Informal Pakistan & informal Informal Pakistan & informal en Copyright © 2019 & 2023 Informal. All rights reserved Exploring the Best&Selling Books on Amazon in 2023 In the ever-evolving world of literature, Amazon remains a powerhouse when it comes to book sales. With its vast collection of titles and easy accessibility, Amazon has become a go-to platform for both authors and readers alike. As we step into 2023, it's time to dive into the best-selling books on Amazon and discover what captivating stories are captivating readers' hearts and minds.

"The Year of Awakening" by Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell's "The Year of Awakening" is a breathtaking exploration of self-discovery and resilience in the face of adversity. This gripping novel has secured the top spot on Amazon's best-seller list for months. With its compelling characters and emotionally charged narrative, it's no wonder readers can't put it down.

"The Secrets We Keep" by James Reynolds

Mystery lovers are in for a treat with James Reynolds' "The Secrets We Keep." This enigmatic tale of secrets, lies, and unexpected twists has garnered a dedicated fan base, making it one of the most sought-after books of 2023. If you enjoy solving puzzles within the pages of a gripping novel, this one is a must-read.

"A Journey Through Time" by Emily Carter

For those who appreciate historical fiction, Emily Carter's "A Journey Through Time" has become a sensation. Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous era, this novel weaves a compelling story of love, loss, and resilience. It's no surprise that it has earned its place among Amazon's best sellers.

"The Art of Possibility" by Michael Turner

Non-fiction enthusiasts are raving about Michael Turner's "The Art of Possibility." This insightful book offers a fresh perspective on personal growth and achieving one's full potential. With its practical advice and inspirational stories, it's a book that's transforming lives and topping the charts.

"Cooking Adventures: A Culinary Journey" by Emma Martinez

Emma Martinez's "Cooking Adventures" has taken the culinary world by storm. Filled with mouthwatering recipes and delightful anecdotes, this cookbook has found its way into countless kitchens. It's a testament to the enduring popularity of cookbooks on Amazon.

 "The Power of Mindfulness" by Laura Anderson

In an age where mindfulness and well-being are paramount, Laura Anderson's "The Power of Mindfulness" provides readers with a roadmap to inner peace and self-awareness. This self-help gem has struck a chord with many and has earned its place among Amazon's best-selling titles.

"The Great Beyond: Exploring the Cosmos" by David Peterson

Science enthusiasts will find solace in David Peterson's "The Great Beyond." This captivating exploration of the cosmos, complete with stunning visuals, has captured the imaginations of readers young and old. It's a testament to the enduring fascination with the mysteries of the universe.

"The Enchanted Forest Chronicles" by Jessica Adams

Fantasy enthusiasts have been captivated by Jessica Adams' "The Enchanted Forest Chronicles." This enchanting series of novels invites readers into a world filled with magical creatures, epic adventures, and unforgettable characters. It's no surprise that it has earned a spot among the top best sellers on Amazon.

"The Financial Wellness Guide" by Ryan Mitchell

In an era where financial literacy is of paramount importance, Ryan Mitchell's "The Financial Wellness Guide" has become a must-read. This comprehensive guide offers practical advice on budgeting, investing, and achieving financial independence. It's a resource that's empowering readers to take control of their financial futures.

"Infinite Possibilities: A Guide to Personal Growth" by Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts' "Infinite Possibilities" is a transformative guide to personal growth and self-discovery. With its insightful exercises and motivational insights, this book has become a go-to resource for those looking to unlock their full potential. It's no wonder it's gained popularity on Amazon's best-seller list.

the world of literature is as vibrant as ever in 2023, and Amazon is at the forefront of connecting readers with captivating stories and insightful knowledge. Whether you're into fiction, non-fiction, mystery, self-help, or cookbooks, there's a best-seller waiting for you on Amazon's shelves. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and embark on a literary journey through the best-selling books of 2023.

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Unlocking the Intricacies of English Rugby Terminology Rugby, a physically demanding and exhilarating sport, has captured the hearts of millions across the globe. Whether you're a passionate fan or just beginning to explore the world of rugby, delving into its unique terminology can deepen your appreciation for this captivating game. In this article, we'll embark on a journey to explore the fascinating and often nuanced lexicon of English rugby, helping you gain a firm grasp of the essentials.

Rugby Union vs. Rugby League: The Two Titans:

The world of rugby is divided into two prominent codes: Rugby Union and Rugby League. Distinctions between them primarily revolve around the number of players per team (15 in Rugby Union, 13 in Rugby League) and variations in gameplay rules.

Try: The Quest for Glory:

A try is the pinnacle of scoring in rugby. To earn a try, a player must carry or ground the ball within the adversary's in-goal area, known as the try zone, while retaining possession.

Conversion: Precision in Motion:

Following the ecstasy of a try, the scoring side has the opportunity to undertake a conversion—a challenging kick executed through the goalposts and over the crossbar, yielding two points in the realm of Rugby Union.

Penalty: Navigating the Maze of Offenses:

A penalty is the reward bestowed upon a team when the opposing side commits a transgression. It provides the option to kick for goal, aim for a strategic kick to touch, or opt for a scrum.

Scrum: A Collective Power Struggle:

The scrum serves as a means to recommence play following a minor breach. Eight players from each side unite in a coordinated push, vying for possession of the ball.

Lineout: Aerial Ballet of Skill:

A lineout is a method for rekindling action when the ball ventures beyond the touchline. Two teams vie for the privilege of catching the ball as it is thrown back into play.

Maul: The Art of Controlled Chaos:

A maul takes shape when a player in possession of the ball is encircled by one or more opponents, with one or more of their comrades latching onto the ball carrier. The primary objective is to propel forward while safeguarding the ball.

Ruck: The Ground Battle:

A ruck transpires when the ball descends to the turf, and players from both sides contend for ownership by employing their feet to "ruck" the ball back to their own side.

Scrum-half (Halfback): The Quarterback of Rugby:

The scrum-half assumes a pivotal role, serving as the linchpin who initiates the scrum, inaugurates play from the ruck or maul, and often serves as a conduit between the forwards and backs.

Fly-half (First-Five): The Strategic Tactician:

The fly-half is typically the team's chief strategist. They are entrusted with crucial decision-making, distribution of the ball to teammates, and frequently taking on the role of the team's kicker.

Fullback: The Last Line of Defense:

Positioned at the rear of the defensive line, the fullback shoulders the responsibility of fielding high kicks, making crucial tackles, and initiating counter-attacks.

Winger: Speed Demons of the Game:

Wingers, often the fleetest members of the squad, take up positions on the outer flanks. Their role entails scoring tries by sprinting down the sideline with electrifying speed.

Forward Pack: The Engine Room of Power:

The forwards, affectionately referred to as the forward pack, consist of the bulkier, more physical players on the team. They are instrumental in executing set-piece maneuvers such as scrums, lineouts, and mauls.

Backs: The Agile Orchestra:

The backs, characterized by their agility and nimbleness, operate within the realm of open play. This category encompasses positions like fly-half, inside center, outside center, and the back three (fullback and wingers).

Red Card: The Grim Farewell:

A red card marks a player's expulsion from the game due to a grave violation. The team is left with one player short for the remainder of the match.

Yellow Card: The Temporary Setback:

A yellow card is a temporary banishment following a less severe infraction, typically sidelining the player for ten minutes.

Knock-On: The Fumble of Fate:

A knock-on eventuates when a player loses control of the ball, causing it to propel forward from their grasp. Consequently, this infraction triggers the awarding of a scrum in favor of the opposing side.

Offside: The Boundary Breach:

Offside occurs when a player positions themselves ahead of a teammate who is carrying the ball, a transgression that can lead to a penalty in favor of the opposition.

Drop Goal: The Midfield Marvel:

A drop goal is a strategic feat achieved by executing a kick through the goalposts during open play, securing three points in the domain of Rugby Union.

High Tackle: The Unwelcome Embrace:

A high tackle transpires when a player tackles an opponent above the shoulder line—an illegal act that often results in a penalty.

As we journeyed through the unique tapestry of English rugby terminology, I hope you've gained a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of this remarkable sport. Armed with this knowledge, whether you're an avid spectator or contemplating joining the rugby fray, you'll be better equipped to savor the thrill and complexity that rugby has to offer. So, don your rugby jersey, make your way to the nearest match, and cheer for your chosen team with a deeper understanding of the game's rich vocabulary and traditions.

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The Reality of Football in England Football in England isn't just a sport; it's an integral part of our identity, a reflection of our nation, and a topic that fuels passionate debates. Whether it's the heartache of defeat or the frenzy of victory, football, or "soccer" as we commonly refer to it, is an emotional rollercoaster for us Brits.

Allow me to be your "British insider" as I unveil the unfiltered truth behind our beloved national sport.

A Glimpse into History

The roots of this beautiful game run deep in English soil. The first documented football match traces back to medieval Bristol, showcasing our enduring love for the sport. Even King Henry VIII, the portly monarch with six wives, adorned the first known football boots in 1526.
In its early days, football was a far cry from the refined sport we know today. Medieval records are rife with accounts of broken limbs and rough play. However, over time, football shed its rough exterior, evolving into a fast-paced and technically demanding sport that attracted players of exceptional skill.
The evolution of football on the pitch reflects the broader changes in British society. The 1970s and 80s witnessed a darker side of British football, with violence plaguing both fans and law enforcement. This period mirrored the deindustrialization and rising unemployment in our cities. Today, English football stands as a beacon of change, with welcoming stadiums stretching from Cambridge to Bournemouth.

The Ongoing Mystery: Why Does England Keep Losing?

A visit to a British pub may well lead you into a passionate debate about why England consistently falls short in penalty shootouts against Germany. One commonly heard argument is that the formation of the Premier League in 1992 allowed TV companies to reap billions from broadcasting rights. Rather than sharing profits equitably, private entities seized control of previously community-owned clubs and imported foreign players to enhance the global appeal of English football. Does this theory account for England's penalty woes against Germany? Probably not, but it certainly sparks lively conversations across the UK.

The Mythical Curse of English Football

Until relatively recently, many Brits held the superstitious belief that our national team was cursed, especially when facing formidable opponents like Germany and Brazil. This notion might seem comical, considering that both these teams reside in a league of their own and likely remain blissfully unaware of our supposed "curse."

Football: Woven into the Fabric of British Culture

The "Golden Generation," featuring luminaries such as Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard, and the indomitable David Beckham, may have faded into the annals of history. However, on the muddy, hallowed fields behind schoolyards, football remains a weekly ritual for British youngsters and parents alike. Local FA Cup nights, where teams with modest budgets aspire to challenge the might of Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester United, are the stuff of dreams for aspiring young talents.
Football in England is not merely a game; it's a reflection of our history, a mirror of our society, and a repository of our dreams. It's the enduring spirit of football that unites us across generations, transcending the highs and lows of international competition. So, whether you're sipping a pint in a cozy British pub or cheering on your local team, remember that the truth about football in England lies not only in the victories and defeats but in the passion and camaraderie it fosters among us all.

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10 Tips for English Language Learners English, often considered a fascinating language to learn, comes with its share of challenges. With over 750,000 words and intricate spellings, it can even make the most adept learners pause. However, fear not! I am here to debunk the myth that mastering English is an insurmountable feat.

Here are my 10 invaluable tips to enhance your English skills, so you can stride confidently towards fluency!

Read, Read, and Read Some More:

Immerse yourself in the English language by devouring a wide range of materials. Whether it's classic literature, paperback novels, newspapers, websites, or your social media feed, reading exposes you to new words and phrases while reinforcing your existing vocabulary. The repetition of words in different contexts fortifies your language proficiency.

Keep a Vocabulary Notebook:

Don't rely on your memory alone. Whenever you come across a new word or phrase, jot it down in a notebook or use a digital tool. Write it in a sentence or note its meaning. This practice helps solidify your understanding and saves you from the dreaded, "What did that word mean again?" moments.

Engage in Conversation:

Language is meant for communication, so don't shy away from speaking it. Seek out native English speakers during exchanges, on-site courses, or online interactions. Overcoming the hurdle of spoken English is crucial, as understanding the language is not enough.

Listen to English Podcasts and Watch YouTube:

Find your interests - whether it's humor, politics, or cooking - and explore the plethora of English-speaking podcasts and YouTube channels available. Subscribe to a variety of them and listen or watch during your daily commute. Initially, you might struggle with regional accents, but persistence will reward you with improved comprehension and a broader vocabulary.

Study Abroad:

For an immersive English experience, consider studying in an English-speaking country. English is the global lingua franca, and countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and South Africa offer diverse cultural experiences along with language learning opportunities.

Leverage Your Friends:

If you have friends who share content in English, don't let their posts vanish in your feed. Dedicate time to read one or two of their posts daily, whether it's news articles, videos, interviews, blog posts, songs, or any English content that piques your interest.

Ask Questions:

Embrace your curiosity. Learning English will inevitably spark a multitude of questions. Seek answers through your teacher, language websites, forums, or those who have expertise. Don't let queries linger; find the answers you seek.

Learn from the Stars:

Discover innovative learning techniques by watching interviews with English-speaking actors or musicians you admire. Watch the interviews once for comprehension, then revisit them to note interesting expressions and words. The slang, anecdotes, and humor in these interviews provide a rich source for language development.

Focus on Your Goals:

Tailor your English learning to your specific needs. If you're planning to study abroad, concentrate on vocabulary related to your field of study. Attending an international conference? Brush up on conversation starters. Customize your learning to align with your objectives.

Be Kind to Yourself:

Learning a language is a journey with its ups and downs. When you hit a plateau, avoid phrases like "I can't speak English" or "I'll never learn." Replace them with positive affirmations that acknowledge your progress and reinforce your determination. Celebrate your growth, even if it's incremental.

By embracing these ten tips and maintaining a positive mindset, your English language journey will become not only achievable but also immensely rewarding. Remember, you are continually progressing, and fluency is within your grasp.

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Google mobile price in Pakistan Different Types of Google Mobiles Available in Pakistan

Google offers a dizzying array of mobile phones and models in Pakistan to satiate the needs of every type of user. At the head of their device lineup is the Google Pixel 5, boasting impressive specs that make it a powerhouse in modern smartphones. This 6.3-inch device comes with Snapdragon 765G processor, 6GB RAM, dual 12MP rear sensor, 8MP front camera and 128GB RAM for lightning fast performance! Not to mention wireless charging capability plus USB-C port and headphone jack which give you an edge over other devices.\n

If you're looking for something more affordable yet still high functioning then check out the Pixel 4a 5G with its 6.2-inch FHD+ screen, 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity - perfect for gaming or photography! It also has 5G connectivity as well as 3800mAh battery life powered by Snapdragon 730G processor so you can stay connected on the go without worrying about power consumption issues.

Latest Price Range for Google Mobiles

The latest Google mobiles are creating a stir in Pakistan! With so many models available at varying prices, there's something for everyone - from the low-end Rs. 17,000 to the high-end Rs. 50,000. Although these phones may be pricier than their counterparts, they offer exceptional features that make them an attractive choice for tech-savvy consumers.

But don't let those hefty price tags fool you: these mobile devices are competitively priced compared to other models on the market - so if you're looking for value for money, it pays to compare different options before settling on a purchase.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Google Mobiles

Shopping for the best Google mobile need not be a nerve-wracking or time-consuming affair. Thanks to the internet, you can now find great bargains on these phones with just a few clicks! Several online stores in Pakistan provide heavily discounted prices for Google mobiles, making them more affordable than ever before.
What's more? You can also come across many deals that include data, talktime and complimentary subscriptions to streaming services all at once! Most of the ecommerce sites offer multiple payment options like Cash on Delivery and EMI plans; not to mention attractive exchange offers on your old phone when buying a new one. All this makes it easier than ever to get hold of even the hottest models without draining your wallet!

Latest Features of Google Mobiles

Google phones boast a bevy of features that make them the choice for users everywhere. The Snapdragon 855 processor powers both Pixel and Pixel 3XL models, making them some of the fastest on the market. Plus, with 6GB RAM, you know you're in for a great performance experience! Bluetooth 5.0 ensures maximum compatibility when pairing your phone with other devices while dual rear-camera setup on the Pixel 3XL gives your photos an extra boost.

But wait - there's more! Google phones also offer exclusive software features that set them apart from their competition: Google Assistant lets you customize your experience by providing quick updates, answers to questions and reminders; Adaptive Battery tailors power settings according to your usage patterns; and much more. Get ready to be blown away by all that Google phones have to offer!

The Pros and Cons of Google Mobiles

Google mobiles have become increasingly popular in Pakistan, and understandably so. Featuring long-lasting battery life, vivid displays, and robust designs, they offer an impressive array of hardware capabilities. Additionally, their software is among the most advanced available; boasting a virtual assistant and access to a bounty of apps and games. Nevertheless, there are several aspects that should be weighed before investing in one.

The primary downside to owning a Google mobile is its price tag — usually more expensive than other phones on the market — which can make it hard for some people to justify purchasing one. Moreover, certain pieces of software may not be compatible with these devices while accessing features such as support for various media types may also prove difficult. Ultimately then, careful thought should be given when deciding whether or not a Google mobile is right for you.

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Is Larq Bottle Worth It Larq Bottle Review: A Comprehensive Analysis of Its Features and Performance

The Larq Bottle review endeavors to present an all-encompassing dissection of its attributes and prowess. This groundbreaking water vessel has garnered substantial acclaim in the realm of commerce owing to its self-sanitizing capabilities and sophisticated form. Amongst the multitude of remarkable traits possessed by the Larq Bottle, it is the revolutionary UV-C LED technology that truly shines, with audacious claims of obliterating a staggering 99.99% of pernicious bacteria and viruses, thus ensuring that your hydration remains untainted and safe for consumption. Additionally, it is worth noting that this nifty creation is crafted from top-tier stainless steel, conferring upon it both resilience and resistance against unsightly blemishes.

When evaluating the value proposition offered by the Larq Bottle, one must duly acknowledge its unique features alongside their attendant benefits. The mere fact that this extraordinary contraption boasts self-cleaning abilities distinguishes it from mundane counterparts currently saturating the market. By effortlessly obviating laborious manual cleansing rituals, it not only emancipates you from endless bouts of tedium but also grants respite through guaranteeing pristine waters devoid of bacterial contamination. Moreover, thanks to its sleek design coupled with a capacious opening for convenient imbibing or replenishing purposes alike – sipping on pure refreshment becomes an effortless endeavor indeed!

Exploring the Value of Larq Bottle: Is It Worth the Investment?

The Larq Bottle is an enigma, a marvel that challenges our preconceived notions of water receptacles. Its sleek contours and revolutionary self-sanitizing technology stand in stark contrast to the mundane traditional bottles we've grown accustomed to. When one dares to compare the Larq Bottle against its archaic brethren, the disparities become abundantly clear. While conventional vessels may serve their basic function of containing water, they pale in comparison to the added advantages bestowed by the Larq Bottle.

Within the embrace of this extraordinary creation lies not only a sturdy and reusable container but also an unparalleled self-cleansing system that obliterates up to 99.9999% of pernicious bacteria and menacing viruses. This remarkable feat ensures your every sip engenders tranquility as you drink with confidence, regardless of your whereabouts.

Yet, it would be remiss not to acknowledge that the benefits offered by the Larq Bottle transcend its mere self-sanitizing prowess. An extraordinary UV-C LED light graces its interior, dutifully awakening every two hours like clockwork, purifying both water and vessel alike. No longer shall you rely on noxious chemicals or wasteful single-use abominations; instead, bask in a sustainable oasis where convenience melds seamlessly with ecological responsibility.

Not content with such magnificence alone, this prodigious bottle boasts materials of unmatched quality - free from BPA's taint and devoid of any unwelcome taste or odor compromise upon your precious liquid elixir. Each indulgence becomes an invigorating experience while reaffirming your commitment towards hydration amidst life's relentless journey.

For those who yearn for convenience without forsaking their health nor compromising environmental integrity – rejoice! The Larq Bottle stands resolute as a wise investment worthy of admiration—a testament embodying durability's fortitude alongside functionality's grace—an emblematic ode for those steadfast souls who recognize hydration as paramount amid their ceaseless odysseys.

Comparing Larq Bottle with Traditional Water Bottles: Which One Reigns Supreme?

In the quest to determine the ultimate choice between the Larq Bottle and its traditional counterparts, a thorough evaluation of their respective features and functionalities is imperative. What sets the Larq Bottle apart is its revolutionary self-cleaning prowess. Through the utilization of UV-C technology, it accomplishes an extraordinary feat by purifying water and annihilating up to 99.99% of pernicious bacteria and viruses that lurk within. This exceptional attribute obviates the need for constant manual scrubbing, guaranteeing an unceasingly pure and safe drinking experience. By tapping into the potent force of UV-C light, the Larq Bottle delivers a convenient and highly effective sanitization process that towers above anything offered by conventional water bottles.

But wait, there's more! The Larq Bottle also brings forth an unparalleled level of convenience to quench your thirst in style. Traditional water bottles often necessitate regular filter replacements in order to maintain pristine purity levels in your hydration elixir. However, with its cutting-edge UV-C technology at play, such bothersome maintenance becomes obsolete - heralding substantial cost savings while minimizing environmental impact all at once! In addition to this functional superiority lies another feather in its cap: a sleek and sophisticated design that imbues elegance into every sip taken from this modern marvel; distinguishing itself from mundane appearances displayed by run-of-the-mill water bottles. Thus arises a resounding revelation - when one takes into account the advanced self-purification capabilities, matchless convenience factor, as well as contemporary aesthetics exhibited by the illustrious Larq Bottle - it undoubtedly reigns supreme over archaic options found within traditional water bottle realms

Unveiling the Numerous Benefits of Larq Bottle for Hydration on-the-go

The Larq Bottle, with its myriad of benefits and perplexing capabilities, caters to the ever-moving souls who yearn for hydration. Its self-cleaning prowess astounds, obliterating the necessity for manual scrubbing and ensuring an immaculate drinking experience that defies reason. Moreover, this wondrous vessel boasts a sleek and stylish design that bursts forth with fashion-forwardness, making it a coveted accessory effortlessly carried on one's person. The bottle's durability is no less remarkable; forged from high-quality materials capable of enduring the relentless demands of everyday life. Taking into account these bewildering factors, it becomes abundantly clear that the Larq Bottle represents an invaluable investment for those enlightened individuals who place convenience, style, and long-lasting performance at a premium.

Turning our attention to matters of pricing—an enigma in itself—the Larq Bottle finds itself in fierce competition with other opulent water receptacles currently gracing the market. Though bearing a seemingly loftier price tag than its conventional counterparts, this marvelously unique creation justifies every penny spent through its array of extraordinary features and unparalleled advantages. The revolutionary self-cleaning technology alone propels the Larq Bottle lightyears ahead of its rivals by guaranteeing access to untainted potables at all times—a confounding proposition indeed! Furthermore, when considering both longevity and resilience as key attributes contributed by this exceptional flask—its cost-effectiveness becomes apparent: no longer must one fret over frequent replacements or financial strain caused thereby. Thusly ordained with marginally heightened expenses yet an overwhelming abundance of merits—the Larq Bottle emerges as not only a sensible purchase but also an absolute necessity for any discerning individual seeking reliable refreshment whilst traversing life's chaotic pathways

The Science Behind Larq Bottle's Self-Cleaning Ability: A Closer Look

The Larq Bottle possesses an extraordinary characteristic that distinguishes it from conventional water bottles. Its self-cleaning capability is nothing short of remarkable. This groundbreaking technology harnesses the power of UV-C light to rid the water within the bottle of up to 99.9999% of pernicious bacteria and viruses, a feat that truly astounds.

UV-C light, a form of ultraviolet radiation with a truncated wavelength, lies at the heart of this innovation's efficacy. By targeting microorganisms' genetic material, this potent light source inflicts damage upon them, impeding their ability to propagate and endure.

The science underpinning the Larq Bottle's self-cleaning prowess resides in its formidable UV-C LED technology—an embodiment of sheer brilliance. Upon activation in cleaning mode, an LED emits UV-C light at precisely calibrated wavelengths optimal for obliterating microorganisms. Penetrating into every nook and cranny within the water reservoir, this resolute illumination launches an assault on any lingering bacteria or viruses' DNA or RNA strands, effectively rendering them inert. Thus ensues a thorough purification process that guarantees each sip you take is untainted by harmful contaminants—a reassuring notion indeed.

Embracing the Larq Bottle as your trusted companion ensures peace of mind—rest easy knowing that each mouthful safeguards against microbiological threats while remaining immaculate in nature

How does the enigmatic self-cleaning ability of the Larq Bottle work?

The Larq Bottle employs an enigmatic and intriguing technology known as UV-C LED purification to bewilderingly cleanse both the water and inner surface of the bottle. This captivating technology bewilders harmful bacteria and viruses, resulting in a mesmerizingly safe and clean drinking experience.

Is it perplexing if one can drink from the Larq Bottle after it has been self-cleaned?

Absolutely! The prodigious self-cleaning process of the Larq Bottle astoundingly eliminates dangerous bacteria and viruses, rendering the water astonishingly safe to consume. It is worth noting that before initiating this extraordinary self-cleaning feature, one must ensure that potable water fills the bottle.

How long does this enchanting self-cleaning process take?

Prepare yourself for amazement! The spellbinding self-cleansing ritual performed by the Larq Bottle takes merely 60 seconds to complete. After casting this cleansing spell, you will be astonished to find pristine, bacteria-free water available for consumption within a single minute.

Can one deactivate this mystifying self-cleaning attribute?

Certainly! The awe-inspiring Larq Bottle bestows upon its user with the power to disable its captivating self-purification feature when desired. This option proves useful when preserving battery life or when using pre-cleaned water that lacks any impurities requiring purging.

How frequently should I charge my extraordinary Larq Bottle?

Fear not! Your remarkable Larq Bottle possesses an enduring battery life capable of enchanting your senses for several weeks before yearning for rejuvenation. However, please note that exact charging intervals depend on individual usage patterns; but generally speaking, expect your magical bottle to endure between 1-2 months on a solitary charge.

Can I savor other libations within the confines of my Larq Bottle, or is it exclusively a vessel for water?

Alas! The captivating Larq Bottle was specially crafted to enhance your water-drinking experience. It is not recommended to employ this mystical artifact with other beverages, as its enchanting self-cleansing process has been perfectly attuned to optimize water purification.

Is it plausible that my Larq Bottle can journey through the labyrinthine passages of a dishwasher unscathed?

Rest assured! Your astounding Larq Bottle possesses the resilience and fortitude necessary to withstand even the most treacherous adventures within the realm of dishwashers. However, in order to preserve and prolong its spellbinding self-cleaning functionality, handwashing with mild soap and warm water is recommended.

How resilient is this wondrous creation known as the Larq Bottle?

Fear not, for your extraordinary Larq Bottle has been forged from illustrious materials renowned for their durability. This marvel of craftsmanship stands strong against the trials and tribulations of everyday use. Its unyielding nature renders it both shatterproof and leakproof, making it suitable for an array of activities across diverse environments.

Can my bewitching Larq Bottle keep beverages at either frigid or scorching temperatures?

Regrettably not! The mesmerizing power concealed within your magnificent Larq bottle does not extend towards preserving beverage temperature over extended periods. Instead, its primary focus lies on bestowing upon you immaculate drinking water while embarking upon your adventurous journeys.

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Unlocking Comfort and Support: Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet Flat feet, often referred to as fallen arches, can be a source of discomfort and pain for many individuals. If you're one of the millions dealing with flat feet, you've probably wondered if there's a solution that can provide the much-needed support and relief. Enter Superfeet insoles – a game-changer in the world of foot care. In this article, we'll explore what Superfeet insoles are, how they work, and whether they are the answer to the flat feet dilemma.

Understanding Flat Feet

Before we delve into Superfeet insoles, let's take a moment to understand flat feet. When you have flat feet, the arches on the inside of your feet are low or absent, causing your entire foot to make contact with the ground when you stand. This can lead to various issues, including:

Foot Pain: Flat feet can result in discomfort and pain, especially during extended periods of standing or physical activity.

Leg and Knee Problems: The alignment of your feet can affect your leg and knee joints, potentially leading to issues like shin splints and knee pain.

Overpronation: Individuals with flat feet often overpronate, meaning their feet roll excessively inward when walking or running, which can cause strain on the ankles and lower legs.

The Role of Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles are specially designed inserts that fit inside your shoes to provide additional support, stability, and comfort. These insoles are engineered to address various foot-related problems, including flat feet. Here's how they work:

Arch Support: Superfeet insoles come in various models, some of which are specifically designed for flat feet. These models feature robust arch support, which helps lift and support the arches of your feet, reducing the strain on your muscles and tendons. 

Stabilization: Flat feet can lead to instability in your gait. Superfeet insoles help stabilize your feet, preventing excessive rolling and promoting a more neutral alignment.

Shock Absorption: Many Superfeet insoles are equipped with cushioning materials that absorb shock and reduce the impact on your feet and joints when walking or running.

Customization: Superfeet insoles are available in different sizes and can be trimmed to fit your shoes precisely. This customization ensures a snug and comfortable fit.

Benefits of Superfeet Insoles for Flat Feet

Now that we have a basic understanding of how Superfeet insoles work let's explore their potential benefits for individuals with flat feet:

Pain Relief: Superfeet insoles can help alleviate foot pain associated with flat feet. By providing proper arch support and reducing overpronation, they can make a significant difference in your comfort level.

Improved Posture and Alignment: The arch support and stability offered by Superfeet insoles can promote better posture and alignment, reducing the risk of developing leg and knee problems.

Enhanced Athletic Performance: If you enjoy physical activities like running or hiking, Superfeet insoles can enhance your performance by providing better support and reducing fatigue.

Long-Term Health: By addressing the issues caused by flat feet, Superfeet insoles may contribute to your long-term foot and joint health.

Versatility: These insoles can be used in various types of shoes, from athletic sneakers to work boots, making them a versatile solution for individuals with flat feet.

Choosing the Right Superfeet Insoles

Selecting the right Superfeet insoles for your flat feet is crucial to reap the benefits fully. Here are some factors to consider:

Foot Shape: Understand the shape of your feet and arches. Superfeet offers different models with varying levels of arch support to cater to different foot types.

Activity Level: Consider your activity level and the type of shoes you'll be using the insoles with. There are Superfeet models tailored to specific activities, so choose accordingly.

Size: Ensure you choose the correct size of insoles to fit your shoes properly. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for sizing.

Consultation: If you have severe foot issues or pain, it's advisable to consult a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist. They can provide guidance on the right Superfeet insoles for your specific needs.

Superfeet insoles have emerged as a valuable solution for individuals with flat feet, offering the promise of enhanced comfort, support, and a reduction in associated foot problems. While they can be a game-changer for many, it's essential to approach their selection with care, considering factors like your foot shape, activity level, and shoe type.

If you're tired of dealing with the discomfort and pain of flat feet, Superfeet insoles may be worth exploring. They have the potential to make a substantial difference in your day-to-day life, whether you're navigating the challenges of a physically demanding job or simply looking for more comfort during your daily activities. Remember that individual experiences may vary, so consulting with a healthcare professional for personalized advice is always a wise step towards improving your foot health and overall well-being.

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Are VKTRY Insoles Worth It? When it comes to enhancing your athletic performance, every advantage counts. VKTRY insoles have been gaining popularity in the world of sports, promising to provide that extra edge to athletes. But are VKTRY insoles worth it? Let's dive into the world of sports science and footwear technology to find out.

Understanding VKTRY Insoles

VKTRY insoles are not your average shoe inserts. They are designed with a specific purpose in mind – to improve an athlete's performance. These insoles are the brainchild of Matt Arciuolo, a former NFL player, who wanted to create a product that could help athletes run faster and jump higher. To achieve this, VKTRY insoles incorporate a unique design featuring aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

The Science Behind VKTRY Insoles

Carbon fiber, renowned for its remarkable blend of strength and featherweight characteristics, stands as a testament to cutting-edge material science. VKTRY takes advantage of these properties by using carbon fiber to create a "spring-like" effect in their insoles. When an athlete pushes off the ground, the insoles store energy and then release it, providing an additional boost to their stride or jump. This design aims to make athletes more efficient and potentially enhance their performance.

Benefits of VKTRY Insoles

Increased Energy Return: VKTRY insoles claim to offer up to 9% increase in energy return. This means athletes can potentially jump higher and run faster with less effort.

Reduced Risk of Injury: The added support and shock absorption provided by these insoles can help reduce the risk of injuries, such as shin splints and stress fractures.

Customization: VKTRY offers custom insoles tailored to an athlete's specific needs. This customization can address individual biomechanical issues and provide a more comfortable fit.

Used by Professionals: VKTRY insoles have found their way into the shoes of professional athletes in various sports, including track and field, football, and basketball. This endorsement by elite athletes suggests that there may be some real benefits to using these insoles.

The Cost of Performance Enhancement

One of the primary concerns for many athletes and consumers is the cost. VKTRY insoles are not cheap; they are an investment in your athletic performance. The price tag may be a deterrent for some, especially those who are not at the professional level. However, for serious athletes looking to gain a competitive edge, the cost might be justified.

Are VKTRY Insoles Worth It?

The answer to whether VKTRY insoles are worth it depends on your perspective and needs. Here are some factors to consider:

Your Level of Athleticism: If you're a professional athlete or a dedicated amateur striving for peak performance, VKTRY insoles might be worth the investment. The potential performance gains could be crucial in a competitive environment.

Injury History: If you've struggled with injuries related to your sport, VKTRY insoles may be a valuable tool to help prevent future issues.

Budget: If cost is a significant concern, you might explore other, more affordable options for improving your athletic performance, such as proper training and conditioning.

Consult a Professional: Before investing in VKTRY insoles, consider consulting with a sports medicine professional or a podiatrist. They can assess your specific needs and recommend whether such insoles are appropriate for you.

Trial Period: VKTRY offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the insoles and see if they make a difference in your performance. This trial period can help you determine their worth for your situation.

In the world of sports, any advantage, no matter how small, can make a significant difference. VKTRY insoles offer a unique approach to enhancing athletic performance through carbon fiber technology. Whether they are worth it or not depends on your individual circumstances, budget, and goals. If you're serious about improving your performance and have the means to invest, VKTRY insoles could provide that extra boost you've been looking for. However, it's essential to approach such investments with careful consideration and, when possible, seek professional advice to make an informed decision.

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Unleashing Training Success& Strategies and Learning Techniques When you embark on a journey of training and education, success isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's also about how you approach it and how you integrate it into your life. This article dives deep into the realm of effective training, exploring vital learning strategies that will propel you towards your academic and professional aspirations. Here, you'll discover best practices to optimize your learning process and extract the maximum value from every educational experience.

Fostering Curiosity and Open-Mindedness

The first and foremost step toward learning success is to maintain an open mind and nurture a perpetual sense of curiosity. Embrace the opportunity to absorb new ideas and perspectives. Inquire, investigate, and explore, extending your curiosity even beyond your immediate subjects or areas of specialization. In the realm of education, it's curiosity that serves as the spark igniting the flames of meaningful learning.

Mastering Time Management

Effective time management is an indispensable component of a triumphant training journey. Construct a study schedule that harmonizes with your lifestyle and responsibilities. Set precise learning goals and break down your tasks into manageable, bite-sized steps. This approach fosters organization and guards against the procrastination bug.

Diversifying Learning Sources

Learning knows no boundaries; it transcends the confines of a classroom. Embrace a diverse range of learning sources, including books, online courses, podcasts, educational videos, and tutorials. Each source of knowledge offers a distinct and enriching perspective. Don't hesitate to explore different formats to enhance your understanding and retention.

Taking Notes and Active Retrieval

The act of taking notes is a potent learning strategy. Jot down key ideas and concepts as you dive into your studies. Moreover, practice active retrieval, which involves recalling and explaining what you've learned in your own words. This technique fortifies information retention and fosters a profound understanding of the subject matter.

Collaboration and Discourse

Learning doesn't have to be a solitary voyage. Engage in study groups, online forums, or discussions with fellow learners. Sharing ideas and collectively solving problems can broaden your comprehension and offer fresh perspectives on the study material.

Application of Knowledge

The true value of learning manifests when you can apply it in real-world scenarios. Seek opportunities to put your newfound knowledge into practice, be it through projects, internships, or volunteering. The practical application of knowledge not only reinforces retention but also highlights its relevance.

Continuous Assessment and Feedback

Regularly gauge your progress through assessments and practice exams. Embrace the feedback you receive as a tool for identifying areas that require improvement and for fine-tuning your study strategies. This cycle of evaluation and adjustment is pivotal for both academic and professional growth.

Maintaining a Positive and Tenacious Attitude

Learning often presents challenges, but a positive and tenacious attitude can carry you through. Approach obstacles with determination and regard mistakes as stepping stones to growth. A growth mindset empowers you to surmount difficulties and achieve success.

Harnessing Educational Technology

In the digital age, educational technology has revolutionized the learning landscape. You now have access to a vast array of mobile apps, online learning platforms, and interactive resources that can make your learning journey dynamic and accessible. Technology provides the flexibility to access educational content from anywhere, at any time, allowing you to tailor your training to your schedule and lifestyle.

Maintaining an Organized Study Environment

Organization serves as the bedrock of success in learning. A clutter-free study space devoid of distractions is essential for sustaining focus and productivity. Dedicate time to arrange your study area, ensuring that all necessary materials and resources are within arm's reach. Eliminate distractions, such as non-study-related electronic devices, to fully immerse yourself in your learning endeavors.

Promoting Autonomy in Learning

Autonomy in learning is a cornerstone for developing self-direction and responsibility skills. Learn to set your own learning goals, select appropriate resources, and independently evaluate your progress. This autonomy empowers you to take the lead in your educational journey and make informed decisions regarding what, how, and when to learn.

Fostering Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are invaluable assets in any learning process. Beyond rote memorization, it's crucial to grasp and apply information thoughtfully. Hone your problem-solving abilities when confronted with complex challenges and questions. Question, analyze, and assess information critically to cultivate a profound understanding of your study topics.

Building Support and Collaboration Networks

Learning need not be a solitary pursuit. Seek to establish networks of support and collaboration with fellow learners, mentors, and instructors. Brainstorming and discussion can enrich your understanding and offer diverse viewpoints on the study material. Additionally, collaborative projects can bolster your teamwork skills, a valuable asset in both academic and professional realms.

Embracing Metacognition

Metacognition involves reflecting on your own learning process. Evaluate how you approach your studies, identify the strategies that work best for you, and consider areas for improvement. Adjust your study methods based on your discoveries about your unique learning style. Metacognition enables you to be mindful of your own learning and make informed decisions to enhance it.

Cultivating Persistence and Resilience

The learning journey is rife with challenges and obstacles. Persistence and resilience are essential qualities for surmounting setbacks and achieving your educational goals. Don't be disheartened by failures; instead, view them as opportunities for growth and forge ahead with unwavering determination.

Incorporate these strategies into your training regimen, and you'll not only acquire knowledge but also transform it into meaningful and applicable wisdom. Success in learning hinges on not only what you learn but also how you embrace the learning process itself.

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The Future of 5G Sky High Connectivity via Space Satellites In the year 1957, humanity celebrated a milestone as Sputnik became the first artificial satellite to grace our skies. Since that historic moment, our celestial realm has been adorned with numerous technological marvels. These satellites not only provide us with invaluable data and images of Earth but also enable long-distance communication and perform a multitude of tasks that enhance our daily lives on terra firma. What's even more exciting is that the next generation of satellites, compact, efficient, and cost-effective, is poised to usher in the era of space 5G.

Traditionally, launching a satellite into orbit has been a costly endeavor, usually requiring substantial government investments coupled with advanced knowledge and technology. However, this landscape has been undergoing a transformation in recent years. New satellites are taking their place in the Earth's orbit at a lower cost, covering shorter distances, while delivering performance similar to their larger predecessors.

The advent of more affordable satellites heralds the potential to establish a network of space-based antennas that complement existing ground-based infrastructure, thereby bolstering the burgeoning 5G networks. As the demand for 5G bandwidth continues to soar, space 5G promises to expedite network expansion, prevent congestion, and extend coverage to every nook and cranny of our planet.

Meet the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

The new stars of the satellite world. Unlike their predecessors, the Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites, which have been orbiting for over half a century and weigh more than a ton, LEO satellites are compact, weighing less than 500 kilograms, and operate at distances ranging from 500 to 2,000 kilometers from Earth's surface. Their proximity results in reduced latency, making data transmission faster. Moreover, they are cost-effective. The only trade-off is their relatively smaller coverage area, a challenge that can be overcome by deploying more satellites.

The reduced cost and enhanced capabilities of LEO satellites have made them an attractive option for private sector innovation. Companies worldwide are exploring this technology to establish satellite networks for diverse purposes. Notable among these endeavors is SpaceX's Starlink project, which aims to provide global Internet access through an extensive satellite network. SpaceX is not alone in this burgeoning sector; other competitors are entering the private space race.

Space 5G is set to bridge the gap between smart cities and interconnected devices. As we move toward deploying 6G and 7G networks, a world where millions of devices communicate with each other is fast becoming a reality. This interconnectedness necessitates ultra-fast, low-latency networks, which are essential to the success of 5G technology. While 5G coverage is already a reality in many countries, we have not yet tapped into its full potential for delivering optimal speeds.


In the future, as we endeavor to connect roads, lighting, and various public services, land-based 5G technology will be complemented by space 5G, powered by low orbit satellites. This synergy will alleviate network congestion and further reduce latency, benefitting both urban centers and remote regions.

One remarkable advantage of LEO satellites is their ability to provide connectivity to remote or isolated areas on land and in the vast ocean expanse. This encompasses ships, aircraft, and vehicles in far-flung locales, delivering cost-effective connectivity that surpasses what could be achieved with fiber optics or terrestrial antennas.

SpaceX, with over 4,500 satellites, is a prominent player in the low Earth orbit satellite arena, with approximately 2,000 already operational. These satellites offer internet access at speeds nearing 100 Mbps per user. Amazon's Kuiper project, with 3,236 planned satellites to be in orbit by 2026, is another strong contender. OneWeb, with 648 satellites, including 428 in orbit, aims to collaborate with various telecommunications operators. Additionally, Telesat's Lightspeed initiative is set to launch 298 satellites between this year and 2023, and Inmarsat's Orchestra plans to deploy 175 LEO satellites to facilitate 5G connectivity in conjunction with GEO-type satellites.

The sky is no longer the limit; it's the launching pad for unprecedented connectivity. With space 5G, we are poised to break the boundaries of terrestrial communication, bringing the world together like never before.

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Technology's Impact on Concentration in Youth In the age of smartphones, tablets, and constant connectivity, technology has woven itself into the fabric of our daily lives. While it offers numerous benefits, there's growing concern about its influence on the ability to concentrate, especially among young people. Multiple studies have explored the relationship between excessive technology use and a decline in concentration. This article delves into the impact of technology on concentration and offers tips to help improve focus in children.

The Digital Deluge: A Challenge to Concentration

Modern technology has revolutionized the way we work, study, communicate, and access information. From educational apps to social media platforms, technology is omnipresent. However, this constant digital bombardment can overwhelm our senses and make it challenging to maintain sustained focus on a single task. Linda Stone, a consultant for major tech companies, highlights the issue of perpetual digital connectivity, which keeps us in a heightened state of alertness, making it difficult to concentrate on any one activity.

The American Medical Association has presented compelling evidence linking intensive technology use to a decline in concentration. Reports reveal that children spend an average of four hours per day glued to screens, a trend that continues to rise. The continuous influx of notifications and the temptation of digital multitasking can erode the ability to concentrate on a single task, thereby hampering overall concentration levels.

Tips to Enhance Concentration in Children

Addressing the challenge of waning concentration in the digital age is essential for the well-being and success of young people. Here are some valuable tips to help improve concentration in children:

1. Limit Technology Use: While technology serves as a valuable tool for learning and communication, it's imperative to set boundaries. Appropriate restrictions prevent overexposure and compulsive gadget use, promoting a healthier balance between screen time and other activities.

2. Take Regular Breaks: Experts suggest that attention tends to dwindle after approximately 15 minutes of sustained activity. Encourage short breaks during study or screen time to allow children to recharge and approach tasks with renewed focus.

3. Prioritize Adequate Rest: Quality sleep is paramount for cognitive performance and concentration. To facilitate better sleep quality, keep electronic devices out of bedrooms at night. This simple practice can lead to deeper, more restful sleep, which is crucial for maintaining optimal focus.

4. Encourage Outdoor Activities: Exposure to natural sunlight, physical activity, and interaction with nature have been shown to enhance mental well-being and attention span. These experiences reduce the overstimulation often associated with prolonged screen time.

5. Promote a Balanced Diet: Nutrition plays a pivotal role in concentration and overall cognitive function. A well-rounded diet that includes proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and carbohydrates ensures the necessary energy intake for daily activities, including mental focus.

Balancing Technology for Improved Concentration

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology is undeniably a vital tool. It empowers learning, facilitates communication, and enhances our daily lives. However, achieving a healthy equilibrium between technology use and mindful practices is crucial for sustaining concentration and overall well-being in young people.

While it's unrealistic to entirely disconnect from technology, adopting a thoughtful approach can mitigate its adverse effects. By implementing these tips and striking a balance between screen time and other activities, parents and educators can nurture a generation of young minds capable of focused attention and enhanced concentration.

The pervasive influence of technology on concentration is a pertinent concern in today's society. Acknowledging this challenge and taking proactive steps to address it are essential for nurturing the cognitive abilities of our youth. By instilling healthy habits and fostering a balanced relationship with technology, we can equip young people with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age while maintaining their capacity for deep and sustained concentration.


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Studying Effectively Strategies and Techniques for Productive Learning In the pursuit of academic excellence, the art of productive learning stands as a cornerstone. For students, mastering the techniques and strategies that facilitate effective learning can make all the difference in achieving their educational goals. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods and principles that empower individuals to study effectively, bolster their retention of information, and ultimately excel in their academic endeavors.

Setting Clear and Realistic Goals:

Productive learning begins with a clear sense of purpose. Defining precise academic goals provides a compass for your educational journey. Breaking down these goals into smaller, manageable tasks transforms overwhelming aspirations into actionable steps. With each accomplishment, you progress closer to your ultimate objectives, building a sense of satisfaction and motivation along the way.

Creating the Optimal Study Environment:

Your study space is more than just a physical location; it's an ecosystem that can significantly impact your concentration and productivity. A well-organized study environment, devoid of distractions, is paramount for productive learning. Ensure your workspace is clean, tidy, and well-lit. Keep your study materials neatly arranged and easily accessible. Incorporate motivational elements like inspirational quotes or images to kindle enthusiasm during your study sessions.

Applying Effective Study Techniques:

Not all study techniques are created equal, and what works for one person may not work for another. Experimentation is key to discovering the methods that align with your unique learning style. Techniques like the Pomodoro method, which involves concentrated study punctuated by short breaks, can help you manage your time efficiently. Structured note-taking and regular summarization practices aid in retaining information. The key is to find the approach that suits you best and integrate it into your study routine.

Mastering Time Management:

Effective time management is the linchpin of productive learning. Establishing a study schedule that harmonizes with your pace and lifestyle is essential. Divide your study time into manageable blocks, alternating between focused study sessions and brief breaks. During your study periods, minimize distractions and concentrate wholly on your tasks. Utilize organizational tools such as to-do lists or apps to track your activities and ensure daily goals are met.

Cultivating a Positive Attitude:

Maintaining a positive outlook towards learning is vital for productivity. Focus on the positive aspects of education and how each study session brings you closer to your academic aspirations. Celebrate even the smallest achievements, and confront challenges with resilience. A positive attitude not only enhances productivity but also enhances the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of your learning journey.


Active Engagement and Commitment:

Active participation in your learning process is the cornerstone of productive learning. Ask questions, engage in discussions, and seek connections between concepts. Immerse yourself deeply in the material through writing, discussions, or even teaching others. Such active involvement reinforces your understanding and retention of information, making your learning experience more effective and enduring. Additionally, sharing ideas and knowledge with others can provide fresh and enriching perspectives on the subject matter.


Prioritizing Rest and Recovery:

Rest and recovery are essential components of productive learning. Your brain requires time to process information and consolidate learning. Schedule breaks between study sessions to relax, disconnect, and recharge. Adequate sleep is equally critical, as fatigue can impair your learning capacity. A well-rested body and mind are better prepared for effective study and long-term retention.

Additional Tips for Productive Learning:

·         Utilize color-coding to highlight key information in your notes, aiding in information retention.

·         Incorporate natural elements like plants into your study space, which can enhance concentration and well-being.

·         Practice the "Teach Others" technique by explaining concepts as if you were teaching them to someone else, reinforcing your understanding.

·         Visualize your academic goals positively before studying, increasing motivation.

·         Pose questions or challenges before studying a topic and seek answers during your study session to maintain focus.

·         Employ relaxation techniques like the "4-7-8" breathing method before studying to alleviate stress.

·         Create an inspiration board with images and quotes representing your academic goals to boost motivation.

·         Implement the 80/20 rule: Focus on the 20% of activities that generate 80% of your results for optimized study time.

·         Introduce stimulating aromas like mint to your study space, which can improve concentration and memory.

·         Utilize flashcards to summarize key concepts and review them regularly for reinforcement.

·         Apply the Two-Minute Rule: If a task takes less than two minutes, complete it immediately.

·         Maintain a gratitude journal related to your education, jotting down something you're grateful for each day to foster a positive attitude.

·         Leverage technology for interactive learning through educational apps and online platforms that encourage engagement and collaboration.

Listen to motivational music while studying to maintain energy and concentration levels.

