enabling education in unprecedented ways. It is now possible to introduce students to collaboration and learning tools that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly accelerated the adoption of education technology across our school system. Working together, Beaconhouse and Knowledge Platform expect to innovate continuously to provide our students and teachers state-of-the-art 24x7 learning and teaching opportunities.

This education technology agreement includes the provision of a customised learning management system, integration with the Google suite of content applications, a community platform to enable teachers to develop educational content, a library of educational content, and an innovation and development partnership to enable the development of world-class digital educational content and new educational products.

Mahboob Mahmood added: œBeaconhouse has 45 years of experience in the provision of quality education of an international standard in Pakistan and overseas, and have achieved an effective scale in operations. Knowledge Platform has been providing e-learning solutions for 20 years across Asia. Our collaboration is already unlocking tremendous education energy into a new blended learning paradigm where teachers and learners work together to enable hybrid learning that is increasingly enjoyable and impactful. Together, we fully expect to transform the learning experience for Beaconhouse teachers and learners as well as contribute to the enhancement of education in Pakistan.