In addition, productive learning is a blend of effective strategies and techniques that can empower students to excel in their academic pursuits. By setting clear goals, optimizing study environments, applying the right methods, and managing time wisely, learners can cultivate a positive attitude, engage actively, and prioritize rest, ultimately enhancing their learning experiences. With these tools at their disposal, students can embark on their educational journeys with confidence and the promise of achieving their academic goals.

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Exploring the Opportunities of a Teacher Training Master's Degree The pursuit of a Master's in Teacher Training is a pivotal step for individuals aspiring to educate at the secondary education, baccalaureate, vocational training, and language teaching levels. However, what awaits those who complete a teacher training master's degree at University? While the most apparent choice may be teaching in educational institutions, the avenues that open up for graduates of this program are diverse and promising.

Requirements for Enrolling in the Master of Teaching

The Teacher Training Master's Degree is currently in high demand, but certain prerequisites must be met to embark on this educational journey.

The primary requirement, unsurprisingly, is possessing a university degree. If your degree is earned from a foreign university, it must be validated by the university to ensure it is equivalent to official Spanish university degrees and grants access to higher education. While degree homologation is not mandatory, equivalence verification may be requested.

Another stipulation is demonstrating proficiency at a B1 level in a foreign language across four skills: written expression, reading comprehension, oral comprehension, and oral expression. You do not need to possess this proficiency at the outset of the master's degree, but you must attain it by program completion.

Lastly, a clean record free of sexual offenses is essential. This requirement is necessary not only for entering the master's program but also for engaging in internships at educational centers.


Diverse Career Prospects Offered by the Teacher Training Master's Degree

The Master in Teacher Training opens up a multitude of professional opportunities, including:

1. Teaching in Educational Centers:

The most common path for graduates is teaching at secondary education, high school, and vocational training centers. These educators can work in public, subsidized, or private institutions, instructing classes in their specialized subjects.

2. Adult Education:

Education is not restricted to youth. Many adults opt to return to education or acquire new skills. Master of Teacher Training graduates can choose to teach in adult education centers.

3. Corporate Training:

Companies increasingly value continuous employee development. Graduates can work in human resources departments or specialize in corporate training, designing and delivering courses tailored to the business world's needs.

4. Pedagogical Consulting:

Graduates are equipped to provide advice to educational institutions on implementing innovative teaching methodologies, curriculum design, learning assessments, and other vital educational components.

5. Informal Education:

Education extends beyond traditional classrooms. Museums, natural parks, NGOs, and other organizations offer educational programs for the public. Graduates can design and conduct these programs, combining their teaching passion with other areas of interest.

6. Educational Publishing:

Educational publishers producing teaching materials, such as textbooks, seek professionals with pedagogical expertise to design and review materials. Graduates can contribute to this sector, ensuring the pedagogical quality of educational materials.

7. Educational Counseling:

 ducational institutions, including secondary and high schools, require professionals to guide and counsel students regarding their academic and career paths. Counselors play a pivotal role in helping students make informed decisions about their futures.

The Master in Teacher Training extends a wide array of career possibilities, transcending conventional teaching in educational institutions. From corporate training to online instruction, research to pedagogical consultancy, graduates are prepared to confront the challenges of the ever-evolving educational landscape. It represents an investment in versatile training that promises myriad opportunities for professional growth in a perpetually changing sector.

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Choosing the Right Path to a Career in Video Game Design and Development The world of video games has evolved into a multi-billion-dollar industry that captures the hearts and minds of millions across the globe. With each passing day, new game releases for consoles, PCs, and mobile devices continue to excite gamers. Such is the influence of this industry that even the film industry often adapts popular video game titles for the big screen. As the video game sector continues to thrive, more individuals are keen to explore career opportunities within this dynamic field, turning their passion for gaming into a livelihood. The question then arises: What should you study to pursue a career in the world of video games?

Exploring Your Path to Becoming a Video Game Design Professional

If you're one of those individuals who has spent a significant part of your life immersed in video games, you may have wondered about the intricacies behind their creation. To transform your passion into a profession, you'll need the appropriate training. Fortunately, there are several options available depending on your aspirations.

1. Short Courses: 

Today, finding short courses focused on video game design and development is relatively easy. These courses typically span a few hours and cover essential aspects of video game design. However, due to their brevity, they may only scratch the surface of the subject. Short courses serve as an excellent introduction for beginners, but it's essential to have some prior programming knowledge to get the most out of them.

2. Specialized Master's Degrees:

For a more comprehensive education in video game design and development, specialized master's degree programs are a viable choice. These programs offer in-depth training, making you a specialist in the field. To enroll in such master's programs, you generally need to have completed an undergraduate degree that qualifies you for admission.

 3. Private Degree Programs:

Another option worth considering is enrolling in private degree programs dedicated exclusively to the world of video games. These programs typically span four years and provide students with a comprehensive education tailored to the industry's specific demands. Many private degree programs also have partnerships with gaming companies, offering students invaluable opportunities for internships and real-world experience.

4. Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Design and Development:

One noteworthy program to explore is the Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Design and Development. This program stands out for its comprehensive curriculum, allowing students to specialize in their preferred area of the gaming industry. Here are the three distinct specializations offered within this program:

a. Art for Video Games:

This specialization focuses on graphic design, texture creation, and animation.

Graduates can pursue careers as illustrators, art directors, animators, or texture designers.

b. Game Design:

The Game Design specialization delves into the intricacies of designing video games, including scriptwriting, level design, and monetization strategies.

Potential career opportunities include organic modeler, video game scriptwriter, or user experience designer.

c. Programming:

The Programming specialization concentrates on the development of the code that breathes life into video games.

Students learn various programming languages crucial for game creation and can seek roles as video game developers, mobile application programmers, or database systems developers.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Degree in Video Game Design and Development

Earning a degree in Video Game Design and Development offers numerous advantages for aspiring professionals in the gaming industry. Here are a few of the noteworthy advantages you can expect to gain from pursuing this degree:

1. In-Depth Knowledge: The degree program provides comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to excel in various gaming-related roles.

2. Versatility: Graduates can choose from a wide range of career paths, from artistry and design to programming and production.

3. Real-World Experience: Many programs offer opportunities for internships and collaboration with gaming companies, offering firsthand experience in the industry.

4. Specialization: The program allows students to focus on their areas of interest, whether it's creating stunning visuals, designing captivating gameplay, or developing the code that powers games.

5. Industry Relevance: The gaming industry is continually evolving, and a degree equips you with the latest tools and techniques to stay competitive.


The realm of video game design and development is an exciting and rapidly growing field with abundant career opportunities. Whether you opt for short courses, specialized master's degrees, private degree programs, or a comprehensive Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Design and Development, pursuing education in this domain is a crucial step towards turning your passion for video games into a rewarding and fulfilling career. So, embrace your love for gaming and embark on a journey that promises creativity, innovation, and a chance to be part of a flourishing industry.


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Advantages of a Degree in Video Game Design and Development In today's digital age, the world of video games has become a thriving industry, captivating millions of players worldwide. Video games are not just a form of entertainment but also an art form and a booming business. Behind every successful video game lies a team of skilled professionals, and a degree in Video Game Design and Development can open doors to a world of opportunities. In this article, we will explore the advantages of pursuing such a degree and why it is an excellent choice for aspiring game enthusiasts.

1. Creativity Unleashed

Video game design and development are all about creativity. From crafting intricate storylines to designing visually stunning game worlds, this field allows you to let your imagination run wild. With a degree in Video Game Design and Development, you can turn your wildest ideas into interactive experiences that players will cherish.

Creativity is not only welcomed but encouraged in this industry. As a game developer, you have the creative freedom to design unique characters, environments, and gameplay mechanics. This freedom fosters innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world.

2. A Growing Industry

The video game industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global economy. According to industry reports, the video game market is projected to continue its upward trajectory, offering an array of career opportunities. With a degree in Video Game Design and Development, you can tap into this lucrative market.

From indie studios to major game development companies, there is a constant demand for skilled professionals. Whether you dream of creating indie games with a small team or working on blockbuster titles for renowned companies, the industry's growth ensures a stable and dynamic job market.

3. Diverse Career Paths

A degree in Video Game Design and Development opens doors to a wide range of career paths within the gaming industry. Here are a few of the thrilling career paths you can explore:

Game Designer: Craft game concepts, gameplay mechanics, and storylines.

Game Programmer: Write the code that brings games to life.

Game Artist: Create captivating visuals, including characters, environments, and animations.

Game Tester: Ensures game quality and functionality.

Game Producer: Responsible for overseeing the development process and team management.

These are just a few examples, and the gaming industry continues to evolve, creating new career opportunities regularly. A degree in this field equips you with the skills and knowledge to explore various roles and find the one that suits your passion and expertise.

4. Collaboration and Teamwork

Creating a video game is a collaborative effort that requires teamwork and effective communication. While working towards a degree in Video Game Design and Development, you will have the chance to collaborate with artists, programmers, writers, and sound designers. This collaborative environment simulates real-world game development scenarios, preparing you for the industry's teamwork-driven culture.

Learning to work as part of a team is a valuable skill that extends beyond the gaming world. It is applicable in many other fields and can make you a more effective and versatile professional.

5. Technical Proficiency

A degree in this field equips you with technical skills that are highly sought after in the job market. You will learn programming languages, 3D modeling, animation techniques, and more. These technical proficiencies are not limited to the gaming industry and can be transferred to other technology-related fields, broadening your career prospects.

6. Innovation and Problem-Solving

Game development is not without its challenges. You will encounter technical issues, creative roadblocks, and player feedback that require innovative solutions. A degree in Video Game Design and Development hones your problem-solving skills and teaches you to think critically.

The ability to innovate and find solutions is a valuable asset in any profession. It allows you to adapt to new situations, overcome obstacles, and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

7. A Platform for Self-Expression

Video games are a powerful medium for storytelling and self-expression. With a degree in Video Game Design and Development, you can use this platform to convey your ideas, share your stories, and connect with players on a deep level. Your games can be a means of artistic expression, social commentary, or entertainment.

8. Global Reach and Impact

The reach of video games is truly global. With online distribution platforms and multiplayer features, your creations can be enjoyed by players from all corners of the world. This global reach allows you to have a significant impact on the gaming community and connect with a diverse audience.


Pursuing a degree in Video Game Design and Development offers a myriad of advantages. It unleashes your creativity, provides access to a thriving industry, offers diverse career paths, fosters teamwork, enhances technical proficiency, sharpens problem-solving skills, provides a platform for self-expression, and allows you to make a global impact. If you are passionate about gaming and aspire to be a part of this exciting industry, a degree in Video Game Design and Development can be your ticket to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Don't miss the opportunity to turn your passion for games into a profession. Embrace the advantages of this degree, and embark on a journey that combines creativity, technology, and the thrill of making interactive experiences that captivate players worldwide.

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Educational institutions in Punjab have been closed for four days. Due to the outbreak of a pink eye infection (a disease affecting the eyes), educational institutions in Punjab have been closed for four days.

Lahore educational institutions have been closed for four days due to the outbreak of a pink eye infection. The Punjab government issued a notification for the closure of educational institutions. All public and private educational institutions in the province will remain closed for four days. Educational institutions in Rawalpindi will remain closed until Sunday.


As a result of the harmful injections given to 87 individuals affected by the pink eye infection in various regions of Punjab, eyesight has been impaired for some of them. The police have arrested the suspect responsible for preparing harmful and substandard injections. Authorities have instructed people to take precautionary measures to stay safe from the pink eye infection.

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Google's 25th Birthday a 25&Year Journey of Innovation From Search Engine to Global Tech Giant, Google Continues to Shape Our World

In the fast-paced world of technology, few companies have left an indelible mark as profound as Google. This year, Google celebrates its 25th birthday, marking a quarter-century of innovation that has transformed the way we access information, communicate, and navigate the digital universe. From its humble beginnings as a search engine to its current status as a global tech behemoth, Google's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The Search Engine That Started It All

Google's story began in 1998, when two Stanford University students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, started working on a search engine called "Backrub." Renamed Google, their creation revolutionized the way people explored the internet. Google's simple and efficient search algorithms quickly set it apart from competitors, earning it a loyal user base.

The search engine's success was largely attributed to its innovative PageRank algorithm, which ranked web pages based on their relevance and importance. This technology formed the foundation for the modern search experience we take for granted today.


Beyond Search: A Digital Ecosystem

As Google matured, it expanded its offerings far beyond search. In 2004, the company launched Gmail, a free and user-friendly email service that quickly gained popularity. Google Maps, introduced in 2005, revolutionized navigation, making paper maps obsolete. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides brought productivity to the cloud, enabling collaborative work on documents from anywhere in the world.

Perhaps the most ambitious project was the creation of the Android operating system in 2007. Android has since become the most widely used mobile operating system globally, powering billions of smartphones and tablets.

Google's Impact on Education 

One of the most significant contributions Google has made over the years is in the field of education. Google for Education, launched in 2006, introduced tools like Google Classroom, Google Drive, and G Suite for Education, making it easier for teachers and students to collaborate and share resources online. These tools have been especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitating remote learning and enabling educators to connect with their students.

Moreover, Google's commitment to education extends beyond software. The Education Grant program has provided millions of dollars in funding to support educational initiatives worldwide. From improving access to quality education in underserved communities to promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, Google has consistently demonstrated its dedication to making learning accessible to all.


Google's Environmental Initiatives

In recent years, Google has also become a leader in sustainability and environmental responsibility. In 2007, Google became carbon neutral, and in 2017, the company achieved its goal of purchasing enough renewable energy to match 100% of its global electricity consumption. Google's parent company, Alphabet, aims to operate entirely on carbon-free energy by 2030.

The company has invested heavily in renewable energy projects, including wind and solar farms, and has a history of advocating for policies that address climate change. Google's commitment to sustainability reflects its understanding of the importance of corporate responsibility in a rapidly changing world.


The Challenges Ahead

While Google has undoubtedly achieved remarkable success over its 25-year history, it also faces significant challenges. Antitrust concerns, data privacy issues, and questions about the influence of technology companies on society have brought increased scrutiny. Google, like other tech giants, must navigate these challenges while continuing to innovate responsibly.

As it enters its second quarter-century, Google remains a symbol of innovation and a driving force behind technological progress. With initiatives in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and self-driving cars, Google's impact on the future promises to be just as profound as its past achievements.

Google's 25th birthday is not just a celebration of a tech company; it's a celebration of how technology has fundamentally changed our lives. From finding information to connecting with others and even learning, Google has played a pivotal role in shaping the way we interact with the world.

As we look back on the past 25 years, it's clear that Google's journey is far from over. With its commitment to innovation, education, and sustainability, Google continues to be a driving force in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Here's to another 25 years of transforming possibilities into realities. Happy birthday, Google!

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Lahore's Top Schools a Guide to the Best Places to Study Lahore is a city with a rich educational history, dating back to the Mughal era. Today, it is home to some of the best schools in Pakistan and the world. With so many choices available, picking the right school for your child can be a challenging decision.

This article will provide a guide to the top schools in Lahore, based on factors such as academic reputation, extracurricular activities, and facilities. We will also discuss the different types of schools available in Lahore, so that you can choose the best one for your child's needs.

Types of Schools in Lahore

There are three main types of schools in Lahore:

Public schools: Public schools are funded by the government publicly and are free to attend. They offer a standard curriculum and are typically less expensive than private schools.

Private schools: Private schools are funded by tuition fees and donations. They offer a more flexible curriculum and often have more resources than public schools.

International schools: International schools offer a curriculum that is aligned with international standards. They are typically more expensive than other types of schools, but they can provide students with a global perspective on education.

Top Schools in Lahore

Here is a list of the top schools in Lahore, based on a variety of factors:

Beaconhouse School System: Beaconhouse is one of the largest and most prestigious school systems in Pakistan. It offers a wide range of educational programs, from kindergarten to A-levels. Beaconhouse schools are known for their high academic standards and excellent facilities.

Lahore Grammar School: Lahore Grammar School is another highly regarded school in Lahore. It provides a strong academic program and many different activities to participate in.  Lahore Grammar School students have a strong track record of success in college and beyond.

Aitchison College: Aitchison College is a boys' boarding school that is known for its rigorous academic program and its strong emphasis on discipline. Aitchison College students have gone on to become some of Pakistan's most successful leaders and professionals.

Lahore American School: Lahore American School is an international school that offers a curriculum that is aligned with US standards. Lahore American School students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and are prepared for success in colleges and universities around the world.

Lahore International School: Lahore International School is another international school in Lahore. It offers a curriculum that is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Lahore International School students are prepared for success in colleges and universities around the world.

Other Top Schools in Lahore

In addition to the schools listed above, there are many other excellent schools in Lahore. Here are few more to consider:

Crescent School: Crescent School is a private school that offers a rigorous academic program and a variety of extracurricular activities. Crescent School students have a strong track record of success in college and beyond.

Convent of Jesus and Mary: Convent of Jesus and Mary is a girls' school that is known for its strong academic program and its emphasis on religious values. Convent of Jesus and Mary students have gone on to become some of Pakistan's most successful leaders and professionals.

City School: City School is a private school that offers a wide range of educational programs, from kindergarten to A-levels. City School schools are known for their high academic standards and excellent facilities.

Millennium Schools: Millennium Schools is a private school that offers a rigorous academic program and a variety of extracurricular activities. Millennium Schools students have a strong track record of success in college and beyond.

Future World Schools: Future World Schools is an international school in Lahore. It offers a curriculum that is aligned with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Future World Schools students are prepared for success in colleges and universities around the world.

How to Choose the Right School for Your Child

When choosing a school for your child, it is important to consider the following factors: 

Academic reputation: What is the school's academic reputation? What are its academic standards? What is its track record of success?

Extracurricular activities: Here, you get a solid education and plenty of fun activities to enjoy as well.

Facilities: Does the school have the facilities that your child needs to succeed?

Cost: How much does the school cost? Is it affordable for your family?

Location: Where is the school located? Is it convenient for your family?

It is also important to visit the schools that you are considering and to talk to the teachers and administrators. This will give you a good sense of the school's culture and whether it is a good fit for your child.

Tips for Choosing the Right School 

Here are a few tips for choosing the right school for your child:

Start early: It is never too early to start thinking about which school is right for your child. The more time you have, the more research you can do and the better prepared you will be to make a decision.

Consider your child's needs: What are your child's academic strengths and weaknesses? What are their interests? What kind of surroundings help them learn best?

Visit the schools: Once you've decided which ones you like, make sure to personally visit those schools.  Talk to the teachers and administrators, and get a sense of the school's culture.

Talk to other parents: Talk to other parents who have children at the schools that you are considering. Get their feedback on the school's academic program, extracurricular activities, and overall environment.

Selecting the perfect school for your child is a significant choice. By considering the factors above and following the tips provided, you can choose a school that will help your child succeed academically and personally.


Additional Tips

Here are a few additional tips for choosing the right school for your child:

Consider your child's personality: Is your child outgoing or shy? Do they prefer to learn independently or in a group setting? Choose a school that has an environment that is well-suited to your child's personality.

Think about your future goals: Do you want your child to attend a specific college or university? If so, choose a school that has a strong track record of preparing students for success at that institution.

Don't be afraid to ask questions: When you visit the schools that you are considering, ask the teachers and administrators any questions that you have. Don't be afraid to ask about the school's curriculum, extracurricular activities, and disciplinary policies.

Ultimately, the best way to choose the right school for your child is to follow your intuition. Trust your gut and choose the school that feels right for you and your child.

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NGS School Pioneering the Future of Education Amidst Shifting Paradigms In the ever-evolving realm of education, institutions like NGS School have emerged as trailblazers of innovation, knowledge, and transformation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to adapting to the dynamic currents of leading education news, NGS School stands at the forefront of educational progress. This article embarks on a journey to explore the inspiring story of NGS School, its remarkable response to the changing educational landscape, and how it continues to shape and adapt to the leading education news of our time.


NGS School: A Legacy of Educational Excellence


Founded in 1988, NGS School has become synonymous with educational excellence, providing quality education to students across the country. The institution's journey has been characterized by its dedication to academic rigor, character development, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Leading Education News


In an era where educational trends and best practices are in a constant state of flux, staying aligned with leading education news is essential. Remaining informed about the latest developments in education allows institutions like NGS School to provide a contemporary and relevant learning experience for their students. Here's how NGS School adeptly maneuvers through this dynamic landscape:


Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news underscores the growing role of technology in education. NGS School has wholeheartedly embraced this trend, integrating advanced educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive e-learning platforms to virtual classrooms, students at NGS School experience a tech-savvy learning environment that aligns with the latest education news.


Inclusive Education Initiatives: The importance of inclusive education has been a prominent focus in recent education news. NGS School has proactively ensured that its classrooms are inclusive and accommodating for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity mirrors global trends advocating for equitable education for all.


Professional Development: NGS School understands that well-informed educators are instrumental in adapting to the ever-evolving educational landscape. The institution invests significantly in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring they are well-equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news.


Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news has emphasized the significance of student-centered learning approaches. NGS School has revamped its pedagogical practices to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.


Global Perspective: Leading education news often underscores the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. NGS School instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, nurturing a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.


A Commitment to Holistic Education


At NGS School, education transcends the boundaries of academic excellence to encompass character development, extracurricular activities, and active community engagement.


Character Education: The institution places substantial emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus aligns with leading education news, which highlights the critical role of values-based education in nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the pivotal role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, NGS School offers a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.


Community Engagement: Leading education news emphasizes the role of schools in actively engaging with their communities. NGS School wholeheartedly participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.


Innovations in Education: NGS School's Approach


Innovation serves as the cornerstone of progress in education, and NGS School has consistently led the charge in pioneering educational innovations. Here are notable examples of how the institution is reshaping the educational landscape:


Project-Based Learning (PBL): NGS School has enthusiastically embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the effectiveness of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.


STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a core focus at NGS School. The institution offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests, aligning with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.


Environmental Education: Recent leading education news underscores the importance of environmental education. NGS School has thoughtfully incorporated environmental education into its curriculum, nurturing ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.


A Vision for the Future


As NGS School continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future remains clear. To remain at the forefront of educational innovation and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to excel in an ever-changing world. The institution's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals serves as an inspiring example for educational institutions globally.


NGS School's remarkable story exemplifies the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, NGS School paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens capable of driving positive change in our world.

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Beaconhouse Guiding Education Amidst Shifting Sands In the ever-evolving landscape of education, institutions like Beaconhouse have been beacons of innovation, knowledge, and transformation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to adapting to the dynamic currents of leading education news, Beaconhouse has firmly established itself as a pioneering force in the realm of education. This article embarks on a journey to explore the inspiring story of Beaconhouse, its remarkable response to the dynamic education sector, and how it continues to shape and adapt to the leading education news of our time.

Beaconhouse: A Legacy of Educational Excellence


Founded in 1975, Beaconhouse has become synonymous with educational excellence, providing quality education to students across Pakistan. The institution's journey has been characterized by its dedication to academic rigor, character development, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Leading Education News


In an era where educational trends and best practices are in a constant state of flux, staying aligned with leading education news is essential. Remaining informed about the latest developments in education allows institutions like Beaconhouse to provide a contemporary and relevant learning experience for their students. Here's how Beaconhouse skillfully maneuvers through this dynamic landscape:


Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news underscores the growing role of technology in education. Beaconhouse has wholeheartedly embraced this trend, integrating advanced educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive e-learning platforms to virtual classrooms, students at Beaconhouse experience a tech-savvy learning environment that aligns with the latest education news.


Inclusive Education Initiatives: The importance of inclusive education has been a prominent focus in recent education news. Beaconhouse has proactively ensured that its classrooms are inclusive and accommodating for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity mirrors global trends advocating for equitable education for all.


Professional Development: Beaconhouse understands that well-informed educators are instrumental in adapting to the ever-evolving educational landscape. The institution invests significantly in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring they are well-equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news.


Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news has emphasized the significance of student-centered learning approaches. Beaconhouse has revamped its pedagogical practices to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.


Global Perspective: Leading education news often underscores the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. Beaconhouse instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, nurturing a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.


A Commitment to Holistic Education


At Beaconhouse, education goes beyond the confines of academic excellence to encompass character development, extracurricular activities, and active community engagement.


Character Education: The institution places substantial emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus aligns with leading education news, which highlights the critical role of values-based education in nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the pivotal role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, Beaconhouse offers a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.


Community Engagement: Leading education news emphasizes the role of schools in actively engaging with their communities. Beaconhouse wholeheartedly participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.


Innovations in Education: Beaconhouse's Approach


Innovation serves as the cornerstone of progress in education, and Beaconhouse has consistently led the charge in pioneering educational innovations. Here are notable examples of how the institution is reshaping the educational landscape:


Project-Based Learning (PBL): Beaconhouse has enthusiastically embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the effectiveness of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.


STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a core focus at Beaconhouse. The institution offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests, aligning with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.


Environmental Education: Recent leading education news underscores the importance of environmental education. Beaconhouse has thoughtfully incorporated environmental education into its curriculum, nurturing ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.


A Vision for the Future


As Beaconhouse continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future remains clear: to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to excel in an ever-changing world. The institution's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals serves as an inspiring example for educational institutions globally.


Beaconhouse's remarkable story exemplifies the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, Beaconhouse paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens capable of driving positive change in our world.

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American Lycetuff DNK School System Shaping the Future of Education In the ever-evolving world of education, institutions like the American Lycetuff DNK School System have emerged as trailblazers of innovation, knowledge, and transformation. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to adapting to the dynamic currents of leading education news, the American Lycetuff DNK School System stands as a testament to the power of educational progress. This article embarks on a journey to explore the captivating narrative of the American Lycetuff DNK School System, its extraordinary response to the changing educational landscape, and how it continues to shape and adapt to the leading education news of our time.


American Lycetuff DNK School System: A Legacy of Educational Excellence


Established in 1996, the American Lycetuff DNK School System has carved a niche for itself in the realm of educational excellence, providing top-tier education to students across Pakistan. The institution's journey has been characterized by its unwavering dedication to academic rigor, character development, and the cultivation of a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Leading Education News


In an era where educational trends and best practices are in a constant state of flux, staying aligned with leading education news is vital. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in education enables institutions like the American Lycetuff DNK School System to provide a contemporary and relevant learning experience for their students. Here's how the American Lycetuff DNK School System adeptly navigates this ever-evolving landscape:


Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news underscores the growing significance of technology in education. The American Lycetuff DNK School System has wholeheartedly embraced this trend, integrating cutting-edge educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive e-learning platforms to virtual classrooms, students at the American Lycetuff DNK School System experience a tech-savvy learning environment that aligns with the latest education news.


Inclusive Education Initiatives: The importance of inclusive education has been a focal point in recent education news. The American Lycetuff DNK School System has proactively ensured that its classrooms are inclusive and accommodating for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity mirrors global trends advocating for equitable education for all.


Professional Development: The American Lycetuff DNK School System recognizes that well-informed educators are essential in adapting to the ever-evolving educational landscape. The institution invests significantly in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring they are well-equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news.


Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news has placed a spotlight on student-centered learning approaches. The American Lycetuff DNK School System has restructured its pedagogical practices to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.


Global Perspective: Leading education news often emphasizes the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. The American Lycetuff DNK School System instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, nurturing a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.


A Commitment to Holistic Education


At the American Lycetuff DNK School System, education goes beyond the confines of academic excellence to encompass character development, extracurricular activities, and active community engagement.


Character Education: The institution places substantial emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus aligns with leading education news, which highlights the critical role of values-based education in nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the pivotal role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, the American Lycetuff DNK School System offers a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.


Community Engagement: Leading education news emphasizes the role of schools in actively engaging with their communities. The American Lycetuff DNK School System wholeheartedly participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.


Innovations in Education: American Lycetuff DNK School System's Approach


Innovation serves as the cornerstone of progress in education, and the American Lycetuff DNK School System has consistently led the charge in pioneering educational innovations. Here are notable examples of how the institution is reshaping the educational landscape:


Project-Based Learning (PBL): The American Lycetuff DNK School System has enthusiastically embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the effectiveness of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.


STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a core focus at the American Lycetuff DNK School System. The institution offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests, aligning with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.


Environmental Education: Recent leading education news underscores the importance of environmental education. The American Lycetuff DNK School System has thoughtfully incorporated environmental education into its curriculum, nurturing ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.


A Vision for the Future


As the American Lycetuff DNK School System continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future remains unwavering: to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to excel in an ever-changing world. The institution's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals serves as an inspiring example for educational institutions globally.


The American Lycetuff DNK School System's remarkable story exemplifies the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, the American Lycetuff DNK School System paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens capable of driving positive change in our world.

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Smart School Pioneering Education in the Age of Innovation In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, institutions like Smart School have emerged as trailblazers of innovation, knowledge, and transformation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to adapting to the dynamic currents of leading education news, Smart School stands as a shining example of educational progress. This article embarks on a journey to explore the compelling narrative of Smart School, its remarkable response to the changing landscape of education, and how it continues to shape and adapt to the leading education news of our time.


Smart School: A Legacy of Educational Excellence


Founded in 2012, Smart School has become synonymous with educational excellence, providing quality education to students across country. The institution's journey has been characterized by its dedication to academic rigor, character development, and the cultivation of a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Leading Education News


In an era where educational trends and best practices are in a constant state of flux, staying aligned with leading education news is paramount. Staying informed about the latest developments in education allows institutions like Smart School to provide a contemporary and relevant learning experience for their students. Here's how Smart School adeptly maneuvers through this ever-evolving landscape:


Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news underscores the growing role of technology in education. Smart School has wholeheartedly embraced this trend, integrating cutting-edge educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive e-learning platforms to virtual classrooms, students at Smart School experience a tech-savvy learning environment that aligns with the latest education news.


Inclusive Education Initiatives: The importance of inclusive education has been a prominent focus in recent education news. Smart School has proactively ensured that its classrooms are inclusive and accommodating for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity mirrors global trends advocating for equitable education for all.


Professional Development: Smart School recognizes that well-informed educators are instrumental in adapting to the ever-evolving educational landscape. The institution invests significantly in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring they are well-equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news.


Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news has emphasized the significance of student-centered learning approaches. Smart School has restructured its pedagogical practices to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.


Global Perspective: Leading education news often underscores the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. Smart School instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, nurturing a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.


A Commitment to Holistic Education


At Smart School, education transcends the boundaries of academic excellence to encompass character development, extracurricular activities, and active community engagement.


Character Education: The institution places substantial emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus aligns with leading education news, which highlights the critical role of values-based education in nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the pivotal role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, Smart School offers a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.


Community Engagement: Leading education news emphasizes the role of schools in actively engaging with their communities. Smart School wholeheartedly participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.


Innovations in Education: Smart School's Approach


Innovation serves as the cornerstone of progress in education, and Smart School has consistently led the charge in pioneering educational innovations. Here are notable examples of how the institution is reshaping the educational landscape:


Project-Based Learning (PBL): Smart School has enthusiastically embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the effectiveness of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.


STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a core focus at Smart School. The institution offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests, aligning with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.


Environmental Education: Recent leading education news underscores the importance of environmental education. Smart School has thoughtfully incorporated environmental education into its curriculum, nurturing ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.


A Vision for the Future


As Smart School continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future remains unwavering: to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to excel in an ever-changing world. The institution's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals serves as an inspiring example for educational institutions globally.


Smart School's remarkable story exemplifies the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, Smart School paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens capable of driving positive change in our world.

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Bloomfield School Nurturing Excellence in Education Bloomfield School Nurturing Excellence in Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, institutions like Bloomfield School have emerged as pioneers of innovation, knowledge, and transformation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to adapting to the dynamic currents of leading education news, Bloomfield School stands as a testament to the power of educational progress. This article embarks on a journey to explore the compelling narrative of Bloomfield School, its remarkable response to the changing landscape of education, and how it continues to shape and adapt to the leading education news of our time.


Bloomfield School: A Legacy of Educational Excellence


Founded in [Year], Bloomfield School has established itself as a cornerstone of educational excellence, providing quality education to students across [Location]. The institution's journey has been characterized by its dedication to academic rigor, character development, and the cultivation of a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Leading Education News


In an era where educational trends and best practices are in a constant state of flux, staying aligned with leading education news is paramount. Staying informed about the latest developments in education allows institutions like Bloomfield School to provide a contemporary and relevant learning experience for their students. Here's how Bloomfield School adeptly maneuvers through this ever-evolving landscape:


Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news underscores the growing role of technology in education. Bloomfield School has wholeheartedly embraced this trend, integrating cutting-edge educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive e-learning platforms to virtual classrooms, students at Bloomfield School experience a tech-savvy learning environment that aligns with the latest education news.


Inclusive Education Initiatives: The importance of inclusive education has been a prominent focus in recent education news. Bloomfield School has proactively ensured that its classrooms are inclusive and accommodating for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity mirrors global trends advocating for equitable education for all.


Professional Development: Bloomfield School recognizes that well-informed educators are instrumental in adapting to the ever-evolving educational landscape. The institution invests significantly in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring they are well-equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news.


Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news has emphasized the significance of student-centered learning approaches. Bloomfield School has restructured its pedagogical practices to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.


Global Perspective: Leading education news often underscores the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. Bloomfield School instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, nurturing a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.


A Commitment to Holistic Education


At Bloomfield School, education extends beyond the realms of academic excellence to encompass character development, extracurricular activities, and active community engagement.


Character Education: The institution places substantial emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus aligns with leading education news, which highlights the critical role of values-based education in nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the pivotal role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, Bloomfield School offers a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.


Community Engagement: Leading education news emphasizes the role of schools in actively engaging with their communities. Bloomfield School wholeheartedly participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.


Innovations in Education: Bloomfield School's Approach


Innovation is the driving force behind progress in education, and Bloomfield School has consistently led the charge in pioneering educational innovations. Here are notable examples of how the institution is reshaping the educational landscape:


Project-Based Learning (PBL): Bloomfield School has enthusiastically embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the effectiveness of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.


STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a core focus at Bloomfield School. The institution offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests, aligning with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.


Environmental Education: Recent leading education news underscores the importance of environmental education. Bloomfield School has thoughtfully incorporated environmental education into its curriculum, nurturing ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.


A Vision for the Future


As Bloomfield School continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future remains unwavering: to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to excel in an ever-changing world. The institution's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals serves as an inspiring example for educational institutions globally.


In conclusion, Bloomfield School's remarkable story exemplifies the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, Bloomfield School paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens capable of driving positive change in our world.

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KIPS Group Illuminating the Path of Education In the ever-evolving landscape of education, institutions like KIPS Group have been beacons of innovation, knowledge, and transformation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to adapting to the ever-shifting currents of leading education news, KIPS Group has firmly established itself as a pioneering force in the realm of education. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the inspiring story of KIPS Group, its remarkable response to the dynamic education sector, and how it continues to shape and adapt to the leading education news of our time.


KIPS Group: A Legacy of Educational Excellence


Founded in 1992, KIPS Group has become synonymous with educational excellence, providing quality education to students across [Location]. The institution's journey has been characterized by its dedication to academic rigor, character development, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Leading Education News


In an era where educational trends and best practices are in a constant state of flux, staying aligned with leading education news is essential. Remaining informed about the latest developments in education allows institutions like KIPS Group to provide a contemporary and relevant learning experience for their students. Here's how KIPS Group skillfully maneuvers through this dynamic landscape:


Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news underscores the growing role of technology in education. KIPS Group has wholeheartedly embraced this trend, integrating advanced educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive e-learning platforms to virtual classrooms, students at KIPS Group experience a tech-savvy learning environment that aligns with the latest education news.


Inclusive Education Initiatives: The importance of inclusive education has been a prominent focus in recent education news. KIPS Group has proactively ensured that its classrooms are inclusive and accommodating for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity mirrors global trends advocating for equitable education for all.


Professional Development: KIPS Group understands that well-informed educators are instrumental in adapting to the ever-evolving educational landscape. The institution invests significantly in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring they are well-equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news.


Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news has emphasized the significance of student-centered learning approaches. KIPS Group has revamped its pedagogical practices to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.


Global Perspective: Leading education news often underscores the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. KIPS Group instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, nurturing a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.


A Commitment to Holistic Education


At KIPS Group, education goes beyond the confines of academic excellence to encompass character development, extracurricular activities, and active community engagement.


Character Education: The institution places substantial emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus aligns with leading education news, which highlights the critical role of values-based education in nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the pivotal role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, KIPS Group offers a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.


Community Engagement: Leading education news emphasizes the role of schools in actively engaging with their communities. KIPS Group wholeheartedly participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.


Innovations in Education: KIPS Group's Approach


Innovation serves as the cornerstone of progress in education, and KIPS Group has consistently led the charge in pioneering educational innovations. Here are notable examples of how the institution is reshaping the educational landscape:


Project-Based Learning (PBL): KIPS Group has enthusiastically embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the effectiveness of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.


STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a core focus at KIPS Group. The institution offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests, aligning with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.


Environmental Education: Recent leading education news underscores the importance of environmental education. KIPS Group has thoughtfully incorporated environmental education into its curriculum, nurturing ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.


A Vision for the Future


As KIPS Group continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future remains clear: to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to excel in an ever-changing world. The institution's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals serves as an inspiring example for educational institutions globally.


KIPS Group's remarkable story exemplifies the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, KIPS Group paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens capable of driving positive change in our world.

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City School Nurturing Excellence in Education In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of education, the role of educational institutions like City School cannot be overstated. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a proactive approach to staying aligned with leading education news, City School has established itself as a vanguard of innovation and progress in the field of education. This article embarks on a journey to explore the remarkable story of City School, its response to the shifting sands of leading education news, and its relentless pursuit of educational excellence.


City School: A Pillar of Educational Excellence


Established in Karachi in 1978, City School has emerged as a prominent educational institution known for its dedication to academic rigor, holistic development, and nurturing a culture of inquiry and innovation. The school's commitment to excellence transcends traditional boundaries, and its impact on the education sector is profound.


Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Leading Education News


In a world where education trends and best practices are constantly evolving, it is imperative for educational institutions to adapt and align with leading education news. Staying informed about the latest developments in education allows schools like City School to provide a progressive learning experience for their students. Here's how City School navigates this ever-shifting landscape:


Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news underscores the growing importance of technology in education. City School has fully embraced this trend by integrating cutting-edge educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive e-learning platforms to immersive virtual classrooms, students at City School benefit from a technologically enriched learning environment.


Inclusive Education Initiatives: The significance of inclusive education has been a focal point in recent education news. City School has taken proactive steps to ensure its classrooms are inclusive and accommodating for students from diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity mirrors global trends emphasizing equitable education for all.


Professional Development: City School recognizes that well-informed educators are essential for adapting to the evolving educational landscape. The institution invests substantially in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring they are equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news.


Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news has placed a spotlight on student-centered learning approaches. City School has restructured its pedagogy to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.


Global Perspective: Leading education news often emphasizes the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. City School instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, nurturing a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.


A Commitment to Holistic Education


At City School, education is not confined to academic excellence; it encompasses character development, extracurricular activities, and community engagement.


Character Education: The institution places significant emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus aligns with leading education news, which highlights the importance of values-based education in nurturing well-rounded individuals.


Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, City School offers a wide array of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.


Community Engagement: Leading education news emphasizes the role of schools in engaging with their communities. City School actively participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.


Innovations in Education: City School's Approach

Innovation is the driving force behind progress in education, and City School is at the forefront of pioneering educational innovations. Here are some notable examples of how the school is shaping the educational landscape:


Project-Based Learning (PBL): City School has wholeheartedly embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the efficacy of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.


STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a core focus at City School. The school offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests, aligning with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.


Environmental Education: Recent leading education news underscores the importance of environmental education. City School incorporates environmental education into its curriculum, nurturing ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.


A Vision for the Future

As City School continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future is clear: to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. The school's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals sets an inspiring example for educational institutions globally.


City School's remarkable story is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, it paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens who can drive positive change in our world.

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The Spirit School Fostering Excellence in Education In the realm of education, few institutions can match the transformative impact of The Spirit School. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of educational trends, The Spirit School stands as a beacon of innovation and progress. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the remarkable story of The Spirit School, its role in the ever-evolving landscape of education, and how it responds to and shapes the leading education news of our time.

The Spirit School: An Institution with a Vision

The Spirit School has quickly risen to prominence as a premier educational institution in [Location]. Guided by a clear vision of providing holistic education that nurtures both the mind and character of its students, The Spirit School has become synonymous with academic excellence, innovation, and a commitment to nurturing responsible citizens of the world.

In Tune with Leading Education News

In an era where educational trends and best practices are constantly evolving, it is imperative for educational institutions to remain in tune with leading education news. Staying informed and proactive allows schools like The Spirit School to provide a cutting-edge learning experience for their students. Here's how The Spirit School aligns itself with the latest education news:

Embracing Technology: Recent leading education news has highlighted the increasing importance of technology in education. The Spirit School has fully embraced this trend by integrating modern educational technology into its curriculum. From interactive whiteboards to e-learning platforms, students at The Spirit School benefit from a tech-savvy environment that prepares them for the digital age.

 Diverse and Inclusive Curriculum: The Spirit School recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in education, a focus echoed in recent education news. The school's curriculum is designed to celebrate diversity, fostering an inclusive learning environment where students from various backgrounds and abilities thrive.

 Professional Development: Keeping pace with the ever-evolving educational landscape requires well-trained educators. The Spirit School invests in the professional development of its teaching staff, ensuring that they are equipped with the latest teaching techniques and pedagogical innovations highlighted in leading education news. 

Student-Centered Learning: Recent education news underscores the significance of student-centered learning approaches. The Spirit School has shifted its pedagogy to prioritize personalized and student-driven learning experiences, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving among its students.

Global Citizenship: Leading education news emphasizes the importance of preparing students to be global citizens. The Spirit School instills values of empathy, cultural awareness, and social responsibility in its students, fostering a sense of global citizenship that transcends borders.

A Commitment to Holistic Education

The Spirit School's commitment to holistic education goes beyond academics. It recognizes that nurturing well-rounded individuals entails a focus on character development, extracurricular activities, and community engagement.

Character Education: The school places a strong emphasis on character education, instilling values such as integrity, empathy, and responsibility in its students. This focus on character development aligns with leading education news, which highlights the importance of values-based education.

Extracurricular Opportunities: Recognizing the role of extracurricular activities in a child's development, The Spirit School offers a wide array of extracurricular opportunities. From sports to arts and community service, students have access to activities that enrich their lives beyond the classroom—a practice echoed in recent education news.

Community Engagement: Recent education news has emphasized the importance of schools engaging with their communities. The Spirit School actively participates in community outreach programs, encouraging students to give back and make a positive impact on society.

Innovations in Education: The Spirit School's Approach

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress in education, and The Spirit School is no stranger to pioneering educational innovations. Here are some notable examples of how the school is pushing the boundaries of educational excellence:

Project-Based Learning (PBL): The Spirit School has embraced the concept of PBL, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This approach aligns with the latest education news, which recognizes the efficacy of PBL in preparing students for the future workforce.

STEM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education is a focal point at The Spirit School. The school offers specialized STEM programs that cater to students' interests and align with the growing demand for STEM skills highlighted in leading education news.

Environmental Education: Recent leading education news emphasizes the importance of environmental education. The Spirit School incorporates environmental education into its curriculum, fostering ecological awareness and sustainable practices among its students.

A Vision for the Future

As The Spirit School continues its journey of educational excellence, its vision for the future is clear: to remain at the forefront of educational innovation and to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. The school's commitment to staying informed about leading education news, embracing technology, promoting inclusivity, and nurturing well-rounded individuals sets a shining example for educational institutions globally.

The Spirit School's remarkable story is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and innovation in education. As it continues to respond to and shape leading education news, it paves the way for a future where students are not just educated but empowered to become responsible global citizens who can drive positive change in our world.

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The Educators School Pakistan Pioneering Excellence in Education In the ever-evolving landscape of education in Pakistan, institutions like The Educators School have emerged as beacons of innovation and excellence. With a commitment to providing quality education and a progressive approach to pedagogy, The Educators School stands at the forefront of educational transformation in Pakistan. Let's delve into the institution's journey, its impact on the education sector, and its response to the latest education news.

A Tradition of Excellence

Established in 2002, The Educators School is a network of private schools that spans across Pakistan. With a mission to provide accessible, high-quality education, the institution has expanded its reach to cater to diverse communities and regions. Over the years, The Educators School has garnered a reputation for its dedication to academic excellence, character development, and fostering a culture of inquiry and innovation among students.

Latest Education News Staying Informed and Adapting

In an era marked by rapid changes in education, staying informed about the latest education news is crucial. Institutions that adapt to evolving pedagogical trends and address emerging challenges are better equipped to provide relevant and effective education. The Educators School Pakistan recognizes the significance of being well-informed and adaptive.

Adopting Modern Teaching Methodologies In response to the latest education news emphasizing student-centered learning and technology integration, The Educators School has embraced innovative teaching methodologies. These methods include flipped classrooms, project-based learning, and the integration of educational technology to enhance the learning experience.

Inclusive Education Initiatives Recent education news has underscored the importance of inclusive education. The Educators School has taken steps to ensure that its classrooms are inclusive and welcoming to students with diverse backgrounds and abilities. This commitment to inclusivity aligns with global trends promoting equitable education for all.

Professional Development To keep pace with the evolving educational landscape, The Educators School invests in the professional development of its educators. This includes training sessions, workshops, and collaborations with experts to equip teachers with the latest teaching techniques and strategies.

Online Learning The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of online learning. The Educators School swiftly adapted by implementing online learning platforms, ensuring continuity in education during challenging times. This flexibility reflects the institution's commitment to keeping up with the latest education news and trends.


Community Engagement and Social Responsibility

The Educators School Pakistan recognizes that education is not limited to the classroom. It extends its efforts beyond school boundaries to engage with the community and address social issues through education. This commitment to social responsibility aligns with the latest education news, which highlights the role of education in promoting social change.

Community Outreach Programs The Educators School organizes community outreach programs, including awareness campaigns, health drives, and educational initiatives. These efforts contribute to the institution's role as a responsible educational institution, as highlighted in recent education news.

Scholarship Programs To promote access to quality education, The Educators School offers scholarship programs for students who demonstrate outstanding academic potential but face financial constraints. This aligns with the latest education news emphasizing the importance of making education affordable and accessible.

Environmental Sustainability The Educators School is committed to environmental sustainability. Recent education news has emphasized the importance of incorporating sustainability education into the curriculum, and the institution has responded by integrating environmental awareness and conservation practices into its educational programs.

A Vision for the Future

The Educators School Pakistan's journey has been marked by dedication to excellence, adaptability to change, and a commitment to social responsibility. As it continues to evolve in response to the latest education news and trends, the institution's vision for the future is clear to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed in an ever-changing world.

 In an era where education is a catalyst for individual and societal progress, institutions like The Educators School play a vital role in shaping the future. By staying informed, embracing innovation, and fostering a sense of social responsibility, The Educators School Pakistan exemplifies the transformative potential of education in the 21st century.

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Froebel's School Pakistan Nurturing Young Minds with Innovative Education In the bustling educational landscape of Pakistan, Froebel's School stands as a beacon of innovative and holistic learning. Named after the renowned German pedagogue Friedrich Froebel, this educational institution has carved a distinctive niche for itself by offering a unique and child-centric approach to education. In this article, we will delve into the education system at Froebel's School Pakistan, exploring its core principles, teaching methodologies, and the impact it has on nurturing young minds.


A Legacy of Educational Excellence


Froebel's School Pakistan takes inspiration from the philosophy of Friedrich Froebel, who is often credited as the father of modern kindergarten education. His approach, which emphasized play-based learning and a deep understanding of a child's psychology, laid the foundation for a pedagogy that values the individuality and curiosity of each child. The school's philosophy centers around the belief that education should not be a one-size-fits-all approach but rather a personalized journey tailored to the unique needs and interests of every student.


The Core Principles


Play-Based Learning: At Froebel's School, play is seen as the primary vehicle for learning. Children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and create in a safe and stimulating environment. Play-based learning fosters creativity, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning from an early age.


Child-Centric Curriculum: The school's curriculum is designed to revolve around the child's interests and needs. Teachers act as facilitators, guiding students on their individual learning paths. This approach allows students to take ownership of their education and become active participants in the learning process.


Holistic Development: Froebel's School places a strong emphasis on the holistic development of students. Beyond academics, the curriculum includes activities that promote physical, social, emotional, and moral growth. Art, music, sports, and character education are integral components of the educational experience.


Active Parental Involvement: The school recognizes the vital role parents play in a child's education. It actively encourages parental involvement through regular parent-teacher meetings, workshops, and collaborative events. This partnership between parents and teachers creates a supportive learning ecosystem.


Teaching Methodologies


Inquiry-Based Learning: Froebel's School employs an inquiry-based approach, encouraging students to ask questions, explore topics of interest, and discover answers through hands-on experiences. This method fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Project-Based Learning: Projects are a cornerstone of the school's teaching methodology. Students work on interdisciplinary projects that encourage research, teamwork, and creativity. These projects often culminate in exhibitions or presentations, allowing students to showcase their learning.


Experiential Learning: Learning extends beyond the classroom at Froebel's School. Field trips, nature walks, and excursions are an integral part of the curriculum, giving students real-world exposure and connecting theoretical knowledge with practical applications.


Technology Integration: While traditional methods hold their place, the school recognizes the importance of technology in the modern world. It integrates technology as a tool for research, collaboration, and presentation, ensuring students are prepared for the digital age.


Impact on Nurturing Young Minds


Froebel's School Pakistan has a profound impact on nurturing young minds in several ways:


Love for Learning: The play-based and inquiry-driven approach instills a lifelong love for learning in students. They view education as an exciting journey of exploration rather than a chore.


Critical Thinking: The emphasis on inquiry and problem-solving hones students' critical thinking skills. They learn to question, analyze, and evaluate information, which is crucial in an ever-evolving world.


Creativity and Innovation: By encouraging creativity and providing opportunities for self-expression, the school nurtures young innovators and creative thinkers who can tackle complex challenges.


Confidence and Independence: Students at Froebel's School gain confidence in their abilities and develop a sense of independence as they take ownership of their learning journey.


Social and Emotional Development: The holistic approach ensures that students develop strong social and emotional intelligence, enabling them to build meaningful relationships and navigate life's ups and downs effectively.


Froebel's School Pakistan stands out in the country's education landscape for its commitment to nurturing young minds through innovative and child-centric education. By adhering to the principles of play-based learning, a child-centric curriculum, and holistic development, the school empowers students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and confident individuals. With its unique teaching methodologies and emphasis on inquiry and creativity, Froebel's School is indeed a beacon of educational excellence in Pakistan, shaping the leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

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Scholarships for articalgraduate Students in Pakistan The Importance of articalgraduate Education   articalgraduate education, often in the form of master's or doctoral degrees, offers advanced knowledge and specialization in a particular field. It provides an opportunity to delve deeper into subjects of interest, conduct research, and contribute to the academic and professional communities. articalgraduate degrees can open doors to higher-paying job opportunities, research positions, and leadership roles.   Nonetheless, the financial burden of pursuing articalgraduate studies often poses a substantial obstacle for numerous aspiring scholars. Scholarships play a pivotal role in making higher education accessible and ensuring that talented individuals have the chance to excel in their chosen fields.  

Types of Scholarships for articalgraduate Students in Pakistan

  Scholarships for articalgraduate students in Pakistan come in various forms, catering to different academic backgrounds, financial needs, and career goals. Here is a list of frequently encountered scholarship accessible to students:

Government Scholarships

The Pakistani government offers a range of scholarships to support articalgraduate studies. These scholarships are typically awarded based on academic merit, financial need, or specific criteria set by the sponsoring government body. Examples include the Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholarships and scholarships from provincial governments.  

Foreign Scholarships

  Many countries and international organizations offer scholarships to Pakistani students for articalgraduate studies abroad. Typically, these scholarships encompass expenses such as tuition fees, living costs, and travel expenditures. The Fulbright Program, Chevening Scholarships, and Commonwealth Scholarships are examples of foreign scholarships available to Pakistani articalgraduate students.  

University Scholarships

  Universities in Pakistan and abroad provide a variety of scholarships for articalgraduate students. These scholarships may be based on academic achievement, research potential, or specific criteria related to the university's mission. It's common for universities to offer scholarships within their own endowment funds.  

Industry and Corporate Scholarships

  Some private companies and industries offer scholarships to students pursuing articalgraduate degrees in fields related to their business interests. These scholarships often come with the expectation of service or research commitment upon graduation.  

Research Grants and Fellowships

  Research grants and fellowships are specifically designed for articalgraduate students pursuing research-based programs. These opportunities fund research projects and often include a stipend to cover living expenses. Organizations like the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) offer such grants.  

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Scholarships

  Several NGOs in Pakistan provide scholarships to articalgraduate students with financial needs. These organizations aim to support education and skill development in various fields.  

Talent-Based Scholarships

  Talent-based scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional skills or talents in areas such as sports, music, arts, or other extracurricular activities. These scholarships may cover tuition fees or provide additional financial support.   Application and Eligibility Criteria   The eligibility criteria and application processes for scholarships can vary significantly depending on the scholarship provider. Nevertheless, it's important to contemplate common factors:  

Academic Excellence

  Many scholarships prioritize academic achievement. Applicants often need to meet minimum GPA or examination score requirements to be eligible.  

Field of Study

  Some scholarships are specific to particular fields of study, so applicants should align their academic and career goals with the scholarship's focus area.  

Financial Need

  Financial need is a common criterion for scholarships. Applicants may be required to provide evidence of their financial situation through documents like income certificates.  

Research Proposal

  For research-based scholarships, applicants typically need to submit a detailed research proposal outlining their project's objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes.  

Letters of Recommendation

  Scholarship applications often require letters of recommendation from professors, mentors, or employers who can attest to the applicant's qualifications and potential.  

Interview or Test

  Some scholarships may involve interviews, aptitude tests, or subject-specific tests as part of the selection process.   Opportunities for articalgraduate Students   Scholarships for articalgraduate students offer a multitude of opportunities:  

Financial Support

  The most immediate benefit of scholarships is financial support. Scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, research expenses, and other costs associated with articalgraduate education.  

Focus on Academics

  Scholarships allow students to focus on their studies without the stress of financial burdens. This concentration on academics can lead to better academic performance and research outcomes.  

Networking Opportunities

  Scholarships often include access to a network of scholars, researchers, and professionals. This networking can open doors to collaborations, internships, and career opportunities.  

Research and Innovation

  Research grants and fellowships enable articalgraduate students to engage in meaningful research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their field.  

Global Exposure

  Foreign scholarships provide an opportunity for international exposure, cross-cultural learning, and the chance to study at renowned universities abroad.  

Career Advancement

  articalgraduate degrees funded by scholarships can significantly enhance career prospects. Graduates often find themselves well-positioned for leadership roles, specialized careers, and higher salaries.   Scholarship Application Tips   Applying for scholarships can be a competitive process, so here are some tips to increase your chances of success:   Start Early: Begin your scholarship search and application process well in advance to meet deadlines and requirements.   Research Thoroughly: Explore various scholarship opportunities, both domestic and international, and match them with your academic and career goals.   Craft a Strong Application: Pay close attention to scholarship application requirements, and ensure that your application materials are well-organized and compelling.   Seek Guidance: Seek guidance from professors, mentors, or advisors who can help you with your scholarship applications and provide strong letters of recommendation.   Proofread: Carefully proofread your application materials to avoid errors or inconsistencies that could negatively impact your application.   Scholarships for articalgraduate students in Pakistan offer a pathway to higher education, research excellence, and career advancement. These opportunities not only alleviate financial burdens but also empower students to pursue their academic passions and contribute to their fields of study. Whether through government programs, foreign scholarships, university funding, or other sources, scholarships are a powerful tool for unlocking educational potential and ensuring that talented individuals can pursue their articalgraduate dreams. By exploring the wide array of scholarship opportunities available, articalgraduate students in Pakistan can take significant steps toward fulfilling their academic and professional aspirations. ]]>
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Navigating the Pathways of artical& Secondary Education Defining artical- Secondary Education   artical- Secondary education encompasses the educational endeavors pursued after the completion of secondary education (high school or equivalent). It provides an avenue for individuals to deepen their knowledge, acquire specialized skills, and obtain qualifications that are essential for entering specific professions or advancing in their careers. Unlike compulsory education, which usually ends with high school, artical- Secondary education is voluntary and highly personalized, enabling individuals to choose paths that align with their interests, ambitions, and aptitudes.  

Forms of artical- Secondary Education

  artical- Secondary education is a diverse landscape, comprising a range of academic and vocational options tailored to cater to individual aspirations. Here are few common forms of artical- Secondary education:   Universities: Universities offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide array of disciplines, including arts, sciences, engineering, business, and more. These institutions provide a comprehensive academic experience, blending theoretical knowledge with research opportunities.   Colleges: Colleges often focus on specialized training, professional development, and practical skills. They offer diploma and certificate programs in fields such as nursing, technology, hospitality, and trades, equipping students with hands-on skills directly applicable to specific industries.   Community Colleges: Community colleges bridge the gap between high school and university education. They offer two-year associate degree programs and are known for providing affordable, flexible, and accessible education, along with pathways to transfer to four-year institutions.   Vocational and Technical Schools: These institutions specialize in providing practical skills and training for specific careers, such as automotive technology, culinary arts, and graphic design. They equip students with the skills needed to enter the workforce directly after completing their programs.   Online and Distance Learning: With the advancement of technology, online and distance learning has gained prominence in artical- Secondary education. It enables individuals to pursue degrees and certifications remotely, accommodating those with work or family commitments.  

Benefits of Pursuing artical- Secondary Education

  The decision to embark on artical- Secondary education yields numerous benefits that extend beyond the classroom. These advantages contribute to personal, professional, and societal growth:   Career Advancement: artical- Secondary education equips individuals with specialized knowledge and skills that are often prerequisites for career advancement. It provides a competitive edge in the job market and opens doors to higher-paying positions.   Personal Growth: Beyond acquiring technical skills, artical- Secondary education fosters critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a broader perspective on the world. This holistic growth nurtures well-rounded individuals who are adaptable and resilient.   Networking Opportunities: artical- Secondary institutions serve as hubs of diverse individuals, providing ample networking opportunities. Building connections with peers, professors, and professionals can lead to collaborations, mentorships, and future job prospects.   Increased Earning Potential: On average, individuals with higher education tend to earn higher salaries over their lifetime compared to those with only a secondary education. This financial stability contributes to a better quality of life.   Contribution to Society: artical- Secondary education plays a crucial role in societal progress. Graduates often become leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers, driving advancements in various fields and contributing to the betterment of society.  

Challenges and Considerations

  While the benefits of artical- Secondary education are undeniable, it's important to acknowledge the challenges that individuals may encounter:   Financial Considerations: Higher education can come with a significant financial burden, including tuition fees, textbooks, and living expenses. Scholarships, grants, and student loans are avenues to alleviate this challenge.   Career Decision Confusion: Choosing the right educational path can be overwhelming, especially given the wide range of options available. Adequate research, career counseling, and self-assessment are essential in making informed decisions.   Balancing Commitments: Many individuals juggle work, family responsibilities, and education simultaneously. Balancing these commitments requires effective time management and support systems.   Changing Industry Landscape: The job market and industry demands evolve over time. Pursuing artical- Secondary education requires staying updated on industry trends and acquiring skills that remain relevant.   artical- Secondary education stands as a transformative phase in an individual's journey, where the pursuit of knowledge and skills intersects with personal growth and career aspirations. With various pathways to choose from, it caters to diverse ambitions and empowers individuals to craft their own trajectories. The benefits it offers, from career advancement to personal development, are integral to shaping a successful and fulfilling life. As the world continues to evolve, artical- Secondary education remains an investment in oneself, a commitment to excellence, and a bridge to a future brimming with possibilities.   ]]>
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Top 10 richest singers the wealthiest singers in the world Number 10 (Beyonce) has a net worth of 500 million dollars. Beyonce has come a long way since they first appeared on the Grammy Awards red carpet. The former member of Destiny's Child has worked hard to become Queen Bay, one of the world's most successful singers. She also launched several business ventures, including her fashion and fragrance lines, and holds equity in hubby Jay-Z's title streaming service. Celebrity net worth says that Beyonce is worth 500 million dollars. Number 9 ( Bruce ) Springsteen net worth is 500 million dollars. Barack Obama has said about Bruce Springsteen I am the President. He is the boss of The Rocker, who has been actively performing for more than 50 years and recorded his first album in 1973 has 20 Grammys, a Tony and Oscar, 5 MTV Video Music Awards, and the presidential medal of freedom to his name 1984 album Born in the USA shot him to superstardom. It became one of the top best -selling albums of all time. Boss also makes a lot of money through touring. More recently, a concert residency on Broadway celebrity net worth says that Bruce Springsteen has a net worth of 500 million dollars. Number 8 ( Gloria Estefan ) has a net worth of 500 million dollars with her band Miami Sound Machine. Gloria Estefan was one of the biggest stars of the 80s. Then in 1990, the tour bus she was traveling in collided with a truck, and she fractured her spine. It was told she might never walk again, but persisted and returned the following year. She has written two children's books, one of which was a bestseller. She also co-wrote a cookbook. She's the co-owner of several restaurants and two hotels. She has a stake in the Miami Dolphins and is still performing and racking up awards. Celebrity net worth estimates her wealth at 500 million dollars. Number 7 ( Mick Jagger ) net worth 500 million dollars in the movie Almost Famous, one of the characters says if you think that Mick Jagger will still be doing the whole Rockstar thing at age 50, well then you are sorely mistaken well the notorious Rolling Stones frontman is still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down even if he's a great grandfather these days celebrity net worth estimates Mick Jagger's worth at 500 million dollars in addition to his work with the stones he has a moderately successful solo career and acts in and produces movies. Number 6 ( Elton John ) has a net worth of 500 million dollars. Elton John started writing songs for other artists and working as a session musician before becoming a performer in 1970. His second album, hit your song, catapulted him to fame, and he has become one of the best-selling artists of all time. He counts five Grammys, an Oscar, a Tony, and a Golden Globe among his many awards and is known for his flamboyance. Lady Gaga can only dream of a wealthy gorilla and says he's worth 500 million dollars. However, he is one of those millionaires who won't leave much money behind. He's an avid Giver of charity. Number  5 ( Dolly Parton ) has a net worth of 650 million dollars. Dolly Parton had grown up dirt poor and clawed her way up the ranks to become a legend with 650 million dollars according to celebrity net worth. How did she do it well? There have been the record-breaking the number of hit records, the nine Grammys, the three amas and numerous other Awards. The more than 3 000 songs she's composed in her acting career in film and T.V. production companies, there are also Dollywood theme parks. The singer has never forgotten her Roots and is known as one of the world's most generous millionaires. 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Guinness World Records calls her the best-selling female recording artist of all time. Her tours are legendary, and she's been the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time to her film career has been marked by box office flops and a Golden Globe. She is also a well-known businesswoman with a record label, clothing line, children's books, film production, health club, and lucrative endorsement deals to supplement her income. Number 1 ( Paul McCartney ) net worth of 1.2 billion dollars with 1.2 billion dollars to his name, according to Money Inc Paul McCartney is still the richest of the richest rock stars ever. How did he do it? Having been one-half of the most successful songwriting Partners in music history helps; he still collects royalties for those hits of decades ago. In addition to his work with The Beatles, he also had commercial success with Wings. As a solo artist, he has 18 Grammys and a Knighthood to his name, not to mention all the other Awards and accolades; he also owns an extensive Music publishing catalog that includes the rights to popular musicals like Greece and Annie.   ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:13:44 +0500 informal COVID&19's Effect On Medical technology Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:11:55 +0500 informal The 10 Best Laptops For 2023 Modern man is inevitably connected to the surrounding technologies. Much of our world is now virtualized. That is why, if we want to enjoy it to the fullest, we must have the necessary tools for it... If you want to get the most out of your virtual experiences, it's definitely worth investing in the best laptop! Of course, generally speaking, any product on the current market will do a decent job for you. If you don't require much from a laptop, there are plenty of affordable options that are not to be underestimated. If you care about quality and appreciate technology in depth, you simply cannot settle for anything less than the best. High-end devices are capable of blurring the line between the real and virtual worlds. Thanks to them, you can immerse yourself in any computer activity, anywhere and anytime. Because of their perfectly fine work, there will simply be nothing to "take you out". Computer technology is certainly one of the fastest growing fields these days. That is why newer, more powerful and more advanced products are coming to the market every month. If you want to keep up with the times, you certainly need to know how to navigate the changes. As much as they are evolving, at this point laptops are still based on a few key components. We have prepared this guide to help you navigate the variety of products. With its help, you will be able to specify your wishes and choose the most suitable model for yourself. And to make it as easy as possible for you, below we will share with you a few of the best of the best current products in the field…

What are the main benefits of a good laptop? Of course, it all depends on what you intend to use your laptop for. If you've landed here, though, you probably want more than just a simple web browsing tool. Naturally, any conventional laptop can satisfy the needs of the average user. However, if you're looking for something more, it's definitely worth looking at the higher-end models. They are capable of bringing you a series of innumerable benefits. Times faster surfing on and off the Internet barely hints at the potential that high-end laptops hide. With their help, you have the opportunity to use some much more serious programs. Video editing and streaming programs are just some of them.   Gaming options are a whole different universe. If you're into gaming, it's simply a must to get a sufficient operating machine. Otherwise, you'll just miss out on some of the more demanding (and in turn high-end) games. Not to mention that in some cases even lighter newly released games will be spared to you… The world of modern software will be at your feet as long as you choose the right laptop. A deeper visual and audio experience is an entirely different factor that separates the good from the mediocre laptops. A quality product predisposes the user to himself - both sensibly and emotionally. In many cases, higher-end laptops are much more comfortable and tempting to use. Interacting with them is much more intuitive, fast and efficient. Trust us, these devices are hiding extras you never thought possible. And they will turn your entire experience into something totally different. Of course, if your professional activities require you to have a stable machine, there is nothing to worry about. However, user pleasure is also by no means to be neglected. If you choose a really good laptop, the time you spend with it alone will convince you that the machine is worth it.

What should you consider before buying a laptop? Naturally, to make a good choice, you need to be well informed. Before you head to the store, however, there are a few key questions that concern you entirely and solely. When you are aware of some aspects of buying a laptop in advance, you will definitely make your choice easier. Know yourself well and you will easily know your pattern.

Your needs The first consideration to put in your basket is primarily based on your own wants and needs. Before heading to the store, you should have a clear idea of ​​what you intend to use your future laptop for. If you don't know exactly what you want and what you plan to do with your device, there's no way to know which models to go for. When you're self-aware, however, you'll quickly sift through the variety of products. A good laptop initially maintains high performance in all its parameters. However, in most cases, manufacturers create their models with a specific consumer interest in mind. That is why it is highly likely that you will come across many different models that are specialized for certain computing activities.   They are expected to perform them to the fullest extent while maintaining a relatively low market price. That is why, in most cases, the various models rely on high performance in specific respects. To achieve this, they boost certain components of the computer system while leaving others in the background. You surely know well enough exactly what you can use a laptop for. Whether you need your device for work, for video processing, for gaming, for learning, for streaming - it all matters. Think carefully about exactly what activities you expect to perform with the help of your future acquisition. This will direct you to specific models and save you having to pay attention to all the others. A stable processor is generally always beneficial. If you're into gaming, however, you'll also need a stable video card and enough RAM and storage. A good display in many cases is not just a bonus - its support often manages to increase the performance of the user. Video editing and streaming programs, as well as some professional desktop programs, have the same requirements. The rest of the tasks are already getting easier…

Your budget Of course, the other key factor to weigh will always be your own budget. Its limits are perhaps the best sieve for the variety of offers that the modern market constantly floods us with. We advise you to carefully consider exactly how much money you are ready to allocate for your upcoming purchase. This will definitely help you to channelize both your search and your selection. The combination of need, desire and opportunity actually determines the right choice. Look carefully at the products on the market and among them you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. Carefully specify the features that are important for the computing activities you practice. That way, you'll be able to save yourself some extra cash on redundant features you'll never use.

And consider one more thing… Yes, computer technology is really developing at an extremely fast pace. This means that new models get old quite (sometimes too) quickly. However, if you get a decent enough laptop, it will serve you well for years. Our advice is to bet on the best possible quality product that meets your needs. Treat this purchase as an investment and you will surely be satisfied. The day-to-day work that this machine will do for and with you is worth it anyway. Be sensible in time and you are guaranteed not to regret it later! 

What should you consider when buying a laptop? Let's talk about it. Laptops are technologically complex devices whose computer system consists of many different components. It is good to be aware of at least the main ones, since it is on them that the performance of the machine depends. In this section, we will pay attention to the key characteristics and features of laptops. These are the parameters that are definitely worth keeping an eye out for during your search. Know what you want, pay attention to them, and you will surely find the most suitable laptop for you. MacOS is Apple's operating system. Many specialists say that it is much more convenient than Windows, but at the same time it is closely related to the company's hardware. MacOS is indeed an extremely friendly operating system, but it is a must-have for MacBooks. Apple uses proprietary chips for the devices they manufacture. That is why they are a completely separate category on the market. If you do most of your computing tasks through a web browser, Chrome OS is a great choice for you. Laptops with this operating system, called Chromebooks, are among the cheapest yet powerful devices you can find. This option is definitely worth it if you have a tighter budget. However, applications such as Creative Suite or Microsoft Office will not work. Some apps have an Android version that you can also install on a Chromebook, but that's not always the best option. If you don't need MS Office and don't mind the learning curve, you can install Linux on almost any laptop. The only catch is that many of the popular applications are not supported by Linux. However, in most cases you can find quite good free and open source alternatives to them.

Processor Perhaps the biggest question after a laptop's operating system concerns its processor. Of course, there are many options, but the big manufacturers in the market at the moment are two: Intel and AMD. The main current Intel processors are Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9. And you guessed yourself that Core i3 is the least powerful, and Core i9 is the most powerful. Within each of these chip lines, however, Intel uses a series of numbers and letters. They usually contain information about the capabilities of the respective chip, as well as when it was released. We take the Intel Core i5-12510U as an example. The first two numbers (12) refer to the generation. The next two or three digits (in this case 510) are related to performance. The higher these numbers, the more powerful the chip. Note, however, that the power only affects the particular line of chips. Core i5 are initially less powerful than Core i7 for example. And the difference between them is greater than the difference between two chips of the same line.   The last letter at the end of the name (U) indicates the purpose of the chip. The options are Y, U and H. The Y series chips are optimized for battery life. However, the extra battery life comes at the expense of less performance. H series chips are optimized for performance and U series chips are the most energy efficient. AMD processor names are a whole new cipher. We take the AMD Ryzen 5 7600X as an example. The 7 means the generation (higher number is better) and the 6 means the power. 3 or 4 are the weaker processors, 6 are those with medium power. We skip the insignificance of the two zeros. "X" speaks of high performance. An alternative is the letter “U”, which stands for ultra-low power. If you just surf the web, you won't find much difference between the equivalent lines of Intel and AMD chips. However, AMD's graphics performance is higher. Gamers prefer AMD.

Repository A computer's hard drive is where you store all your data. The most common choice these days is SSD, although some budget laptops still use spinning hard drives (HDD). If you can afford it, choose an SSD with at least 256 gigabytes. SSDs are faster. Especially if they use an NVMe connection, which transfers data to and from the hard drive much faster than the older standard known as SATA. There are also laptops with an SSD that uses an NVMe connection for the operating system, but also a SATA drive for storage. This is basically the best of both worlds - speed where needed, but also economy. If you are looking for a more budget laptop, you may also come across eMMC memory. It's still an SSD, but it's different from NVMe and PCIe SSDs. Such memory is commonly found in phones, tablets, and some laptops (especially Chromebooks). Note that this memory is built-in. This means you can't trade it for more volume if you choose. Also, know that its speed is lower. However, eMMC drives are suitable for light laptops that are primarily used for surfing the Internet, working with office documents, etc. Even for these tasks, you'd be better off using an SSD. However, there are also quite capable eMMC devices out there. The minimum space we recommend is 256 GB. If you rely more on clouds, you can get by with less. If you plan to install heavier software or store a lot of photos and videos, however, you'll quickly run out of space.   Of course, everything always depends on your own needs. However, practice shows that standardized SSD storage satisfies most users. Choose wisely and we guarantee you'll be satisfied.

RAM How much RAM do you need? The more, the more! The so-called random access memory, working or operational memory, is what your laptop uses to store data while your processor is doing something with it. You can think of RAM as your desk. All the things you're working with at any given time should be close at hand, right? If the space is too small, however, and you try to fill it with more things, they start to fall. Likewise, if you run out of RAM, you won't be able to open any more tabs in your browser. As a last resort, your laptop will give up and reboot to relieve the strain. 8 GB of RAM should be enough for the average Windows user. However, upgrading to 16GB can make your laptop much more productive (a particular necessity for gamers). We advise you to investigate whether a laptop's RAM is soldered to its motherboard. If so, you will lose the ability to upgrade its RAM later. Again, it depends on the tasks you use your laptop for. If you work with more demanding software, the minimum will be 16 GB of RAM. However, 32 GB will probably leave you significantly more satisfied. As long as you can afford them, of course… Chrome OS initially requires less RAM. That's why you can usually get by with just 4 GB in a Chromebook. However, 8 GB will allow you to keep more tabs open in your browser without slowing down your work. We recommend that you aim for the latest generation DDR4 RAM. It is significantly more advanced than the previous DDR3 generation. However, outdated technology is rare in the laptop world. New products you discover during your search will likely be properly equipped anyway.

Video card Yes, the GPU – the other key component on which the performance of your future laptop depends. Well, at least in terms of specific tasks.   Technically, all laptops have graphics cards. However, most of them are built into the motherboard along with the processor. The so-called "integrated graphics" is suitable for most users. Thanks to it, you can watch HD movies and even enjoy decent gameplay in most simpler games. However, if you're into gaming or video editing, you'll need a laptop with a separate and much more powerful graphics card. The big manufacturers in the market at the moment are AMD and Nvidia. It is their cards that you will find in most modern devices. If your laptop is Intel-based, it will likely be paired with an Nvidia graphics card from the GeForce line. It's usually one of the Max-Q cards, which is energy efficient, which makes it suitable for most laptops. You'll usually come across the Max-Q designation after the rest of the alphanumeric code on a GeForce graphics card. Max-Q cards are typically about 15-25% less powerful than the desktop versions. However, they remain powerful enough for both gaming and video processing. The main line among AMD GPUs is called Radeon. Its cards range from the top-of-the-line Vega and RX to the R-series cards, which reflect the Ryzen naming scheme. The Radeon R9 series is faster and more powerful than the Radeon R7, which in turn is more powerful than the Radeon 5, and so on. If you're not going to put too much stress on your laptop, you'll probably be fine with an integrated graphics card. However, if you care about high performance, we recommend that you go for the models with an external GPU. Ports The processor, the RAM, the hard drive, the video card - of course, they will all have the biggest impact on the performance of a laptop. However, the number and type of ports that the device has are also not to be neglected. The mechanical connection options that your future notebook computer can take advantage of depend on them. You'll definitely need at least one USB-C and one USB-A port. A microphone and headphone jack, as well as USB-C charging and an SD reader are must-haves. These are generally the most common ports these days that serve most users. That is why we refer you to them.   We recommend laptops that can charge with USB-C. Information about this option can be found in the description of the respective product. This charging method allows you to use a portable charger along with your laptop. If you ever need a little extra time on your computer and are away from an electrical outlet, this is a great replacement. Additionally, however, chargers with a USB-C port tend to be cheaper to replace. And at the same time, it's highly likely that you already use them to charge your phone (if you're an Android user). However, by no means allow yourself to buy from those cheap chargers that you can find on the internet. Bad quality chargers quickly ruin not only themselves, but also the laptop they touch. If you need to replace your charger, it's a much better idea to shell out more extra funds. However, you will get a charger directly from the manufacturer. In case you are into photography, we advise you to ensure that your laptop has an SD or micro SD reader. This will make it much easier to transfer images from your camera to your computer.

Design The design of a laptop can affect many aspects of a product. That is why we will take care to bring to your attention a few of the more key factors in the case. Whether your laptop is aesthetically pleasing is a matter of personal taste. All the devices you will come across in the market stick to an analog look. And they all look modern, technological and simply put - good. Other issues affecting the design of your future laptop are far more crucial. On the one hand, it's a pretty good idea to think about the size of your future device in advance. If you intend to spread your new acquisition further, it would be good if this happens without much difficulty. In that case, we recommend the more compact and lighter models. You will certainly find them much more comfortable. If your daily life requires you to use your laptop on the go, they are certainly the better choice. Moreover, these devices are largely produced precisely to be always at hand. Don't you think so? However, you should keep in mind that if you're after the higher power, it's highly likely that you'll need to work with a more massive laptop. Hardware is hardware - this power still has to fit in a certain body. Other key issues affecting the design of a laptop come down to its keyboard and touchpad. In this case, your own convenience should come first. Your fingers are sure to get used to it, no matter what situation they are placed in. However, for each person there is a certain arrangement of the buttons, as well as dimensions of the touchpad. Our advice is to try several different models whenever possible. This way you will find out which one your hands feel most natural on. Don't neglect the display - the high quality is worth the money, trust us.

Accessories and functionality If you want a functional laptop, its performance is far from everything. It's a good idea to think about the different accessories you can equip your device with. Among them is, of course, an extra mouse, a convenient carrying case, maybe an extra keyboard. However, we want to spend a little more time on webcams. For some reason, in 2023 there are still laptops that are manufactured without their own built-in webcam. However, this is a necessity that, as recent years has shown, we cannot do without. In most cases, webcams will offer you a resolution of 720p, especially on the cheaper models. If you don't use it much or if you prefer to hide behind the blurred image, this is a good option. However, you might be more satisfied if you go for the models whose camera offers you a resolution of 1080p. Something else you can think about is the hinge of your laptop. Here already first-hand experience should be your leading advisor. Try to open the model you are interested in with one hand. It might sound silly to you, but trust us, not being able to open your laptop with one hand is pretty annoying. What else should you consider? You could think of a series of things that could tip your scales in one direction or another.   These may include: whether you can carry your laptop with one hand; whether your laptop will feel good in a particular backpack; how big is the trackpad; whether the buttons are where you like them; is the keyboard comfortable for you etc. We have already addressed some of these questions, but keep in mind that they are key to the functionality of your future acquisition. Do not ignore them in any case.

How to take care of your laptop as best as possible? Well, you now know everything you need to know about laptops and their features. Of course, we've spared you a lot of the details. However, we hope that our advice will guide you to the device that is most suitable for you. If you want it to perform up to par, however, you need to put a certain amount of care into it. In this section, we have prepared for you some key tips and guidelines to make maintaining your new laptop as easy and efficient as possible.

Keep your screen in good condition! If you want your screen to be in good condition, you need to clean it regularly. Gently wipe off dust and stains with a soft cloth. For deeper cleaning, you can also use a neutral detergent. However, in any case, take care to prevent liquids from entering your computer during cleaning. To preserve your screen for a longer period of time, avoid bright lights. They will certainly speed up the aging process. It is best to use your laptop in a place that is away from direct and strong sunlight.

Clean your keyboard regularly! Keyboard dirt can cause your laptop to seriously short out. To maintain your keyboard, you need to use a soft cloth and a brush. With their help, regularly clean the dust on the surface of the buttons. However, don't ignore the various gaps either! If it so happens that your keyboard has accumulated more dirt after all, do not rush to act yourself. Our advice is to turn to specialists to disassemble the device and do a thorough cleaning. Save your battery! It is not by chance that your laptop has different operating modes. Use them as intended!   On most models, you can choose between: battery saver, better battery, better performance, and over performance. To save power on your laptop, go to the battery icon in the taskbar. We advise you to use battery saver mode regularly. It's also a good idea to try to close apps you're not using. Also, turn off any external devices you don't use. You can also reduce screen brightness and more. Different boot modes are also set in PC Manager. We advise you to enable the battery protection feature and then set a specific mode. This can effectively reduce the performance of the machine and shorten the loading time. In addition, however, this way your battery will save a little unnecessary effort... and life.

Keep your laptop stable! Any vibration and shaking of the laptop during operation can lead to damage to the hard drive. That is why we advise you to avoid moving your laptop too often and too abruptly. You should also turn it off temporarily if you take it with you on a bumpy road or in other harsher and more unstable conditions. To keep the machine running smoothly, we recommend that you optimize its disks once a week. You can do this as follows: Open My Computer, right-click Windows (C :) and select Properties. Then click Tools and then Check. In this way, you will check whether the disk is damaged. If so, select the optimize option, then highlight the driver you want to optimize and enable the feature. That should be enough. Well, we hope our guide was helpful to you! And now that you already know everything you need to know about laptops and how to use them, as promised, we're going to share with you some of the best deals among the variety of products on the market right now…

  1. Apple MacBook Pro 14 laptop

We open with the Apple MacBook Pro 14. This is a model produced in 2021, which, however, still holds extremely high in the charts. This device runs on M1 Pro chip and performs beyond amazing. The central processor of this laptop is equipped with as many as 8 cores, and its graphics processor with 14. Working memory of the order of 16 GB is provided at your disposal. However, it is combined with a 512 GB SSD for optimal operating speed. High performance, user comfort and elegance – you get it all in one great machine.

  1. Laptop Gaming Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ACH6

If you're into gaming, Lenovo has something for you. The IdeaPad 3 15ACH6 is a great laptop made especially for gamers. This device goes along with the high performance AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600H processor. For optimal speed, the device has 8 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. And to enjoy the amazing graphics, you can rely on the 4 gigabyte NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1650 processor. Combined with the laptop's great Full HD display, this video card pulls out some truly amazing graphics.

  1. Laptop Ultrabook Acer Aspire 3 A315-34

The Acer Aspire 3 A315-34 Ultrabook is a significantly more budget offering, but it also performs at a fairly high level. This device goes along with an Intel Celeron processor and a 15.6-inch Full HD display. The Intel video card combines more than wonderfully with its capabilities. 4 GB of working memory and a 256 GB SSD hard disk are provided at your disposal. If you do not intend to perform miracles with your laptop, this device will leave you more than satisfied - it combines simplicity and functionality.

  1. HP 250 G9 laptop

HP brings you the 250 G9. This is a mid-range laptop that you can handle in addition to light tasks, and some of the heavier tasks as well. The device is powered by an Intel® Core™ i5-1235U. However, the processor goes with 8 GB of the latest generation RAM, of course. You can fill its 256 GB SSD to your heart's content. This laptop is relatively high-performance for its class, and at the same time it is quite elegant and comfortable to use. Multiple ports are provided at your disposal to serve all your needs.

  1. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ITL6 laptop

Lenovo continues to surprise us with elegance and functionality. IdeaPad3 15ITL6 is a great laptop that comes with Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7 processor. This device goes along with a 15.6-inch Full HD display that pulls out some really great visuals in combination with the graphics card, again an Intel product. A full 512GB SSD is at your disposal, leaving you wondering what to do. At the same time, the laptop's RAM amounts to 8 GB DDR4.

  1. HUAWEI MateBook D16 laptop

The HUAWEI MateBook D16 laptop is among the most massive devices on the market. At a whopping 16 inches, this model ranks nearly on par with some desktops. However, its Full HD display is by no means inferior to specialized computer screens. The laptop is manufactured with Intel® Core™ i5-12450H, has a total of 512 GB SSD and 8 GB of working memory. Perhaps its biggest plus, however, is that it comes with the Windows 11 Home operating system – the last straw of updates.

  1. Dell Alienware Area 51m R2 Laptop

Want a space laptop? Here's your space laptop! The Dell Alienware Area 51m R2 is built for maximum performance to serve the needs of the biggest enthusiasts. The model goes along with the 5.1 GHz Intel i7 10700K processor. In addition to the extremely powerful processor, however, a whole 2 terabytes of SSD in combination with 32 GB of RAM are presented at your disposal (please hold on). And so that the picture of the device does not give way in any way to its performance, an image is produced on its 17.3-inch Full HD display with the help of the incredible 8 gigabyte Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 Super video card. Fasten your seat belts! We're taking off!

  1. Laptop Gaming Victus by HP 16-d0005nq

Although we go down a step, we remain in the category of serious machines. Introducing yet another laptop made specifically for gaming. Victus by HP 16-d0005nq is an extremely stylish and high-performance device. The model goes together with Intel® Core™ i7-11800H. In addition to the incredibly powerful processor, however, another 512 GB SSD and as much as 16 GB of RAM are at your service. However, to complete your experience, this laptop's 16.1-inch Full HD screen projects a stunning image with the help of the 6GB GeForce® RTX™ 3060 graphics card.

  1. Laptop Ultrabook LG Gram 14Z90Q

Ultrabook LG Gram 14Z90Q is a device that is in no way inferior to its competitors. However, this laptop has a different target group. The device is ultra-compact, while at the same time managing to cultivate truly significant performance. The model comes with an amazing 14-inch display that produces an amazing picture. At the same time, it is manufactured with an Intel® Core™ i7-1260P processor, 16 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. If you are looking for a model that combines comfort, dynamism, functionality and operability - this is the device for you.

  1. Toshiba Tecra A40-J-10W laptop

For dessert, we share with you a solid laptop manufactured by Toshiba. The Tecra A40-J-10W is a device intended for use in a more dynamic environment. Its fine design and elegant dimensions of 14 inches make it suitable for use basically anywhere. Despite this, however, this model is by no means inferior in its performance to the big ones. The device goes along with a high-performance Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and a whopping 512 GB SSD. The graphics card is also an Intel product and performs at a pretty good level. You also get the Windows 10 Pro operating system with the product. Well, what are you waiting for?

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10 tips to improve your English
  • Read everything which you can get your hands on
  • Classic literature, paperbacks, newspapers, websites, email, your social media feed: if it's in English, read it. Why? Well, the text will be full of new words and phrases, along with things you already know. This will make it easier when you learn, as the reuse of words gives you new examples in a different context, which reinforces your knowledge. On the other hand, learning new words and expressions is fundamental when developing your vocabulary, especially in a language like English with so many words!
    1. Write down new words
    This is a classic tip for a good reason: it works! When we learn new words, we often enjoy the way they sound and it feels impossible to forget it. But believe me, not everything sticks the first time. To counter this, get into the habit of always carrying a notebook or use a tool like note. When you hear or read a new word or expression, use it in a context: write it in a sentence or note what it means. This saves time as you don't have to go back to the word and ask yourself, "What did that mean again?"
    1. Talk to other people
    What is language for if not for communication? We humans have become experts at communicating without speaking “ thank you Whatsapp! - but when it comes down to it, a language sticks much more easily when you do more than read or write it. Just think how many times you've heard people say that they œunderstand, but can't speak English. Many English learners find it difficult to speak English and have made it an insurmountable obstacle. Do not do that. Find native English speakers when you're on exchange, taking a course on site or remotely.
    1. Listen to podcasts or watch YouTube - in English
    Do you like humor? Policy? Cooking? With topics covering every imaginable interest, there's an English-speaking podcast or YouTube channel out there for you. Subscribe to a few different ones and listen, or watch, while commuting to school or work. At first you may find the local dialects difficult, but persevere and eventually you will understand everything they say (while also gaining a whole new vocabulary from a native English speaker).
    1. Go abroad and improve your English
    If you want to improve your English the best way is to go and study in an English-speaking country! It's not a secret that English is the most spoken language in the world. With a long list of countries to choose from, you can choose the ideal place to learn based on hemisphere, weather or favorite city. Think Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, USA, Canada or South Africa, to name a few!
    1. Use your friends
    Do you have friends who write and share articals in English? Don't let them disappear into your feed: see what articals they share and commit to reading one or two articals each day. It can be news or newspaper articles, videos, interviews, blog articals, songs, or whatever: if it's in English and the topic interests you, it will be helpful!
    1. Ask A LOT of questions
    It is important to be curious and it can help you to have a good flow when you speak. When you learn English, you will accumulate a mountain of questions. Don't hold on to them, be curious and look for answers! If you're taking a course, ask your teacher (after all, that's what they're for). But if you're learning on your own, don't worry: find answers in blogs or on language websites, ask those who know, or read on forums. You'll be glad you did!
    1. Do as the stars do
    Try new ways to learn by watching interviews with English-language actors or singers you like! First watch the interviews once to hear what they are talking about. Then look again and then take the time to write down interesting expressions and words. The slang, stories, humor and anecdotes in the interviews will give you plenty to work with!
    1. Start with what you need
    When you learn English, it will probably go much faster if you constantly remind yourself why you are learning it. Are you going to study abroad? Then focus on words you need for your studies. Are you going to a conference on the other side of the Atlantic? Look for tips on conversation starters that you can use when talking to the other participants. Are you going to take a sabbatical abroad? Use travel and tourism vocabulary as your guide. If you want to improve your English and hope that you will somehow magically learn everything at once, you will probably end up confused and burnt out. This brings us to¦
    1. Don't be too hard on yourself
    When it starts to feel like you're getting nowhere - which happens to all of us at some point - don't say "I can't speak English", or "I'll never learn this". Remove those phrases from your vocabulary! They only erase the progress you are making and convince you that your English dreams are impossible. ]]>
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    How to increase your reach on TikTok: top 10 strategies What you need to know about views on TikTok? Before we get into all the strategies and hacks to get more views on TikTok, let's do a quick "training" on the basics of the app. Understanding how TikTok works will help you use the following tricks to your advantage! How to increase your reach on TikTok what is an "view" on TikTok? Different social media platforms measure "viewership" in different ways, but on TikTok it's very simple: the moment your video starts playing, you immediately count one view. If the video autoplays, loops, or the viewer comes back to watch it multiple times, it's all counted as new views. (However, when you watch your own video, those views don't count.) Are views on TikTok real? Yes, largely yes. In fact, TikTok has a pretty strict policy on fake views. If TikTok "finds out" that you paid for your videos to be viewed by bots, the number of views will be reduced to zero. Does TikTok Pay to Watch when it increase your reach on TikTok? TikTok launched its Creator Fund in August 2020 to offer payouts to the most popular and successful users of the platform. For now, this fund is only available to users in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. There is no standard fee (the amount available in the Creator Fund varies daily), but they are able to earn between $0.02 and $0.04 per 1,000 views. How many views are needed for a video to go viral? When you artical a video on TikTok, it is viewed by around 300-500 random users. If around 70% of these users watch your video for the most part. there is a high probability that it will go viral.   How to get views on TikTok Unlike other social media platforms, on TikTok views are most important relative to other interactions (e.g. likes and comments). Another important factor is the completion metric, which is how many times someone has watched your video to the end. Now that you have the most important information. Let me show you some tips to help you maximize the potential of the materials you add!
    1. Hash Tags
    Hash tags are primarily a vital mechanism for how TikTok helps its users discover new content. If someone watches a video with the same hashtag you used, there's a good chance they'll see your artical later as well. However, using hashtags such as #FYP, #ForYouPage, #dc, #DlaCiebie, contrary to appearances, will not help your video to be listed in the "For You" tab. Make sure that the hashtags you use are thematically consistent with the content of the video.
    1. Thematic descriptions of the films
    Just like using the right hashtags, using keywords in your video description can help. TikTok know who to show your video to. The description helps give the app a little more context about what's going on in your footage.
    1. Create short and contents
    While TikTok videos can now be up to three minutes long. Videos under 30 seconds have a better chance of landing on the FYP. It's also more likely that someone will re-watch something that's fast and fast a second or third time.
    1. Use trending sounds
    Hashtags are not the only element of TikTok that has its own trend cycle. Sounds also tend to ride waves in popularity. Keep your ears on the alert for repetitive sound clips that you might be able to use. As using trending songs and sounds can also help your videos go viral. Within the app, you can explore sound trends by clicking the Create (+) button in the app, then tapping Add Sound. Here you will see the most popular sound clips currently broken down by category.
    1. Record duots
    You can record duets on TikTok. This is a split-screen video recording to record, for example, your reaction to another already published material. Duets are a great way to capitalize on someone's large follow-up and get your content noticed by their fans.  
    1. Make sure they watch your videos to the end
    While it's true that users only need to watch a fraction of a second of your video for you to get a view, it's actually very important that they watch until the very end. This is because the TikTok algorithm prioritizes videos with a high watch time. He wants to serve high-quality content as For You Page recommendations. But how do you keep your audience's attention 'to the very end'? Play with their curiosity and offer quality content. Get their attention in the first few seconds of the video with a promise of what will happen if they follow your directions from the video. This tactic is perfect for instructional videos or recipes. Also, be sure to use suspense-building headlines like "Don't skip this video because you need to see it!"
    1. Create playlists
    Playlists on TikTok is a relatively new feature that allows creators to organize their videos into playlists. This allows viewers to easily consume videos that are similar to the content they already enjoy. Playlists are at the top of your profile, above regularly articaled or pinned videos.  
    1. Switch to professional account
    Switching to a professional account may not promote your videos in the For You tab,. but both Creator and Business accounts give you access to a metric with statistics that can certainly help you better analyze and understand your audience. Switching to a Business or Creator TikTok account is simple. Just go to the account management tab and "switch to business account". Choose a category that matches your profile and you're all set to dive into the data! The information available in the statistics will help you to know who your current audience is. When they are online and what type of content they like to watch - all of which help you build your content calendar and plan the best time to publish. And speaking of publishing time.
    1. Publish your content in a timely time
    In simple words. If you artical when no one is using the app, you will definitely not get the results you want. So you should check with the stats we talked about in the previous bullet point when your viewers are most active. This will allow you to maximize your results!
    1. Create high quality videos
    Make sure your videos are recorded in the highest quality possible. Take care of decent lighting and sound quality and finally beautify your video with editing. And people will definitely be more likely to watch it. TikTok tends to prioritize high-quality videos in the "For You" tab, so try to make your videos that way. For bonus "points" you can also try using one of the trending TikTok filters! Now that you know how to maximize the potential views generated by your videos. You can take full advantage of TikTok's reach power which increase your reach on TikTok.   ]]>
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    iOS 16.2 is coming to your iPhone, here's what's new iOS 16.2: what's new? Apple Music Song Apple Music Sing is a new built-in default  karaoke mode for Apple Music users. It is expected to roll out with the iOS 16.2 update to eligible tracks available on the music streaming app. Improved always-on display The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have an always-on screen. But it was criticized by some users who considered it too cluttered. Thanks to iOS 16.2, it will be possible to remove the wallpaper and/or notifications when the always-on display is on. The Freeform app is coming Freeform is a brainstorming and collaboration tool that takes the form of a large whiteboard that people can work on in real time. Oriented iPad, the application will also be available on iPhone and macOS Ventura. Triggering accident detection Accident detection can be triggered erroneously. The emergency services are then contacted when there is no danger, which is annoying. Thanks to iOS 16.2, it will be possible to report improper triggering of the emergency SOS. A way, we hope, to further reduce the occurrence of false positives. Data protection The iCloud online storage service should benefit from end-to-end encryption. A significant additional level of security for your most sensitive data. This new feature is expected to roll out with iOS 16.2 or early next year. Airdrop: sharing restricted to 10 minutes If you have checked the "Everyone" option in the Airdrop settings, you will be able to receive files from other users located nearby. From now on, this possibility turns off after 10 minutes. You have to check the option again manually to benefit from it longer. A way to avoid spam and the sharing of inappropriate content in crowded places. Redesign of the Home app The Home application that oversees connected devices has the right to an overhaul. Apple says the change will mean faster and more reliable performance. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:11:04 +0500 informal iPhone 14: the satellite emergency SOS function could arrive next week in France and Europe United States and Canada, the satellite emergency SOS function could arrive as early as next week in our regions. Apple has already confirmed that this feature will be available in France, Germany, UK and Ireland. The satellite emergency SOS function is one of the new features of the iPhone 14. It allows users to contact the emergency services via satellite. If they no longer have a network to make a traditional call. This is especially practical in isolated and remote areas of the world where network coverage has not always guaranteed. Available for a month in the United States and Canada, this feature could arrive next week in France and Europe. The satellite emergency SOS function has already saved the life of a man lost in the cold of Alaska. He has gotten lost on a snow mobile and his iPhone. No longer picked up any reception bars to make a call. Apple has confirmed that the feature will be available in December in France. But we did not have a more precise date. The iPhone 14 satellite emergency SOS function available from December 13 in Europe? A source told that Apple is reportedly planning to roll out the. Emergency SOS feature via satellite in the UK as early as next week. Authorities in the country have also reportedly told that all calls made with the SOS feature  routed to local emergency services from December 13.
    SOS function
    If the emergency SOS function of the iPhone 14 arrives next week in the United Kingdom, we can think that its release is scheduled for the same date for France, Germany and Ireland. For the moment, Apple has not yet officially confirmed anything. He also did not announce the arrival of the SOS function on British iPhones. Anyway, the satellite emergency SOS function could rolled out at the same time as iOS 16.2. The new version of the operating system. This will bring several new features and fixes. In particular, it will solve the big problem of the permanent display of the iPhone 14 Pro which has too visible and energy-consuming. iOS 16.2 will disable the Always-On mode wallpaper that activates when you lock your iPhone. ]]>
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    How to motivate young athletes? 13 things to avoid To motivate young athletes, avoid... Here are 14 aspects to avoid in the sports world, especially young athletes. The recommendations are, primarily, for coaches.
    1. Don't tolerate performance ups and downs
    In the world of sports, as in other areas of life, athletes can have better days and worse days. The important thing is that they feel supported by their coaches and that they respect and understand the changes. For this, it is always important to pay attention to the habitual behavior of the athlete and to choose the right tools to deal with it.
    1. Consider "result = being"
    Many athletes feel that the environment values ‹‹them as a person based on their sporting achievements. In these cases, they think that if a good result was obtained, it is "better" and if a bad result was obtained, "it is worse". The question is to know if one is independent of the results obtained, these can be influenced by several variables which are not only related to oneself. To do this, avoid comments such as "You've lost, you're useless".
    1. Limit participation in decision-making
    The athlete should have the possibility to decide, for example, on his training objectives or conditions. The fact that feeling that personal opinion is taken into account it provides a positive feeling that can increase motivation and responsibility depending on the sport. We must try to consult, where appropriate, the point of view of the athlete and try to reach a consensus with him.
    1. Set unrealistic goals
    It is important that the goals are realistic. In fact, it's one of the basics of a good lens. To maintain or increase motivation, it is essential that the goals are seen as achievable and that the athlete himself believes that he can achieve them. If this happens too ambitious goal and with which the athlete feels that he will not prosper, it is difficult that the motivation does not decrease.
    1. Encourage negative feedback
    It should be borne in mind that the athlete values ‹‹positive and encouraging feedback. For this reason, focusing on the negative aspects can only cause a decrease in mood. It is logical to think that we must correct what has been done wrong, but it is important to recognize the results obtained and to encourage them in all situations.
    1. Encourage a pattern of chronic dissatisfaction
    All the people who are part of the athlete's environment must take into account the same situation in order to avoid continuing to show his dissatisfaction, if necessary. This is why it is important to help the athlete see the positive aspects of his condition and, in no case, support the negative view.
    1. Avoid the principle of fair play
    The principle of fair play is called "fair play", i.e. competition based on respect for others and knowing that not all is good in sport to achieve the desired goal. In this sense, if an athlete believes that his coaches and other referents encourage him to avoid "fair play" to obtain a better result, motivation tends to drop, because he is encouraged to behave in a fair. Against one of the basic principles of sport.
    1. Perform Routine Workouts
    Monotony is a wear and tear on athletes. The lack of new goals and the feeling of not progressing means that the motivation to complete the sport diminishes. It is important to promote improvements and redirect the athlete's career from time to time.
    1. Only recognize results, "success=win"
    In the evolution of the athlete, positive reinforcement must be done in the whole process. It is a mistake to identify success solely with winning a competition since an athlete can achieve success based on the achievement of other goals and objectives. That is why it is important to keep in mind that success is also achieved through small progress and awareness that does not always depend on oneself and one's abilities.
    1. Put competition before personal competition
    In sport, the most important thing is the athlete and his progress. Therefore, his attention and personal development should be the focus. You can't fight only to get a concrete result in the short term, but one should consider changing athletes in the long term.
    1. Reinforce false causal attributions
    You must help the athlete to be aware at all times of the causes of his sports results. In this sense, we cannot make the athlete believe that his successes and / or failures always and exclusively depend on himself or, if not, on the environment. The important thing is to find a balance and make him understand that, to achieve an objective, his skills are as important as the external factors that can influence them. But always stay realistic and objective.
    1. Encourage that any challenge is surmountable
    You cannot make the athlete believe that all challenges are surmountable. You must help him become aware at all times of his abilities, but also of his limits. Above all, it is the limitations that condition the possible achievement of an objective. Therefore, it is important to be clear when we believe that no matter how hard we try, the goal will not be achieved.
    1. Encourage team differences
    Sports teams are groups of people who come together in a sport to achieve a common goal. This means that there is cohesion and identification of the group. To maintain these characteristics that undoubtedly generate positive feelings, it is important to try to enhance the similarities of the team members and not to draw attention to the differences. If we continually notice what separates the team it is easier for group identification to break down and, therefore, individual and group motivation to diminish.     ]]>
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    10 Tips & Tricks that will add interactivity to your English lessons Creating emotional connections Interaction with the teacher and other students plays an important role in learning. Discussion of common topics and active participation in educational games helps to involve the student in the context and better assimilation of information.

    Better awareness

    Interactive elements stimulate deeper thinking in students than passive learning. In this way, you actively involve them in the process. Accessibility Every student has different learning requirements. With the help of interactive tools, the same information can be presented in different formats, which allows you to meet any needs in studying the material. A more effective result When a student actively participates in the learning process, he becomes more interested and acquires new skills faster. In general, today's students have many advantages in learning, which consist in the combination of various multimedia and sensory experiences. Interactive scenarios that encourage participation, choice, collaboration, and discussion are more engaging. In fact, interactive education helps students learn six times faster than other methods. So, what Tips & Tricks can you use in your online English lessons to make them more interactive? We give some effective tips!

    Segment your lesson

    This is about time and information. It will be appropriate to maintain a fast pace of the lesson and break the information into small parts that will be easy to remember. That is, long explanations and slides with too much text should be avoided! Interactivity will also be facilitated by mixing the pace of the lesson and adding different types of activities. Thanks to this, time will fly by very quickly for your students.

    Use different formats

    Virtual classes will be more interesting if various learning formats are involved. For communication, it can be: ¢ discussion forums, ¢ course email, ¢ text message broadcasting systems, ¢ group chat, ¢ announcement on the home page. For the presentation of the material, explanatory screencast videos are well received by students, which are very easy to create and distribute. Use visual content Just as during offline classes, visual content is effective in the virtual space as well. It ensures efficiency and comprehensibility of the online lesson. It can be anything: ¢ video, ¢ schedule, ¢ photo, ¢ slide show Research shows that a student will remember a lesson faster if it contains visual graphics than plain text. Involving visuals will make complex concepts easier to grasp, improve retention, and engage students in the process. Try storytelling Storytelling is the easiest way to get people interested. Instead of just giving a boring lecture, make up a story. What will storytelling give you? Storytelling inculcates values Stories usually describe life situations that serve as lessons. When students find something useful in the story, they are more engaged in the lesson. Through history, students can also develop important virtues such as kindness, compassion, honesty, and courage. Storytelling improves listening comprehension It is extremely difficult to keep students interested during an online class. It is the story that can hold their attention and thus improve their listening skills. Storytelling helps to remember Telling stories will help you break the monotony and allow students to absorb the material. If students empathize with the characters, they will better remember what was discussed in class thanks to the emotional component. You can also use technology to improve the way you deliver content. Create a story with animation, video, and audio so that students can better immerse themselves in the events and understand the content. Interactive video learning is a proven way to increase engagement. Use technology Learning online comes with a lot of challenges, but it also gives you a whole bunch of really cool tools. Depending on which technologies you use: ¢ boards, ¢ pointers, ¢ virtual games, ¢ text editors, ¢ drawing tools, ¢ file editors, ¢ rooms for subgroups, ¢ screen sharing tools, You can diversify your lessons and constantly keep the attention of students. First of all, make sure you know how to use these virtual tools and explain their features to your students so they feel confident too. Then think about how you can use them to bring your lessons to life. For example, a few minutes of interactive drawing as a reward after successfully completing a grammar exercise. More discussions Impromptu conversations will help spark insights, develop creativity and communication skills, and improve student relationships and bond. Using web conferencing software, you can create a variety of opportunities for student interaction, such as small group or whole class discussion of specific topics. Learning is a game Students absorb information best when they become active participants in the learning process. That's why engaging interactivity is a great way to make your students learn a topic faster and make learning fun for them. Set aside time in each class for brainstorming, problem solving, or situational assessment scenarios or puzzles or strategy games. Through these activities, your students will be able to sharpen their problem-solving and decision-making skills, as well as become more resourceful and cooperative with each other. Also, encourage them to create presentations or projects on a current topic. This will force students to research questions more thoroughly and better understand the subject of study. Administering humorous quizzes is another great way to see how well students have learned the material. In addition, do not forget about the reward, because it motivates to work better. This will keep the students on their toes and also promote friendly competition between them. The hit of the season is scripted learning Learning according to the scenario is the latest trend in the field of education. It consists of demonstrating specific skills in the context of the role. For example, you could ask one student to play the role of a doctor and another to play the role of a representative of a pharmaceutical company. The teacher's job is to guide both students and provide feedback every step of the way. This type of learning is best suited to modeling and acting out real-life scenarios. And when students are interested and involved in the process, you don't have to think about how to make online classes more interactive. Check your progress more often It is in the online class that you should check your progress more often. You can conduct a test on already studied topics or ask students a few questions to assess their knowledge. Online polls and quizzes with rewards for winning will be another great way to get increased student attention. So you can attract and check the level of knowledge of each of them. Modern technologies allow you to create tests and surveys at a professional level. You can set a timer to run the test. Some platforms independently calculate the score and create a final report. All this can save you valuable time and make your online classes more interactive. Another effective way to engage students will be to evaluate their classmates. This is a classic technique that also works great online. Viewing each other's work will improve their understanding of what they are learning. This type of assessment also encourages the sharing of knowledge, which will be an extremely valuable experience for students. Value your students Of course, you realize that the isolation that students feel when taking online classes can be a big factor in making them feel demotivated. Many students may think that no one will notice or care if they miss class. Besides, one can find so many temptations and excuses not to join the class. The best way to fix this is to make your students feel valued in the classroom. How to do it? Here, for example: ¢ call students by their names more often; ¢ recall the material and interesting moments from previous lessons; ¢ your students need to be constantly aware of what is happening in the classroom and how the learning plan is progressing; ¢ learn about students' interests and include them in the lesson whenever possible; ¢ provide feedback on your students' work regular bases; ¢ be positive, encouraging and present. And also ask your students for their feedback. This will be another great opportunity for interaction. Any student feedback will provide an opportunity to optimize the training program, your work and increase the effectiveness of classes. ]]>
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    iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max their production is slowed down in China Pro Max will be harder to come by. Apple warns that their delivery will have "longer waiting times" because of the anti-Covid restrictions put in place at the factory in China. The new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may not all be under the tree at the end of the year. Apple warns that a delay should be expected for the deliveries of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The production of the two high-end smartphones has considerably slowed down by the anti-Covid restrictions in China. Indeed, the Chinese factory that produces them is currently forced to operate at "significantly reduced capacity". New anti-Covid restrictions in China have caused several factories to close or slow down. The one that produces the iPhone is located in Zhengzhou, Henan province. With China's "zero Covid" policy, factories where a case has detected must operate in "closed loops". This means that workers must isolate themselves and can no longer leave the factory. They live in dormitories cut off from the outside world. Production of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max can't keep up with high demand Apple said: "We continue to see strong demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max this time. However, we now expect iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments to be lower than previously anticipated and that Customers will experience longer wait times. Take longer to receive their new product. The slowdown in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max production in China is all the more annoying for Apple as it is the best-selling iPhone. Indeed, the quarterly results of the Cupertino Company revealed that sales of the iPhone 14 are not up to expectations. Those of the iPhone 14 Plus are even disappointing and its production has reduced. On the other hand. The iPhone 14 Pro that we tested and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is selling very well. This is not the first time that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Apple's supply chain. Production of the iPhone has often slowed down over the past two years due to anti-Covid restrictions. However, this incident must be particularly serious for Apple to officially mention it. In any case, the French Apple store online indicates an estimated delivery between 3 to 4 weeks for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:10:35 +0500 informal America announced to spend 19 million dollars in the education sector in Pakistan Director of Education Office Annie Flecker said that our commitment will help lay the foundations for continued economic growth in Pakistan. America has announced support for improving the quality of education. He said that 19 million dollars spent by the American organization USAID. Under the 5-year program, not only the capacity of the universities increased, but also employment opportunities created for the graduates. The funding will improve leadership, governance and management in Pakistani universities. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:09:51 +0500 informal The 6 best free educational sites to keep kids ages 3&12 busy Gulli The site that accompanies the Gulli TV channel does not just broadcast programs intended for very young people. There are also various fun activities. For example, a slew of drawings are offered there, which you just have to print and which the child then color. In addition, many video tutorials show how to dress up with makeup. Cooking recipes, easily achievable, are also presented. Hellokids On the site of Hellokids, it is possible to colour directly on the screen, using a very easy-to-use module. Young people can also learn to draw characters or carry out various manual activities (origami, making doll clothes, salt dough, etc.). Many tales, poems, stories and journalistic articles are also offered as sheets and educational games to learn while having fun. The fundamentals This platform is also educational and is a real treasure trove of knowledge for primary school students. Mathematics, science, moral and civic education, music, foreign languages: there are 500 animated films designed to revise your lessons and gently acquire concepts. The voice-over, the Cartoonish style and the very clear illustrations capture the attention of young learners. By registering, it is possible for parents to download an accompanying sheet, which allows them to understand all the issues of the lessons transmitted in the videos. Alloprof We had a big crush on this platform piloted by the Quebec homework help organization Alloprof. And for good reason, it has full of educational content on the main subjects taught at school. In addition to review sheets, video lessons and exercises, a section is particularly dedicated to games. These allow you to revise the multiplication tables, refine your conjugation and vocabulary, learn English, tame geometry and much more. Educational software œGames at the service of pedagogy. This is the motto of the Educational Software site, which includes a myriad of fun activities. On the menu: games on mathematics (calculation, numeration, geometry, problems, sizes and measurements, grammar, reading, spelling, confusion of sounds, vocabulary). Other subjects were also given pride of place, such as geography, science, art and even history. We thus find games the list is long do not hesitate to rummage on this very complete site to find the rare pearl. Max & Tom Still in the radius of fun online activities, let's now talk about the Max & Tom site. It has intended for kindergarten and primary school students and is full of free educational games. Reading, introduction to foreign languages, mathematics, creative work... The educational resources were skilfully intertwined in well-designed games that intellectually stimulate your child as much as they entertain him.   ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:09:30 +0500 informal iOS, Android: 10 free applications to intelligently occupy your children during the holidays Celestia Celestia is a desktop software and a mobile application for astronomy enthusiasts. 3D animations and spectacular photos, relevant and recent information will inspire budding astronauts to explore the stars and learn more about the solar system and its planets. They will also be able to visualize the course of the stars in order to know their trajectory and know everything about lunar eclipses. Space shuttles, satellites and the international station will be visible, as well as other vessels from science fiction films and series. Whisperies To give them a taste for reading, you can download the Whisperies application with your eyes closed. This provides access to a myriad of stories for children. In the free version, it is possible to listen to them and/or read them by viewing an ad upstream. Animations and sound effects dot the illustrations and a voice (which can be mutated) declaims the text displayed on the screen. In addition to the disappearance of advertisements, the premium offer allows you to download content and then view it offline. 487 stories are available: tales, fables, princesses and knights, funny stories, pirates and ships, bedtime stories... There is something for all tastes and all ages (up to 10 years old). Math Kids Learning math isn't always fun, but with the Maths Kids mobile app, it's possible to revise your math while having fun. Intended for children in kindergarten or CP, this free application offers a colourful and fun interface that offers a fun and attractive environment for the youngest. Parents can also adjust the level of difficulty according to the section and the age of the child. And for older children, it is possible to change the settings in order to learn the numbers in English. Duolingo According to several studies, children have the ability to quickly assimilate a foreign language. Hence the importance of initiating them as soon as possible. For this, the free Duolingo app is quite suitable. English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian: it offers fun language lessons for children according to their level. Ideal for enriching your vocabulary step by step without having the impression of working. Speech recognition of a word, image recognition, translation¦ The modules are varied and perfectly suited to young learners. Prof. Philix Available on iOS, this application allows primary school students to revise fundamental subjects through playful lessons and exercises (grammar, spelling, conjugation, vocabulary) but also mathematics (numeration, mental calculation, geometry, problems). All on a simple, intuitive and pleasant to use interface. Children are particularly invited to complete challenges in order to win stars, a good way to motivate them. The application is free, but it is possible to pay to have access to more content. iTooch Primary School Primary iTooch includes many modules, which downloaded individually. They are aimed at students from CP to CM2. Their objective? Revise French and mathematics, thanks to courses and exercises (25,000) well done. Enough to complete school learning by going back to notions that are not necessarily acquired. Applause Applaydu brings together several mini-games that will allow the child to work on mathematics, revise his geography, enrich his general knowledge and learn while having fun. Apart from its interesting mini-games, it's the immersive environment and the system for monitoring your child's progress that are interesting. Indeed, the child has represented by a customizable avatar who will then choose the games he wants to play. The various rewards and plush gifts make you want to come back to win even more. Finally, parents will be able to follow in the parental zone, the different statistics to know the time spent on the games as well as the skills acquired. find the differences This app allows children to work on their observation skills. This little game displays two copies of one of the 750 images available, with some subtle differences, on which you just have to click to highlight them. If we stall, the magic wand gives you a clue. When all the differences are found, we go to the next image. Simple and efficient. Piano Kids “ Music & songs Even if the interface of this app, available on Android, has in English, its principle has so simple that the very young child has not likely to be confused. All you have to do is choose the type of instrument at the top of the screen and type on the keys. A good way to learn about the joys of music. Two other sections allow you to hear songs or many sounds (animal cries, transport noises, cosmic sounds, etc.) A learning module also allows you to work on your pronunciation of colours, numbers and letters of the alphabet. PowerZ Released in February 2021, PowerZ is one of the most interesting educational games of recent years. Enriched each year with new content and new chapters. PowerZ invites children aged 6 to 12 to think and learn a lot through a fantastic adventure in a colourful and very friendly universe. They will not only be able to work on school subjects (maths, French, science, etc.). But also solicit their thinking, their logic and their sense of observation to solve puzzles and continue the adventure. They will also have the opportunity to learn about astronomy, sign language, yoga and many other subjects. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:09:28 +0500 informal Intermediate Part 2 Result, Girls again won, 71% students passed in Pindi Matriculation. while students can also check the result by SMSing their roll number to 5050. Officials said that students whose results have been withheld for any reason should contact the board authorities immediately. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:08:53 +0500 informal The Style Icon “ Camon 19 Neo Now Available at a Reduced Price PKR 37,999 instead of PKR 40,999. TECNO has reduced the prices of quite a few devices including Camon, Spark, POP, and POVA devices. The latest Camon 19 Neo is equipped with the advanced technology 32MP Softlight Selfie Camera, 48MP Bright Night Portrait, and a Geometric Edge cutting Design. So the phone is not just powerful but stylish and iconic. Camon 19 Neo comes packed with some powerful features including a Helio G85 processor, 6.78 FHD+ Display, 6+128GB Storage, 5000mAh powerful battery with an 18W flash charger, along with some of the most outstanding camera features.   The phone offers a brilliant 2k Video shooting, where users can enjoy Bokeh and other effects in the video as well as still photography. Not just these but the phone comes with special features for videography, vlogging, fashion shoots and other aesthetical captures. The most fun is that the brand has further reduced the price for its amazing Camon 19 Neo. The powerful phone with stylish design has become a favorite of many fashion enthusiasts and sold thousands of units in no time. So don't wait anymore, hurry and get your brand new Camon 19 Neo for only PKR 37,999.     ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:08:31 +0500 informal Muhammad Rizwan & Abwaab: Providing 100,000 Scholarships for Matric & Intermediate Students Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:08:30 +0500 informal Xiaomi Redmi 10C: A Literal Powerhouse on a Budget Wish for a budget phone that meets the latest mid-range smartphones head-on in battle, with amazing specs?   Xiaomi Redmi devices are popular for their top-notch features at affordable prices. Replete with ultra-wide displays and mainly bezel-less designs, Redmi never fails to entice its loyal clientele by introducing new phones in each category.   With the launch of Redmi 10C, a literal powerhouse on a budget, we couldn't help ourselves and decided to get an analysis of our own. Let's dive into an in-depth review of our first impression of this latest device.   Design With a familiar polycarbonate body that renders it light and durable, the design has matte diagonal lines which are scratch-free and smudge-free. The light weight of the phone makes it easy to carry and hold for longer periods.   The front offers a 6.71-inch HD+ screen with an IPS panel, which is not uncommon in mid-range phones these days. There is a dew drop design housing the front camera and the call speaker resting on top of the camera.   The USB-C port and the mono loudspeaker can be found at the bottom with a 3.5mm audio jack on top. The right side houses power and lock buttons along with the volume keys, while the left side contains the triple-SIM card slot.   The camera protrusion at the back is equipped with dual camera lenses, LED flash, imaging sensors, and a fingerprint reader along with the Redmi logo.   Display Having a 6.71-inch LCD screen with HD + display at a resolution of 720x1650,  with a pixel density of 268 PPI, and a brightness of up to 400 nits, Redmi 10C exhibits vivid hues, bright contrasts, and better viewing angles.   Protected by Coming Gorilla Glass 3, the screen supports modes like reading mode, sunlight mode, dark mode, etc. While also protecting the eyes from harmful rays.   Overall, for daily usage, the screen is satisfactory as it supports Widevine L1 HD, meaning that it can decrypt and stream HD videos from streaming giants like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, at the highest resolution, easily. For a budget phone, it offers the best value.   Cameras Offering a 50MP primary lens with an F/1.8 lens slot, that can capture 1080 video at 30FPS, supports HDR, night mode, and panorama technology, along with a secondary 2MP OmniVision sensor with an F/2.4 lens slot and a 5MP selfie camera is with an F/2.2 lens slot, Redmi 10C wins the camera game.   Redmi 10C captures mesmerizing views with both indoor and outdoor photos and videos having decent brightness, color adjustment, contrast sharpness, and vibrance. Videos do display noise on 10x zoom and lack OIS but it is the best that is offered in this budget category.  The selfie camera is exceptional with its face recognition technology, which helps unlock the phone with ease, and captures gorgeous portraits.   Performance If watching videos, playing games, and browsing the web are your favorite activities, you have found the best comrade for your Call of Duty. Performance of Qualcomm™s Snapdragon 680 octa-core chipset with a 6nm manufacturing process with 4-Kryo 265 Gold clocked at 2.4Ghz, and 4-Kryo 265 Silver at 1.9Ghz, has been terrific for multitasking, even while playing games like Temple Run at Ultra settings, where minimal frame skips or lags were observed, and the device didn™t warm up.   Combined with an Adreno 610 GPU, 4GB RAM, 1GB virtual RAM, and  64/128GB UFS 2.2 onboard storage with the ability to expand via MicroSD card up to 1TB, with MIUI 13, this phone delivers uninterrupted performance without any lags, which means apps install and load faster.   We must mention that on the first boot you may encounter a bug while using the apps, so, to avoid this issue, make sure to update your device to the latest version.   Connectivity Housing a port accommodating dual 4G nano sims along with a MicroSD card for extendable storage, Redmi 10C supports all 3G and 4G network bandwidths in Pakistan. So the phone catches signals from every carrier easily. As for the WiFi networks, it supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths and it also has Bluetooth 5.0.   Battery And Charging Redmi 10C comes with a 10W charger but an 18W USB-C fast charger is also available for purchase to rapidly charge a 5000mAH battery in less than 2 hours. The battery lasts easily for a day even with heavy usage and while running high-performing draining apps.   We would suggest that the Xiaomi Redmi 10C smartphone is worth buying, as it is one of the best budget phones currently in the market that offer powerful performance, and has a great battery life with a really good camera and display. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:08:29 +0500 informal Camon 19 Neo & A must&buy Smartphone with all that you need TECNO Camon 19 Neo, then here is your chance. Do not miss out on some of the best camera features available in the market for only PKR 37,999. With the highly praised global launch of the Camon 19 series, the brand launched Camon 19 Neo in Pakistan last month. The phone comes with some of the industries leading features such as Softlight Selfies, Bright Night Portraits, a powerful battery, and much more. Camon 19 Neo supports a 32MP Softlight Selfie Camera and 48MP Bright Night Portrait to provide vivid pictures and videos even in low-light environments. The Geometric Edge cutting Design makes it stand out among others in the market, going well with the young stylish users.   Moreover, it includes a Helio G85 processor, 6.78 FHD+ Display, 6+128GB Storage, and a 5000mAh powerful battery with an 18W flash charger. Camon 19 Neo offers a brilliant 2k Video shooting, where users can enjoy Bokeh and other effects in still photography as well as video. But this feature is exclusively available in Camon 19 Neo.   Isn™t that amazing? Even Tech KOLs were seen praising the phone. One such Youtuber said, œCamon 19 Neo is a futuristic Designed based Camera phone, which can be tough competition to others. Another KOL, Talha Reviews added, œCamon 19 Neo User Can also get a Non-Stop Gaming Experience while playing PUBG with 40FPs Maintained. Such reviews add to the value of this phone. So, do not wait any longer! The stock is available at your nearest retailer. Hurry and get your futuristic device right now for only PKR 37,999. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:08:28 +0500 informal F1, F7¦ The keyboard functions that you (may) not know This is what you can do with the 'F' keys or keyboard functions
    • Opens the help menu of the window that is currently open. For example: If you're in Chrome, the key opens Google help support. If combined with the 'Ctrl' key, it hides the 'options' menu (where the 'Home', 'Insert', 'Layout'... tabs appear) in both Word and Excel.
    • The main function of this key is to rename a file or folder. You just have to select the document in question and press 'F2' so that the name can be modified. Also, in Office it can be combined with other keys to perform other keyboard functions:
    1. Alt+Ctrl+F2: open the document library
    2. Ctrl+ F2: offers a print preview in Word
    • With it, the option to search for a term or word within a web page in Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox opens. In Word, it allows you to change from uppercase to lowercase (or vice versa) by pressing it at the same time as the 'Shift key (the one with the up arrow).
    • Pressing it together with the 'Alt' key closes the web page or program that is open at that moment.
    • Perhaps it is one of the best known, since it is used to 'refresh' or update a web page (although it also updates folders on the computer). However, it has more keyboard functions:
    1. In PowerPoint start the presentation
    2. If combined with the 'Ctrl' key, the web page is refreshed and the browser cache is cleared
    3. In Office open the option 'Find and replace'
    • Within the browser, you can type directly on the browser without clicking on it. In the case of being inside Word, combining 'Ctrl+Shift+F6' helps to change and move between different documents.
    • In Word it is used to open a pop-up window that checks spelling and grammar. When 'alt+F7' is combined, it performs the spell check, and if 'Shift+F7' is pressed it opens the thesaurus.
    • It selects text in Word (a paragraph or all the text if pressed several times) and also opens the 'safe mode' of Windows.
    • With these key formulas are recalculated in Excel and email is sent and received in some messaging managers.
    • Together with the 'Shift' key, it performs the same function as the right mouse button. For example: in Word it shows the pop-up window for 'cut', 'copy', 'paste', 'font'... Also in Word, and together with the 'Ctrl' key, it maximizes the window.
    • It is used so that the browser window that is currently open is displayed in 'full screen' (without the search bar). Also, to get out of it. In Word it helps to easily find the hyperlinks in the text and in Excel, by pressing ˜Shift +F11™, it adds a new spreadsheet.
    • On the Internet, it opens a document (on the right side of the screen) in HTML mode, while in Word and Excel it allows access to the 'Save As' function.
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:08:22 +0500 informal
    10 positive reasons for homeschooling
  • Get involved
  • As a homeschooler, you can go on all field trips, read all book club offerings and make your own creations in the drop-in art program. Getting to play and learn with your children is one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling.  
    1. Parents learn together with children
    Homeschooling can be a positive excuse to fill in the gaps of you kids basic education from your own school days. Learn about interesting people from history, catch up on the latest discoveries in science, and explore the concepts behind math problems. Instead of memorizing dates, definitions and formulas, you can create a learning environment. It's lifelong learning at its best!  
    1. Kids like it
    You can ask your children what they prefer “ staying at home or going to school. If they have friends who homeschool, that means they're there during the day to hang out with when their schoolmates are in class, at soccer practice, band practice, or doing homework.
    1. Children can learn about their passions
    Most children have their own particular passions, areas that they can discuss as an expert. Very few of these fields”modern art, Legos, analyzing horror movies”are the kinds of things students learn about in school. In a traditional school, you don't score with teachers and other students if you have an offbeat interest, but among home schoolers, that's what makes your friends so interesting.
    1. You meet fascinating people
    You hear the best and interesting stories when you ask people what they like to do. As a homeschooler, you'll spend your days visiting people and taking classes with teachers who do it because they really want to, not just because it's their job.  
    1. It teaches children to interact with adults
    As home schoolers interact with adults in the community as they go through their everyday experiences, they learn how civilized people treat each other in public. It is a kind of socialization that most school children do not experience until they are ready to go out into the world.     07.It brings children and parents together One of the best-selling points for homeschooling is hearing from parents of adult home schoolers. Sure, children develop independence, but home-schooled children do so by taking on more and more responsibility for their own learning, not by fighting and rebelling against the adults in their lives. In fact, home schooled teens are often more prepared for adulthood than their traditionally schooled peers.  
    1. Scheduling is flexible
    No getting up before dawn to catch the school bus. No anxiety over whether to take a family trip because it means missing class. Homeschooling allows families to learn from anywhere, even on the go, and it gives them the flexibility to do the important things in their lives, on their own schedule.  
    1. 09. It strengthens the parents
    Just as it does for children, homeschooling helps parents learn that they can do many things they never dreamed possible. Homeschooling allows parents to be the ones to guide my children from easy readers to trigonometry to college. You get as much out of your children's education as they do. Along the way, you will gain knowledge and develop skills that may even help you in the job market.  
    1. 10. It reinforces family values
    Homeschooling can be religious or secular, but there are some things many home schoolers don't believe in”like paying kids pizza, candy, or theme park admission to read a book. Or judging a person's worth by their athletic ability or their grades. Home schooled kids don't need the latest gadgets, and they don't need to take lessons in critical thinking because they've been practicing it their whole lives. This is why homeschooling is such a positive force for families who choose this path. ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:08:20 +0500 informal
    TECNO Camon 19 Neo with 32MP Softlight Selfie Camera Now Available nationwide Camon 19 Neo in Pakistan. The phone comes with an impressive camera and design and is available for sale nationwide. TECNO œCam-On series always brings forward the best camera features at a competitive price. The new Camon 19 Neo supports a 32MP Softlight Selfie Camera, 48MP Bright Night Portrait, and a Geometric Edge cutting Design to cater to the need of the young stylish users.   The much-awaited series is being highly praised by the marketers and users in Pakistan. The phone not only has great features, but its introductory price of PKR 34,999 is attracting the attention of consumers well. Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, expressed his thought on this launch, œWe are receiving great feedback from the tech community and the market leaders on Camon 19 series. TECNO has always worked as a responsible company in bringing the latest technology at a good price to its customers globally. To support this, we set up two technically advanced assembling plants in Pakistan, in both Karachi and Lahore, aiding to strengthen the employment opportunities for the locals.   Camon 19 Neo comes packed with some powerful features including a Helio G85 processor, 6.78 FHD+ Display, 6+128GB Storage, 5000mAh powerful battery with an 18W flash charger, along with some of the most outstanding camera features. The phone offers a brilliant 2k Video shooting, where users can enjoy Bokeh and other effects in the video as well as still photography. Isn™t this amazing? This special video feature is exclusively available in Camon 19 Neo. Other variants of the Camon 19 series will soon be available in Pakistan, so stay tuned and keep following TECNO Mobile. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:53 +0500 informal TECNO Camon 19 Neo “ Extraordinarily Stylish Smartphone launching soon Good news for TECNO fans in Pakistan! After a massive demand from the customers, TECNO announced Camon 19 Neo will be landing soon in the country. The phone comes packed with impressive features such as the 32MP Selfie Camera, 48MP Rear Night Camera, a stylish design, and much more.

    TECNO stands out in the smartphone market for always bringing industry-leading designs and features. It blends fashion and technology together and doesn™t cut back on either. Camon 19 Neo portrays a luxurious design with dual metal rings at the back. The metal rings house two rear cameras, while the third one is dotted in the front supporting the Softlight Selfie Camera. Geometric Cutting Design The back of this slim smartphone displays converging lines. They reflect light through a prism effect. The lines cut through each other and give a glistening outlook. TECNO is committed to bringing stylish designs along with high performance to its users. Camon 19 Neo is designed specifically for young fashionistas to give a cool yet classic look with the special Geometric Cutting. Softlight Selfie Camera Camon 19 Neo comes with a 32MP Softlight Selfie Camera for your night photography endeavors. It gives you the freedom to take beautiful portraits of yourself without fretting about dim light. Coupled with the AI Beauty mode, it will enhance your beauty according to your own unique skin tone. Bright Night Portrait Camera The dual metal rings at the back carry a 48MP Bright Night Portrait Camera and a 2MP depth sensor. With these, Camon 19 Neo will be your Ultra Shine in the night. It will allow you to take brighter photos even in the dark and take your photography skills to another level. Fashion & Aesthetics These superb camera features are embedded in an aesthetically beautiful phone. TECNO combines the world of fashion and technology in the Camon 19 Neo. The phone brings the perfect blend of performance, style, outlook, and advanced technology for you to get the best smartphone experience ever. The Camon 19 series also won this year™s iF Design Award for its extraordinarily stylish outlook, one of the most prestigious global design awards. The good news is that you don™t have to wait any longer. This stylish gadget is just around the corner. So stay tuned and fingers crossed for this new Camon 19 Neo to be unveiled! ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:52 +0500 informal
    Grab the Stunning Camera Device TECNO Camon 18T Camon is a revolutionary flagship Camera series of TECNO, a famous Chinese smartphone brand. The brand keeps bringing innovations and has won the hearts of thousands of consumers with each new Camon phone. 

    Fans are always super excited for TECNO™s new launches. While waiting for the upcoming Camon 19 Series, let™s discuss the latest Camon 18 series that was much loved by the consumers. Camon 18T stands out in the series with market-competitive features including a remarkable camera, stylish design, and memory specs. If you™re enthusiastic about photography, this extraordinary camera device awaits you. Forget about buying an expensive professional camera when Camon 18T can do the task. Camera Features TECNO never fails to serve the best camera technology to its consumers. Camon 18T carries a 48MP front and back camera. This phone has a 48MP Ultra-Clear lens with dual flash at the front. You can elevate your selfie game with this. Camon 18T™s AI Portrait camera will let you capture sharper and clearer selfies.  Its 48MP Triple Rear Camera will take professional quality portraits. You can take fascinating photos even in the dark as well. With the Super Night mode, Camon 18T will take brighter pictures in the dark. It even has a Night Portrait Video feature to illuminate your subject in dim lighting as well. Sounds like a deal maker, right? Hang on! There™s more. The Portrait Video Bokeh lets you focus on your subject while blurring the background. This is the real deal for vloggers. They can shoot clear and sharp videos for their vlogs. Travel vloggers can shoot time-lapse videos in 2k for their Instagram reels. Memory Specs and Design This smartphone has 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM. It comes with a massive 5000mAh battery coupled with 18W flash charging. It means that you won™t see the dreadful œPlug-in Charger sign while shooting outdoor adventures. You™re free to capture memories without constantly worrying about charging your phone. With a 6.8-inch dot in FHD+ display, Camon 18T is a stunning phone which costs only PKR 29,999. It is available in three gorgeous colors (Iris Purple, Dusky gray, and Ceramic white). This phone is the perfect blend of technology and fashion. Imagine how stylish it would look in your hands! ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:51 +0500 informal
    Grab the Stunning Camera Device & TECNO Camon 18T Camera Features TECNO never fails to serve the best camera technology to its consumers. Camon 18T carries a 48MP front and back camera. This phone has a 48MP Ultra-Clear lens with dual flash at the front. You can elevate your selfie game with this. Camon 18T™s AI Portrait camera will let you capture sharper and clearer selfies. Its 48MP Triple Rear Camera will take professional quality portraits. You can take fascinating photos even in the dark as well. With the Super Night mode, Camon 18T will take brighter pictures in the dark. It even has a Night Portrait Video feature to illuminate your subject in dim lighting as well. Sounds like a deal maker, right? Hang on! There™s more. The Portrait Video Bokeh lets you focus on your subject while blurring the background. This is the real deal for vloggers. They can shoot clear and sharp videos for their vlogs. Travel vloggers can shoot time-lapse videos in 2k for their Instagram reels. Memory Specs and Design This smartphone has 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM. It comes with a massive 5000mAh battery coupled with 18W flash charging. It means that you won™t see the dreadful œPlug-in Charger sign while shooting outdoor adventures. You™re free to capture memories without constantly worrying about charging your phone. With a 6.8-inch dot in FHD+ display, Camon 18T is a stunning phone which costs only PKR 29,999. It is available in three gorgeous colors (Iris Purple, Dusky gray, and Ceramic white). This phone is the perfect blend of technology and fashion. Imagine how stylish it would look in your hands! Hurry up and grab the phone before the stock runs out.   ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:45 +0500 informal Redmi 10C & All Rounder in the entry segment! Market Availability: The new Redmi 10C comes in two memory variants “ 4GB+64Gb and 4GB+128Gb are available at top distributor partners such as M&P, Airlink, Smartlink, Phonezoo and CoreTech. For those looking to purchase these online, we™ve news for you  too as these are also available on MI Store and Corecart. Redmi 10C 4GB+64GB: PKR 29,999/- 4GB+128GB: PKR 32,999/- Quick Specs: Redmi 10C
    Display: 6.71™™ Drop Dot Display
    Rear Camera: 50 MP
    Front Camera: 5 MP selfie camera
    Battery: 5000mAH battery
    Processor: SnapDragon 680
      Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Xiaomi is now launching the latest version of the Xiaomi band. The high tech band consists of multiple features but the feature that significantly differentiates it from the other versions is that it is specifically carved out for a fitness cognoscente. The band includes 110+ sports modes which means that it offers both; accuracy and precision for all individuals. Xiaomi Smart band now comes with 3 unique training functions that expand its credibility and allows the user to excel in their fitness routine. Furthermore, the band comes with a substantial display which grants ease to the eye. The portable AI device monitors an individual 24/7 which gives you unambiguous interpretations in your weekly fitness report. Moreover, coming towards the variety, Xiaomi went above and beyond to prove that a Smart Band can divide hassle for its users. The Smart Band comes with 100+ custom designs, an impeccable battery time of 14 days and the ability to remain waterproof. Xiaomi concludes the watch with these incredible features. Furthermore, the opening sales for the  Xiaomi band 7 is going to be on the 4th of July,  2022.  It™s market price is 8,500/- however,  after an  early bird discount the price is 8,000/-  
    Dimensions 46.5 x 20.7 x 12.25mm Weight: 13.5g
    Design 1.62AMOLED high-resolution display Resolution: 326 PPI Brightness: up to 500 nits (adjustable) 100+ watch faces 5ATM water resistance
    Sensors PPG heart rate sensor 6-axis sensor: Low Power-consumption 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope
    Connectivity and compatibility Mi Fitness app Bluetooth 5.2/BLE Android 6.0 and above IOS 10.0 and above
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:45 +0500 informal
    Exceptional value for a minimal price & Redmi 10A Market Availability: The new Redmi 10A comes in 2 variants “ 3GB + 64GB, and 4GB + 128GB  are available at top distributor partners such as M&P, Airlink, Smartlink, PhoneLink, and CoreTech. For those looking to purchase these online, we™ve news for you too as these are also available on MiStore and Daraz. Redmi 10A 3GB+64GB: PKR 22,999 /- 4GB+128GB: PKR 26,500 /-  Quick Specs:  Redmi 10A
    Display: 6.53™™ Drop Dot Display
    Rear Camera: 13 MP
    Front Camera: 5 MP selfie camera
    Battery: 5000mAH battery
    Processor: MediaTek Helio G25
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:40 +0500 informal
    OPPO F21 Pro 5G achieves new highs of anticipation “ Goes on Sale in Pakistan PKR 69,999/-. With an aim to enhance the quality of calls and fast connection through VoNR technology and VoLTE, the phone is equipped with such features through which users can experience enhanced 4G+ performance with 5G as well if it is available in their respective location. The new OPPO F21 Pro 5G handles data privacy and information security at levels that exceed industry standards. Smart Notification Hiding helps protect your privacy when using your phone in public areas. The powerful camera system by OPPO is going to change the reel dynamics. The features include Bokeh Flare Portrait, Selfie HDR, AI Scene Enhancement, and AI Color Portrait. It features a 64MP High-Res Main Camera, a 2MP Macro Camera, a 2MP Depth Camera, and a 16MP Front Camera. Moreover, browsing and consuming information has never been easier thanks to smart AI sensing algorithms and intelligent translation on OPPO F21 Pro 5G. With the Air Gestures on ColorOS 12, you can mute a call with a swipe-up gesture or scroll up and down on pages within apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok without touching the device. Over the years, the OPPO F series has made significant advancements, including the introduction of VOOC charging, improved camera capabilities, innovative design, and unique color options. With an incredible design, this new device combines cutting-edge technology with a vibrant style and chic design. The phone is available for purchase at and in stores nationwide. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:35 +0500 informal TECNO becomes the Fourth Most Selling Smartphone Brands of 2021 TECNO ranks fourth in 2021 in terms of units sold. Camon 18 became one of the most selling phones of the last quarter entitling TECNO to be the Fourth œMost Selling Smartphone Brand of 2021. TECNO has recently won the title of œFastest Growing Brand of the Year Awards 2021 with the hot seller Camon 18 series. The series received such an amazing response from the consumer due to its stylish design, exceptional photography, and camera features. By adhering to its core strategy of œthink globally, act locally (Glocal), TECNO has reached millions of users worldwide, expanding the business to more than 70 countries and regions. Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan expressed his joy on this occasion, œWe are overjoyed with the back-to-back success of TECNO phones. We sold thousands of units of in a very short time, outdoing many expectations. We are overwhelmed by the appreciation and love we have received from our Pakistani consumers. We are now working on our Camon 19 series which will be launched very soon in Pakistan. The most awaited Camon 19 series has already bagged the prestigious œMUSE Design Award for its outstanding design. The series is expected to soon be launch in Pakistan. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:31 +0500 informal TECNO Wins Fastest Growing Brand of the Year Award 2021
  • ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:30 +0500 informal
    TECNO among the First Smartphones to introduce Android 13 Beta in the upcoming device        Android 12 for TECNO CAMON 18 Series   œWe are glad that through the long-term partnership with Google, TECNO has been providing our users with the latest Android system to bring them extraordinary using experiences. The TECNO CAMON 19 Pro (5G) with Android 13 Beta will definitely allow our users to be among the first to access new features and bring them pleasures, said Stephen HA, Vice President of TRANSSION and GM of TECNO Mobile.   With the "Stop At Nothing" spirit, TECNO aims to encourage users to explore unlimited possibilities dedicated to making their users the early adopters of the latest system. The much-anticipated CAMON 19 Pro (5G) is expected to be a high-performance smartphone especially designed for young fashionists, focusing on TECNO™s industry-leading night portrait capabilities.   Android 13 has key optimizations including:
    • Stricter Notification Permission - Privacy and user trust are core principles of Android products. To give users control over the notifications they want to follow, Android 13 introduces artical_NOTIFICATIONS ” a new runtime permission. This means that apps need to request notification permissions from users before articaling notifications.
    • Color vector fonts - Android 13 adds rendering support for COLR version 1 (spec, intro video) fonts and updates the system emoji to the COLRv1 format. COLRv1 is a new, highly compact, font format that renders quickly and crisply at any size. COLRv1 can be adopted for the app starting in Developer Preview 2.
    • Convenient Text Conversion API - Android 13 allows apps to call the new text conversion API, which will make it easier for users to find the content they need faster and easier.
    • Upgraded Bluetooth LE Audio - With Low Energy (LE) audio, users would be able to share and broadcast their audio to others, or subscribe to public broadcasts for information, entertainment and more, while seamlessly switching between different use cases.
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:28 +0500 informal
    TECNO to Feature Four New Models for the upcoming Camon 19 series TECNO takes up the game with the announcement of four different models for its upcoming Camon 19 series. The phones will come with not just a premium but a competitively stylish design for its most awaited series of the year. The details of the launch and features of the Camon 19 series are still unknown but we have high hopes with TECNO. Camon is TECNO™s flagship Camera or photography series. After the success of the Camon 18 Series, this new series has a high bar to touch in the market. With new adaptations, TECNO has created a huge customer base globally. Phantom X was the first from a new generation of technologically advanced devices from TECNO. If we talk about Camon, the latest Camon 18 series came with some high-end features like a battery, processor, and 128GB of internal storage. But the 48MP front and back camera of Camon 18T made it stand out more. The phone enabled users to take the Clearest Selfies and make fun videos to capture every moment. The 18 series included some exceptional camera features to take you on a fun trip for mobile photography. The Camon 18 Series was the top-selling series of TECNO in the fourth quarter of 2021 due to its exceptional photography and camera features. Camon 18 Premier was a classy and high-tech phone which was much appreciated for the design. With a 64MP Triple camera, Gimbal Technology, and 60x Hyper Zoom, the phone has set an even higher bar for Camon 19. The upcoming series includes Camon 19 Pro, Camon 19, Camon 19 Neo, and Camon 19 Pro 5G. Yes, you heard it right! Sources suggest that TECNO Camon 19 Pro will have a 5G variant as well. This is going to be BIG news if true! It will be the first TECNO phone to do so. The other devices will support 4G as previous devices. Not to forget that these devices will be a vibrant change to your style. The Camon 18 phones were classy, stylish, and had their own outstanding features. This new series is expected to come with some out-of-the-box ideas and unique designs including camera, display, and back. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:26 +0500 informal iF DESIGN AWARD 2022; TECNO CAMON 19 Pro & Phantom X Win awards for outstanding design iF Design Award recently announced its winners for 2022 where TECNO won in the Product and the Telecommunication categories for the outstanding product design of its Phantom X and CAMON 19 Pro. This marks TECNO™s debut award in the international design competition, reaffirming the brand™s commitment to technological innovation and continual breakthroughs. Known as the œOscar of product design, the most influential industrial design award in the world “ iF DESIGN AWARD is famous for its œindependent, rigorous, and reliable screening standards. Winning such an impactful and prestigious award means a lot for any brand. With 11,000 entries from 57 countries submitted at iF DESIGN AWARD, TECNO Phantom X and CAMON 19 Pro outperformed other entries, winning over the 132-member jury of independent design experts worldwide, the largest jury ever assembled. This marks a huge milestone for TECNO and endorses the efforts put in to make each phone stand out in the market. Phantom X is TECNO's flagship imaging series which uses state-of-the-art technology and design. With a 6.7-inch 70° curved-edged display screen with a patterned glass back, the exquisite craftsmanship allows PHANTOM X to present a unique texture and elegant taste in the interlaced light and shadow. Whereas, CAMON 19 Pro is TECNO™s high-performance, high-value smartphone designed for young fashionistas. The phone will be launched in the second quarter of 2022 in Pakistan and globally. This series adopts an ultra-narrow frame design and an ingenious dual-ring triple-camera layout. The phone was praised by the jury of the iF DESIGN AWARD saying its borderless design and the powerful camera design gives it an aesthetic look like no other. Stephan Ha, TECNO General Manager shared his views on this achievement, œWe are extremely honored to be awarded this prestigious international award for our Phantom X and CAMON 19 Pro. Our dream has always been to revolutionize the landscape of smartphone photography for our users around the world, closing the gap between the professional camera and smartphone photography, while constantly pushing the evolution of design language to bring users up-to-date exterior ID design. In the future, we will remain committed to driving further changes in mobile imaging and the design language evolution. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:23 +0500 informal TECNO announces Special Ramadan Discount offer on Camon 18 Premier TECNO, announced a special Ramadan discount offer for its Camon users. The latest Camon 18 Premier phone with Gimbal Technology and Hyper Zoom will now be available for a discount of PKR 10,000 bringing the price to PKR 45,000 from its original price of PKR 54,999. The sale will be live till April 20, 2022. Camon series is famous for being outstanding camera phones from TECNO. The latest high-tech Camon 18 Premier was launched in Pakistan at the end of 2021 with a price tag of PKR 54,999. During Ramadan and the overwhelming demand for the phone, TECNO has brought forward a discount of PKR 10,000 when purchasing online. The users will get a straight PKR 5000 off when they buy from the official TECNO store on Daraz. Additionally, there are two vouchers which can be used for a further price reduction. The firework voucher will give you a PKR 2500 reduction, whereas, the Bank payment voucher will further reduce the price by PKR 2500, bringing it to PKR 45000. The discount is available on only Camon 18 Premier and Polar Night colors. The premium device, Camon 18 Premier is equipped with the first-ever Gimbal Camera, 60x Hyper Zoom, a 120Hz AMOLED Display, 32MP front, and 64MP back camera. Moreover, the massive 4750mAh battery with the G96 fast processor, an incredible 8+256GB storage, and 33W flash charging makes the phone worth the purchase. The CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, Kelvin Zeng, shared his views saying œWe are always grateful for the positive response we receive from our Pakistani users. Camon 18 series became one of our most selling in the latest times. We are overwhelmed with the demand the device is gathering hence have announced this special Ramadan Discount of PKR 10,000. So, do not miss this opportunity to get the Latest Camon 18 Premier phone for only PKR 45,000 instead of PKR 54,999. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:22 +0500 informal OPPO unleashes its futuristic OPPO F21 Pro in Pakistan th, 2022 at PKR 52,999. The Selfie expert and leader, OPPO launched its hero smartphone, the OPPO F21 Pro in Lahore on Monday night. The event was hosted by celebrity host Ayesha Omar. The event was a glitzy affair attended by media fraternity including socialites, celebrities and bloggers. Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan who were appointed as the brand ambassadors of OPPO, unveiled the phone as the early experiencers of OPPO F21 Pro, and they shared how the phone conforms to their personality and lifestyle and how the youth can experience the joyous journey with this phone. Speaking on the occasion, CEO of OPPO Pakistan Authorized Exclusive Distributor, Mr. George Long, commented, œOPPO, the Selfie expert and leader, has been constantly making waves in the smartphone industry with the latest technology, product features and appealing campaigns. The new OPPO F21 Pro is a star in the smartphone world which caters to a diverse customer base. This is a great phone for selfie enthusiasts and photography aficionados - but that™s not all. The phone is equipped with many other features that makes it powerful, encased in a sleek, retro sunset fiber-glass leatherette design. This year we partnered with the country™s most loved duo ˜Mahira Khan™ and ˜Fawad Khan™ as the ideal fit for a product that matches their personality like no other. The OPPO F21 Pro promises to see the unseen, thanks to the first and only Microlens, which magnifies subjects by 15 and 30 times. The end product transcends macro photography and delves into the microscopic realm. Fabrics, skin, hair, plants, and the tiniest insects all take on a new, vast form using Microlens, allowing the OPPO F21 Pro to explore a new, microscopic universe via photo or even video. In addition, the Orbit Light that surrounds the Microlens camera as a fill light, resulting in images that are uniformly lighted and engaging. OPPO has a penchant for introducing smartphones with sophisticated camera technology, successfully raising the bar when it comes to selfie improvement. The IMX709 sensor, co-developed by OPPO and Sony, delivers to the front camera for the first time both greatly improved and entirely new features. The Sony IMX709 selfie sensor has been installed in the F21 Pro. When compared to typical RGB sensors, the IMX709 is a tailored RGBW (red, blue, green, white) front image sensor that can record clearer and more evenly-exposed images and videos. It is 60% more sensitive to light and reduces noise by 35% comparing to previous RGGB sensor. With the F21 Pro's Selfie HDR feature and the IMX709 sensor, you can take sharper, brighter, and more natural selfies in any light or dark condition. Selfie HDR uses AI to detect levels of light and applies image enhancement techniques automatically based on the type of conditions identified. To experience revolutionized photography experience the OPPO F21 Pro is equipped with a triple rear camera arrangement for photos and videos. It has a primary lens with a resolution of 64MP, a 2MP micro sensor, and a 2MP depth camera. The device will sport a 32-megapixel camera for selfies and video calls. The F21 Pro's 64MP rear camera and super-resolution algorithm can capture up to 108MP images, allowing you to capture even more of life's details in photos. OPPO's AI algorithms are used in Bokeh Flare Portrait to identify light sources in the backdrop and create bokeh light spots based on their distance and other characteristics. Bokeh Flare Portrait gives photos with high colour saturation a more textured bokeh effect and improved skin tones. It has a 4500mAh battery that enables SUPERVOOC flash charging at 33W. WiFi 5, USB Type-C connector, 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth v5.1, and other connectivity options are included in the gadget. The F21 Pro has a unique storage combination with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, as well as OPPO's RAM Expansion technology with up to 5GB RAM Expansion. First time on OPPO F Series, OPPO F21 Pro is carrying the ColorOS 12 which emphasizes diversity with an all-new structure based on an internationalized approach. ColorOS 12's page layouts and interactions have been redesigned to make more space. As a result, the user interface is simple and uncluttered, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most. OPPO has also looked into and changed how text should be displayed in this new layout, adapting ColorOS 12 for 67 languages spoken in over 140 countries and regions around the world. ColorOS 12 now includes new 3D Icons. The 3D Icons are more lifelike, with a frosted glass texture and intuitive interaction with simulated light, adding a feeling of space to the UI while keeping the buttons simple. +insert product infographic You can choose from two beautiful colours for the all-new F21 Pro: Sunset Orange, which includes the industry's first application of Fiberglass Leather Design, and Cosmic Black, which features the trademark OPPO Glow technique. The lychee grain leather material is both waterproof and scratch proof. The final processed Fiberglass-Leather is thinner and more durable than other imitation leather finishes, and the lychee grain texture is smooth to the touch. This Fantastic device is up for pre-orders from Monday 11th April to Friday 15th April, 2022, and will arrive in OPPO offline retail stores on Saturday 16th April, 2022, the First Sale Day. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:21 +0500 informal Another Pro! The Redmi Note legacy continues with Redmi Note 11 Pro. making flagship-level smartphone performance more accessible than before. The AMOLED display guarantees seamless viewing on the device without compromising on colors.   The device supports 67W wired turbo charging, charges your phone to 100% in less than 45mins, so you™re not plugged in to the charger all the time and out enjoying more. Share and view more with lag-free transitions and overall smoother animations as the new Redmi Note 11 Pro has a 120hz refresh rate which means super enhanced on screen experience. The series overall comes packing a 5,000mAH battery which is beautifully inside this sleek device. All of this is packed in a body with a trendy and fresh design, plus, with the dual speakers located on the top and bottom of the device for an immersive listening experience. You would think that we™re done but let us tell you about the camera now! The phone has a 108MP main camera - delivering an outstanding photography experience with zero compromise to the quality. The front camera is 16MP that captures clear and natural selfies, even in dim light! In the words of famous Pakistani tech youtuber Video Wali Sarkar aka Bilal, the design of the device shows how it looks like a futuristic version of its predecessors. The battery and amazing hardware all packed in a sleek light design, which make this device one of the most amazing devices I've seen in a while. What stands out most is the placement of the speakers which make the sound experience way better.   Overall it is safe to say that Xiaomi Pakistan just might break the mid-tier phone market with this flagship drop - the Redmi Note 11 Pro, the real all rounder device.     ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:17 +0500 informal Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan roped in as the Brand Ambassadors for the Fantastic OPPO F21 Pro œI am thrilled to be working with OPPO. The brands commitment to innovation and connection is one that I relate to and I look forward to showcasing their outstanding new products. Alongside announcing these two highly charismatic celebrities as the Brand Ambassadors, OPPO Pakistan is also excited to announce the fantastic OPPO F21 Pro. OPPO has further leveled-up the ˜A™ game with the very creative yet promised slogan ˜Fantastic Selfie, Fantastic Style™ for its upcoming OPPO F21 Pro. The OPPO F series smartphones of today are very different from those of the past, but one constant has been OPPO's desire to innovate. The F series has come a long way since its debut, with additions including smart design and VOOC charge technology as well as massive improvements in the quality of its camera, display, and playfully unique colors and design.   With its new OPPO F21 Pro smartphone, OPPO, one of the pioneers of the selfie movement, aims to continue the trend. With so many selfie-centric phones in the market, it's obvious to see why OPPO dubs itself as the "Selfie Expert and Leader." The company has been in the selfie game for a long time and has no plans of slowing down.   A technological feat in the midrange price bracket, the OPPO F21 Pro puts the focus on industry's first fiberglass-leather design and processing, with the flat-edge design, leatherette and sunset orange is the must have fashion elements. The gorgeous sunset orange will be the new trend in Ramadan. The OPPO F21 Pro known as the œFantastic phone is an amalgamation of technical advancements coupled with a vibrant style and chic design that will set users apart from the crowd. The official launch for the OPPO F21 Pro is set to take place on April 11, 2022. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:14 +0500 informal Xiaomi 12 Series Redefines Flagship Category Xiaomi today announced the launch of the all-new flagship Xiaomi 12 Series for local markets, featuring two groundbreaking devices: Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12. Designed to empower users around the world with a cutting-edge videography studio and entertainment powerhouse, Xiaomi 12 Series delivers impressive advancements in Xiaomi™s AI algorithm, flagship processing power, and an all-round elevated experience.  Capture cinematic shots at any time  Xiaomi 12 Series enables users to record studio-quality shots no matter the scenario, be it challenging lighting conditions or moving objects. Both phones boast a pro-grade triple camera array for versatile shooting, starring a massive 50MP main wide angle camera, with 8K recording capabilities on both Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12.  Xiaomi 12 Pro stands out with its state-of-the-art triple 50MP array, which features a cutting-edge Sony IMX707 ultra-large main sensor. This sensor is capable of catching large amounts of light and empowers advanced imaging capabilities with faster focus speeds and increased color accuracy. Xiaomi 12 features a 13MP ultra-wide angle camera, along with a 5MP tele macro camera, for filming life from different perspectives.   Beyond impressive hardware, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12 also advance Xiaomi™s proprietary AI algorithms. These innovations make it easier than ever for users to record every moment the way they want to, even in low-light or moving subjects. Xiaomi ProFocus intelligently identifies and tracks objects, preventing blurring or out-of-focus shots of moving or veiled subjects. These advancements also include eye and face auto focus capabilities. Ultra Night Video uses Xiaomi™s proprietary algorithms to record video even under extreme low-light, meaning moody, atmospheric shots are clearer than ever.   Available on both devices, One-click AI Cinema offers numerous creative options for show-stopping video editing, such as Parallel World, Freeze Frame Video, and Magic Zoom modes.  Flagship processing, unprecedented performance and power-efficiency   Flagship experience requires flagship performance. Xiaomi 12 Series features advanced Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ mobile platforms. Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12 boast a Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor “ Qualcomm's most advanced mobile platform. Built on a 4nm process, this processor also boosts GPU graphic rendering capabilities by 30% and energy efficiency by 25% when compared to the previous generation. Both three devices come with UFS 3.1 exceptional loading and data transfer speeds, along with LPDDR5 RAM for memory speeds up to 6,400Mbps. For optimal product experience, Xiaomi 12 Series packs a high-performing cooling system, bolstered by a super-large vapor chamber and multiple layers of graphite to offer a leading-cooling capability.  All-around elevated entertainment experiences  Xiaomi 12 Series not only lets users capture every moment in exquisite detail, but also allows them to relive those moments in astonishing detail via an exceptional entertainment experience.  Both devices offer vivid viewing on an AMOLED Dot Display rated A+ by DisplayMate, and with TrueColor support. For added peace of mind, the display features scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®, and supports Dolby Vision®, industry™s leading imaging technology that brings your content to life with vibrant color and details. Xiaomi 12 Series also supports HDR 10+. Xiaomi 12 Pro is SGS Eye Care Display Certified, showing care for users™ long-term visual health during marathon sessions.   Meanwhile, Xiaomi 12 Pro redefines flagship display with incredibly smooth viewing, scrolling, swiping, and sliding. The device™s highly power-efficient 6.73-inch WQHD+ display leverages AdaptiveSync Pro to intelligently adjust dynamic LTPO display between 1Hz and 120Hz based on content.  Xiaomi 12 delivers Xiaomi™s most colorful smartphone display to date, with more than 68 billion colors on 6.28-inch full-HD+ displays. Both feature 120Hz AdaptiveSync, for an impressively high-definition, vibrant, and flicker-free display that conveys every detail.    No cinematic experience is truly complete without pro-grade audio. Xiaomi 12 Series features SOUND BY Harman Kardon, and creates an immersive audio experience powered by Dolby Atmos®, delivering spatial sound with rich detail, clarity, and realism across all your favorite entertainment. Xiaomi 12 Pro™s quad speakers “ in the form of two tweeters and two woofers “ deliver clear details and cover an astounding range of sound. Xiaomi 12 delivers balanced stereo sound ideal for immersive gaming or video.  To optimize core user experience further, Xiaomi 12 Series incorporates MIUI 13, released globally earlier this year. The update includes faster storage, higher background process efficiency, smarter processing, and longer battery life. New features in the upgraded experience include Xiaomi™s proprietary Liquid Storage, Atomized Memory, Focused Algorithms, and Smart Balance.  Next-generation charging  Xiaomi 12 Series delivers pro-grade cinematic and entertainment experiences all day, the devices deliver next-level charging speed and safety.    Xiaomi 12 Pro features an incredibly fast 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge. With a 4,600mAh battery fully charged in just 18 minutes using Boost mode, Xiaomi 12 Pro delivers next-generation charging capabilities that keep up with user demands.  Xiaomi 12 fits a 4,500mAh battery into compact body designs. Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12 also support 50W wireless charging and 10W reverse charging.  Both leverage Xiaomi AdaptiveCharge, a smart charging algorithm that learns and adapts to charging habits, which prolongs battery life.  Flagship capabilities packaged in an iconic design   These portable pocket-sized studios fit comfortably in the palm of your hand thanks to Xiaomi 12 Series™ iconic and user-centered design. Slimmer high-capacity batteries and a narrower ridge gap save precious space within the device. Xiaomi 12 Pro™s 6.73-inch display is encased in a sleek middle frame with sophisticated 3D curves. Meanwhile, Xiaomi 12™s 6.28-inch display measures just 69.9mm in width and is accented by smooth curves for a perfect fit. Both devices are available in Gray, Purple, and Blue.  Market Availability    Xiaomi 12 Pro comes in one variant 12GB+256GB, and recommended retail price starts from PKR 208,999/-. Xiaomi 12 comes in one variant, 12GB+256GB, and recommended retail price starts from PKR 179,999/-. Purchase these devices and get a sweet bundle deal where you get a Mi Band 6 and a bag with the Xiaomi 12. Similarly with the Xiaomi 12 Pro, get a Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker and a 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3.  Available at top distributor partners such as Phonezo, Airlink, Smartlink etc. For those looking to purchase these online, we™ve news for you  too as these are also available on MiStore and Daraz.  Quick Specs:  
    Xiaomi 12 Xiaomi 12 Pro
    Display 120Hz +  AMOLED DotDisplay 120Hz 6.73 AMOLED Dot Display 
    Rear Camera 50MP main camera 13MP ultra-wide camera 2MP macro camera 5MP depth camera 50MP wide angle, ultra-wide and tele macro camera
    Front Camera 32MP 32MP in-display selfie camera
    Dimension & Weight 152.70mm x 69.90mm x 8.16mm - 180g 163.60mm x 74.60mm x 8.16mm  205g
    Processor Snapdragon ® 8 Gen 1 Snapdragon ®r 8 Gen 1
    Charging 4500mAH - 67W charge 4600mAH - 120W charge
    Variant 12GB + 256GB 12GB + 256GB
    Color Available Gray, Purple & Blue Gray, Purple & Blue
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:11 +0500 informal
    Tech Giant XIAOMI launches anticipated Redmi Note 11 Pro & Packing major upgraded to hardwares & software! Flagship-level 108MP quad camera to deliver outstanding photography Boasting a rear quad camera setup, Redmi Note 11 Pro delivers an outstanding photography experience with zero compromise. Its 108MP main camera captures stunning images in high-resolution and vivid colors; an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera extends your perspective with a 118-degree viewing angle; a 2MP macro camera that captures fine details up close and a 2MP depth sensor that's for capturing more natural looking portrait shots. Accenting the front of the phone is a 16MP front camera that can capture clearer and natural-looking selfies. The 108MP pro-grade main camera utilizes the Samsung HM2 sensor with a large sensor size at 1/1.52 inch, and supports 9-in-1 pixel binning technology as well as a dual native ISO to deliver incredible images in all lighting conditions, with spectacular results especially in dim light. 120Hz FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay packed into trendy flat-edge body Featuring a large 6.67' FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay with 120Hz display refresh rate, Redmi Note 11 Pro levels up the screen experience with smooth scrolling response and lag-free transitions. The beautiful display is packed into a body with a trendy flat-edge design. Plus, with the dual super linear speakers located at the top and bottom of the phone, Redmi Note 11 offers immersive stereo sound for gaming or watching videos. Performance powered by 67W turbo charging and MediaTek Helio G96 Redmi Note 11 Pro comes with flagship 67W turbo charging, allowing you to charge up to 51% of its 5,000mAh high capacity battery in just 15 minutes Powered by MediaTek Helio G96, Redmi Note 11 Pro also delivers a smooth and seamless performance. Market availability: Redmi Note 11 Pro comes in two variants “ 6GB+128GB, and 8GB+128GB and are available at top distributor partners such as Phonezo, Airlink Communication, Smartlink and Tech Sirat. For those looking to purchase these online, we™ve news for you  too as these are also available on MiStore and Daraz. Redmi Note 11 Pro 6GB+128GB: PKR 51,999/- 8GB+128GB: PKR 59,999/-   Redmi Note 11 Quick Specs:
      Redmi Note 11
    Display 120Hz  6.67 FHD+ AMOLED DotDisplay
    Rear Camera 108MP main camera 8MP ultra-wide camera 2MP macro camera 2MP depth camera
    Front Camera 16MP in-display front camera
    Dimension & Weight 164.19mm x 76.1mm x 8.12mm 202g
    Processor MediaTek Helio G96
    Charging 5,000mAh (typ) battery Supports 67W wired Pro fast charging
    Variant 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB
    Available Color Graphite Gray, Polar White, Star Blue
      The Redmi Note 11 Pro is available at PKR 51,999/- for the 6+128GB variant and PKR 59,999/- for the 8+128GB variant. A bundle deal with Redmi Note Buds 3 absolutely free!   ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:07:00 +0500 informal
    Best Mid&range device & XIAOMI unveils Redmi Note 11 series with an AMOLED display for seamless sharing & viewing Recently Xiaomi launched a brand new device under its flagship Redmi Note series, Redmi Note 11. Both phones bring powerful upgrades to their camera system, charging speed, display”making flagship-level smartphone performance more accessible than before. The AMOLED display ensures seamless sharing and viewing experience.   The new Redmi Note 11 boasts a 90hz refresh rate, which translates to a super enhanced on screen experience. Share and view more with lag-free transitions and overall smoother animations. Its AMOLED display is one thing to talk about, the Note 11 comes packing a 5,000mAH battery which not just charges faster with the 33W fast charger but also lasts longer. Yes! Worry about plugging it to the charger less and capture life around you more.   Celebrating their extraordinary and innovative phone launch, Redmi Note 11 series, by bringing forth Team 11, a group of ever daring, enthusiastic young individuals, who have overcome all battles thrown at them and rose to the challenge, stronger. Team 11 has names such as Ahad Raza Mir, Saheefa Jabbar, Haseeb Mirza, The Broad Boy etc. onboard. This pool of achievers will raise brand awareness and will be a testament to the fact that challenges only make you stronger.   Whatever life throws at you, be it getting that one angular photo or actually going out and conquering mountains, with utmost willpower & Redmi Note 11™s supporting features everything is possible. In the words of the Mi Fan who won the Redmi Note 11, ˜Watching people upload studio grade content always makes me wonder why isn™t my content is never this good. Playing and experimenting with this device has been super fun, I feel inspired to move and experience and narrate my experiences through photos!.   He further stressed on the battery life of the new device, which lasted over 20 hours once fully charged, with mobile data on at all times. Head on over to his instagram account to check out his work:     ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:50 +0500 informal Samsung x TECNO Collab for RGBW Technology for Camon 19 TECNO keeps its promise to bring the latest technology for its consumers. TECNO Mobile collaborates with Samsung to bring the latest RGBW Camera Sensor technology for its upcoming Camon 19 series phones. The phone will be launching in Pakistan in the second quarter. As Camon is TECNO™s renowned Camera series, the latest device will be equipped with a special RGBW sensor that adds a white sub-pixel to the current RGB array. This will improve light sensitivity, especially in low-light situations. In a webinar last month, TECNO™s Global team announced to be working with Samsung to bring this latest RGWB Camera Sensor in their phones. This means the phones will be featuring a new Samsung image sensor that uses an RGBW pixel array for better quality images. It will be using Samsung™s Isocell GWB “ an upcoming mobile imaging sensor that adds a white pixel to red, green, and blue pixels. The addition of the white pixel will improve the sensor™s overall sensitivity to light which will help produce better low light photographs. It claims lesser background glare in lit environments and more balanced contrast levels in darker backgrounds. Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan said, œTECNO shall be bringing some of the greatest technological devices from its Camon and Phantom series in Pakistan this year. After our first Borderless AMOLED “ Phantom X and the Gimbal Technology Camon 18 Premier, we are looking to expand the mobile technology horizon for our Pakistani consumers. The fans will not have to wait too long as we shall be launching the RGWB Technology phones in the country pretty soon. This will mark the beginning of a new era in Pakistan. Stay tuned and follow TECNO™s official social media pages for more updates. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:50 +0500 informal One UI 4.1 & check if your Samsung receives the update Below you will find a list of smartphones that will receive the update to the One UI 4.1 overlay based on Android 12: Galaxy S family:
    • Galaxy S21 Ultra (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy S21 + (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy S21 (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy S20 + (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy S20 (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy S20 FE (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy S10 5G (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy S10 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy S10 + (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy S10e (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy S10 Lite
    Galaxy Note family:
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy Note 20 (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy Note 10+ (LTE / 5G - update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Note 10 (LTE / 5G - update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Note 10 Lite
    Galaxy Z family:
    • Galaxy Fold (LTE / 5G - update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
    • Galaxy Z Flip
    • Galaxy Z Flip 5G
    • Galaxy Z Fold 3
    • Galaxy Z Flip 3
    Galaxy A family:
    • Galaxy A71 5G
    • Galaxy A71
    • Galaxy A51 5G
    • Galaxy A51
    • Galaxy A52
    • Galaxy A52 5G
    • Galaxy A52s
    • Galaxy A72
    • Galaxy A90 5G (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A01 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A11 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A31 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A41 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A21 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A21s (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A Quantum
    • Galaxy Quantum 2
    • Galaxy A42 5G
    • Galaxy A02 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A02s (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A03s
    • Galaxy A12 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy A12 Nacho
    • Galaxy A32
    • Galaxy A32 5G
    • Galaxy A22
    • Galaxy A22 5G
    Galaxy M family:
    • Galaxy M42 5G
    • Galaxy M12
    • Galaxy M62
    • Galaxy M01
    • Galaxy M02s (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy M02 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy M21 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy M21s (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy M22
    • Galaxy M31
    • Galaxy M31 Prime Edition (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy M32
    • Galaxy M32 5G
    • Galaxy M51 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy M31s (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy M52 5G
    Galaxy F family:
    • Galaxy F41 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy F42 5G
    • Galaxy F62
    • Galaxy F02s (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy F12
    • Galaxy F22
    Galaxy Xcover family:
    • Galaxy Xcover Pro (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Xcover 5
    Galaxy Tab family:  
    • Galaxy Tab S7 + (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy Tab S7 (LTE / 5G)
    • Galaxy Tab S7 FE
    • Galaxy Tab S6 5G
    • Galaxy Tab S6 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
    • Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Tab A7 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
    • Galaxy Tab Active 3 (update uncertain)
    • Galaxy Tab A8 10.5 (2021)
    New information about the update of Samsung smartphones to the latest One UI 4.1 overlay, which debuted together, has come to the network. flagship models from the Galaxy S22 series. Information about the process of updating smartphones to One UI 4.1 was provided by one of the American mobile network operators - Verizon. An employee of the technical support department revealed that the process of updating devices to Android 12 with the One UI 4.1 overlay will start in February 2022. The first smartphones to receive the update to One UI 4.1 will be smartphones from the Galaxy S21 family. The new software will introduce support for virtual RAM, a different system color management system and a modified pro mode in the camera application.   ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:32 +0500 informal
    RedMagic 7 Pro has 18 GB RAM, 135 W loading and a sub&screen camera Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:26 +0500 informal What is the difference between USB&C and USB 3.1? Android M: more battery, fewer threats and USB-C However, there are many rumors that have arisen around this multifunctional USB type C that are not entirely true. It is true that this connector allows more features than the traditional one, but it is not superman, after all it is still a simple connector, without denying that it is a step forward over the standard USB. USB3.1 This type of connector is the logical evolution of the USB that we have always known. Several updates to the USB standard have passed (now in 3), but the connector has remained the same. Its use is more widespread than ever, despite the fact that it is large, old and can only be connected in one direction. Being such a large connector, manufacturers began to create smaller versions of it, such as the USB Mini and the USB Micro. Apple invented USB-C, but doesn't want anyone to know However, this connector outperforms previous upgrades when it comes to power. The 3.1 has updated the USB 3.0 standard to a speed of 10 Gbits/s, a present and future data transfer speed. The USB association created in July 2013 the new version of the standard protocol, USB 3.1 with a higher data transfer rate called SuperSpeed ‹‹USB 10Gbit/s, published by the USB-IF. USB-C This type of connector maximizes the charging speed that it can transmit, it is smaller, it can be inserted from any side and it also allows the USB Power Delivery function that establishes an electrical transfer limit of up to 100 W, enough to charge your smartphone, tablet , and even laptop This USB-C means the elimination of all chargers from future laptops. A multipurpose connector in which, in addition to charging your device, you can charge your laptop with the charger that you want, not with the one that comes by default, you can even charge it with an external battery if you wish. This, without a doubt, opens a great projection to USB-C while the inevitable extinction of traditional USB begins.   Another advantage of USB-C is that all devices will use this same connector. In addition, the cables will have the same terminations, eliminating the multitude of different cables that we have to use today, one for the camera, another for the mobile, another for the laptop, etc. USB-C In addition, USB Type-C, being nothing more than a connector, supports various protocols using alternative modes, which allows it to be used as digital video and audio output (HDMI), DisplayPort output, analog video output (VGA) etc. Clarifications USB-C vs USB 3.1 Sometimes distinguishing between one and the other is complicated, although physically they are different it is easy to find "a pig in a hare". There will be devices with a USB-C connector that use the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 protocol (USB 3.1 Gen 1), and others that use USB 3.1 (USB 3.1 Gen 2). We can also find USB-C that do not support the USB Power Delivery specification, or that there are ports with said specification that do not have a USC Type-C connector. So before choosing one or the other, we recommend you study its characteristics in detail. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:19 +0500 informal 10 things that will be useful to every student
  • School - Pleasure or Duty?
  • What to pay attention to when choosing gadgets for a student?
  • Gadgets for students - an overview
  • School - Pleasure or Duty? Attending school may seem like an unattractive activity for students, which requires them to daily focus and acquire knowledge in various fields. Properly encouraged, the child will change the way of thinking and instead of treating school as a chore, he will be attentively and committed to acquiring new knowledge that will be used in later life. We know from experience that a motivated child actively takes part not only in games, but also in other everyday activities. The same may be true of school. Wake up in the morning, doing homework or just participating in classes will become more pleasant, and all this thanks to the gadgets for the student. It is worth noting that gadgets for students do not have to be related only to the science itself, and those that facilitate it usually do not cost a fortune. Such equipment is the best help to acquire knowledge with dedication and passion. What to pay attention to when choosing gadgets for a student? The key criteria that should be followed when choosing the right gadgets for students is, of course, their convenience and functionality. If a product is to be used for learning, it should definitely not be distracted by its capabilities. I think that certainly all kinds of phones or tablets are the least reasonable gadgets that distract, and at the same time their long-term use causes problems with eyesight and concentration, because children are stimulated. However, it is worth focusing on things that will not only help to develop knowledge and broaden horizons, but can be an impulse for the child to find a new hobby. In addition to functionality and convenience, we should also pay attention to the material from which the gadget was made and the safety of the child during its use. We choose products that have the appropriate certificates and do not pose a threat to our children. Let's also take a look at raw materials, because in this way we consciously contribute to reducing the pollution of our planet, becoming more and more eco-friendly. We also set a good example for our children by our behavior, for whom it will be easier to care for the environment in the future. Remember! Electronic gadgets such as phones and tablets distract children, causing concentration problems due to stimulation. Limit the use of electronics to a minimum, choose aids that will positively affect your child's development and contribute to expanding knowledge. Gadgets for students - an overview Microscope A great idea for any student is to buy a microscope that will make studying biology or nature more attractive. It is under the microscope that students will see what bacteria, other microorganisms or micronutrients look like when magnified. Good-quality microscopes are already characterized by anti-reflective coatings, as well as optics made of good-quality glass, which provide great opportunities for viewing samples. What's more, their body and individual elements will not only be perfect for learning, but will also serve as an aid in the work of a laboratory technician. Modern equipment also has the ability to view transparent and opaque samples, and for this purpose there is an additional LED lighting that allows a wide range of tests. Globe A plain or interactive globe is always a good study aid. Thanks to it, your child will easily find Kamchatka or find out where the Azores are. In addition to the location of individual seas, mountains or deserts on the map, it will be easier to assimilate the capital of the countries that are emphasized in schools. It used to be a nightmare to learn geography from book atlases, today it is much easier thanks to modern gadgets in the form of interactive globes, and the globe itself seems to be a great decorative element in a teenager's room. And thanks to modern technology, interactive globes also have the possibility of conducting a knowledge test in the form of a quiz. Telescope I don't know a child who finds the stars and planets boring. This part of science is always exciting and allows you to gain a lot of valuable knowledge about the universe. The issues related to planets, stars or the moon will be a great introduction to science, and with the help of a telescope, we may discover an astronomer's vein that will allow us to study space-related issues in the future. So the telescope will be a great gadget for students of all ages. Pen drive Although the long-term use of electronic equipment is not good, the knowledge passed on during IT classes allows you to enjoy the benefits of technology. In the case of these lessons, the flash drive turns out to be an extremely useful gadget for the student, which allows you to bring homework or a presentation. Small, handy and at an affordable price, it will not only be an aid in education, but created on a special order, it will be a great souvenir for our child. Alarm clock Few of the children willingly wake up to school in the morning. Usually, getting up in the morning is one of the worst aspects of going to class. However, we can disenchant these moments by choosing an interesting and modern alarm clock that will delight every student. For boys, a great option will be to choose the alarm clock in the shape of a LEGO man, which will become a great room decoration. Girls, on the other hand, will be delighted with the alarm clock in the form of a LED lamp or with a built-in projector that will charm the ceiling during a wonderful show. Step counter with built-in GPS For a child who loves movement, a band with a step counter and a watch will be a great accessory that will allow you to monitor the length of the covered route during everyday duties. Our student will quickly and efficiently verify the distance traveled each day, and thanks to the low price, we will not have to worry about damage that may happen during breaks or physical education classes. And thanks to the location function using the built-in GPS, we will be able to check where our child is currently. Scooter If our child covers his daily route on his own, maybe it is worth getting him a scooter so that he can get to school and home faster after class. The condition is, of course, a safe road that will not expose the student to direct contact with cars. Traditional scooters should be used on routes designated for this purpose, where we will not have to stress about oncoming vehicles. The scooter is also a great gadget for extracurricular activities, because physical activity plays a significant role in every person's life. Backpack with lighting A backpack or school bag is a must have for every student. But what to do when the autumn and winter days are getting shorter and our children return from school late? The best solution that impresses and definitely increases the level of security is a backpack with LED lighting. Variable colors and light signals help protect the child from poor visibility, helping drivers to see a pedestrian moving along the road. In addition to the safety function, the backpack with LED lights is an extremely interesting and interesting gadget for the student, which will certainly encourage people to attend classes. Student's planner Every student likes to remember everything. Test classes, additional homework or a hobby club meeting which he attends. A good solution and an extremely interesting gadget is certainly the school planner, which allows you to note down important meetings and tests. All the necessary data will be in one place. They usually have a hard cover so that they will not be damaged, and therefore they are used successfully throughout the school year. Anti-stress toys Guaranteeing the acquisition of knowledge, which is very important in the life of each of us. A scooter or a smart band provide a daily dose of exercise, while an organizer or anti-stress toys guarantee harmony and peace. ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:07 +0500 informal
    TECNO and Discover Pakistan bring a chance to explore Pakistan through Camon 18 Premier Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan shared his views, œPakistan has a large scope for tourism with such amazing places to visit. This venture with Discover Pakistan will be our small gesture towards promoting the tourism culture in the country and to inspire TECNO users to capture the beautiful landscapes using Camon phone. Features like the Gimbal Technology and the 60x Hyper Zoom of Camon 18 Premier will surely be a boost for your photography and videography experience. The destinations for these ventures have yet not been revealed by TECNO but will soon be disclosed on TECNO™s official Facebook page. It is anticipated to be a trip from the North to the South with much thrill and fun.   ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:04 +0500 informal PSL Match 11: Peshawar Zalmi's 174&run target for Karachi Kings Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:06:03 +0500 informal Top&10 goods on market places 2021&2022
  • Gouache Scraper
  • Exotics are always popular if they are inexpensive. And so at the beginning of the 21st year, a new Chinese miracle appeared on the markets of European countries - the Gouache scraper. What it is is a mystery. This item "took off" because it was used in beauty salons. But then he was taken over by bloggers and housewives who signed up for them. Of course, the units focus on Chinese massage, but everyone wants to. Moreover, the network is full of videos and directories. Due to this, the scraper has become an inexpensive but very popular product, most likely, by the end of 2022 it will come to every home. The aesthetics and exoticism of scrapers work for this. They are made of different materials:
    • quartz;
    • nephritis;
    • tree;
    • bone;
    The most affordable are cast in plastic. The shape of the scraper can vary, it is important that it be smooth and streamlined. There are scrapers in the shape of a heart, fish, rectangle, rounded crest. It is believed that the scraper is effective in improving blood circulation in the skin. And also helps with cellulite, convenient for massaging the face, neck, collar and whole body. An important advantage of the scraper is the affordable price.
    1. Hydrogel
    Protective film Smartphones sometimes fall and there are two main philosophies of protection, the first - to soften the impact, the second - to increase the hardness of the surface. Fans of hard choose tempered glass, soft - film. Glass - stronger, film - hides scratches. Which is better? - let's leave this question to engineers, the market attractiveness of the product is more important to us. As can be seen from the illustration, the demand for the film is quite stable. It is important to understand how full the market is and what the value of the product is. Google Shopping, pay attention to the cost and offers. Low-quality film costs a penny, but it is a normal film, not hydrogel. A good self-tightening film on which scratches "heal" is sold in another price category. The market is not crowded with this product, and may be very promising.
    1. Ring lamp
    Ring lamp is a trend that has been selling well for almost two years. It is taken by make-up artists, cosmetologists, but most often by those who want to make a career as a blogger or are fond of home photos. The lamp allows you to evenly illuminate the subject, adjust the intensity and angle of illumination. The ring lamp for a portrait photo proved to be especially good. The chart shows that the surge in sales for this product has already passed. Most likely, the market is already saturated, but the developers do not give up, and the next trend is a colored ring lamp.   It is unclear how popular this device will be, but there are prospects.
    1. Kalimba
    Kalimba is an African instrument for music lovers, yogis, meditators and children. Everyone will be able to play it, without notes, scores and conductor, the main thing is desire. Kalimba are common in Central and South Africa, they are made of bone, clay, coconut and metal. In the wake of yoga, this tool was used to improve concentration and concentration. The peak of popularity came in the winter of 2021, but interest in kalimbs continues throughout the year. Most likely, the potential of this instrument is not yet exhausted, in addition, it makes sense to pay attention to other ethnic musical instruments.
    1. Toys pop it
    This toy appeared relatively recently and inherited the bubble oilcloth. Are rubber bubbles that can be pressed. The main difference from the packaging is "reusability". Who needs it? Children for the development of fine motor skills, as well as kinesthetics who like to touch everything. Demand is a real trend in 2021, the toy came out of nowhere, instantly "took off", sold well for six months and is now popular on Google. Pay attention to the chart: the main volume of sales fell in the middle of the year, then began a gradual decline and stabilization of interest. I think pop can not be considered a promising product for business, but in our TOP 2021 it takes its place.
    1. Hoodie
    Hoodie - a jacket with a hood and a large, through pocket on the abdomen. Why there was a sudden surge of interest in thinness in 2021 is as clear as day. A 20-year cycle has passed and fashion has returned. In the West and in our country, such sweaters have existed for a long time, the only thing - designers could make them without pockets or with side pockets.   Most often, skinny people sew from dark fabric with a thematic print (popular band, game, and cartoon).
    1. Scales
    Nowadays, all devices are smart, soon before pouring tea; you have to consult with the kettle. The point is. that the scales have already reached the level when they not only show the weight, but also:
    • Percentage of fat;
    • Mass of bones;
    • Percentage of muscle.
    Agree, this is more than just a mass meter. Why did they suddenly become popular? I think there are several reasons. The first - a reasonable weight has become available, the second - home sitters over the lockdown overdosed on cookies. Now those who did not buy dumbbells and expanders a year ago are ordering scales to control their weight. And, of course, this is an interesting toy. Smart scales can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the application keeps records, analyzes the composition of the body and even prescribes diets.
    1. Facial massagers
    Facial massagers in trend In 2021, millions of women were looking for them. The surge in popularity is due, of course, to the benefits of marketing and the availability of these products. With a little effort and money, you can improve blood circulation, rejuvenate and look better. Of course, quarantine also played a role. Some massage parlors have become inaccessible and interest in devices that replace masseurs has grown. In addition to rollers for facial massage, they buy butterflies for the press, massage capes, mattresses, foot and neck massagers.
    1. Irrigator for teeth
    Irrigator - not new and has long been known to dentists. The peculiarity of this situation is that now there are household irrigators. To ensure white teeth, brushing is definitely not enough. Marketers write that the irrigator helps to perfectly clean the space between the teeth, gums and tongue from food debris. They (residues) are the main cause of caries. The price of the device depends on the size, options and number of nozzles. Ask your dentist if a home irrigator is really useful and if everyone can use it. But in terms of sales - in 2021 it sold very well.
    1. Humidifiers and fragrances
    This is a device for cleaning the air, humidification and fragrance of the house. In principle, it is inexpensive, useful and in demand. "Aroma lamp", "freshener", "humidifier", etc. are often used together with the query "aroma diffuser". Flavors are electric and natural. Electric sprays moisture and fragrance thanks to micromotors, heaters and evaporators. Natural flavors use natural evaporation of aromatic liquids from vessels, using a wick, bamboo stick, etc. Natural - more environmentally friendly and do not require outlets, and electric are more productive and designed for large spaces. Aroma diffusers were popular in 2021 and will remain relevant in 2022. In summary, it should be said that in addition to the goods presented in this TOP, there is a lot more. And there will definitely be new products and new hits. Follow our reviews and stay up to date. ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:05:41 +0500 informal
    TECNO Camon 18 “ First and the best choice for the photographers Camon 18 series, TECNO brought forward some of the best camera technology in its phones. The brand launched three phones with its Camon 18 Series “ Camon 18 Premier, Camon 18P, and Camon 18t. The Premier device soon gained popularity and became the photographer™s choice with its exceptional photography features. The premium device from TECNO comes with some high-end features at the price of PKR 55,999. The Camon 18 premier is equipped with the latest Gimbal Camera to get you the steadiest and anti-shake videos. Not only this, the phone supports a 64MP back camera with a triple camera setting which houses the Gimbal and enables you to capture distant objects with clarity with its 60x Hyper Zoom. While surfing Instagram you must have come across some of the young photographers who uploaded some fantastic shots using the Camon 18 Premier phone. Muhammad Irfan @hunzukutz_kahn (late) captured some of the best shots of the glacial Karakoram Range and some other snow-covered beauties from the north. Similarly, Ilyaas Allaah Buksh shared his captures of the magnificent deserts in the Baluchistan province. Whereas, Aniq captured the beautiful street views from Lahore and some mesmerizing scenes from Chiniot. Nabeel Nak shared some great shots of the morning life of Islamabad and the Faisal Mosque. While, Shamsher Khan Niazi shared some of the best sunset shots, blessing our Instagram feed with some serene images. These and many other photographers like Usman Khan, Suleman Attiq, and Abdul Mougees shared beautiful moments from public spots to mosques, bazaars, and the busy daily life from the ˜Androon™ Lahore. Moreover, TECNO urged its fans to capture the Last Full Moon of 2021 through the exceptional Premier device. Influencers, fans, and even publishers shared some amazing shots of the Moon from their Camon 18 Premier using the 60x Hyper Zoom and with the Double Exposure feature. The results were amazing! One could not believe that a phone could capture such clear shots of the bright moon, but the 18 Premier amazed us all. All-in-all, these young photographers not only used the phone but were full of praises for the brand for the incomparable features. The Camon 18 Premier which comes with come immaculate camera features, is also equipped with a 120Hz AMOLED Display, 8+256GB Storage, and the G96 Processor. These features make this phone a complete package and your best travel partner where you can capture every moment with precision. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:05:36 +0500 informal Significant success in the intermediate examination of a prisoner imprisoned for 11 years Syed Naeem Shah, a 33-year-old prisoner in Karachi's Central Jail, surprised everyone by achieving a remarkable success in the intermediate examination.

    According to the report, Syed Naeem Shah, who was convicted in a murder case who scored significant marks in the intermediate examinations, was not surprised when he was offered a scholarship by ICAP to become a chartered accountant.

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    Despite being bound, this prisoner who has proved his academic ability has also raised the head of the prison administration with pride. The prison administration says that the extraordinary success of Syed Naeem Shah is a clear proof of better education given to the prisoners in the prison.

    Syed Naeem Shah, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison, has already spent 11 years in prison. He is now appealing to the higher judiciary and the government to reconsider the sentencing decision so that he can pursue higher education and become a productive member of society.

    Syed Naeem Shah's remarkable success in the Intermediate Examination has proved that if a person's devotion is true then the bar in between is meaningless.

    Central Prison Karachi is a prison in the city of Karachi in Sindh, Pakistan. It houses more than 4800 prisoners including convicted terrorists that include militants who attempted to assassinate President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:05:17 +0500 informal
    The Witcher 3 higher than Cyberpunk 2077. We got to know the most popular games for PS4 and PS5 in 2021
  • The most popular games for PS5 in 2021
  • The most popular games for PS4 in 2021
  • Sony has published a list of the most downloaded games from PlayStation Store in 2021. CD Projekt Red's production was among the most popular games of the past year, but it is not Cyberpunk 2077. There is no need to convince anyone that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an extremely successful production. However, such a huge popularity of the nearly 7-year-old title, in addition to one player, can be admirable. The most popular PS5 games in 2021 In the case of PlayStation 5, sports games reign regardless of the region. In the US and Canada, players most often downloaded NBA 2k22, and in Europe, FIFA 22. The latest installment of the Call of Duty series - Vanguard - took second place. The podiums in the US and Canada are closed by Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, in Europe it is ... FIFA 21. For the full list of the most popular 2021 games on PS5, see below. USA / Canada
    1. NBA 2K22
    2. Call of Duty: Vanguard
    3. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    4. Madden NFL 22
    5. Battlefield 2042
    6. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
    8. MLB The Show 21
    9. Resident Evil Village
    10. Far Cry 6
    11. Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    12. FIFA 22
    13. Among Us
    14. Mortal Kombat 11
    15. NBA 2K21 Next Generation
    16. It Takes Two
    17. FIFA 21
    19. Returnal
    20. Kena: Bridge of Spirits
    1. FIFA 22
    2. Call of Duty: Vanguard
    3. FIFA 21
    4. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    5. Battlefield 2042
    6. Among Us
    7. Kena: Bridge of Spirits
    8. FAR CRY 6
    9. It Takes Two
    10. Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    11. F1 2021
    12. Resident Evil Village
    13. NBA 2K22
    14. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
    15. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
    17. Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition
    18. Diablo II: Resurrected
    20. Mortal Kombat 11
    The most popular PS4 games in 2021 From our perspective, the results of games on PlayStation 4 are much more interesting. It turns out that even 7 years after the premiere of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (edition of the Game of the Year), it is able to "jump" into the top 10 most downloaded games from the PS Store. What about Cyberpunk 2077? Unfortunately, the latest production of CD Projekt Red did not even make it to the top 20 ranking. A full list of the most popular 2021 games on PS4 from the PS Store can be found below. USA / Canada
    1. Grand Theft Auto V
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
    3. Minecraft
    4. NBA 2K22
    5. Call of Duty: Vanguard
    6. Madden NFL 22
    7. NBA 2K21
    8. Red Dead Redemption 2
    9. MLB The Show 21
    10. Mortal Kombat 11
    11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    12. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    13. FIFA 22
    14. THE FOREST
    15. Need for Speed ‹‹Heat
    16. UFC 4
    17. ARK: Survival Evolved
    18. Gang Beasts
    19. Rust Console Edition
    20. Naruto to boruto: shinobi striker
    1. FIFA 22
    2. Grand Theft Auto V
    3. Minecraft
    4. FIFA 21
    5. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
    6. The Crew 2
    7. Red Dead Redemption 2
    8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition
    9. Call of Duty: Vanguard
    10. The Forest
    11. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
    12. Gran Turismo Sport
    13. ARK: Survival Evolved
    14. Need for Speed ‹‹Heat
    15. NBA 2K21
    16. Gang Beasts
    18. eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE
    19. Among Us
    20. Assassin's Creed Valhalla
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:05:15 +0500 informal
    XIAOMI Tech Recap & A look at the tech marvels of 2021. With the start of 2022, looking back to the remaining 12 months revives many memories. 2021 changed into a totally critical 12 months for the tech enterprise as cell phone businesses introduced diverse improvements to the market. Pakistan™s favourite cellphone company stole the limelight as it introduced several smartphones with brilliant functions. Let™s take a look at what they launched in the past year! XIAOMI 11 Lite 5G NE A dazzling halo ring design encircling the main camera, the halo ring adds an element of charm. Excellent anti-glare frosted glass matte finish minimises fingerprint marks, keeping your phone looking brand new. A near-flat camera module that protrudes 1.77mm from the rest of the body. 1.88mm slim bezels Symmetrical and super slim side and top bezels with a width of just 1.88mm. One-click AI cinema makes your videos pop, take them to the next level with special movie effects. All the performance you need with Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 778G. XIAOMI 11T Series  Mi 11 T series is made for movie lovers. Xiaomi has combined exceptional hardware with cutting edge cinematic software, to offer a variety of incredibly creative yet easy-to-use videography features. Its Ultra Night Video, uses RAW-level AI real-time noise reduction and brightness enhancement, offering improved lighting and brighter night videography. Mi 11 enhances light and reduces over exposure, expanding night photography to three cameras  so that you can fulfill all of your night shooting needs. WQHD+ ultra-high resolution (3200x1440) provides almost 1.8 times more pixel-counts than FHD+ screens displaying more detail, while also allowing you to experience 1440p high resolution video content. In addition, Mi 11 uses the latest E4 Organic Electroluminescence material, making for a more power efficient screen. SOUND BY Harman Kardon, Xiaomi has worked together with the experts to enhance the acoustics of the dual speakers, providing exquisite and crisp high-end sound quality. Redmi 10 The Mi 10 series sets the benchmark for next-generation performance. Experience extreme power and efficiency with the latest LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 ROM technology, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 865 platform. Whether at work or play, expect to have your expectations surpassed. With a flagship CPU of the Year, highly improvement in CPU, GPU and AI performance. Build the fastest and strongest 5G platform. New-generation LPDDR5 RAM for 29% faster speed, coupled with UFS 3.0 flash storage for 100% improved performance makes it a super computer in the palm of your hand. Mi 11 Lite The curved side fingerprint sensor has been seamlessly integrated into the slim unlocking button, offering a smoother unlocking experience. The Near-flat camera module only protrudes 1.77mm from the rest of the body, making for a compact and well-balanced look and feel. Symmetrical and super slim side and top bezels with a width of mere 1.88mm, making room for more visuals. It's FHD+ DotDisplay clearly contrasts light and shadow for a more true-to-life image. Discover the world in great clarity through the screen. Redmi Note 10 Series The budget-friendly Note 10 series include a bunch of devices, starting with the vanilla Redmi Note 10 and going all the way up to the Redmi Note 10 Pro/Pro Max. The devices bring several major upgrades over the Redmi Note 9 series from last year, including high refresh rate AMOLED displays, premium camera hardware, and, in one case, 5G support. As far as other design choices and build materials are concerned, all the phones feature a side-mounted fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button on the right edge, a volume rocker right above it, and a USB Type-C port at the bottom. Battery capacity and fast charging capabilities on the Redmi Note 10 lineup are also quite consistent, with the Note 10 5G being the only outlier. Both the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10S pack 5,000mAh batteries that support 33W wired fast charging with the included charger. Redmi 9T Use all day and stay charged with a 4000mAh battery, then revive in flash with the 18W charger. The Sony 48MP ultra high-resolution wide camera + 8MP telephoto camera + 13MP ultra wide-angle camera, you can take any shot with ease. Seamlessly zoom in from 0.6x to 10x and discover your true photography potential. For the optimal gaming experience, the Mi 9T gives you not only great hardware, but software optimization that boosts performance. Through deep optimization, Mi Turbo reduces file fragmentation and keeps your system running smoothly for up to 18 months. The updated Game Turbo mode gives a massive boost to game sensitivity and responsiveness. It also features more tools like visual enhancement, so you can play with your customized configuration.  Closing 2021 on a big note, with tech marvels packing advanced AI™s. Extremely hyped to see what they have to offer in 2022, going out on a limb and saying that 2022 will be the year of futuristic tech advancements.    ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:05:10 +0500 informal Mercedes's solar concept car travels more than 1,000 kilometers on a single charge Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:05:01 +0500 informal Will Devine Johnson be part of Fast & Furious 10? Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:43 +0500 informal An on&screen fingerprint scanner may appear on the Apple iPhone 14 Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:39 +0500 informal These were our favorite games in 2021 HP - Every year a Resident Evil game comes out, it can™t end badly for me anymore, and luckily the Village has paid for it for me too. It™s great to see how a 25-year-old series can change, renew, adapt to the needs of a given age, and we™ve managed to bring the series back from the edge of the abyss several times, which is a big deal. In addition, Insomniac Games is constantly able to convince you that if they do something, it will be the best possible experience in every way. Spider-Man games on the PlayStation 5 were a huge experience, but the real generational change for me has become Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, both technically and gaming-like, it™s simply amazing to see how a game can deliver an almost perfect overall effect. It™s hard for me to say a more put together game from this year™s line-up from a professional and user standpoint, though both Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite impressed in their own way, and It Takes Two also showcased in my heart™s trophy collection. 2022 might be even more exciting, as long as any of you missed it, it™s definitely worth making up for those titles. mazur - I've just had enough years in the game world not to break down a lot when a self-forgetful hype train sometimes smears on the harsh reality when it comes out, as if it were just the Szajoli train station. Luckily, my baroque meter predicting baroque games worked relatively accurately this year, so I buried in advance and waited resignedly for Biomutant, the D&D Dark Alliance, the "definitive" (haha) release of the GTA trilogy, but I cheered until the last minute ) and Battlefield 2042 - although I haven™t given up on the latter yet, I™ll just wait patiently for half a year until they™re slapped close to what they were promised. However, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy won for themselves in the first minute and didn't disappoint, as did Resident Evil: Village, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Psychonauts 2, but even Halo Infinite. I steadfastly chanted to the little ones that "meglatiatuc feleym Ê’umtuchel, odabaÊ’!" And was I right? I was right. Or ... there was a game I couldn't believe in: Deathloop. Yet since the Arx Fatalis, I™ve always thrown myself at Arkane™s games with the utmost enthusiasm, and while I felt traces of greatness in them, I still missed something about them. What™s more, Deathloop left me so cold even after so many videos that I didn™t even want to try it at first - then, by no means, Arkane became perhaps the best game, and for me, one of the most memorable gaming experiences of 2021. No matter, I'm not right, similar positive disappointments can come at any time! Paca - I™ve been keeping my list of exactly and thoroughly for a few years about what games I™ve tried, played through, and what™s been missed during the year, but I plan to take time for them. I™ve started at 23 of this year™s show, but I™ve completely missed out on things like Deathloop, Marvel™s Guardians of the Galaxy, Life is Strange: True Colors, Age of Empires IV, and Psychonauts 2, all of which I™m very interested in. Maybe one of these could have topped my top 10, but they certainly wouldn™t have taken first place off It Takes Two. I love cooperative games in the first place, and It Takes Two involved me so deeply and my girlfriend who was with me on an adventure that we completely clicked in and fell in love. He™s not exactly a gamer, he didn™t have a controller in his hands before we met, yet he learned to take control in a matter of moments. It™s already waiting that when we play again, it might be easy to do it during the holidays, if for no other reason than the missed mini-games. I also really loved the Forza Horizon 5, which, while not innovating much compared to its predecessor, is terribly spectacular, fun, I can sit down in front of a race anytime, it always offers something to do and rewards it generously. I also loved Resident Evil Village, which is just as horrorous as it is still comfortable for me; the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apartot, with which the developers showed what a real next-gen experience is like; the divisive Far Cry 6, whose mood has completely taken me away, and Call of Duty: Vanguard, which I can™t stop, especially now that I have Shipment. I could list more, but the point is, I definitely liked bringing in the year and I™m afraid ahead of 2022, which promises even bigger bangs. 2021, favorite toy, ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:36 +0500 informal There is also a 1TB SSD in this new computer mouse ADATA ADATA not only considers its latest mouse as an input device but also as a product on which the user can store a multitude of games and movies. Among the mice designed specifically for video players, one of the ADATA mice seems to be an outstanding novelty, as it also has an SSD. The product called XPG Vault can be used not only for the usual tasks but also for data storage. To do this, the mouse makes an (up to) 1 terabyte volume available to the owner. Which appears as a separate unit on the computer. Data transfer is extremely fast at 985 MB / s. The process takes place on a USB 3.1 terminal. ADATA believes that with an SSD-equipped mouse. A player can keep their favorite content in their hands. Even if the library needs to buy and carry - a mouse is still easier to smuggle into a bag than a larger one. And slower external Winchesters. The manufacturer has not provided any other features about the XPG Vault, which has so far been offered as a concept device, so its price is not known. However, this gadget is also likely to feature at the CES electronics trade show. Which traditionally begins in early January in Las Vegas. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:27 +0500 informal Dare to step into Apple: you don™t need a SIM card for the iPhone 15 According to the leaked information, Apple is working with a UK company to create an iPhone that will only be able to use eSIM. SIM card for the iPhone 15.

    While even the arrival of the 2022 iPhone 14 seems very far away, for now, you can already hear rumors of what to expect from the models that will debut in 2023. The latest one is about what we can expect from the phone - more precisely, whatnot.

    According to the Brazilian iPhone Blog, Phone Arena writes that the iPhone 15 Pro, which will arrive in just over a year and a half, will no longer need to look for a SIM card, as it will not be possible to insert one into the phone. Current phones, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro can handle two eSIMs at the same time, and there is room for a nano-SIM. Apple says to work with a UK company to bring together a physical SIM exemption.

    Although this is so far the only source from which this information could be heard, this does not mean that the information could not be accurate. Not least because it™s been a long time since you™ve heard that Apple wants to develop a connector-free iPhone, and an eSIM-only phone could be an important step in that direction.

    However, the blog notes that in markets where eSIM is not yet available, you could still get iPhones that can physically insert a SIM card.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:24 +0500 informal
    History and cellular timeline since 1930 Cell phone history: from 1930 to today
    1. a) Portable radios
    1938 Many people do not know that the mobile phone is contained in the first portable radios AM, SCR-194 and 195, ancestors. These models were made in the USA. Laboratories of engineering corps of forces. Weighing approximately 25 pounds and spanning 5 miles, these walkie-talkies were widely used during World War II. 1940 Another development for military purposes, which can be considered a cellular antecedent, was the Motorola SCR-300 radio. Although it weighed more (32 and 38 pounds) and had a shorter run (3 miles) than SCR-194 and 195, it was also popular with the Allies during World War II. 1942 In the same line of portable radios appears the first "handie talkie", SCR-536, developed by Motorola with a weight of 5 kilograms and a ground mileage of 1 mile, while in water its signal can reach 3 miles. 1946 This was the year when the first commercial mobile service appeared: the mobile communication system (MTS), developed by Bell System. Weighed £ 80 and worked with limited call ranges available from AT&T, which cost up to $ 30 per month with additional call charges. 1956 Ten years after the introduction of the Bell System MTS, Ericsson Mobile System A (MTA) appeared, the first semi-automatic mobile car system to be sold in Sweden.   A year later, Du Mont's engineer, James A. Craig, demonstrated in the United States the first radiotelephone equipment that allows phone calls from returning vehicles to be retransmitted completely without the supervision of local telephone companies. 1964 As of this year, car owners with phones integrated in the United States have begun to see lighter cell phones, with buttons, but with low prices and with standardized service ..
    1. b) The advent of the cell phone
    1973 The mobile phone comes out of the car thanks to DynaTAC (Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage), with which former Motorola Vice President Martin Cooper made his first private phone call. It was said that the device weighed 1.1 kg and its dimensions were 228.6x127x44.4 mm. The user was able to talk for 30 minutes, and it took almost 10 hours for his battery to fully charge. In terms of connectivity, these first devices belong to the "Generación cero" (0G), because they do not have this ability. 1982 Nokia enters the mobile phone market and launches the first international mobile service, the first generation (1G) of mobile communications. 1983 The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X mobile phone is sold to the public. He currently weighed less than 2 pounds and worked for AMPS, North America's first 1G analog service. This device, the first cell phone approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, offered 30 minutes of talk time, 6 hours of standby time and can store up to 30 phone numbers. However, it remained an affordable technology for a few; it cost almost $ 4,000 (almost $ 9,000 today), except that its design was more business-oriented. 1984 Mobira Talkman appears, increasing the time available for conversations imposed by DynaTAC. 1989 Motorola is once again a pioneer with MicroTAC, the world's first handheld phone thanks to its flip design, in which hardware is hinged to the phone, reducing the size of the device when not in use. GSM announces 2G digital encryption technology in three years. 1992 Motorola International 3200 appears as the first digital mobile phone to use 2G technology.
    1. c) Smart phones
    We can say that from the decade of the 90's the race began to improve the design of phones and make them more portable so that any consumer can access them. And at the end of the decade, multifunction phones appeared: games, calculator, clock, calendar, profile configuration and colors on the screen. 1993 Launches IBM Simon, mobile phone, pager, fax and PDA, which also includes a calendar, address book, clock, calculator, laptop, email, games and a touch screen with a QWERTY keyboard. 1996 Motorola is showcasing its StarTAC to the public, which has opened and closed like a clam, halving the phone's size. He worked on 1G networks and then went on to 2G. 1997 With the Nokia 9000 comes the first cell phone, which also includes mini-computer features, despite limited Internet access. It had an LCD screen and a full QWERTY keyboard, the first on a mobile phone. In the same year, Nokia released its 3110, the most compact mobile phone. 1998 Nokia is moving towards a nicer and more ergonomic design; with its model 8810 turns off the external antenna or heel antenna, and then launches other models with a sliding keyboard. 1999 Nokia is again innovating with its 3210 model, which allows you to send messages with pre-installed images; or 7110, the first cell phone to include wireless communication protocol (WAP) or something that is the same: Internet access for mobile users. At that time, the Kyocera VP-201, the first cell for the built-in camera, also appeared.  
    1. d) Phones and cameras
    2000 Sharp makes the J-SH04 available to the public, with a built-in camera that offers images with a resolution of 0.1 megapixels. With this device began what is now called MMS, due to the fact that it has a built-in CCD sensor and Sha-Mail (Picture-Mail) infrastructure .. 2002 The first camera phone sold in North America: the Sanyo 5300 from Sprint. RIM launches the first Blackberry on the market, although its most popular models were: the 5810, to include a cell phone in a data-only device; and 2002, as it included wireless e-mail, print and fax. This year, the T-Mobile Sidekick is also known as a phone that allows web browsing and integrated instant messaging (AIM) with a QWERTY keyboard. The beginning of the PDA begins with Pocket PC Phone Edition from Microsoft, which later gave way to HP Jornada 928 Wireless Digital Assistant and Handspring Palm Treo .. 2004 A Motorola RAZR camera camera that has modified the design of mobile phones is for sale. 2005 Microsoft users noted the Treo 700w, a Palm OS that ran Windows Mobile. And the Motorola ROKR E1 comes with an Apple iTunes music player built to control up to 100 songs. 2007 The world knows the Apple iPhone, a touchscreen smartphone and 3G technology. 2008 HTC Dream is the first smartphone capable of running Google's Android operating system. It included a QWERTY keyboard, a full-fledged HTML, Gmail and YouTube web browser. Nokia Corp. led the industry with 40% of mobile phone sales worldwide. With its Nokia 1100 alone, it has come to sell 250 million phones, making it the best gadget in history.     2010 The first device to work with the 4G network: HTC EVO 4G from Sprint. It also had one of the largest touch screens, an 8-megapixel camera, high-definition video capture, HDMI output, mobile access point capability and HTC Sense. 2010 - present For the past 7 years, the manufacturers' challenge has focused on developing devices with a battery that lasts longer and with an elegant design that is light and thin. In addition, Android technology has been in the north of many to allow the download of the most popular mobile applications on the market. From the point of view of content producers in the world, there has also been a race to develop products that can be consumed from various devices, especially smartphones, as this connection mode today accounts for 75% of web traffic. ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:21 +0500 informal
    10 tips on how to attract and hold the attention of students during the lesson attention of students during the lesson.
    1. Be interested

    Before learning new material, tell the children about an unexpected fact about the subject of the lesson. Unexpected information about the subject of study attracts attention, arouses admiration, and, consequently, adjusts to the perception of educational material.
    1. Visualize

    During the explanation, make schematic drawings on the board - create intelligence maps, scribing, word clouds, and various schemes. Use colored chalk! Show students educational animations, gifs, book trailers, and more. For example, when talking about the structure of the human skeleton, show this video, which shows in detail and clearly how it is arranged.
    1. Motivate with practical value

    Explain the practical value and value of the knowledge that students will learn during the lesson. First, tell us what benefits students will have over those who do not have this knowledge and skills.
    1. Tell stories

    If you feel that children are tired and do not accept the learning material, try to switch their attention - tell a story. But no, not on an abstract topic. There is an interesting effective method of storytelling for learning - storytelling. Must Read: 6 exercises to help calm a noisy class For example, while studying the work of a certain writer or scientist, tell an interesting story from his life - what a person admired and loved.
    1. Ask questions

    During the story, actively engage students with questions to the class. This format of work will help increase the concentration and attentiveness of students during the lesson.
    1. Set a time for each type of work

    Students will be more attentive and less distracted if they indicate the time before each type of work and strictly adhere to the agreed conditions. Also, junior and middle school students are enthusiastic about the tasks that need to be completed quickly, the spirit of competition increases their motivation.
    1. Prepare creative tasks

    Invite students to complete tasks in which they can realize the value of knowledge and apply it under certain conditions. For example, after learning the types of maps in a geography lesson, ask students to create their map of an imaginary island. Its name, shape, inhabitants can be invented, but the legend with symbols, scale, and geographical network must be created according to the rules of cartography. Then on such a map, you can offer to determine the distances between objects and their geographical coordinates.
    1. Change the intonation

    Change the tone and speed of speech. Make accents. This will help you emphasize the importance of the material. And get rid of the monotony that does not perceive by students.
    1. Guide the engines during the lesson

    If you notice that students tire and begin to lose interest in the lesson, it's time to be active. This type of activity will not only relieve fatigue but also improve the perception of educational material. But also allow you to have a little fun.
    1. Add humor

    Students appreciate teachers who know how to joke aptly in the context of the lesson topic. Appropriate jokes help to relieve tension and establish a friendly atmosphere in the classroom. ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:19 +0500 informal
    The premiere of the next movie from the series Fast and Furious has been articalponed! Vin Diesel fans as Dominic Toretto must be patient. They will wait a little longer for the next installment of the Fast and the Furious saga.

    Regardless of whether you like this type of productions or not, you certainly know the Fast and the Furious brand. A series of movies that originally explored petty gangster settlements and illegal car racing in recent years has turned into full-fledged Hollywood action films that rack up multi-million dollar box office revenues around the world.

    In May this year, the ninth installment of the series hit theaters. We have also known for a long time that the producers are planning at least two more productions that will focus on the main character of the series, i.e. Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel. The premiere of the tenth part of the saga was originally supposed to take place in the early spring of 2023.

    Must Read: Viaplay will show all 52 African Nations Cup and Champions League matches

    Now, unfortunately, we already know that this will not happen. According to the Hollywood Reporter portal, Studio Universal has announced that its premiere will be articalponed. Fortunately, however, it will not be a very distant date from the previously planned date. Universal has had a May 19 date reserved for a long time. So far, we have not known the film that will debut then. Now we know that this will be the tenth part of the fast-paced saga. However, we can assume that the studio will not miss the Easter deadline and another production will be released in April. It is said to be one of the DreamWorks animations.

    Justin Lin will be the director of the film with the working title Fast and Furious 10. The Taiwanese director has been associated with this brand for years. Since 2006 and the premieres of Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, he has directed five films in the series in total. The fans can only count on the success of the next production, because this year's edition of the saga is not among the best rated.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:11 +0500 informal
    Mnemonics & 10 most effective memorization techniques Mnemonics - what are they? Many people wonder what mnemonics is. Simply put, mnemonics are methods of better remembering, storing, and retrieving information that shorten the learning process. They use three basic principles - association, context, and imagination. The word "mnemonics" create to combines two Greek words - mneme (memory) and technicos (made following art). It is also said to come from the name of the Greek goddess and titanic, the personification of language and memory - Mnemosa. The creator of mnemonics is considered to be Simonides of Keos - the Greek lyricist who was the first to use the memory palace method. Mnemonic methods were widely used in antiquity, but the scientific community recognized their effectiveness only in the twentieth century.

    The popularity of mnemonics in language education and learning

    Where did the popularity of mnemonics in the learning process come from? All thanks to their extraordinary effectiveness - they stimulate both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The former is responsible for imagination, abstract thinking, and creativity, while the latter is responsible for logical and analytical thinking. Stimulation of both hemispheres gives excellent results. Instead of applying the 3 x Z principle popular among students and students, we can create colorful images and stories, thanks to which we can remember up to 7 times faster, and information is stored in our memory for much longer. Mnemonics make learning faster and more fun.

    Application of mnemonics

    Where do mnemonics use? The use of memory techniques is recommended at every level of education, but they are also perfect for everyday life, to make it easier to remember, for example:
    • Names of newly met people;
    • Codes, passwords, PINs;
    • Phone numbers;
    • Shopping lists;
    • Information from workshops, lectures, training;
    • Relevant dates.
    Mnemonics are also great at increasing creativity, improving memory and concentration.

    Mnemonics - types

    There are two basic types of mnemonics:
    • Simple mnemonics - these include acronyms, rhymes, pairing, the first letter system, association systems, numbers represented by words and word games;
    • Complex mnemonics - using the imagination.

    Mnemonics - examples, and exercises

    There are so many mnemonic methods that everyone will surely find the most suitable one. Here we will focus on those that are the most popular and bring the best results while learning.


    Acronyms, or acronyms, are among the easiest mnemonic techniques. They consist in creating a new word or phrase, consisting of the first letters of the words that we need to remember. Ideally, the resulting word should mean something, but it's not necessary. The acronym method uses to remember groups of words that are similar to each other. According to it, the names of the Great North American Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior) can be abbreviated to the English word HOMES, meaning "houses". In turn, the acronym ADEK only seemingly does not mean anything. It composes of fat-soluble vitamins.

    Initial letter system

    The system of first letters is similar to the acronym method, but it is not an abbreviation but a whole, funny sentence, the first letters of which form a group of words. It is enough to learn the phrase "My Always Worked Mother Tomorrow I will bake a cake for me" to remember the names of the planets of the solar system - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The sentence "The Crow is sitting on the screen" will allow us to remember the English names of the directions of the world, read clockwise - North, East, South, West. And if we want to remember the cases in Polish, all we need to do is learn the sentence: "Mother gave her daughter a roll with country butter." There are hidden nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, locative, and vocative. It's that simple, isn't it?


    What else are mnemonics? An example of a simple yet effective way of remembering is the use of fun rhymes. They make it easier to learn the spelling rules or important rules. Each of us has heard at least once in school: "Remember young chemist - always pour acid into the water" or "Whoever lines-lines gets two", or "Poppy, tile - write these words. Exception: bolt and ferrule. Are you wondering if mnemonics can use to memorize science rules? The math and signs of trigonometric functions will be a prime example:
    • "Only pluses in the first quarter,
    • In the second, only sine,
    • In the third, tangent and cotangent,
    • And in the fourth cosine ".

    Numbers represented by words

    This mnemonic technique will be a great solution for people who need to remember a string of numbers. It consists in creating such a sentence, the words of which have the number of letters corresponding to a given number. To remember the first digits of Pi, the sentence "Cat and dog" is enough. If we want to remember the first ten digits, in this case, we have to learn the sentence: "Who willingly and thoughtfully wants Pi to write down the numbers, he will be able to".

    Memory hooks

    Memory hooks use to make it easier for children to remember numbers. They use a system of associating numbers with pictures, e.g. 0 - egg, 1 - candle, 2 - swan, 3 - heart, 4 - sail, 5 - hook, 6 - cherry, 7 - scythe, 8 - snowman, 9 - balloon, 10 - sword and shield. Each child can successfully come up with his associations - it all depends on his creativity and imagination. Nothing prevents adults from using the memory hook technique to memorize, for example, shopping lists. The more abstract the association is, the better!

    Chain method

    This method of memory mnemonics will be useful both at school and in everyday life. It consists in coming up with a funny story in which words to remember will interweave. Each element should connect to the next in the way that the links of the chain connect. The story we create must be colorful, funny, and dynamic - thanks to this, remembering it will not be a problem. However, it is worth bearing in mind that it will be useful primarily for memorizing shortlists.

    Memorial Palace

    The memorial palace, also known as the Roman peace or the loci method, is one of the oldest mnemonics. It uses to remember not only lists but also speeches and lectures. It seems unbelievable? And yet! In the beginning, however, it is worth starting with only a few elements, and adding more over time, when we have more experience. The memory palace method is to imagine the real or imaginary place where we place items. These, in turn, must associate with the elements that we must remember. As in the case of the chain method or memory hooks, our imaginary room and the objects in it should imaginary colored, exaggerated, and exaggerated. The more we have the skill, the more objects we can place in space. If you've watched the series "Sherlock", you surely know very well that the main character used the memory palace to solve puzzles.

    Mind map

    We have already mentioned mind maps in the artical about effective and fast learning methods. The center of the map is the main issue, from which there are more detailed and general issues. In this system, it is worth using many colors, pictures, pictograms, and other visual elements. Our thoughts are used not only for learning and remembering but also for planning or developing concepts, which is why they are perfect for students, lecturers, designers, creators, and businessmen.

    Main Memory System

    The Main Memory System was described in the middle of the 17th century. It involves converting numbers into individual phonetic letters and is significantly more advanced than other mnemonics. For this reason, it is a good idea to try it last, once you get used to other memorization techniques. The Main Memory System allows you to remember codes, PINs, telephone numbers, date account numbers, and other digit strings.   ]]>
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:04:03 +0500 informal
    TECNO collaborates with Daraz 12.12 sale to Launch the all&new Spark 8 Pro TECNO revealed the new Spark 8 Pro on Daraz 12.12 sale exclusively with a discounted price of PKR 24,000 whereas the original price is PKR 25,000. The new Spark phone comes with high-tech features and the latest technology.

    TECNO produces value for money devices under its Spark family which brings the latest tech features to its users at a competitive price. The new Spark 8 Pro comes with the G85 Gaming Processor, 33W Fast Charger, and a 6.8-inch FHD+ 1080P display. Moreover, it supports a 48MP AI Triple Camera with Ultra Sensing and Low-light imaging, 4+64GB Storage, and a 5000mAh battery.

    The phone comes with not just amazing features but a great body design. Available in two colors - Turquoise Cyan and Interstellar Black, the Spark 8 pro embeds a œSTOP AT NOTHING logo on the back. The stylish back is a new chic design by TECNO for the Spark series. The logo embedding is usually done for premium phones, but TECNO brings this experience for its users at a competitive price segment.

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    Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan shared his views saying,

    œWe have always focused on the quality of our product. The Spark Phones are our value for money devices where we bring the latest technology at competitive prices. the new Spark 8 Pro will prove to be a valuable device with such great specs and a cool stylish design. The body design has been focused in this series as we wanted to bring a premium feel for our mid-range users as well.

    The Daraz 12.12 sale is live from December 12 till December 22, 2021. The phone shall be available in the offline markets from December 20, 2021. Furthermore, TECNO is also offering price cuts on its Camon 18 Series and POVA 2 phones as well.

    So hurry and get your latest phones from Daraz asap! For more, visit TECNO™s official website and social media pages.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:03:59 +0500 informal
    TCL Pakistan™s No.1 LED TV brand in collaboration with Daraz e&commerce TCL, Pakistan™s No.1 LED TV brand in collaboration with Daraz e-commerce giant of Pakistan gears up for the last major online sale of 2021. This sale extravaganza will kick off at midnight on December 12, 2021. From 12th to 23rd December, users can enjoy one week of Super promotions on the entire range of TAir purifiers Vs, ACs, Soundbars, and Vacuum cleaners with Easy Monthly Instalments and Free Delivery nationwide.

    Also, on 12th December TCL will be offering massive discounts on its official store on daraz on account of TCL brand day for its valued customers.

    TCL is going all out to bring its consumer's unbeatable promotions and upsized flash deals. In this amazing sale, the brand promises to bring huge discounts, high-quality products, and a unique shopping experience in the comfort of users™ homes. All TCL products will be available on Daraz for purchase.

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    While commenting on this grand sale, Majid Khan Niazi, Marketing Manager TCL said, " We at TCL are very impressed with the response of our valued consumers in the 11.11 sale that encouraged us to bring more exciting offers to our users in this year™s 12.12 sale. We always endeavour to provide superior customer experience to our buyers.

    TCL is a locally No.1 LED TV brand in terms of sales and 2nd largest TV brand worldwide with a global presence in over 150 countries. The brand is swiftly emerging as an innovative technology brand, striving to deliver high-quality products to users in Pakistan at very competitive prices.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:03:49 +0500 informal
    realme GT 2 Pro will come with new flagship Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform Snapdragon Tech Summit Digital 2021 that Qualcomm Technologies has always been one of realme's most important collaborators. realme has already started the development of realme GT 2 Pro a few months ago and will deliver a real high-end flagship product that will exceed the expectations of young users around the world. realme has worked closely with Qualcomm Technologies since its inception to bring dozens of high quality. Powerful smartphones to consumers around the world from the 4G era to the 5G era. In 2021, realme was one of the first manufacturers to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and 870G 5G Mobile Platforms. Realme GT Master Edition Explorer 5G with Snapdragon 870. And realme GT with Snapdragon 888 has widely recognized the markets around the world. With powerful performance and top 5G capabilities. Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 Mobile Platform, has expanded new possibilities for the development of realme's new flagship realme GT 2 Pro. Especially in terms of gaming, AI capability, and 5G, pushing user experience to a new level. And becoming the powerful engine for realme's first premium flagship. Realme will work with Qualcomm Technologies to bring a new premium. Performance experience to young users around the world! ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:03:48 +0500 informal TECNO brings massive discounts with the Camon 18 series launch TECNO™s ambassadors for the Camon 18 series, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Sehar Khan announced a special discount offer of PKR 1000 for all fans on TECNO's official social media page. All models including Camon 18 Premier, Camon 18P, and Camon 18t will be available for purchase at reduced rates for December only.

    After much hype, the phones are available in both online and offline markets. Customers can get special discounts when they buy online from Daraz, PriceOye, and Cube Online. On buying Camon 18 Premier you get PKR 1000 off + Gimbal & TWS for FREE. Whereas, Camon 18P and Camon 18t are available with a PKR 1000 Discount online.

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    CEO TECNO Mobile Pakistan, Kelvin Zeng said,

    œKeeping in view the hype the Camon 18 series received, we have announced these special discounts. We aim to bring the best for our consumers so with this new Camon 18 Premier we enable users to capture the steadiest videos along with 60x Zoom clearest pictures for faraway objects. TECNO appreciates the love this new series is receiving and we look forward to many more successful campaigns here in Pakistan.

    The discount offers are available for only the month of December with limited stock only. So do not waste any more time and grab your latest devices at PKR 1000 off!

    For more on TECNO, visit their website and official social media pages.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:03:21 +0500 informal
    10 ideas for family weekends when it's gray outside the window Outside the windows you can see autumn more and more, mornings and evenings are getting colder, which means that soon we will spend much less time outdoors. While the busy school schedule during the week does not allow children or adults to get bored, the question often arises what to do on weekends when it is gray, drab and unpleasant outside? We give you 10 ideas on how to spend your weekends creatively with your children and, above all, have a great time with your family. ideas for family weekends when it's gray outside the window.

    1. Do it yourself - at home!

    The DIY ("do it yourself") trend has never been as good as it is today. Home needlework is a triumph, and for parents it is great news - after all, it is a mine of ideas for activities with children, which can be explored every rainy weekend. All you need is a few materials, a large table or a piece of flooring, willingness and time, and the range of possibilities is almost endless. We can prepare jewelry, simple toys, bookmarks, decorations or homemade colorful soaps and bath bombs with children. Older children can make a bird feeder or light garlands with the help of their parents. In autumn, it is also worth taking advantage of the treasures found by children on walks - colorful leaves, chestnuts and acorns. It all depends on our creativity and our child's, the possibilities are virtually endless. Need some inspiration? We can find a lot of ideas on the Internet, just use the abbreviation DIY when searching.

    1. Time for culture

    Fall and winter are probably the best times to catch up on culture. After all, we have enough outdoor activities in the summer. When the weather doesn't spoil us, let's go on a trip to the museum, to an exhibition in a gallery or to the theater. Larger cities offer a wide cultural offer, including special facilities dedicated to children or a selected repertoire suitable for the youngest. In smaller towns, theater performances and temporary exhibitions often appear as guests - it is worth finding out about them in local community centers by checking their websites or profiles on social media. Common trips to the theater, museum or gallery sensitize the child to art, teach, and bring the younger and older generation closer.

    1. A kitchen better than a playground

    For some time on the Internet, the answer to the question of what extracurricular activities must be enrolled in a child is a sensation, the author of which claims that the best activities are two hours a week in the kitchen with mom and two hours of DIY with dad, written in the schedule and observed as if parents they paid for them.

    We completely agree with this approach! The first from the list of activities, i.e. family cooking, is a great idea for family spending time on autumn and winter weekends. Here, too, the range of possibilities is almost unlimited - we can bake cupcakes, pizza, prepare salads, homemade ice cream or burgers. It is important that it is colorful, tasty and that the children have their share in the whole project. Cooking together is a good opportunity to learn about the properties of products, introduce healthy eating habits and exercise manual skills, and then enjoy eating together. Adults only need to remember not to stress too much about the mess that will arise in the kitchen or during DIY activities. After all, spilled flour or spilled milk can always be wiped off, tools can be picked up, and family moments in the kitchen are more valuable than additional cleaning (which can also be a shared activity).

    1. Home laboratory

    How to make a "rubber" egg? Can you make a volcano out of vinegar and baking soda? A self-made lava lamp? Even if adults are not experts in chemistry or physics, they can successfully create a home laboratory for children where real wonders will work. The Internet is full of recipes for crazy but safe experiments that will please not only the youngest. It's a great way to show your kids that science can be fun too!

    1. Water madness

    In autumn and winter, we often feel a decline in well-being. And it is related not only to the deficit of the sun or the solstice, but also to the lack of exercise. By spending time only at home, we limit our physical activity, which translates into, among others for winter folds. In autumn and winter, especially on weekends, when we have more time, it is worth going to the swimming pool, where we can use our energy. Swimming and playing together in the water revitalize the body and integrate the family, ensuring great fun at the same time. If we have an indoor aqua park nearby, we can go for a few hours' stay in such a facility - games on slides, paddling pools and swimming pools as well as activities organized by instructors will provide us with a substitute for summer winter.

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    1. Trampoline park / games room

    To move on cloudy days, not necessarily outside, where the wind blows and it rains, we can also go to the trampoline park. After even an hour-long session, the child will certainly be "saved", and we will also get the right dose of exercise and raise the level of endorphins. Younger children who may not feel confident on the trampolines will love to jump into the pool filled with soft balls, which offers numerous playrooms available in almost every city. Playing with balls will be even more fun if your parents join you.

    1. Puzzle room

    A visit to the escape room, i.e. the escape room, is another suggestion for family spending time when it's gray outside the window. Escape rooms came to us from the west, and their growing popularity meant that they already exist even in small towns. The rule is simple - thanks to cleverness, logical thinking and efficient cooperation, the group has to get out of a locked room in 60 minutes. It is a real lesson in family cooperation, creativity training and great fun, consisting in solving puzzles based on clues and hints. Usually, the facilities offer escape rooms in which even 8-year-old children can handle.

    1. Games weekend

    If we do not want to leave the house, we can organize a family weekend with games. Here, too, the possibilities are huge - we can try to deal with the arrangement of complicated puzzles, play puns or arrange several games of board games. For the youngest, we recommend Dobble, Monsters for the Wardrobe or the Super Farmer game. Older children will appreciate the Scrabble vocabulary developing, the classic Monopoly. Board games can be expensive, so let's exchange board games among friends. There are also places where you can play the available games for free - these are libraries, cafes and restaurants. There are also board game rentals. Timeless checkers, chess, pieces, Regular cards are also great entertainment for the whole family. Apart from the fact that the games develop logical thinking, they also teach children to win and ... lose! And that is an invaluable skill these days.

    1. Home art classes

    A cloudy weekend is also a great opportunity to wake up the artist and show the child the unlimited world of imagination. Basic materials such as paint, cardboard, scraps of fabric, plasticine, clay or old newspapers are enough to conjure up greeting cards (e.g. birthday cards, for Grandpa's or Grandma's Day) or a beautiful notebook decorated according to the owner's personal preferences. We can also try to buy a special paint and fancifully paint individual plates that are left over from the old shop, but if we run out of ideas, we can use the recipes for creative, plastic games on the Internet.

    1. With friends

    Holidays are long gone, but the last months of the year also have their advantages. In autumn and winter, it is much easier to make an appointment with long-lost acquaintances and friends. Meetings with friendly families, even those organized at home, are usually a large dose of positive emotions. In addition to visiting the house, we can also go to a restaurant together, preferably one with a playground for children. Changing the environment, the company of liked children and adults, even at home, is an opportunity for joint games and frolics. For children, it is an unforgettable experience to spend the night at a favorite cousin or friend - so do not be afraid of weekends with friends or family in another city. But let's also remember about the rematch - after all, everyone needs a change.

    There are a lot of creative ideas for spending time, we just need to free ourselves from the stereotypical thinking that in autumn or winter we will only be bored at home, interspersed with sitting in front of a TV or tablet. We should also remember that regardless of the weather, a good idea for all circumstances is ... a walk. In Norway, famous for its harsh weather, children are brought up according to the old adage that there is no bad weather for a walk - there are only bad clothes.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:03:14 +0500 informal
    Prohibited substances in sport: 15 examples Doping in sport can lead to sanctions against athletes. Here are 14 prohibited substances that put athletes at risk. Find out what to avoid. Prohibited substances in sport are on the list published by the World Anti-Doping Agency, and the list is growing every day. Athletes must adhere to this list to avoid serious sanctions.

    A positive doping test result may result in the removal of titles, medals, and suspension or even expulsion of the athlete. Read on to learn about the most important substances prohibited in sports.

    Substances prohibited in sport

    The World Anti-Doping Agency aims to monitor the fight against doping. For this reason, it has compiled a list of substances that are illegal in sports.

    There are three large groups of substances: those that are not currently legal, those that are illegal in competition, and those that are not only allowed in certain sports.

    1. Unapproved substances

    These are substances in the experimental or developmental phase. There are no results or complete tests documenting the effect on humans.

    1. Anabolic agents

    Steroids are the best known among these measures. They are a derivative of the sex hormone testosterone. Stanozolol also belongs to the group of anabolic agents, as well as nandrolone and clenbuterol.

    1. Peptide hormones: prohibited substances

    Among the substances banned in sport, one of the most common is erythropoietin, also known as EPO. It is an endogenous hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells. For example, cyclist Lance Armstrong has lost all the titles he has won in his career due to accepting the EPO. This is one of the most famous cases.

    1. Beta2-mimetics

    Due to the fact that they dilate the bronchi, they help people with asthma. They forbid it because they make breathing easier and can reduce physical exertion. Beta2-mimetics vilanterol, albuterol, fenoterol and reproterol.

    1. Hormones and metabolism moderators: prohibited substances

    These moderators reduce some of the effects of hormones in the body, especially those related to muscle growth and development. For example, this group includes insulin, anti-estrogen substances, and estrogen receptors.

    1. Diuretics and masked prohibited substances

    These are substances that are not allowed under any circumstances, including during play, competition, or off-season. Accordingly, their aim is to conceal the use of illegal substances. They affect the kidneys by increasing urine output.

    1. Blood manipulation

    Blood or plasma transfusions are still illegal. Other prohibited activities are dialysis and any other method that modifies blood components.

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    1. Chemical or physical manipulations: prohibited substances

    In this case, we do not mean methods that alter blood or urine samples. For example, we mean another person who is not an athlete or who was an athlete consuming illegal substances.

    1. Genetic doping

    It DOES not widely use, but WADA also has a list of prohibited methods. Nevertheless, rare genetic doping means altering genetic information or the use of modified cells.

    1. Stimulants: obviously prohibited substances

    Due to the fact that they increase the level of activity and short-term physical and mental performance, these substances are prohibited in competition. Among the most common stimulants are ephedrine, cocaine, amphetamines, and methylphenidate.

    1. Drugs

    This includes any substances that may have an analgesic or sedative effect on the body. These include, for example, drugs such as morphine, heroin, methadone, oxycodone, and fentanyl.

    1. Cannabinoids

    They are all substances derived from the cannabis plant, both natural and synthetic. Of course, the most common is marijuana. Nevertheless, their impact on athletes and their performance is questionable. Still, they are illegal in sports.

    1. Glucocorticosteroids

    Reducing blood glucose consumption and increasing strength is part of the action of glucocorticosteroids. As a result, they improve their performance in high-intensity competition or in long-lasting competition. Some of them are prednisone, hydrocortisone, and dexamethasone.

    1. Alcohol, a substance prohibited in some sports

    When athletes consume alcohol in large amounts, its effects are devastating for the body. In some sports, such as motorsport, alcohol is illegal. This group includes car racing, motorbike sports, speedboat racing, archery, aeronautics, and martial arts such as karate.

    1. Beta-blockers: prohibited substances

    The most used substance in this group is propanol. In this case, the main effect is to reduce palpitations and tremors. Therefore, athletes cannot use them in precision sports such as shooting, golf, or archery. They also cannot use them in darts, swimming pools, motorsports, skiing, or snowboarding.

    WADA offers a very detailed explanation of Illegal and Prohibited Substances. As mentioned above, their application can mean very severe sanctions for those who choose to adopt them.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:03:07 +0500 informal
    TECNO Launches its much&awaited Camon 18 series in Pakistan TECNO has finally launched the most anticipated and its first-ever Gimbal Camera phone in Pakistan. The newly launched Camon 18 series consists of three phones, Camon 18 Premier, Camon 18P, and Camon 18t. The phones are available in both online and offline markets for sale.

    The premium device from the series, Camon 18 Premier, comes at the price of PKR 55,999. It is equipped with the Gimbal Camera, 60x Hyper Zoom, a 120Hz AMOLED Display, 32MP front & 64MP back camera, 8+256GB Storage, and the G96 Processor.

    The Camon 18P is embedded with some outstanding features for its price of PKR 34,999 including a G96 Processor, 8+128GB storage, 16MP front & 48MP back camera, and a 120Hz FHD display. Whereas the last phone from the series, Camon 18t, is priced at only PKR 28,999 and comes with 48MP cameras for both front and back, along with G85 Processor, 4+128GB storage, and a 1080 FHD display.

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    The CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, Kelvin Zeng, expressed immense joy on the occasion,

    œWe are really happy to launch our first-ever Gimbal Camera Phone in Pakistan. Camon 18 Premier is going to be the game-changer for professional videographers with its steadiest and smoothest captures. The series is fully equipped with brilliant camera lenses and technology to provide a professional experience to the user. As TECNO aims to bring the best for its consumers, we look forward to a positive response from the local consumers.

    The phones will be available in various colors; Camon 18 premier comes in Ocean Moonlight and Summer Breeze. Whereas, Camon 18P and Camon 18t will be available in Dusk Grey, Iris Purple, and Ceramic White. So hurry and get your best camera phones asap!

    For more, follow TECNO™s official website and social media pages.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:02:45 +0500 informal
    TECNO CAMON 18 Premier to come with TÃœV Rheinland Certification TECNO CAMON 18 Premier to launch soon in Pakistan with two international certificates from TÃœV Rheinland - Low Blue Light (Hardware solution) for eye protection and Safe Fast-charge Systems.

    The leading smartphone brand, TECNO has received two new internationally recognized TÃœV Rheinland certifications respectively for Low Blue Light (Hardware solution) and Safe Fast-charge Systems for its device Camon 18 Premier.

    These features will help to provide consumers better eye protection and safety of fast charging for long-time phone usage. The blue lights of the computer and mobile screens have a negative effect on the eyes. And have become a heated topic in recent years.

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    TÃœV Rheinland is a world leader in laboratory testing and product certification according to ISO, IEC, and other international standards. According to TÃœV Rheinland™s Low Blue Light (Hardware Solution) certificated products. The CAMON 18 Premier can shift the peak of blue light outside the range of 415nm-455nm. To provide comfort for your eyes all day long and reduce overall power consumption.

    Besides the eye protection from Low Blue Light, a safe fast-charging system will provide consumers a worry-free smartphone experience with fast, efficient, and reliable charging while sustaining the battery life.

    With œStop At Nothing as its brand essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for those progressive individuals, giving them stylishly designed products that inspire them to uncover a world of possibilities.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:02:13 +0500 informal
    TECNO starts promotions for the Gimbal Camera CAMON 18 series TECNO has finally started promoting its first Gimbal Camera phone “CAMON 18 in Pakistan. After its successful launch in the global market, local users have highly anticipated the phone. 

    CAMON 18 comes as with the most exclusive features from TECNO so far. The phone shall support a Stabilized Gimbal Camera and 60x Zoom Technology. The Professionals are using many features for high-class videography. Apart from this, CAMON 18 series will have three variants coming to Pakistan; CAMON 18 Premier, CAMON 18P, and CAMON 18t. The series will be a premium one, engaging not only the mid-range segment but the high-end users.

    As CAMON is TECNO™s flagship photography series, hence camera is going to be the main feature of this new phone. The phone launched globally and got immense popularity due to its enhanced Camera Technology. This is the first time gimbal technology is being introduced in any TECNO phone and this will be a game-changer for mobile photographers & videographers. 

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    Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, expressed his joy:

    œThis is the first time TECNO is introducing such high-class features in any of its phones. The gimbal technology will immensely help mobile photographers and videographers to get professionally stable and smooth pictures. The 60X zoom is also a first in our phones and you can say that both features combined, this phone is going to be a hit among high-end users.

    Looking at the teasers, CAMON 18 looks like a promising device. The phone will have expected to hit the markets soon to become famous among photographers and high-end users. The launch date did yet not announce so stay tuned for more.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:01:59 +0500 informal
    realme is Bringing its Biggest 11.11 Salebration on Daraz with up to 50% Discounts The realme x Daraz 11.11 Celebration will go live on Thursday, November 11, 2021, and feature massive discounts of up to 50% along with the biggest giveaways by realme including realme GT Master Edition, realme Narzo 50i and much more.

    The biggest realme sale full of discounts and giveaways is all set to go underway, exclusively on Daraz. The realme x Daraz 11.11 Celebration is bringing together all the top realme smartphones and smart AIoT devices for massive discounts of up to 50%. realme is the Diamond Partner for the 11.11 Celebration on Daraz “ the highest partnership for this ultimate sale.

    Last year, at the Daraz 11.11 Super Sale event, realme ranked Top 01 in the Mobiles, Tablets, Audio and Wearable categories in Daraz South Asia. This year, it looks to emblazon this same accolade with its full arsenal of smart products along with the star attraction realme GT Master Edition and realme Narzo 50i.

    Realme Master Edition

    The realme GT Master Edition (128GB) or shall we call it Smartphone of the Year will be exclusively available for PKR 63,999/-, an industry-beating price that doesn™t get any better. On the other end, you can grab a realme Narzo 50i for PKR 20,399/- all on the same day. realme™s powerhouse performer, the realme 7 Pro will be available for PKR 42,499/-.

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    Not just this, but the biggest 11.11 Celebration has something for everyone and a discount on everything. A host of smart AIoT products are seeing massive drops as well. The realme Band 2 features 90 sports modes will be available for PKR 6,999/- while the realme Band will be available for PKR 2,499/-. Your ultimate favourite realme Watch will be priced at PKR 8,999/-.

    Realme SmartPhones

    While realme™s smartphones and fitness products have won the market for their affordability and top-notch features, people have shown massive love for realme™s smart audio products too. Hence, you can get the realme Buds Air 2 for PKR 8,999/- and the Buds Air 2 Neo for PKR 6,999/-. The compact audio boosting realme Buds Q2 will be up on sale for PKR 4,999/- and the ultimate classic realme Buds Q for PKR 2,999/-.

    Yet the excitement doesn™t just end here for the 11.11 Celebration is also bringing the biggest realme giveaways to date. People will be able to win realme GT Master Edition, realme Narzo 50i, realme Buds Wireless, realme Buds Q2, realme Buds Air Pro, realme Buds Q, realme Band 2, realme Band, realme 30W Power Bank, realme Power Bank 2, realme Motion Activated Night Light and realme N1 Sonic Toothbrush.

    So, hold your breath and organize your wallets till Thursday, November 11, 2021, because the realme x Daraz 11.11 Celebration is perfect for you. You can walk away with some of your favourite realme giveaways or better yet get your favourite realme products at the best discounts.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:01:35 +0500 informal
    TECNO brings massive discounts on Daraz 11.11 sale 2021 TECNO Mobile Pakistan is here with another special discount of up to 30% on Daraz 11.11 sale and the offer can be availed fromNovember 11 till November 21, 2021.

    All the latest TECNO models including Spark 6 go, Spark 7 Pro, Camon 17, POVA 2, and Spark 7t can be purchased at special discounts of up to 30% only on

    Product Actual Discounted Price
    Camon 17 (6+128) 24,999 23,399
    Spark 7 Pro (4+64) 22,699 21,399,
    Spark 7T (4+64) 21,999 19,999
    POVA 2 (6+128) 28,999 27,199
    Spark 6 Go 19,999 17,999

    TECNO Discount Offer

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    Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, said:

    œSince our start in Pakistan, we have been working hard to provide the best for the local consumers. With this Daraz 11.11 sale, TECNO offers up to 30% discounts on all latest phones including various Spark, Camon, and POVA devices. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your smartphone withthe latest TECNO phones, that too at a discounted price.

    TECNO has been giving a tough time to the competitors in the market. It has already become the number three (No. 3) most selling brand in Pakistan within no time due to its quality products. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your favorite devices from Daraz right away.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:01:25 +0500 informal
    15 Things You Wish For Time is slipping through your fingers. You had so many plans and things to implement, your calendar requires you to cross out the outstanding tasks. You often end your day feeling that there are so many things you want to do, but you have run out of time. Things You Wish.

    Trying to stuff a million tasks into one day, we start to suffer ourselves, our relationships and our body.

    Let's look at the specifics.

    24 hours a day:

    • 24 hours
    • 1 440 minutes
    • 86,400 seconds

    Quite a lot.

    It's good to learn to use these minutes properly. Sometimes it is enough to give up one activity, which is a waste of time to gain time for something important and valuable to us, something that will translate into great results after some time - more money, knowledge, more opportunities. It is worth fighting for, the more so that the popular "time thieves" are not so necessary in our lives.

    Here is my subjective list of things that people waste precious seconds, minutes and sometimes hours on every day.

    1. Social media (Facebook, instagram, snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn).

    By using these portals (without specifying the reason for opening them) you can be sure that time will pass through your fingers. You know it for sure, you only turn it on for a moment, here is a movie, here a few comments, beautiful photos of friends, an offer and an hour has passed. This goes for all social media. Each website is designed to keep people interested and stay active and engaged for as long as possible. Social media algorithms are working better and better and more and more effectively match the content presented to the interests of the recipient. And for us, recipients, it is more and more difficult to log out.

    How to deal with this?

    Determine the purpose of opening the application, what to check and do. Do this and log out. If you are visiting for entertainment, determine how much time you can spend on it and set the timer, and after calling it, log out. If, after all, it is difficult for you to disconnect from social media, you can install an application that blocks access to websites of your choice at times you set ( SelfControl, StayFocusd).

    It is also worth uninstalling the excess of applications from the phone, because nothing takes your time as much as incoming notifications, which only take you away from what you are doing at the moment.


    Another time absorber, you only turn on for a moment and it turns out that the hours are passing by. You watch your favorite program, and during the commercials you jump through the channels and look for other interesting content, and so half an hour, another half, and it turns out that you spent a lot of time watching. However, you haven't watched anything from start to finish.

    Some people turn on the TV right after entering the apartment, claiming that they like œwhen it's playing, but not watching at all. It is very distracting, it extends the time of performing even tasks that do not require concentration, such as preparing meals or dressing.

    How to deal with this?

    Decide that you do not turn on the TV, you can hide the remote control, disconnect the transmitting antenna, make it difficult to start it in any way. However, if you like to watch certain series or programs on TV, set aside time to watch them and turn on the TV at the time your designated program starts.

    1. Habitual checking of the mailbox

    When starting work, you turn on your e-mail box and from time to time check whether a new message has appeared. It's just like with multitasking, which was fashionable some time ago, you think that you are so cool because you can do two things at the same time, and in fact, the time you spend on dealing with these two things is longer than if you did them one after the other at the appointed time. Just because someone has a case for you doesn't mean that you need to be informed about it at the moment (unless that's your job). By reading incoming messages, you make your brain think about many things at once, making it less focused on the task at hand.

    How to deal with this?

    Do not turn on your e-mail box while performing important tasks. Set aside time during the day to review and reply to incoming messages. You can even set up an auto responder in which you inform senders that you will read the content of the email within a certain time and reply as soon as possible.

    1. No list of tasks, work plan

    When starting a day or a project, it is worth creating an action plan that includes steps, a sketch of the end result that you want to achieve by completing the work. Working with a list that is in view and available at any time, you have a ready map of activities for the day. You protect yourself from wasting time figuring out what to do now, where to start. You don't waste time doing unnecessary things that aren't part of what you are working on. Finally, it prevents you from forgetting something important that you were supposed to do on a given day.

    How to deal with this?

    After the end of the day (work or evening), make a list of tasks for the next day, remembering to assign a priority task. Before starting any project, something bigger in life, make a plan of action. Draw a plan into small steps, set the order of their implementation and set deadlines.

    1. Procrastination, or articalponing matters

    What a common phenomenon among students, everything at the last possible moment: studying for the exam, writing a final thesis, preparing a project. Later this habit goes into the world with people and they practice it in their professional lives. articalponing something will not make it disappear. Having put off important matters, you take away the chance to move the project forward, cause stress and lead to a situation that there is little time for the task to be completed, and this is a simple way to errors, mistakes and mediocrity.

    How to deal with this?

    One simple piece of advice that works for me is make up your mind and don't argue with yourself. Make a decision that this is something important and you want to do it, and then keep your mind out of the way as it offers up tons of reasons why you shouldn't do it. You just sit down and start doing it, the first minutes (hours) can be tough, and then just like everything goes on.

    1. No morning rituals

    It may sound like a cliche, but a certain sequence of actions in the morning can either make the day effective or cause things to go wrong as it was supposed to. There is a lot to write about morning rituals, it is worth considering which actions or activities performed in the morning give you energy for work, and which are destructive. As you've probably noticed, delaying getting out of bed has consequences that can ruin your day.

    How to deal with this?

    First of all, consider what your perfect morning should be, what time you should get up, what to do, what to eat, what to tell someone close to you and what time to go to work (or start work if you work from home). Observe yourself and notice the behaviors or factors that have a destructive effect on you in the morning, and then avoid them. If, for example, you are nervous in the morning that you have nothing to wear and you feel bad in the sets in which you leave for work, learn to plan the day before what you will wear and prepare something suitable for yourself.

    1. No habit to artical things in place

    This, unfortunately, is my bad habit that I have been facing for some time. Maybe you know it too, you use something and then leave it in another (random or not) place, telling yourself that you will need it again, that you will remember that you put it here. Unfortunately, when you need an item, you no longer remember where you put it away and you waste time searching.

    How to deal with this?

    Everything in the apartment should have a fixed (preferably described) place, then putting items away is intuitive. If you also have this problem, first limit the number of items you have. Secondly, make an action of organizing space, let all similar items have one, and if possible and necessary also a described place. The third piece of advice is to make a habit of putting it back, you have to remember about it and every time you have to leave something in a random place, make yourself put it back where you took it from.

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    1. Not completing tasks

    You start a task with enthusiasm and energy, and after a few quarters or hours, you feel refused, you lose your enthusiasm, something else appears to be done and you leave the things being done. And so left over repairs left, unfinished works pile up and you get frustrated because they are still on your to-do list and waiting to be completed.

    How to deal with this?

    Do not start a task if you are not convinced that you can finish it, or break it into smaller steps and focus on individual activities. Don't start a new task until you've finished the previous one.

    1. Constant search for needed things, files, photos

    You start a task and you have lost a file or a tool you need. You waste time looking for it, and in the course of implementation, you need something else and still look for something.

    How to deal with this?

    Make a habit of preparing the necessary tools before starting the task, e.g. when you start cooking, take all the ingredients you need on the countertop, if something is missing you have a chance to fill the gaps by going to the store or choose another dish that you are able to prepare from what you have .

    1. No idea to use the access time, waiting in a line

    Observing people using public transport, I can say that the vast majority of them do not use travel time to / from their place of work or study. People stuck to their mobile phones browse websites and FB, click hearts on Instagram, do not wonder how much they could do by planning this time for something else. Of course, you cannot always afford to read a book, especially when it is crowded, but you can have an audiobook prepared, listen to an interesting podcast or learn new words from a mobile application.

    How to deal with this?

    Find a way adapted to your lifestyle and needs to effectively use the time spent in public transport or in waiting rooms. You can plan to browse the offers of hotels, carriers (if you have travel plans), you can look for inspiration to spend your free time with loved ones or find interesting recipes for dinner. Do something that serves something in your life during this time. And if you need to relax, stock up on your favorite music and listen to it, instead of straining your eyesight by staring at the phone screen.

    1. Work not being here and now

    You know what I mean? You get down to work, open a file and start typing something on the keyboard, and suddenly you have a thought in your head that you would eat something, or about vacation, or about the argument the day before yesterday. You are not 100% focused on what you are doing and this is a simple way to extend the task at hand.

    How to deal with this?

    If you take on a task, and your thoughts are flying away, give yourself 5 minutes to think, dream, get upset, if you need to write down conclusions on a piece of paper (e.g. I will buy flowers for my wife, I haven't done anything wrong, but I don't want it anymore roll longer; look for an offer from a travel agency for a trip to the Alps) and after 5 minutes return to work.

    1. Meditation "what others will think?"

    This is my favorite waste of time instead of taking the first (and next) step, people sit and wonder what others will think, what others will say. I'll tell you what! People always think something and say something, but are you interested in the opinion of someone you don't care about? By the way, people think much less about others than you think. So do not waste time thinking, if you want to do something, do it, if you fail, at least you will know that it was your decision and you will bear the consequences.

    How to deal with this?

    Put that argument out of your head. Everyone can think what they want, and let your achievements decide about you.

    1. Admitting

    How much time is wasted each day complaining. People complain about the government, about taxes, about the weather (whatever it is), about the partner. Waste of time.

    How to deal with this?

    If you don't like something, think about whether you can change it. If not, accept this state and try to see its positives. If you have control over it, do your best to make the change. You can also use the eraser method. You put a rubber band on your wrist and every time you catch yourself complaining, you gently pull it and release it, which of course causes a slight pain. Apparently, this method is effective in unlearning complaints.

    1. Doing everything yourself

    A lot of people I meet take it for granted that they will do something on their own. When they undertake an undertaking, they believe that only they can do it and will do it best. Perhaps it will be so, but it is worth calculating how much they could gain by commissioning someone else to perform tasks that they do not know about. I don't mean not to develop. Learn, gain knowledge and competences, but include in your plan time to learn and any mistakes that will occur. Compare this to the cost you would incur by outsourcing tasks to someone else. This is called task delegation, and it is very useful.

    How to deal with this?

    If you have a problem with this, try a small part of your tasks (preferably simple ones) to someone else, or share your duties with someone else. Do not focus on the fact that someone will do it worse than you would have done it, just look at it in terms of what I gained because someone did it for me.

    1. Finding information in the endless

    The endless decision-making process is another drain of time and energy. You decide to act, but to start doing something you have to make a lot of decisions (starting with the decision to take action). Being in this situation, you start to analyze and search for information, which is known to be immeasurable. The decision-making process is getting longer, the number of options is growing exponentially, and you can already get a PhD on the topic. The more knowledge you have, the more difficult it is to make a decision.

    How to deal with this?

    There is a rule in management which says that when making a decision, you will never know all the consequences and you will not know all the possibilities either, but you can make a decision by choosing the first satisfactory option.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:01:20 +0500 informal
    The 14th edition of the School of Tomorrow conference to host virtual discussions on educational reforms Beaconhouse, the country™s largest network of private educational institutions, is set to launch the 14th edition of its flagship School of Tomorrow (SOT) conferences, this weekend on the 6th and 7th of November, 2021.

    The two-day virtual event, themed ˜Towards Happier Futures™ will host over fifty global and local thought leaders from various sectors, including education, development, healthcare, and digital media, for insightful panel discussions on the prevailing education system in the country and varying factors impacting the general public.

    The conferences will be streamed live on the SOT website and social media profiles. And will consist of thirteen individual sessions ranging from discussions on the Single National Curriculum. Its impact and restrictions, concerns around Covid-19, parenting, and the intergenerational gap. The impact of digital media on young minds, child labor in Pakistan, and much more. There will also be two virtual workshops for the audience. One is titled ˜Designing your School of Tomorrow™, and the other is on project-based learning for those affiliated with the education management sector.

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    CEO, Kasim Kasuri

    Speaking about the upcoming event, Kasim Kasuri, CEO Beaconhouse, stated, œSchool of Tomorrow. Events aim to build our understanding of local and global perspectives on the intersection between education and multiple other domains. Education lies at the heart of everything we do, and as leaders and decision-makers in this sector. It is imperative that we engage, connect, brainstorm, and initiate thought-provoking discussions that advance the global agenda on reshaping our futures.

    Dr. Mariam Chughtai, Project Director at the National Curriculum Council; Dr. Omar Chughtai, Director Operations at Chughtai Healthcare; Sabina Khatri, Founder and Chairperson of Kiran Foundation; actor and producer Adnan Malik; Mehnaz Rehman, Director at Aurat Foundation, and many others.

    The Beaconhouse Group holds a legacy of 45 years of educational expertise. Currently has over 315,000 students enrolled full-time across more than 190 private school branches in eight countries.

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    realme Saves the Date for the launch of realme GT Master Edition and 11.11 Salebration on Daraz Flexing its muscles in the flagship arena, the realme is bringing its all-star 5G flagship killer to Pakistan. The realme GT Master Edition is being unveiled on Friday, November 05, 2021, along with a host of other products and realme 11.11 Salebration on Daraz.

    Realme™s official platforms go live on with Areeka Haq and Alee Hassan to show featuring Ducky Bhai . The launch of realme x Daraz 11.11 Salebration. The Salebration is being commemorated on the launch of realme GT Master Edition, realme Narzo 50i, realme Band 2 and a host of other realme products that will have massive discounts of up to 50%.

    The realme GT Master Edition

    The innovative and feature-rich realme GT Master Edition has taken the Pakistani market by storm even before its formal launch. From design to its cutting-edge technology, the phone is already and rightfully dubbed as the perfect ˜flagship killer™ and the Smartphone of the Year by independent reviewers.

    An Award-winning Design by Naoto Fukasawa

    Naoto Fukasawa designed the new features areof realme GT Master Edition.  The phone is sleek yet sturdy and entices our urge to travel and explore the world whilst realme GT Master Edition fits in the role of a travel companion perfectly. The realme GT Master Edition™s design has also won the prestigious iF Design Award for its futuristic yet minimalistic look.

    A Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 778G 5G Processor

    The handset features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G Processor for ultra-swift performance. Its 5G chipset adopts the 6nm advance process for matchless speeds. The phone also features a Vapor Chamber Cooling system for effective heat dissipation during heaving gaming and peak performances.

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    Luxurious Viewing with the 120Hz Ultra-smooth Super AMOLED Display

    Realme GT Master Edition features a 120Hz Super AMOLED display for luxurious media viewing as well as gaming experience. With its smooth display, expect crisp imagery and graphics both in media and gaming regardless of ambient light.

    A Massive 4,300mAh Battery with 65W SuperDart Charge

    The battery swiftly charges on a 65W SuperDart Charge system for uninterrupted work and entertainment all along.

    A Picture-perfect 64MP Street Photography Camera

    With the realme GT Master Edition™s powerful and intelligent 64MP Street Photography camera. The issue of blurring and distortion is a thing of the past. No matter it™s a galloping horse or a speeding race car. The realme GT Master Edition™s unique Street Photography feature will help you take crisp and sharp images at all occasions. Flagship phone also comes with a 32MP AI Selfie camera to help you capture your memories clearer than ever.

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    10 things to keep in mind on vacation Regardless of whether we are vacationing in the mountains, at the seaside or at home - there are a few rules that you should keep in mind throughout the summer, especially if it is as hot as this year's. We have compiled a list of 10 tips that will help you survive hot days in health and well-being. And then it only remains to enjoy your mind on vacation!

    1. Drink water regularly

    In hot weather it is very important to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. It's best to give up carbonated and sweetened drinks and put on water. Let's drink it regularly and in small sips. Feeling thirsty is already a signal that we are dehydrated. Remember to remind your children about frequent drinking - their body becomes dehydrated faster due to its lower weight.

    1. Cover your head

    Staying in the sun for too long can be dangerous to your health. That is why it is worth remembering about the headgear that will protect us from sunlight. We can decide on a cap, hat or a handkerchief. When choosing a hat, pay attention to the material from which it is made - natural, skin-friendly materials and bright colors that reflect light will work well. A cap or a hat has an additional advantage - they will keep the sun's rays from reaching your eyes.

    1. Wear appropriate clothes

    We associate the heat with exposing the body, but contrary to appearances, on hot days a fitted dress with straps will not be a good choice. Exposing the body in hot weather causes the sun to have a stronger effect on the skin. Tight clothes just make us hot. It is best to choose clothes in light colors and made of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton. Comfortable footwear is also the basis: sandals with wide belts, flip-flops, as well as sneakers and espadrilles.

    1. Use creams with a UV filter

    A cream with a UV filter will protect us against burns and irritations. Let's choose the right filter - too low can burn us. It is best to sunbathe gradually and start with a cream with a higher filter, 30 or 50 will be appropriate. It is important to use it 20-30 minutes before going out in the sun, because only after this time the cosmetic will start working. Pay special attention to the shoulders, knees and face, because they are the ones who sunbathe most quickly. Repeat the application of the cream with the filter every 2-4 hours. Also, do not forget to reapply the cosmetic after leaving the water, even if it is waterproof.

    1. Wear safety glasses

    Intense radiation does not have a positive effect on our eyesight. Be careful when buying glasses - those without filters, only with tinted lenses, can damage your eyesight. That is why it is important that the glasses we choose have the right filter.

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    1. Don't forget to eat

    High temperatures reduce our appetite. However, we should not give up eating, as it can have dire consequences. It is important to remember about regular meals even in hot weather. Let's focus on easily digestible meals made of seasonal products. Fruits and vegetables will be a great choice. No idea for light snacks? Here are some easy recipes: Summer on a plate - recipes for summer snacks.

    Remember to refrigerate food in hot weather. It breaks down faster in high temperatures and eating it can cause health problems.

    1. Avoid the leaf beetle

    While enjoying the summer, it would be difficult to avoid sunbathing. However, staying in the sun for too long can lead to malaise, headaches and even a stroke. Therefore, if possible, avoid going out into the sun between 10 am and 4 pm, when its action is at its strongest. However, if we have to, let's look for shaded places. Being among the plants will also bring relief. On the hottest days, we should choose parks and other green places for walks.

    1. Air the rooms

    The rooms in which we stay are best ventilated in the morning or in the evening, when the temperature is not so high. In the hottest moments of the day, when it is warmer outside than inside the building, it is better to close the windows and even shade them. To improve air circulation, we can use fans.

    1. Use preparations against mosquitoes and ticks

    Mosquitoes and ticks can make our holidays unpleasant. While a mosquito bite only itches unpleasantly, ticks can be dangerous. Therefore, let's not underestimate this topic and properly protect ourselves, both when going on a holiday trip and for a walk in the park. There are child-friendly preparations available on the market that contain natural oils - they are safe for the skin and smell nice.

    1. Remember your four-legged friends

    Heat affects not only us, but also animals, so let's not forget about them when we protect ourselves against high temperatures. The absolute basis is constant access to clean water. A dog or a cat will not fill the bowl on their own, so it is our responsibility to make sure that it is always full. Animals like us may have less appetite in hot weather, so try to give them smaller portions of food, but a little more often. Thanks to this, we will also reduce the likelihood that the food will spoil under the influence of high temperatures. When going for a longer walk with the dog, take a water bottle and a bowl with you, because the high temperature makes the animals get rid of fluids faster.

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    12 exercises to be performed on a rowing ergometer The rowing machine is perfect for toning the body and losing weight. If you want to start using it while exercising in the gym, here is a list of 12 exercises. Remember them!

    If you want to do effective aerobic exercise, a rowing machine is essential. Remember that cardio exercise keeps your heart and lungs healthy. That's why we've compiled a list of 12 exercises to do on the rowing ergometer

    The rowing machine is the only equipment in the gym that allows you to train almost all parts of the body. This is the right option to lose weight, develop muscles, improve your figure or just keep fit.

    That is why rowing exercises are ideal for people who want to strengthen their muscles and work on the efficiency of the heart and respiratory system. But to achieve this, it is necessary to perform the appropriate exercises. We'll tell you everything you need to know below.

    12 exercises to be performed on a rowing ergometer

    Here's our list of 12 exercises to do on a rowing ergometer. But before starting your exercises, don't forget to warm up. warming up is essential. We recommend warming up for 5 to 10 minutes before each session. Remember that and include these exercises in your training program!

    1.- Exercises for beginners

    This is the perfect exercise for beginners. It is about paddling at a steady and moderate pace. It is recommended to take a one-minute break between each series.

    The first exercise we present certainly allows you to work with a large variety of your body muscles and prepare it to support other exercises that require more rhythm and intensity.

    2.- Exercises for the buttocks

    To do this exercise, place your feet on the footrests and hold the bar horizontally with both hands at a distance from your shoulders, palms facing inwards.

    You must do the exercise from the hips and keep your torso high by tilting your body forward and moving your hands to the level of your knees.

    3.- Exercises on the rowing ergometer - exercises for the arms and back

    Our third suggestion is simple. Start by resting your feet on the footrests and hold the bar horizontally with both hands at a distance from your shoulders.

    Then bend your arms and raise the bar to the middle of your chest, bringing it closer to your body. Return to the starting position.

    4.- Exercise the biceps

    To work on your biceps on a rowing machine, you must stand with your feet in the footrests. Then bend your elbows and bring your ankles closer to your shoulders.

    Also, do not forget about a stable torso and securing your elbows against hitting the waist. To finish the exercise, stretch out your arms and return to the starting position.

    5.- Exercise the triceps muscle of the arm

    To start exercising triceps, bend your knees and bend your torso forward. Remember that if you bend your legs and bend down, the exercise is much easier.

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    Then raise your hands up to align them with the shoulders. Flex your elbows and bring your ankles up, keeping your torso steady and making sure the bar remains horizontal.

    6.- Exercises on a rowing ergometer - training the arms

    We present another exercise for working on the arms, especially the biceps, although it is also a challenge for the muscles of the chest.

    To do the exercise, you need to do a straight row three times and hold the position on the last one. Then bend your elbows, put the handle to your chin and straighten it. Do four push-ups while holding the position. You need to repeat the exercise five to eight times.

    7.- Exercises for hamstrings, buttocks and quadriceps

    To start, rest your buttocks on the seat, place one foot on the platform and the other on your toes with your knee bent. Then grasp the bar with both hands, bring it to your waist and hold it. Slowly straighten your leg and bend it again.

    8.- Exercise for burning calories

    Rowing exercises are great for burning calories, including fat and cellulite. To lose weight, do 3 series of three to five minutes at a regular and moderate speed.

    Take a one-minute break between sets. This exercise should last 45 minutes three times a week for consistent results.

    9.- Exercise for the chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders

    Place one foot on the foot platform and the other foot on the floor behind the platform. Hold the center of the bar in the palm opposite your front foot, lift your hips to tilt your torso forward at a 45-degree angle, and rest your empty hand on your front thigh.

    Finally, bend your arm slowly and pull it back until it reaches the side of your waist.

    10.- Exercises on a rowing ergometer - exercise for rectal and oblique abdominal muscles

    Sit on the seat with your feet on the platform and your knees slightly bent. Then hold the bar with both hands (palms down), bring it to the waist and hold it. Finally, twist your upper body to one side, go back inside and repeat on the other side.

    11.- Exercise for the abdominal, oblique and chest muscles

    To work on the abdominal, oblique and chest muscles, hold the bar with one hand facing down, resting your free hand on your hip.

    To continue, raise the bar so that your hand is at waist level. Rotate your upper body towards the bar, bending your arm and pulling it back at the same time. Go back inside to finish the exercise.

    12.- Exercise for the shoulders and chest

    Finally, sit on the seat with your feet on the platforms and slightly bend your knees. Hold the center of the bar at chest level with one hand, palm down. Slowly bring the bar closer to your chest, keeping your elbows high and moving them as you repeat.

    Finally, remember that a rowing ergometer may seem easy to use, but as with any other exercise, precautions must be taken to ensure that the exercise is effective and you don't injure yourself.

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    The Best TECNO phones 2021 Outstanding features at Exceptional Prices With the smartphone industry thriving in today™s day and age, the Chinese-leading smartphone brand TECNO has shaken up the mobile industry with a range of unique and high-specked phones at competitive prices. Whether it™s flagship phones or gaming devices, TECNO offers a compelling price. And performance balance, focusing on bringing high-end features into their devices with price points you wouldn™t expect. Today, we™re here with a list of TECNO phones launched this year so you can make a choice that meets all your needs!

    Spark 7 Series:

    The Spark 7 series, which includes the Spark 7, Spark 7 Pro, and Spark 7T is TECNO™s mid-range series. These devices come with remarkable features at great prices. Spark 7 retails for PKR 15,499 with features including a 6000mAh battery, 6.52-inch display, and 16MP dual camera. The Spark 7 Pro comes with a 90Hz refresh rate, 5000mAh powerful battery, and MediaTek Helio G80 fast processor at the price of PKR 22,699. The last phone in the series, Spark 7T is equipped with a massive 6000mAh battery, 48MP dual camera, and 6.52-inch display, which is available at the price of PKR 20,999 only.

    Camon 17 Series:

    TECNO™s Camon series is known for its exceptional camera features. And the Camon 17 series launched earlier this year which did not disappoint the users. The Camon 17 Pro, which retails for PKR 31,999, comes with exceptional hardware and software features. It is packed with a 64MP Quad camera and a 48MP front camera for photography lovers. Not only this, the MediaTek Helio G95 processor paired with a 5000mAh battery makes it a powerhouse. Additionally, the Camon 17, available in the market for PKR 24,999, comes with the MediaTek Helio G85 processor, 16MP clear selfie camera, 6.6-inch display, and much more.

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    Phantom X:

    The brand™s first premium device, the Phantom X immediately became a favorite among young users for its curved-edged aesthetic design. Phantom X gives an exceptional experience with a 50MP Ultra-Night Camera paired with a staggering 48MP clear selfie camera. Equipped with the MediaTek Helio G95 processor, 256GB storage space, super AMOLED Capacitive touchscreen, and much more, the Phantom X offers a true premium experience at the price of PKR 69,999 only.

    POVA 2:

    With online gaming taking over the online world. TECNO recently upgraded its gaming series with the launch of the POVA 2. This gaming beast comes with outstanding gaming features, including a 700mAh massive battery, MediaTek Helio G85 Processor, and a 120Hz refresh rate. The POVA 2 is available nationwide at the price of PKR 28,999 only, so you can go get your gaming partner right now!

    So, what are you waiting for? Head out now and grab your latest TECNO smartphone device.

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    EMUI 12 Huawei announces the official update schedule for the first smartphones Huawei announced the EMUI 12 update based on solutions from HarmonyOS. Now, by the way, a complete list of devices has also been provided, the users of which can count on quick availability to the new software version. This applies to both the Mate, P, Y, and Nova series. In total, we are talking about 28 device models. Of course, depending on the country and the specific smartphone, the upgrade process may be faster or later. The list boasted by the giant from the Middle Kingdom concerns equipment that will be updated at the earliest at the beginning of the first year. So we cannot count on the EMUI 12 coming to our devices in 2021. It is a pity because according to the list of new products, there is something to wait for.

    We know when EMUI 12 will hit the first smartphones and what specific models they will be. Huawei has provided an official list of compatible smartphones. Among them, we find the Mate 40, P40, P Smart 2021, and nova 7 models.

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    Last week, the premiere of the Huawei nova 9 smartphone. The mid-range SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G, 8 GB RAM, and 128 GB of data memory. The camera consists of a 50MP wide-angle, 8MP ultra-thin angle, 2MP macro, and a 2MP depth sensor. The equipment already works under the control of EMUI 12. The overlay will go in the form of an update for smartphones.


    The most important novelties are a refreshed minimalist and intuitive design based on black, white, and blue, new animations, and adaptive text size. In EMUI 12 we will find a new control panel, cooperation with the MatePad tablet and matebook computer, as well as new solutions to guarantee user security and privacy. It is true that such declarations in relation to Huawei raise doubts, but I would like to remind you that the US when applying the sanction, has not proved that the accusations against China are justified. The company does not think to give up and plans further activities on the global market.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:00:31 +0500 informal
    11 security settings in Windows 11 that you should know about Windows 11 has a very serious security feature. The trusted platform module provides user authentication and data protection, making it much more difficult for third-party users to access the computer. We talk about the important security parameters of the new OS. 11 security settings in Windows 11 that you should know about.

    First, to get to the settings screen in Windows 11, click the "Start" or "Search" menu button on the taskbar, and then select "Options" in the window.

    Update Windows 11

    Security begins with a software update. Select "Windows Update" in "Settings" to check if the operating system contains the latest fixes. Check "Advanced Options" and "Activity Period" to make sure Windows doesn't restart and update during your work day.

    Check the login settings

    Select your name at the top left of the Settings panel and then Login Options to see the different ways to log on to your computer. If "Face Detection" or "Fingerprint Recognition" are available, it's best to choose them because they're more secure than a password and most modern computers must support them.

    Log out in your absence

    On the same "Login Settings" screen, use the "Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you're away" option so that you're always signed in.

    You can also use the Dynamic Lock option to have Windows lock the device as you move away from it (as indicated by the location of the connected smartphone).

    Enable built-in security

    To make sure that the security software that comes with Windows is turned on, you must select "Privacy" in "Settings" and then "Windows Security." This is very important if you have no alternatives. Run a malware scan.

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    On the same Windows Security screen, you can open the Windows Security panel to go to the built-in Windows 11 Security Center. This is very important if you have no alternatives.

    Run a malware scan

    On the same Windows Security screen, you can open the Windows Security panel to go to the built-in Windows 11 Security Center.

    Check the security of the devices

    Any hardware issues with your Windows 11-based computer, including TPM and secure boot issues, will be listed on the Device Security page after you open the Windows Security tool. If you need to take urgent action to further protect your operating system and stored data, they will be listed here.

    Stay safe while online

    If you select Programs and Browser in Windows Security, you'll see that there are two options you can include: Reputation Protection monitors suspicious or malfunctioning programs, and Exploit Protection helps mitigate the effects various hacker attacks.

    Check the installed security features

    Go to "Settings" in the "Windows Security" section to see the software that protects your Windows 11 computer in the "Security Providers" section - this can be either security software that comes with Windows or third-party alternatives. manufacturers.

    Here you can also configure security notification settings to stay up to date.

    Manage program permissions

    As with a smartphone, in Windows 11 you can decide which permissions you can use programs. Open Privacy, then scroll down to see Permissions. Click any resolution, such as Location, Camera, or Microphone, to see which applications have access to them.

    Make sure your device can be found in case of loss

    In the "Privacy" section, select "Find my device" to periodically record its location. This will allow you to sign in to your Microsoft account on another device and find out where your computer is. This is very convenient if he is forgotten on the train or cannot remember where he may be: in the office or at home.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:00:15 +0500 informal
    Every programmer should know these 12 things The question "what should a developer know?" incredibly popular. And we've put together a dozen of the best answers for you. Understanding these issues will help you both in your studies and at work. Every programmer should know these 12 things.

    Anyone who is just starting to write code probably wonders many times about what level of knowledge he needs to achieve. It is not so difficult to decide on the basic set, and this selection will help you with this. It does not depend on the programming language, environment or operating system.

    Every programmer should know (or be able to):

    1. The meaning of general concepts. For example, design templates, software architecture, testing, refactoring, stack, etc.
    2. OOP principles.
    3. At least one programming language at a good level. At the same time nothing supernatural is required: just the ability to create variables, methods. Once you learn this, further learning will go very quickly.
    4. How to correctly read the code of other programmers.
    5. What you need to constantly learn. But consume the best possible information. The source does not play a big role: the Internet, textbooks, books, reference books - anything.
    6. VCS - version control systems. Namely, the basics that are specific to each.
    7. Situations in which you can and even should seek help, and when it should not be done.
    8. How to understand which problem to solve and which to reject. Quite often, programmers spend their time in vain, struggling with various little things.
    9. Do not be selfish and admit your own mistakes without taking comments and criticism at your own expense.
    10. Think like a user. Although you are a programmer, do not forget: your programs are used by ordinary people, not just technicians, so you should strive to create a useful, understandable and truly convenient product for them.
    11. Have a good rest. Otherwise there will be no productive work. At the very least, take breaks from work, take time for your favorite hobby, and be sure to get some sleep.
    12. Rules of teamwork. Almost half of the success of a programmer's career depends on the ability to interact with people.
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    Of course, this list is just a short set of knowledge and skills that you need to gain. The main thing is not to be afraid of the unknown, do not give in to difficulties and do not stop. Remember that any IT specialist is simply obliged to constantly develop and follow the latest developments in the industry. So actively improve and get used to the fact that you will always have to do it.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:00:13 +0500 informal
    The Sony Xperia Pro 1 would arrive with a camera with a 1&inch sensor The appearance and key data of the camera of the new Sony Xperia Pro 1 have been filtered in detail with the surprising fact that it will mount a camera with a one-inch sensor.

    Sony is still in the smartphone market and, although the competition has passed over it, they have not stopped innovating in the photography section. Today it was seen that your new mobile device would carry a one-inch sensor.

    The size of the sensor would not be the only striking thing, although it is the most important. To put us in background, an inch on a mobile phone sensor is something to note and that captures the attention of any user.

    To date we have not known many companies that have dared to launch mobile phones with sensors of this size, although there are examples quite close in time such as the Sharp Aquos R6.

    This mobile phone should be officially revealed today. The features that have been leaked are many and would be at the height of Sony's compact cameras.

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    At the level of specifications, not much has been leaked, although what is expected is that it integrates inside a combination of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor with 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM and a respectable amount of storage.

    What has been seen are a series of very interesting accessories. It seems that Sony intends for users to use their mobile phone as a tool to record videos at a more professional level than the amateur one.

    These accessories form an almost perfect combination to record yourself: grip handle, mobile holder, microphone and an external screen to be able to see what the external camera is recording.

    Another accessory that has been seen is a kind of virtual reality or augmented reality glasses. Of course, not much has been seen about how it works in filtration. We will have to wait until tomorrow to know all the details.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 09:00:10 +0500 informal
    Unleash your creativity! Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE, with a featherweight design & exciting colours. Global tech leader Xiaomi has hit the Pakistani market with another device. The 11 Lite 5G NE is their latest drop. With a super sleek design and expert craftsmanship the phone weighs approximately 158g with an elegant & sleek body of 6.81 mm thickness, the phone is truly a weightless wonder to carry around. The ultra-wide tele-macro lenses ensure stunning photography and video results.  Unleash the creativity inside you with the improved and innovative 64MP main camera. Xiaomi continues its heritage of best-in-class camera feature delivery. The Mi 11 Lite 5G NE is a must-have for anyone with an eye for style. Four beautiful color variants to match the style of its owner, along with the traditional colors this time there is a brand new color - Snowflake White. So the device in your hands is aesthetically pleasing. The Qualcomm processor ensures blazing-fast performance, which makes this device perfect for everyday use while also keeping in mind durability and endurance.    Lets us not forget the absolutely amazing battery life. A large 4250 mAH battery that supports 33W fast charging to provide power throughout the day. Eye-catching colors, easy-grip body, and latest hardware make Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. One of the slimmest and lightest 5G smartphones in the industry, without compromising on capabilities and value for money. Oh did I mention that it™s 5G supported? So the speed is nothing like we™ve ever experienced before. With the pre-booking live since 4th October 2021, you can now get your hands on this super sleek & stylish device.  About Xiaomi Corporation Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Corporation was founded in April 2010 and listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018 (1810. HK). Xiaomi is a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smartphones, smart hardware, and an Internet of Things (IoT) platform at its core.   With an equal emphasis on innovation and quality, Xiaomi continuously pursues high-quality user experience and operational efficiency. The company relentlessly builds amazing products with honest prices to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology.   As of the second quarter of 2021, Xiaomi is the No.2 smartphone brand in the global smartphone market. The company has also established the world™s leading consumer AIoT (AI+IoT) platform, with over 351.1 million smart devices connected to its platform, excluding smartphones and laptops. Xiaomi products are present in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. In August 2021, the company made the Fortune Global 500 list for the third time. Ranking 338th, up 84 places compared to 2020. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:59:59 +0500 informal Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE: Flagship&level Performance Housed in a Thin, Lightweight Package Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE unveils a sleek yet striking aesthetic, packing all the perks into an ultra thin and lightweight body, measuring a mere 6.81mm and 158g**. The design is further accentuated by a razor-thin 1.88mm on both top and side bezels, as well as four choices of stylish color. While Truffle Black, Bubblegum Blue, and Peach Pink are making a return, Xiaomi is adding a brand new color “ Snowflake White, matte and frosted white similar to freshly fallen snow. Featuring the Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 778G 5G Mobile Platform, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE leverages the power of 5G*** to elevate your daily experience. With ultra-fast connection at your fingertips, you can stream HD videos or resource-heavy games without lag, and enjoy crystal-clear video calls. The device is also equipped with a 4,250mAh battery and 33W fast charging that powers up in no time.  Recommended retail price starting from 69,999 PKR, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE comes in three variants, 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, and will be available for purchase from official Xiaomi channels

    Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE 

    6.55 AMOLED Dot Display (2400 x 1080 FHD+) 10-bit TrueColor and DCI-P3  90Hz refresh rate  240Hz touch sampling rate  Dolby Vision®    HDR10+   360° ambient light sensor 
    Truffle Black, Bubblegum Blue, Peach Pink, Snowflake White 
    160.53mm x 75.73mm x 6.81mm   158g 
    Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 778G  6nm  
    64MP main camera (f/1.79, 0.7μm 4-in-1 to 1.4μm) 8MP ultra wide-angle camera (F/2.2,1.12μm) 5MP telemacro camera (F/2.4,1.12μm)
    20MP in-display selfie camera 
    5G***  Bluetooth 5.2  WiFi 6  Dual SIM*****  Multi-functional NFC  IR blaster 
    Arc side fingerprint  PIN/Password, Pattern 
    4,250mAh (typ) battery   33W fast-charging  33W in-box charger 
    Dual speakers  
    Z-axis linear motor 
    MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11 

    6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB 

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:59:26 +0500 informal
    The best 2021 monitors for gamers & what to choose? Every self-respecting player knows that a good monitor is the basis for comfortable gaming. However, the problem arises when you need to choose the one and only model that will serve us for the next few years. What to pay attention to? Which gaming monitors are the best? We advise what to choose. The best 2021 monitors for gamers.

    Whatshould  to look for when choosing a gaming monitor

    • ASUS TUF VG289Q
    • Philips E-line 276E8VJSB
    • Samsung Odyssey G7
    • MSI Optix G27C4
    • Samsung LC27RG50FQUXEN
    • BenQ EX2780Q
    • LG UltraGear 27GP850-B

    What is the thing to check of while choosing a gaming monitor

    Choosing a new monitor is not an easy task. This type of equipment is not changed every year and is usually associated with a considerable expense. Considering the number of models available on the market, it is easy to get confused and the decision is additionally complicated by a multitude of technical phrases, which are not always clear and understandable. The first thing we usually pay attention to is the size of the monitor, currently no one is surprised by 32-inch or even larger screens. In this case, a lot depends on our individual preferences. However, there are elements that are worth a closer look, because more is not always better, here they are:

    Resolution: Although until recently monitors with 4K resolution were on the market "as a medicine" and their prices effectively discouraged buying, now many manufacturers have launched budget 4K models that can surprise with quality. Of course, monitors with FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) are still the most popular. When choosing the right model, its size may help us a bit. For 4K resolution, monitors above 28-inch (optimally 32-inch) are best. Why? The image displayed in FullHD begins to lose its quality on screens over 27-inch. It should also be remembered that in the case of PCs, the use of 4K benefits is associated with having a strong graphics card.

    Screen refresh time: Screen refresh time is expressed in Hz. To put it simply, it informs about the frequency with which the content displayed on the screen is updated. Hence, how many frames per second (FPS) the monitor can display. The rule here is simple: the more - the better. This feature is extremely important for players, because it guarantees a smoother display of the image. However, it should be remembered that if you are looking for a monitor dedicated to older consoles (PS4 / Xbox One), it makes no sense to invest in equipment whose value will exceed 60 Hz. The situation is completely different in the case of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, if you want to use the full potential of new devices, you should look for monitors that offer 120 Hz refresh.

    Matrix Type: An important consideration when selecting a new gaming monitor is the matrix type. The market is currently dominated by three types: TN, IPS and VA. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and in fact, a lot depends on the individual preferences of the user. Overall - TN monitors guarantee the fastest response time, but often suffer from poor viewing angles. IPS matrices are a bit slower, but they can boast excellent color reproduction. Finally, VA screens are famous for their excellent contrast and black reproduction, but suffer from worse response time and weaker color reproduction compared to IPS.

    Remember about the additions: G-Sync and FreeSync - almost every monitor for gamers must have a function that synchronizes the refresh rate of the monitor with the number of frames per second displayed on the screen. This is important because it prevents the so-called screen tearing effect - "tearing", which can significantly worsen the enjoyment of the game. The principle is simple: the G-Sync function works only with PCs equipped with Nvidia graphics cards, while FreeSync works with systems with AMD chips. However, it may happen (although rarely) that selected models are compatible with both solutions. In terms of quality, both technologies operate at a similar level and it's hard to pinpoint a winner.

    Curved or flat? Finally, the very important question, although often overlooked when choosing a gaming monitor, is - what screen will be better, classic - flat or modern - curved. Unfortunately, in this case it is difficult to find an unambiguous answer. Theoretically, a curved monitor can make it easier to immerse yourself in the game world and improve the visibility of elements in the extreme areas of the screen. On the other hand, there are also numerous voices that suggest that it is exactly the opposite and the curvature is only unnecessarily distracting. The best advice we can give you is to go to a nearby store and find out what suits you best. And remember - don't be afraid to experiment.


    A monitor for players with 4K and HDR - perfect for starting a new generation of consoles.

    The most expensive does not always mean the best. We can now find more and more interesting monitors on the market, for which you do not have to spend a fortune. One of such models is the ASUS TUF VG289Q, which may turn out to be the perfect choice for players looking for a solid, but not overly expensive equipment.

    ASUS TUF VG289Q has basically everything we can expect from a monitor that is to stand next to PS5 or Xbox Series X. The manufacturer has prepared a screen for us with a diagonal of 28 inches and a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160). The response time of the matte matrix does not differ from industry standards and is 5 ms. The "only" 60 Hz refresh rate may be a bit disappointing, but you have to remember that most of the production on the new consoles will be optimally aimed at 4K and 60 Hz quality. It has already been confirmed that these will be the maximum values ‹‹for games such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Cyberpunk 2077 or Marvel's Avengers. What's more, some PS5 exclusive titles, such as Demon's Souls, won't even support this.

    The Asus monitor will also provide us with support for the following technologies: HDR, AMD FreeSync, Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light. Thanks to this, we not only have a clear and smooth image, but also healthier and less tired eyes.

    The choice of ASUS TUF VG289Q also speaks for the price, which will not ruin our budget, and will allow you to enjoy the new generation of games.

    The most important features:

    • Diagonal screen size: 28
    • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
    • Proportion: 16: 9
    • Image refresh rate: 60 Hz
    • Matrix type: LED (IPS)
    • Matrix coating: matte
    • Response time: 5 ms
    • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x headphone input, 1 x DisplayPort
    • Speakers: 2 x 2W
    • HDR technology, AMD FreeSync

    The Asus monitor will also provide us with support for the following technologies: HDR, AMD FreeSync, Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light. Thanks to this, we not only have a clear and smooth image, but also healthier and less tired eyes.

    The choice of ASUS TUF VG289Q also speaks for the price, which will not ruin our budget, and will allow you to enjoy the new

    Philips E-line 276E8VJSB

    The cheapest 4K monitor on the market.

    The portfolio of the Philips brand includes many interesting devices, in particular TV sets and monitors, which the Dutch brand is famous for. If you want to reduce expenses on the new generation (after all, consoles themselves cost a lot), you should consider buying the Philips E-line 276E8VJSB monitor. It is one of the cheapest devices in its class offering 4K resolution. So where's the catch? There is no - the manufacturer resigned from numerous additional "features" and decided to create a simple and solid monitor.

    Philips E-line 276E8VJSB can boast a 27-inch ISP matrix with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels). The image refresh rate is 60 Hz, and the matrix response time is 5 ms. The monitor also has wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. In addition, the manufacturer took care of full support for technologies that protect our eyes, such as: reduction of image flicker or reduction of blue light emission.

    A very interesting solution is also the MultiView function, which allows you to connect two devices and display the image from each of them at the same time. This makes the Philips E-line 276E8VJSB an ideal device not only for fun, but also for work.

    The specification of the Philips monitor is complemented by a rich set of connectors with two HDMI ports, audio output and DisplayPort at the fore.

    The most important features:

    • Diagonal screen size: 27
    • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
    • Proportion: 16: 9
    • Image refresh rate: 60 Hz
    • Matrix type: IPS (WLED)
    • Matrix coating: matte
    • Response time: 5 ms
    • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x headphone input, 1 x DisplayPort
    • Speakers: none

    Samsung Odyssey G7

    Premium monitor with a refresh rate of 240 Hz.

    Samsung has been working intensively on the gaming market for years. The fruit of these activities is, among others a series of unique monitors for players - Odyssey. The G7 model is the perfect companion for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X consoles.

    Samsung Odyssey G7 is equipped with a 31.5-inch display with a VA matrix with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. In order to provide the users with the greatest possible comfort, the manufacturer decided to use a curved screen (1000R). Also the rest of the monitor specification clearly shows that we are dealing with a premium product. The matrix response time is only 1 ms, while the refresh rate is as much as 240 Hz. This means you can easily run games at 120 frames per second on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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    It is worth emphasizing, however, that in the case of the Sony console, the maximum supported resolution on the Odyssey G7 is FullHD (1920 x 1080) pixels. In the case of the Xbox Series X and Series S, you will be able to play at 2560 x 1440 pixels without any problems. Why? Unfortunately, but PS5 does not officially support WQHD resolution (1440p), only FullHD or 4K quality is possible. It is possible, however, that through a PS5 system software update, this will change in the future.

    What else can buyers of the Samsung Odyssey G7 model count on? First of all, to support technologies responsible for improving the quality of the displayed image, such as.egFreeSync, G-Sync and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), the latter is, for now, only supported on Microsoft consoles. Of course, there were also functions supporting the health of our eyes, such as blue light reduction or HDR10.

    The only thing that can stop you from buying a Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor is its price, which is not the lowest.

    The most important features:

    • Screen diagonal: 31.5
    • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
    • Proportion: 16: 9
    • Image refresh rate: 240 Hz
    • Matrix type: VA (QLED)
    • Matrix coating: matte
    • Response time: 1 ms
    • Connectivity: 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x headphone input, 2 x DisplayPort, 3 x USB
    • Speakers: none
    • HDR10, FreeSync, G-Sync, VRR

    MSI Optix G27C4

    Top specification at a low price.King in terms of the relationship - quality / price.

    The MSI brand is most recognizable for its components for PCs. The Taiwanese manufacturer, however, has much more interesting devices in its portfolio. Among them is the MSI Optix G27C4 gaming monitor. What distinguishes it from the competition? Attractive design, strong specification and low price.

    The monitor is equipped with a 27-inch curved screen (1500R) with FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Which in combination with a VA matrix with a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of 165 Hz makes it difficult to imagine a hardware with a better configuration for games. The design with extremely narrow frames (excluding the bottom one) is also noteworthy, which makes it easier to use two monitors at the same time.

    Of course, there was also support for such solutions as: AMD FreeSync (synchronizes the work of the GPU with the refresh rate of the monitor and removes the problem of "image tearing", Anti-Flicker (technology that eliminates image flickering) or Less Blue Light (reduces blue light that is harmful to the eyes) .

    The most important features:

    • Diagonal screen size: 27
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Proportion: 16: 9
    • Image refresh rate: 165 Hz
    • Matrix type: VA
    • Matrix response time: 1 ms
    • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x DisplayPort

    Samsung LC27RG50FQUXEN

    A monitor for enthusiasts of ultra-smooth gameplay.

    One of the most popular manufacturers of monitors in the world - Samsung, also could not let go of such a popular segment as equipment for players. The LC27RG50FQUXEN model has been designed with the most demanding users in mind - the 27-inch screen boasts a FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and an extremely high refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. Combined with the matrix response time of 4 ms and Nvidia G-Sync technology, it will ensure smooth gameplay without the so-called "Tearing the image".

    The Samsung LC27RG50FQUXEN also boasts an unusual design with a curved screen (1500R), making it easier to plunge into the world of the game. Even more importantly, the curvature is tuned to the optimal human field of view, allowing the user to view the entire screen without having to shift their eyesight. The health of our eyes is also supervised by: Flicker Free technology - eliminating screen flickering and Eye Saver Mode that reduces the emission of harmful blue light.

    The most important features:

    • Diagonal screen size: 27
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Proportion: 16: 9
    • Image refresh rate: 240 Hz
    • Matrix type: VA
    • Matrix coating: matte
    • Response time: 4 ms
    • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x headphone jack

    BenQ EX2780Q

    A gaming monitor for everyone.

    The BenQ EX2780Q monitor is the perfect partner for almost any gamer. Its specification will satisfy both PC and console owners (both older - PS4 / Xbox One and newer - PS5 / Xbox Series X). It offers a LED screen (IPS) with a diagonal of 27 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Noteworthy is also the matte matrix coating with a response time of 5 ms and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which will translate into an extremely smooth gameplay.

    BenQ EX2780Q, as befits a monitor for players, will also offer us a whole range of solutions dedicated to games. Flicker-Free technology reduces image flickering, which will positively affect our eyesight. Low Blue Light works in a similar way, limiting the negative influence of blue light on our eyes. There was also support for HDR technology and the AMD FreeSync function, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the monitor with the number of frames per second displayed on the screen. The BenQ monitor is equipped with a set of 2W speakers, which is certainly a nice and unexpected addition.

    The price, which is very attractive for this class of equipment, also speaks in favor of buying the BenQ EX2780Q.

    The most important features:

    • Diagonal screen size: 27
    • Resolution: 2560 x 1140 pixels
    • Proportion: 16: 9
    • Image refresh rate: 144 Hz
    • Matrix type: LED (IPS)
    • Matrix coating: matte
    • Response time: 5 ms
    • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x headphone input, 1 x DisplayPort
    • Speakers: 2 x 2W
    • HDR technology, AMD FreeSync

    LG UltraGear 27GP850-B

    Monitor adapted to new generation players.

    LG has an extremely rich portfolio when it comes to monitors and TV sets dedicated to electronic entertainment. Models from the UltraGear series are the Korean manufacturer's response to the requirements of a modern gamer.

    LG UltraGear 27GP850-B offers us basically everything that we could expect from top gaming equipment. This monitor is equipped with a screen with a diagonal of 27 inches and a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (WQHD). In addition, we can count on a refresh rate of 165 Hz (and even 180 Hz in OC mode) and a matrix response time of 1 ms. The manufacturer used the new Nano IPS technology in his monitor, which consists in creating precisely arranged nano-particles in the LED diode illuminating the screen. Thanks to this, we can count on more vivid and better saturated colors.

    As if that was not enough, the manufacturer also took care of support for such functions as: FreeSync Premium, G-Sync, Dynamic Action Sync or Black Stabilizer. The first two are responsible for synchronizing the refresh rate of the monitor with the rendering speed of the graphics card. Thanks to that the gameplay is extremely smooth and there is no so-called "Tearingu" or "tearing the screen". Dynamic Action Sync, in turn, is LG's proprietary solution, which additionally reduces the input delay. Black Stabilizer improves the quality of blacks (and dark areas) in games.

    LG UltraGear 27GP850-B also has several predefined setting modes (eg Gamer, FPS or RTS) that will allow you to easily and quickly adjust the displayed image to a given genre or game. As befits modern gaming equipment, the LG UltraGear 27GP850-B also offers a rich set of connectors and ports, which include: 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1 x audio output, 2 x USB 3.1 Gen. 1, 1 x USB 3.1 Gen. 1 Type-B and power input.

    The most important features:

    • Diagonal screen size: 27
    • Resolution: 2560 x 1440 pixels
    • Proportion: 16: 9
    • Image refresh rate: 165 Hz (180 Hz OC)
    • Matrix type: Nano IPS
    • Matrix coating: matte
    • Response time: 1 ms
    • Connectivity: 2 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 3.1 Gen. 1 Type-B, 1 x Audio Out, 1 x DisplayPort
    • AMD FreeSync Premium, G-Sync, Dynamic Action Sync, Black Stabilizer
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:59:15 +0500 informal
    Top&10 Most Popular TikTokrs of the World 2021 TikTok is currently one of the leading platforms for content consumption, allowing creators to launch viral video content that is gaining millions of views. In 2021, this network already has 689 million active users worldwide. In addition to music and dance content, TikTok is known for its comedy videos or jokes. Top-10 Most Popular TikTokrs of the World 2021.

    Every social network has users with a wide audience and quality content. They gain their popularity in different ways: through hard work, tricks or just temperament. Today, the TikTok platform has many top ticketing pages that can boast of millions of subscribers and their high income.

    Who are Tiktokers? TikToker is a person who uses TikTok, a social platform for video sharing. The term is a combination of "TikTok" and "user", just as "You Tuber" is a combination of "YouTube" and "user". TikToker can simply use the platform to watch other people's videos for entertainment purposes, just like YouTube. However, most TikTok members upload and share their own videos, which can be comedic, motivational, dramatic, or informative. As a large number of celebrities, artists, teenagers and young people use TikTok, the platform has spawned pop culture trends as well as new slang in TikTok.

    Who has the most TikTok subscribers today?

     In November 2020, 16-year-old Charlie D™Amelio became the first TikTok star to receive more than 125 million subscribers, and all the main stars of the app have tens of millions of subscribers. TikTok stars such as D™Amelio or Addison Ray are now making deals with TV channels and podcasts.

    Charlie D™Amelio: 125.5 million

    TikTok Queen Charlie D™Amelio is the most popular content author in the app with more than 125 million subscribers. Starting her career at TikTok in 2019, when she was just 15 years old, she created the most popular dance videos in the app. Since then, D™Amelio™s career has skyrocketed. Baby Rex invited her to perform in the warm-up for Jonas Brothers, she starred in a music video for the singer, starred in a Super Cup commercial and even appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In addition, it has entered into many agreements with brands such as EOS and Invisalign. Forbes estimated its annual revenue with TikTok at a whopping $ 4 million, and its equity is estimated at about $ 8 million.

    Khaby Lame: 114.6 million

    Italian TikToker Khaby Lame (Habane Lame) - one of the most popular and famous personalities TikTok and creator of comedy videos. To date, he has managed to overtake Lauren Gray and Dixie D™Amelio, as his videos continue to attract more and more attention. In early July, he even overtook Addison Ray, making her the third most popular person on the platform. Khaby has definitely achieved an amazing result with its video concept, and its content continues to be shared not only on TikTok, but also on other well-known platforms, and every day more and more people learn about his account.

    Addison Ray: 84.7 million

    20-year-old TikTok star Addison Ray is one of the program's most popular users. Addison was born in Louisiana and was a competitive dancer and studied to be a sports presenter at Louisiana State University, then dropped out and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in social media. Addison is working with American Eagle as an ambassador and has also launched her own line of Item Beauty cosmetics. She will also begin her acting career starring in the remake of the 1999 teen film She's Everything. Forbes estimated her annual income with TikTok at a whopping $ 5 million.

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    Bella Porch: 83.3 million

    Bella Porch is an American tick-picker from the Philippines. In a month it became mega-popular due to the charismatic TikTok-roller. There have been many controversies over her identity, including her real age, her past in the U.S. Navy, and her official name. However, its subscriber page continues to grow.

    Zack King: 65.5 million

    Unlike the other TikTokers on this list, Zack King began creating short video content long before the concept of TikTok or He was one of the most famous creators of YouTube and Vine even before he joined TikTok in 2016. Zack quickly became one of the app's most popular users with more than 65 million subscribers, and even his TikTok account was the largest in terms of views: more than 2 billion views back in 2019. Today, its equity is estimated at $ 3 million.

    Will Smith: 62.2 million

    The famous actor and hip-hop artist has adopted his many talents in TikTok. Will Smith knows everything. Whether it's singing, playing or even creating content for TikTok, it always comes first. He joined the application in late 2019, and has since created a lot of viral videos. Thanks to his outstanding career, his fortune is estimated at $ 350 million.

    Dixie D™Amelio: $ 55.2 million

    Charlie D™Amelio™s older sister, Dixie, is also one of TikTok™s most famous content creators. She started her career after her brother and sister and quickly decided to focus more on music than dancing. Her single Be Happy, released in the summer of 2020, garnered more than 50 million views on Spotify. This led to the fact that in December 2020 she has released another single from Wiz Khalifa. Together with her sister, she signed a deal with the Morphe brand and also worked on many sponsored offers from various brands over the past year. Forbes estimated its annual revenue with TikTok at $ 2.9 million, and its equity is estimated at about $ 3 million.

    Lauren Gray: 54.1 million

    Lauren Gray began her career at TikTok when she was in 6th grade in 2015, when the app was still called Lauren has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards and Shorty Awards. In 2018, she signed a contract with Virgin Records. After that she released her first single My Story. Its revenue with TikTok is estimated at $ 2.6 million.

    Michael Le: 50 million

    Michael, known on the platform as justmaiko, has become a TikTok sensation with his dance videos, which often feature his younger brother Jonathan "Mini Mike." He collaborated with Jason Derulo on the app, performing many viral dances that became popular last year. Michael's first hobbies were dancing and choreography, which are shown in many of his videos on TikTok, and he is a member of the TikTok dance group called Shluv Family. His income is estimated at $ 1.2 million.

    Josh Richards: 25.5 million       

    In 2019 Josh Richards joined TikTok  and quickly gained popularity over a night. With over 25 million subscribers his videos with lip sync, dancing and singing in the app. he is one of Tik Tok's biggest stars. Not more than a year, he was picked by some brands and partnered with  HouseParty and Reebok, and then he also launched his own influential product, co-founded his own talent company known as TalentX, and a beverage brand called Ani Energy. Forbes estimated its annual revenue using TikTok at $ 1.5 million, which is now also estimated as its equity.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:59:07 +0500 informal
    What anime to watch? Best anime for fall & October 2021 Unfortunately, summer is over, but that doesn't mean we should be sad. The best new anime comes to the rescue. So it's time for a quarterly list of recommended titles. There is something to watch - there will be comedies, romances, horror, fantasy ... Will you be tempted by the next season of 86, movies from Sword Art Online and Jujutsu Kaisen? Or maybe Komi-san? What anime to watch? Best anime for fall - October 2021.

    Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.

    This year, one long-awaited manga, which previously made fame on the Internet, has already hit the screens. In large part thanks to the memes. It was Nagatoro. Now is the time for its opposite. Instead of the confident and teasing Nagatoro, we get a gentle, quiet and shy Komi-san. Anime Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. (Komi Can't Communicate). We will follow the fate of Komi-san who is adored by the whole school. The queen of the school, however, is not haughty, she just has communication problems. Hitohito will help her get 100 friends. Or maybe something more ...?

    The first episode will be released on October 7. OLM studio, which is known for such titles as Pokemon, Berserk and Inazuma Eleven, is responsible for the production. Aoi Koga (Kaguya Shinomiya from Love is War and Ange le Carré from Princess Principal) will play the role of Komi-san. Gakuto Kajiwara (Asta from Black Clover and Shinra Kusakabe from Enen no Shouboutai) will perform as Hitohito.


    Komi-san sounds like a title for those who want to fall asleep while watching? Better not to risk it? Then we recommend the second anime season 86. The first episode was released in April. Anime scored very good and was really popular. Now it's time for the second season of the story of soldiers from a non-existent province to be slaughtered, piloting unmanned drones. We guarantee a lot of breathtaking action.

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    The anime will be released on October 3. A-1 Pictures studio (Love is War, Sword Art Online: Alicization and Wotakoi) is responsible for the production. Shinei Nouzen is voiced by Shouya Chiba (Kotarou Azumi from Tsuki ga Kirei and Kiyotaka Ayanokouji from Classroom of the Elite). Ikumi Hasegawa will reappear as Vladilena Milizé, who has not played any other famous characters so far.

    Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie

    Those who do not know Jujutsu Kaisen may have spent their last time in the basement. The series hit the ranks of the most popular and top rated anime in history. Manga, in turn, also began to appear in Poland. Now it's time for a cinematic prequel to the main series. This time the main character will be Yuuta Okkotsu. His friend Rika died in the accident, but ... she did not pass away with her death. However, she is far from a charming sprite. He is a vengeful demon who protects Yuuta at all costs. Even when it requires a bloody slaughter, and her friend himself does not want protection. Satoru Gojou, however, has his own plans for Yuuty. He wants to train him so that he can control Rika.

    Jujutsu Kaisen 0 will hit theaters on December 24. Toho Animation studio, whose famous titles can be exchanged for a long time, is responsible for its production. But let's mention the likes of Boku no Hero Academia, Haikyuu !!, Akame ga Kill !, Psycho-Pass or Dr. Stone. Megumi Ogata (Shinji Ikari from the Evangelion series, Makoto Naegi from the Dangranronpa anime and Yami Yuugi from YuGiOh!) Will appear as Yuuta. Satoru will be voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura (Tomoya from the Clannad series, Tetsurou from Haikyuu !!, Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail and Guren Ichinose from Owari no Seraph).

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:59:00 +0500 informal
    XIAOMI INTRODUCES NEW ADDITIONS TO THE CREATOR&FOCUSED XIAOMI 11 FAMILY Global technology leader Xiaomi today announced the introduction of three new smartphones to the Xiaomi 11 family of devices “ Xiaomi 11T, Xiaomi 11T Pro “ all designed to inspire creativity among smartphone users “ as well as the refreshed and stylish Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. the creator focused Xiaomi 11 Family.

    Xiaomi continues to revolutionize smartphone photography and videography by offering a slew of innovative œCinemagic filmmaking features in Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro. Gone are the days of heavy and expensive movie-making equipment, with Xiaomi 11T Series, industry-leading filmmaking technology is now available in the palms of aspiring creators™ hands.

    At the same time, the ultra-slim, featherweight Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NEis the perfect offering for users seeking a high-end stylish smartphone that includes innovative features to enable creativity.

    Xiaomi 11T Pro: The Ultimate Flagship for Cinemagic Filmmaking and Phenomenal Performance

    Xiaomi has achieved another milestone with the launch of the cinematic powerhouse Xiaomi 11T Pro “ Xiaomi™s first smartphone to launch globally with the company™s proprietary 120W Xiaomi HyperCharge technology. The industry-leading technology will enable a 100% charge in just 17 minutes*, giving creators more time to keep up with their creativity and minimize downtime by ensuring a full day of use. This is achieved through innovative technologies such as dual charge pumps, dual-cell battery structure, MTW, Graphene application on Li-ion battery and Mi-FC technology. The safety of the battery is guaranteed by a TÃœV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System Certification, 34 charging and battery safety features, real-time temperature monitoring and other measures. All that while the flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 888 mobile platform delivers the power needed to propel a plethora of AI features.

    Not only does Xiaomi 11T Pro pack a lot of performance punch, but it also features a powerful triple camera set up with a pro-grade 108MP wide-angle, 2x telemacro, and a 120° ultra-wide angle lens. On top of that, the smartphone boasts impressive computational filmography capabilities with one-click AI Cinema modes, 8K recording and HDR10+, allowing users to capture footage with the same smart ISO technology found in digital cameras.

    A real Cinemagic powerhouse wouldn™t be complete without a stunning, durable and responsive display. Xiaomi 11T Pro is equipped with DisplayMate A+ rated 6.67™™ FHD+ 120Hz AMOLED flat display, TrueColor, Dolby Vision® and HDR10+, showcases over 1 billion colors, boasts 1000 nits of peak brightness, up to 480Hz touch sampling rate and is shielded by the strongest Gorilla® glass to date Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victusâ„¢. With Dolby Vision, users can enjoy ultra vivid pictures with vibrant colors, incredible brightness and contrast rich details. The display also features a number of eye care functions to protect users from eye strain, such as True Display which automatically adjusts the color temperature according to the surrounding conditions as well as Reading Mode 3.0. Xiaomi 11T Pro further tops that up with Dolby Atmos® immersive audio as well as dedicated dual speakers with SOUND BY Harman Kardon, bringing engaging, intelligible audio across various content categories like music, movies, podcasts, and gaming.

    Xiaomi 11T: The Cinemagic Powerhouse for Content Creation

    Xiaomi 11T continues the mission to make Cinemagic available to everyone by offering features such as a high-resolution triple camera, along with a suite of AI-powered tools to boost your creativity and productivity.

    Enjoy breathtaking shots with the Xiaomi 11T triple camera featuring a 108MP high-resolution wide-angle, 120° ultra-wide angle, and 2x telemacro camera. The smartphone combines this with its one-click AI cinema modes to distill the tricks of professional cinematographers such as Time Freeze, Magic Zoom and other types of complicated shots into just a single click while the faintest of sounds is brought to life in cinematic fashion with Audio Zoom.

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    Xiaomi 11T 6.67™™ 120Hz flat AMOLED display equally delivers HDR10+ with stunning sharpness and crystal clarity, over 1 billion colors, a smorgasbord of eye care features and up to 480Hz touch sampling rate, ensuring that the slightest tap on the screen will allow users to capture the perfect shot even in a fleeting moment.

    Whether you™re shooting or editing your very own cinematic footage, Xiaomi 11T keeps up with you throughout your day thanks to a power-efficient MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Ultra chipset, a massive 5000mAh battery and 67W wired turbo charging that gets to 100% in only 36 minutes*

    Pricing & Availability

    Xiaomi 11T Pro and Xiaomi 11T come in 3 stylish colors with a brushed finish including Meteorite Gray, Moonlight White, and Celestial Blue.

    Xiaomi 11T comes bundled with a Mi Band 5, in two variants, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB at price of 78,999 PKR and 82,999 respectively.

    Xiaomi 11T Pro has one variant 12GB+256GB and comes bundled with a Mi Watch Lite at a price of 109,999 PKR.

    Both phones will be available for purchase from official Xiaomi channels****.

    Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE: Flagship-level Performance Housed in a Thin, Lightweight Package 

    Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE unveils a sleek yet striking aesthetic, packing all the perks into an ultra thin and lightweight body, measuring a mere 6.81mm and 158g**. The design is further accentuated by a razor-thin 1.88mm on both top and side bezels, as well as four choices of stylish color. While Truffle Black, Bubblegum Blue, and Peach Pink are making a return, Xiaomi is adding a brand new color “ Snowflake White, matte and frosted white similar to freshly fallen snow.

    Thanks to the 6.55 AMOLED DotDisplay, 10-bit TrueColor support and Dolby Vision®, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE offers truly stunning ultra vivid picture quality with vibrant colors, incredible brightness, contrast and amazing detail. Continuing the camera heritage of the Xiaomi 11 Family, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE delivers best-in-class shooting with a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, and a 5MP telemacro camera. Bundled with a toolbox of AI-powered features including One-click AI cinema, cinematic video filters, and a new Vlog mode.

    Featuring the Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 778G 5G Mobile Platform, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE leverages the power of 5G*** to elevate your daily experience. With ultra-fast connection at your fingertips, you can stream HD videos or resource-heavy games without lag, and enjoy crystal-clear video calls. The device is also equipped with a 4,250mAh battery and 33W fast charging that powers up in no time.

    Retail price starting from PKR 69,999, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE comes in two variants, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, and will be available for purchase from official Xiaomi channels****.

    Quick Specs:

    Xiaomi 11T Pro  Xiaomi 11T  Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE 
    Display 120Hz 6.67 AMOLED flat DotDisplay 6.55 AMOLED Dot Display (2400 x 1080 FHD+)
    DisplayMate A+ 120Hz 6.67 AMOLED flat DotDisplay 10-bit TrueColor and DCI-P3
    Up to 480Hz touch sampling rate Up to 480Hz touch sampling rate 90Hz refresh rate
    Aspect ratio: 20:9 Aspect ratio: 20:9 240Hz touch sampling rate
    FHD+, 2400×1080 FHD+, 2400×1080 Dolby Vision®
    TrueColor TrueColor HDR10+
    True Display True Display 360° ambient light sensor
    Over 1 billion colors Over 1 billion colors
    HBM 800 nits(typ), 1000 nits peak brightness(typ) HBM 800 nits(typ), 1000 nits peak brightness(typ)
    Contrast ratio: 5,000,000:1 (typ) Contrast ratio: 5,000,000:1 (typ)
    120Hz AdaptiveSync 120Hz AdaptiveSync
    HDR10+ Up to 480Hz touch sampling rate
    Dolby Vision® HDR10+
    Sunlight mode 3.0 Sunlight mode 3.0 Reading mode 3.0
    Reading mode 3.0 360° ambient light sensor
    360°ambient light sensor
    Color Meteorite Gray, Moonlight White, Celestial Blue Truffle Black, Bubblegum Blue, Peach Pink, Snowflake White
    Dimensions 164.1mm x 76.9mm x 8.8mm 164.1mm x 76.9mm x 8.8mm 160.53mm x 75.73mm x 6.81mm
    204g 203g 158g
    Performance Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 888 MediaTek Dimensity 1200-Ultra Qualcomm® Snapdragonâ„¢ 778G
    5nm 6nm 6nm
    Rear camera 108MP wide-angle camera 64MP main camera (f/1.79, 0.7μm 4-in-1 to 1.4μm)
    8MP ultra wide-angle camera (F/2.2,1.12μm)
    0.7μm pixel size, 2.1μm 9-in-1 Super Pixel 5MP telemacro camera (F/2.4,1.12μm)
    f/1.75, 7P lens
    Dual Native ISO
    8MP ultra-wide angle camera
    120° FOV, f/2.2
    5MP telemacro camera
    f/2.4, 3-7cm AF
    Front camera 16MP in-display front camera 20MP in-display selfie camera
    Connectivity 5G*** 5G***
    Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.2
    WiFi 6 WiFi 6
    Dual SIM***** Dual SIM*****
    Multi-functional NFC Multi-functional NFC
    IR blaster IR blaster
    Unlock Arc side fingerprint
    PIN/Password, Pattern
    Charging 5,000mAh (typ) Battery****** 5000mAh (typ) Battery 4,250mAh (typ) battery
    120W Xiaomi HyperCharge 67W wired turbo charging 67W In-box charger 33W fast-charging
    120W in-box charger 33W in-box charger
    Audio Dedicated dual speakers Dedicated dual speakers Dual speakers
    SOUND BY Harman Kardon Dolby Atmos®
    Dolby Atmos®
    Motor X-axis linear vibration motor Z-axis linear motor
    System MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11
    Storage variants 12GB+256GB 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB

    * Data sourced from Xiaomi labs.  ** Product weight, size and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual product. *** 5G connectivity may vary based on regional availability and local operator support. **** Availability may vary by markets and carriers. ***** Dual SIM availability may vary by markets and carriers. ****** Xiaomi 11T Pro typical battery capacity is equivalent to 5000mAh. The battery is split into a two 2500mAh cell structure.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:50 +0500 informal
    KhudaAurMohabbat trending at no.1 in India on YouTube 7th Sky Entertainment™s magnus opus, KhudaAurMohabbat has been making waves in the entertainment industry ever since its first episode. This time, fans across the border have shown massive love and appreciation for the serial as KAM is now trending at no.1 in India on YouTube.

    The engrossing tale about love and spirituality, helmed by the media moguls Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, has been setting new records in the industry since it went on-air.

    The star of the drama, Feroze Khan, also tookto his twitter to thank his millions of fans across the border. œThe fans all across the world. Thank you, he tweeted.

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    The latest episode of KhudaAurMohabbat also surpassed 14 million views in just 48 hours. It has also broken all YouTube records in the history of Pakistan.

    It™s safe to say that the heart-warming tale featuring Feroze Khan and Iqra Aziz has won the hearts of fans all over the world.

    Tune into Geo Entertainment every Friday at 8pm to watch an all new episode of KhudaAurMohabbat!

    7th Sky Entertainment is a Pakistani television production house. It has produced and aired many television series of various genres on different channels. The house was founded by Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi. The production company produces most content for and of Geo Entertainment.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:41 +0500 informal
    Series of Activities for Celebrating 2021 Mid&Autumn Festival The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. With ancient legends and touching stories, it embodies mankind's vision for a harmonious and happy life. From September 18 to October 6, 2021, hosted by the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation of China™s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and jointly organized by the Network of International Culturalink Entities, overseas China Cultural Centers and China Tourism Offices, the œMid-Autumn Festival: A Moon moment to Remember Large Scale Brand Activities will be launched for people around the world.

    The theme of this activity is based on traditional Mid-Autumn Festival culture, focusing around four major section which include œMid-Autumn Festival Classics, œFood Delicacies of Mid-Autumn œMid-Autumn Ode to Music, œMid-Autumn Poetry and Chorale, promoting culture and tourism through virtual exhibitions, online concerts, food workshops, short videos, mini training classes and other forms of rich and colorful activities. The festival will promote Chinese traditional festivals and cultural customs in a comprehensive and three-dimensional way, convey the value of "family harmony, social harmony", and express the best wishes for œreunion, harmony and health.

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    Let us meet the clouds, across time and space, beyond the country, standing on the same planet, looking at the same round moon, telling the stories of the heart and spending a colorful Mid-Autumn Festival together!

    During this period, some exciting event previews and highlights will be launched for our viewers. For more details on upcoming exciting events, stay tuned and follow China Cultural Center in Pakistan on social media platforms!

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:40 +0500 informal
    Introducing ColorOS 12, Everything You Need to Know While we are approaching the official stable release of Android 12, which is rumored to be released in early October, smartphone manufacturers are preparing their new software skins for the latest version of Android. After Samsung recently released the Beta One UI 4, Oppo today revealed the secret of its long-awaited ColorOS 12, based on Android 12, at an event in China. ColorOS 12 features an updated design aesthetic, Omoji, and other multitasking and privacy-focused improvements on the go. Introducing ColorOS 12, Everything You Need to Know.

    Features of ColorOS 12

    OPPO has packed many design changes to ColorOS 12. The company redesigned the user interface based on the endless design concept, with redesigned icons, new animations, avatar emoticons, and more. The Android skin now includes a squirrel-shaped acrylic icon which, unlike the one in ColorOS 11, has a permanent shape. Icons use softer colors but retain enough detail and texture to avoid problems.

    ColorOS 12 brings several new features in addition to what Google introduced in Android 12. The company improved the FlexDrop feature to encourage multitasking, and now allows users to drag apps and switch between screen display modes with simple gestures - Window and mini-window.

    A new addition is Omoji, an avatar emoticon feature that uses 20,000 unique tags to create a custom avatar. This feature creates a high-precision 3D model based on this tag and you can use your avatar for video calls, e.g. B. profile photo and more.

    OPPO also offers a free floating window function in ColorOS 12. You can stop a window by multitasking and dragging it up. You can switch small windows with one click, switch to full screen mode by double-clicking and swiping sideways to move them to the edge of the screen, drag corners to resize, and even work with one hand.

    OPPO is promoting a new Quantum Animation Engine that aims to deliver realistic animation effects in ColorOS 12. The brand says it "mimics the physical habits of drag, swing and rebound" to deliver intuitive animations through the user interface.

    ColorOS12 provides screen connectivity that lets you connect your computer and phone when they are close together to collaborate between displays. You can simply drag and drop between two screens for ultra-fast file transfers, seamless document editing, shared clipboards, shared document editing, and shared screenshots.

    As officially confirmed by Oppo, the ColorOS 12 update will be released for a total of over 50 phones, including Oppo and OnePlus models. Sales will kick off sometime next month with the flagship series Oppo Find X3 and OnePlus 9. The skin will also find its way to the leading mid-range OnePlus and Oppo devices in 2022. We also know it will hit Realme phones in the form of Realme UI 3.0, so expect more. a lot of progress in that direction. Reuters

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:33 +0500 informal
    Oracle introduces Java 17 under new license terms Software giant Oracle has released an updated version of the popular Java 17 programming language, revealing many updates for performance, stability, and security. Oracle introduces Java 17 under new license terms.

    A new version of Java is usually released every six months, but Java 17 is a Long Term Support Edition (LTS) that is maintained for several years. The latest version of LTS Java is Java 11, which was released three years ago.

    However, with this release, Oracle proposes to reduce the release frequency from three to two years by implementing the next LTS version, Java 21, in September 2023.

    "One of the biggest challenges for Java developers today is that their companies allow them to use only the latest version of LTS. With the delay of the LTS edition every two years, developers working in conservative organizations now have more choice and access to the features they love and want. use it, said Georges Saab, vice president of development, Java Platform Group, Oracle.

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    Under new condition

    Like every new release, Java 17 is filled with improvements over its predecessors. This release includes more than a dozen suggested new JDK (JEP) upgrades from the latest version, and the number exceeds 70 JEPs compared to the latest LTS version.

    On a larger scale, Oracle has changed the licensing terms for popular programming languages. Starting with this version, the Oracle Java version will be available under a free license for up to a full year after the next LTS version.

    1. Arnal Dayaratna, vice president of research, software development at IDC, said the new license terms will allow Oracle Java to be used free of charge for an extended period of time.

    Oracle's own Java is different from the open source OpenJDK, which is still under the General Public License (GPL).

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:30 +0500 informal
    Reopen School from September 16 in Pakistan Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmoud announced on Tuesday that all educational institutions in Pakistan will reopen on Thursday (16 September). Reopen School from September 16 in Pakistan.

    "I am pleased to announce that all educational institutions start from the age of 16" Classes in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will continue with 50% attendance. Teachers and school management ensure that SOPs regarding the corona virus are strictly adhered to.

    The forum had previously exposed fake news about schools that would remain closed until September 30. It is mandatory for students, teachers, and teachers to give the first dose of the corona virus vaccine no later than September 15. After October 15, only fully vaccinated students will be able to arrive on the school campus, the National Command and Operations Center said.

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    Here is the NCOC procedure for vaccinating students ages 15-17:

    With the closure of educational institutions by the government in certain areas of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Islamabad, educational institutions were closed after an outbreak of coronavirus cases was reported. The government will definitely approve all middle and high school students considering the current COVID situation.

    Conversely, unsuccessful applicants will be transferred as soon as they receive 33% of concession points. In compulsory subjects, students receive 5% additional marks. Level O and A exams are planned. The new school year starts on August 22, 2022. The Minister of Education has decided to organize secondary and secondary education every two years (twice a year). There will be no additional exams in the future. The biennial tests take place in May and June, the new school year starting in August.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:27 +0500 informal
    Mailchimp sold 12 Billon Dollar Intuit has agreed to acquire Mailchimp for about $12 billion in cash and stock to support its "mission to promote global prosperity". Mailchimp sold 12 Billon Dollar.

    Mailchimp is well known for its email marketing platform or the hilarious commercials that accompanied the first season of the hit series podcast. No matter what comes to mind first, the company has grown to include tools that companies can use to create their own websites, create online stores, or promote platforms like Facebook, among others.

    Meanwhile Intuit stands behind financial management services Mint and QuickBooks and electronic filing software TurboTax. With the exception of TurboTax, the service is mostly used behind the scenes, while the offerings Intuit has obtained with Mailchimp are more visible to the public. Companies can now target both sides of online management.

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    In other words, Mailchimp co-founder Ben Chesten said the deal would allow the combined company to "provide innovative engines for small business growth through marketing automation, customer relationship management, accounting and compliance, payments and fees, and e-commerce. Solution driven." . "And to be"the only source of truth for your company".

    Intuit said in a press release that Mailchimp has 13 million users, 2.4 million of whom use at least one of the company's products each month and 800,000 paying customers. But the real attraction is the information that Mailchimp collects: It should contain œdata and technology in the form of 70 billion contacts and 250+ rich partner integrations as well as œAutomation powered by [this] AI-scale Fuel 2.2 and contain millions of daily forecasts. managed by AI" across platforms. Reuters 

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:25 +0500 informal
    Apple confirms iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on September 20 After months of betas, Apple is finally releasing their full iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 updates on the 20th of September. Changes include improvements over notifications, FaceTime, and redesigns over the Safari browser. Focus mode will also be making it™s way with the update, this feature enables select apps and notifications during certain times of the day. It™s a way for Apple to organize your schedule by trying to eliminate unnecessary distractions. For instance, if you™re working between 9am to 5pm, and that work doesn™t involve checking social media notifications, then Focus mode will keep you from seeing those notifications until after 5pm. Apple confirms iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on September 20.

    iPadOS 15 will also be bringing app library and widgets, as seen from their iPhone counterparts. These allow better customization and organization in the iPad, especially as the number of apps grow. SharePlay, a feature that will let you co-watch with friends, will arrive later as another update.

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    Other security features include Hide My Email, which generates a temporary email name to prevent others from seeing your actual personal email. It™s important to keep personal emails private after all, being a key to your digital life.

    Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Apple is the world's largest technology company by revenue and, since January 2021, the world's most valuable company.

    The iPad is a touchscreen tablet PC made by Apple . The original iPad debuted in 2010. Apple has three iPad product lines: iPad, iPad mini and iPad Pro. ... They run Apple's iOS mobile operating system and have Wi-Fi connectivity with optional 4G capabilities. Reuters 

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:25 +0500 informal
    Huawei & HEC Officials Successfully Conclude Seeds for the Future 2021 Program Through the medium of a remote virtual event, Huawei Pakistan, working together with the Higher Education Commission, took part in the official closing ceremony for the Seeds for the Future program, 2021. The event was attended by Executive Director HEC Official, Dr. Shaista Sohail, Vice President Huawei Middle East, Mr Space Lee, President National Youth Assembly, Mr. Hanan Ali Abbasi, Assistant Director HEC Mr. Taj Muhammad, Deputy CEO Huawei Pakistan, Mr. Wuhan and the 40 students who participated in the program.

    This is the 7th year Seeds for the Future is happening in Pakistan, just like  last year, the whole program was moved online due to the obvious restrictions of COVID-19. Out of a pool of more than a 1000 applicants, 40 information communication technology students from universities all across Pakistan were nominated by the Higher Education Commission. The aim of the program, which has been active in over 130 countries & regions since its inception in Thailand, has been to nurture upcoming STEM talent from around the world. As a global ICT market leader, Huawei has taken it upon itself to promote local ICT industries as part of development in their operational regions.

    During the one week online learning, students from Pakistan received technical training from Huawei and industry ICT experts, who shared their expertise on courses covering a wide range of topics like the Chinese language and culture, strategic leadership, 5G, cloud computing, AI etc. Out of the 40 students, 30 successfully passed the course and got the graduation certificate. The top ten students and Best Team Leader also received awards.

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    Executive Director HEC stated at the ceremony, œI congratulate the students who have secured distinctions in these courses, from over a thousand students, you are the few who have been selected to be a part of this program. I™m thankful to Huawei and their very strong collaboration with the Higher Education Commission and universities across Pakistan.

    Mr. Hanan Ali Abbasi further stated, œHuawei is helping the upcoming generation™s reach their fullest potential by becoming tomorrow™s technology leaders, innovators, and pioneers. This program is meant to further develop their inclusion in our global digital society.

    Mr. Space Lee, VP Huawei Middle East Region added, œThanks Dr. Shaista Sohail and HEC Team for organizing such good program for the training of youth in Pakistan. Huawei is one of the top ICT companies in the world, I am sure through these programs some of the best ICT knowledge can be shared with the students of Pakistan and benefit their future careers.

    The Seeds for the Future program has been a successful addition to Huawei™s social-enterprise partnership goal in Pakistan since the first batch of Pakistani students traveled to China in 2015. So far 117 Pakistani students have been benefited from this program.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:24 +0500 informal
    How to overcome the imarticalor syndrome? Cheating Syndrome can effectively hinder professional development. Fortunately, defeating it is possible - the most important and the most difficult thing is to admit and accept the problem. Only this is the starting point for changing the way you think. the imarticalor syndrome.

    Cheater syndrome - what is it?

    The cheating syndrome in psychology is the belief that the successes achieved are the result of coincidence, error, or simply luck. According to the first studies, it was mainly women in high positions that suffered from it, and they diminish their merits. It is now known that it affects not only women but also men. The gentlemen, however, hide their uncertainty better. Surprisingly, not average eaters of bread struggle with it, but experts and specialists, renowned actors, CEOs of large corporations, scientists with above-average intelligence and distinguished writers. It can therefore be said that he is the bane of talented people. It is worth emphasizing that it is not about simple modesty or awareness of your shortcomings, but a feeling of hopelessness and the conviction that you do not deserve a distinction. People struggling with the fraud syndrome are just waiting for someone to discover their incompetence. Unless it is considered a disorder, it can become a cause of depression in the long term.

    Cheater syndrome - causes

    Where does the imarticalor syndrome come from? The reasons for this phenomenon most often lie in excessive perfectionism at work. People who struggle with it say you can do something "perfectly" or "hopeless." There is no other division for them and they do not consider the effect good enough. Behavioral and family reasons, and above all, parents' too high expectations may also have an impact on the emergence of the cheater syndrome. Especially if we often heard during our childhood, œDid you get a four? Why not five? "

    How to recognize the imarticalor syndrome? Alarm signals

    What are the alarming signals that we may be experiencing the cheating syndrome? The symptoms relate primarily to the pursuit of perfection at all costs, working under constant pressure, reduced efficiency, stress and a reduced level of satisfaction with life. Struggling workers are appalled at the prospect of being promoted because they say they don't deserve a higher position.

    Cheater syndrome - test

    If you are wondering if the imarticalor syndrome also applies to you, consider how often you think as follows:

    • I'm not good enough, I don't deserve this position.
    • Others will soon find out that I am hopeless. I'm cheating everyone around.
    • I did not get this job because I have the appropriate competences. I was just lucky.
    • My colleagues are much better than me. What am I even doing here if I am not up to the standard?
    • I'm going to be fired for sure today.
    • I have no talent or special skills. Anyone can do what I do.

    Do you often feel that what you are doing is not enough? Do you think that you are not able to meet other people's expectations? Do you focus on your mistakes, not your successes? Still doubting yourself? There is a high risk that you are experiencing imarticalor syndrome.

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    Cheat Syndrome - How to Deal?

    At the beginning, it is worth realizing that - paradoxically - the cheater syndrome is a sign of success. It primarily affects gifted, above average intelligent, high-ranking and famous people. Probably Albert Einstein himself struggled with it, who at the end of his life believed that his scientific achievements were overestimated. Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks also suffered from the fraud syndrome. How can you help yourself or someone else who is struggling with it? There are at least a few methods.

    Naming the problem - this point is extremely important because becoming aware of the phenomenon and trying to understand it effectively helps in changing your attitude and thinking.

    Honest conversations - in the fight against the fraud syndrome, it can help to share your doubts with trusted people, e.g. your partner, mentor, boss or colleagues from the industry. Especially that this problem affects a lot of people and they probably also struggled with it.

    Working on excessive perfectionism - it cannot be denied that perfectionism can be destructive. If it begins to make life difficult, it is worth signing up for psychotherapy and, above all, allowing yourself to make mistakes.

    Strengthening self-esteem - this step can be achieved by, for example, helping colleagues, introducing a new intern to work, attending lectures as a speaker, sharing your ideas during brainstorming sessions.

    Focusing on facts instead of guesswork - it is enough to make a simple examination of conscience by writing down the reasons behind success, e.g. punctuality, reliable work, meeting deadlines, graduation, having expert knowledge in a given field.

    Some people with the cheating syndrome deal with going to job interviews or comparing their competences with the requirements in job offers. What if all these methods fail and we still can't fight our imarticalor syndrome? Therapy seems to be the best solution.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:58:16 +0500 informal
    8 best applications for bodybuilding in 2021 Finding a good bodybuilding app can greatly improve your workout results depending on the variety of features available. Some fitness apps on smartphones and tablets can be used to register your workouts, while others can provide you with effective weight lifting procedures or recommended nutrition information. Here are the eight best bodybuilding apps for iOS, Android and Windows 10. applications for bodybuilding in 2021.

    Body Space: The best social network for bodybuilders

    BodySpace contains a fitness social network.

    What we like

    • Social features are a great motivator.
    • IOS version supports Apple Health App integration.

    What we don't like

    • Finding people to follow is very unintuitive.
    • Does not synchronize data with Fitbit or other programs.

    BodySpace is a unique mix of Facebook and a collection of videos and training tips. The app provides a free social network where users track their exercise and interact with other people seeking fitness for motivation and inspiration. BodySpace also helps users plan their workouts and provides training videos and written tips, in addition to the many complete workout plans created by trainers.

    Body weight: the best weightless workouts

    Body weight includes bodybuilding exercises that can be performed without equipment.

    What we like

    • The iOS app is available on both iPhone and iPad.
    • Support for Arabic, Basque, German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

    What we don't like

    • Users are asked to buy content in addition to the price of the application.
    • Additional workouts can cost up to $ 8.99.

    Weight training: Your gym or you own Mark Loren's gym, as it is called on Android devices, is a program designed to help bodybuilders get fit when there is no gym or exercise machine. The app provides users with a variety of individual exercises and sequences that focus on using your own body weight for resistance, with detailed written descriptions and suggested videos explaining the correct shape of each movement. Ideal for bodybuilding at home.

    Elite interval training: the best management of training sessions

    Elite Interval Training is a great timer for bodybuilding training in Windows 10.

    What we like

    • Good music options for training.
    • High-quality digital voice story.

    What we don't like

    • Some interfaces look small on Windows 10 devices.
    • Navigation will confuse some users.

    Elite Interval Training is an application for fitness enthusiasts who like to structure their workouts without spending time between sets to stop and run the timer program on their smart device. This program allows you to create your own workouts by adding exercises and rest periods. When you're done, you just click play and Elite Interval Training will go through each record, showing you how much time has passed and letting you know when the next recording begins.

    BAU5 Workout: The best supplement for weight training

    The BAU5 Workout bodybuilding application adjusts the content to your body type.

    What we like

    • Workouts are adapted to the type of physique of the user.
    • Data is synced with Apple Health.

    What we don't like

    • Workouts are for men only.
    • A monthly subscription of $ 14.99 is required for a complete training history and heart rate monitoring.
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    BAU5 Workout is a fitness application designed for those who want to focus on strength training. The application provides users with instructions on how to perform lifts correctly, and generates a number of sets based on their body type and training history.

    JEFIT: The best all-in-one bodybuilding app

    The JEFIT application is filled with bodybuilding functions.

    What we like

    • More than 1000 exercises to choose from.
    • The entire exercise database is available for free.

    What we don't like

    • Being able to compare progress with friends requires a monthly subscription of $ 3.33.
    • Some text can be difficult to read on small smartphones.

    JEFIT is one of the most popular training applications for both iOS and Android. The application boasts a huge collection of exercises and planned procedures for different levels of physical training, and also allows users to create and share their own workouts. One of the best features of JEFIT is its mini-social network, which allows you to chat with friends who are also on the platform and compare your progress.

    GainGuy: The best fitness supplement to fill

    GainGuy helps bodybuilders keep track of nutrition.

    What we like

    • Food data is supported by both USDA and UCCS.
    • The automatic meal schedule is great for beginners.

    What we don't like

    • Application design is quite boring.
    • No social exchange is considered a lost opportunity.

    Diet is just as important for bodybuilding as weight lifting, which makes GainGuy the most important supplement for those who want to gain weight. GainGuy apps for iOS and Android make it easy for you to track your calorie intake and include power schemes that you can enter manually or generate automatically depending on your specific goals. The app also contains food reminders to make sure you are always on the agenda.

    Navy SEAL Fitness: The best training app for bodybuilding

    The Navy SEAL Fitness app takes bodybuilding to the next level.

    Navy SEAL Fitness

    What we like

    • Lots of information about training and fitness.
    • Good choice of activities and nutrition tips.

    What we don't like

    • It is not possible to register your workouts.
    • Very unattractive program design.

    The app costs $ 1.99 per purchase and also offers purchases through the app.

    Navy SEAL Fitness is an application for those who want to take their bodybuilding to a new level with more knowledge and a greater variety of exercises. This program provides a ridiculous amount of information about the diets and workout strategies included by Navy SEALS to increase their flexibility, cardiovascular training and overall strength. Navy SEAL Fitness is not an app for the average person who wants to lose a few pounds, but it is ideal for people who may have reached a plateau for weight loss or want to really take their level of fitness seriously.

    Strongur: for special bodybuilding

    Strongur app is designed for bodybuilders who are serious about lifting weights.

    What we like

    • Supports Apple Health.
    • Available on Apple Watch.

    What we don't like

    • Use requires some knowledge of bodybuilding.
    • It takes a lot of trial and error to understand how an application works.

    Strongur is an application for those who want to get serious about weightlifting. The app offers a comprehensive training log tool that tracks all aspects of your weightlifting, but the main feature is a collection of weightlifting workouts that focus on different muscle groups and lifting styles. Everyone can create their own training program in Strongur and share it with other users. Conversely, you can also download procedures done by others. Everything in the app is free, except for special Smart Coach workouts, which are professionally created and developed when the app collects more data about your strength and fitness level.

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    10+ sources of passive income for the designer It's always nice to make extra money. When you are a successful designer - a professional in your field, you do not have a hang-up from customers and, most likely, you have something to do. But, even the most famous web designers find sources of additional income. It is doubly nice if he is passive. sources of passive income for the designer.

    The modern web provides many ideas and platforms that can bring additional income without much time and effort. We share with you the ten most popular ways of passive income for a designer .

    Selling ready-made web designs, templates and themes on marketplaces is one of the most common and profitable ways of passive income for a designer. On platforms such as TemplateMonster, you can place the maximum number of works in such categories as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop and many others. If you create unique graphics - you can also download it for sale on the marketplace.

    One of the biggest advantages of TemplateMonster is that the author can set the value of their products themselves. Using the recommendations from the marketplace, the author decides at what price to attract a potential buyer. Depending on the product type and category, prices range from $ 2 to $ 180 and above per unit.

    The author's commission depends on the type of product and whether it is exclusive. The same author can simultaneously sell goods exclusively and receive 50-65% commission from each sale (ie exclusively on TemplateMonster) and not exclusively (on TemplateMonster and other platforms) and earn 40-65% of the declared value of the product.

    But, as they say, not the only price you can increase your earnings with TemplateMonster. The success of the author depends on the uniqueness and creativity of his product. The more benefits it offers to the customer, the higher the probability that a person will want to put the product in the cart. You don't have to upload dozens of themes to the site. It is enough to create one or more quality products that will contain the greatest benefit to the customer.

    The marketplace now contains more than 63,000 products from various categories. Templates and themes for WordPress are expected to be in demand among buyers. The platform is quite simply organized and we provide the opportunity to find the necessary products using advanced search and filters located in the sidebar of the site.

    In addition to being able to sell templates and themes at retail, TemplateMonster has also launched an annual ONE subscription that includes templates, themes, plugins, graphics, audio, and video products for a variety of purposes. Authors can also upload their work to a subscription, thereby increasing sales and personal income.

    Envato Market

    EnvatoMarket is another resource of additional passive earnings for a designer. The choice of products here is not as large as on TemplateMonster. The main focus is on WordPress and HTML templates, graphics, photos, 3D files, audio and video work. EnvatoMarket offers about 50,000 templates compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and HTML, which can be used for a wide range of purposes, including blogs, online stores, portfolios, resumes, and more.

    The marketplace stands out among other sites at fairly democratic prices - from $ 2 to $ 65 per unit on average. It also allows authors to set their own prices for products, as well as simultaneously sell works under an exclusive and non-exclusive stamp. The amount that the authors pay to the platform is 55% and above for a non-exclusive product and from 12% to 37% for an exclusive one.

    EnvatoMarket is an English-language resource, but there are plenty of articles online about how to become an author and start selling on the platform. Before your works will be published on the marketplace, you need to be checked by moderators. Your product may be rejected with a request to correct errors or without giving reasons and without the possibility of reloading this product.

    To increase sales, you need to download new products at least once a week to flash in the list of "New" works.

    Creative Market

    Creative Market offers a large selection of graphic designs, icons, 3D images, logos, brochures and other elements. Creative Market is best suited for creative graphic designers.

    If you focus on developing templates for websites, Prices for different types of products range from $ 2 to $ 400 and above. The author's commission from sales makes 15%.

    Design Cuts

    Design Cuts is a community of creative designers who earn 20% commission from the sale of graphic elements, mocaps, page templates on social networks, fonts and more. Here you will not find templates and themes for sites. The main emphasis is creativity. If you are also a creative designer - join and sell your products on the site. As for the pricing policy of the platform - the cost of products is affordable. Here you can download one unit of goods for both $ 3 and $ 50.


    Initially, the platform was launched as a resource for freelancers and designers who could draw inspiration, download ready-made graphic designs, and more recently - and start selling their work. Fiverr charges a $ 1 (or 20%) commission on each sale of $ 5.

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    DesignHill is another popular source of passive income for designers. The platform always takes a fixed 5% commission on each sale while the platform sets fairly affordable prices for goods - from $ 2 to $ 25. DesignHill is known for a wide selection of unique graphic designs developed by authors from around the world. Each author can independently indicate the retail value of their work, thereby keeping passive income under control.


    Zazzle is the only platform that brings together clients, designers, brands and independent professionals. The platform opens the possibility to sell your design on the Internet to a wide audience. You can run your online store for free and use high quality tools from Zazzle. You can also sell your own product and get 15% on sales plus up to 17% bonus on total sales.

    My Fonts

    Are you fond of fonts and have your own collection of unique designs? MyFonts is the perfect platform for you. Here you can download your unique font designs and make money on your hobby. The site charges a commission of 20% of the price at which each of the products is sold. MyFonts sells fonts from $ 25 and up.

    Design By Humans

    Design By Humans is a community of over 15,000 designers who upload their creative work to the resource and earn votes for the most amazing projects. The works that received more votes are sent to print. Join the community and promote your designs. Here you will receive a commission for each sale you make: from $ 3 for T-shirts to $ 8 for reproductions of paintings.


    Earn on your talent by selling designs at Society6. Join a successful community of artists, designers and art enthusiasts by bringing art into people's daily lives. It appreciates original works from creators of all colors - from artists to illustrators, photographers, pattern designers and everything else. Society pays 10% of each sale. The average cost of one unit of goods is $ 20- $ 40.


    The mission of the platform is to help artists spend more time doing their favorite thing - creativity. Create designs of different styles, themes and plots and sell them on INPRNT. Create an account in this modern gallery and start uploading your best works. Once they are approved, you will be able to show your talent to the world. You earn 50% of each sale - an average of $ 10 per unit.


    There are many ideas for extra income for a designer. You can make a profit not only from project to project. If you have not yet started selling your work on marketplaces and specialized resources - now is the best time to take the first step.

    Register on the sites we discussed above, upload your work and increase profits. Passive income is a find for a designer. Try it and you won't be able to stop.

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    Microsoft Windows 11 will be released next month Must Read: Twitter introduces a new safety mode feature In the first phase, Asus, Alienware, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Microsoft will launch Windows 11 for their "Surface" family of computers and tablets. A few months ago, Microsoft announced that Android apps would also be able to run on Windows 11, but now it is known that this feature will not be included in the initial release of Windows 11, although it will be added a few months later. Initially, this feature will only be available to a limited number of users participating in the Windows Insider program. ]]> Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:57:06 +0500 informal TECNO Partners with Zong 4G to bring 12GB FREE internet for its users TECNO Mobile Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan™s leading Digital company, Zong 4G brings FREE 12GB Internet in all TECNO devices purchased in 2021 and upcoming devices as well.

    The partnership between Zong and TECNO comes at a time when the internet has become a daily necessity. This partnership with Zong will provide 12GB internet FREE to all TECNO phone users for three months “ 4GB internet every month. Phones include Spark 7, Spark 7 Pro, CAMON 17, and all other TECNO phones launching in 2021.

    This offer applies to only Zong 4G customers. If you have purchased a new TECNO phone this year and are using a Zong 4G sim, then just insert your sim in your TECNO phone and an activation code will be sent to your number. Enter the code that will instantly activate your FREE 12GB internet package.

    Must Read: Xiaomi announces Redmi 10: Reinventing the entry-level smartphone experience at all fronts

     Commenting on the partnership Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Pakistan said œThis initiative of TECNO with Zong 4G is a way to expand the internet accessibility for the users. With all TECNO Camon series and Spark Series phones launched this year, users can access 12GB of FREE internet by just activating their Zong sims in these phones. It is a great opportunity for young users to get rid of their day-to-day data bundle issues. This offer is just an addition to all the amazing features TECNO is providing its users through the budget-friendly devices.

    The offer is valid for all the TECNO phones purchased this year. Moreover, the same offer will be applicable for all the upcoming devices as well. So hurry up, get your TECNO device and enjoy unlimited internet free.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:56:38 +0500 informal
    Xiaomi announces Redmi 10: Reinventing the entry&level smartphone experience at all fronts Xiaomi today launched Redmi 10 in Pakistan. Following up with a full suite of major upgrades compared with its predecessor, Redmi 10 touts the series™ first 50MP hi-res camera, 90Hz 6.5 FHD+ AdaptiveSync display, a powerful chipset and a sleek design, making exceptional performance available to more and more people.

    Redmi 10 comes packed with flagship-grade features for a smartphone of this caliber to deliver performance that exceeds expectations. The value of Redmi 10 offers speaks for itself. Its outstanding 50MP camera for high-res shots is a first of its kind in its category, making cutting-edge photography accessible to all. But it also boasts a 90Hz refresh rate and high-performance hardware, making Redmi 10 a top-of-the-line contender in its bracket.

    Reinvent the entry-level smartphone experience with a killer camera and display

    Redmi 10™s 50MP ultra-high resolution main camera captures amazing content with stellar details. Accompanied by a 8MP ultra-wide camera, 2MP macro camera, and a 2MP depth sensor, Redmi 10 gives you the freedom to capture moments in all situations. The device also packs a suite of stylish filters to add flair for your shots, as well as panorama selfies ideal for large group shots that get you and all your friends in the picture.

    Looking at its display, Redmi 10 comes with a large 6.5 screen with FHD+ resolution, while a 90Hz refresh rate for seamless scrolling and swiping is a treat for your eyes. Paired with AdaptiveSync technology, Redmi 10 automatically adjusts refresh rate to your content, keeping your battery alive longer as it™ll boost refresh rates for only those moments when you actually need it. In addition, Redmi 10 features Reading Mode 3.0 to relax your eyes as you flip through your favorite content.

    Next-level experience showcased in a sleek and stylish design

    Powered by a 2.0GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio G88 processor, Redmi 10 is designed from the ground up to perform. Utilizing a lightning-fast GPU, Redmi 10 takes your mobile performance to a whole new height with powerful hardware and next-level features. With a massive 5,000mAh battery, 18W fast charging, and an in-box 22.5W charger, Redmi 10 helps you sail through your tasks without worry.

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    Redmi 10 has a sleek and stylish design that™s smooth to the touch and a joy to behold. It™s available in 3 beautiful colors; matte Carbon Gray and Pebble White with a classic, smooth fingerprint-proof finish, and a beautifully textured glossy Sea Blue. In addition, Redmi 10 comes with MIUI 12.5 out of the box, and offers an immersive audio experience with its dual speakers.

    Redmi 10 comes in two variants - 4GB+128GB which will be available online exclusively at, and

    The other variant, 6GB+128GB will be available exclusively offline at Xiaomi Stores.

    Both will be available for purchase via Xiaomi™s official sales channels mentioned above from August 30th. Prices start at PKR 29,999 & PKR 32,999

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:56:38 +0500 informal
    iPhone 11 & is it worth buying it just before the premiere of the iPhone 13? It's hard to believe that the iPhone 11 is almost two years old. Is it worth being interested in an older smartphone with the Apple logo on the housing despite the passage of time and the upcoming premiere of the iPhone 13?

    • Cheap iPhone = Old iPhone?
    • iPhone 11 does not have a 5G modem
    • iPhone 11 does not have an OLED screen and an increased refresh rate
    • The iPhone 11 has a sensational casing with increased durability
    • The iPhone 11 camera continues to surprise positively
    • You will not run out of performance for the next few years
    • Great battery with fast charging
    • Low loss of value
    • iPhone 11 will remain on sale until September 2022
    • iPhone 11 in 2021 - is it worth buying?

    Apple has a rather unusual approach to selling smartphones. The company's portfolio does not include budget planners or even cheap middle-class men. We can only choose from expensive or very expensive flagships, and from time to time there are also cheaper models from the SE family, which use components from older generation iPhones.

    Due to the small number of models on the market and the lack of smartphones from lower price segments, the Cupertino giant has been selling older models for many years.

    Currently, the manufacturer's website also includes the iPhone Xr, presented in September 2018. The nearly three-year-old smartphone is still sold by the manufacturer itself and will receive software updates for at least three consecutive years.

    Today, however, we will deal with a slightly newer, not much more expensive, but much more interesting smartphone, which is certainly the iPhone 11. This smartphone made its debut on the market in September 2019, and despite the upcoming second birthday, it is still very eagerly bought by consumers from around the world. What is the phenomenon of this device and is it worth getting interested in a smartphone from two generations before the release of the iPhone 13?

    Cheap iPhone = Old iPhone?

    If you want to decide on a cheap iPhone, you have to take into account the fact that it will be an old construction. Fortunately, smartphones with the iOS operating system, thanks to proprietary processors and a closed ecosystem, age much slower than the Android competition. This means the iPhone 11 is still bravely battling Android's flagships for this year.

    Unfortunately, the age of the design is visible in several places, but the iPhone 11 also has a lot of advantages. Will they ultimately outweigh the shortcomings and shortcomings?

    iPhone 11 does not have a 5G modem

    It so happened that the iPhone 11 is the last flagship of Apple without support for the 5G network. The Cupertino giant has delayed the implementation of 5G modems for a long time and finally did it in 2020.

    iPhone 11 is equipped with a gigabit LTE modem. This means that you will not take advantage of the increasingly available 5G network, which has even higher data transfers and the ability to support more devices at the same time.

    On the other hand, for the next two or three years, LTE will still be so fast and efficient that you shouldn't be bothered by the lack of 5G. the only exception is if you are a fan of new technologies and absolutely want to use 5G. Then you should definitely give up buying an iPhone 11.

    iPhone 11 does not have an OLED screen and an increased refresh rate

    The iPhone 11 screen has been loud since its premiere. Apple has equipped the device with a classic IPS LCD panel with a 6.1-inch screen cutout. As if that was not enough, such a large panel uses a low resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels. This means that the iPhone 11 does not have a Full HD display. The pixel density is 326 ppi. The panel supports True Tone and Night Shift. Like more expensive models, we should not count on the presence of a panel with an increased refresh rate.

    On the other hand, the purely practically iPhone 11 still has a good screen. Of course, this is not OLED from the latest flagships, but as for IPS LCD it is doing very well, and the reduced resolution is not a problem during normal operation. The maximum and minimum brightness should also be included on the plus side.

    We already know the biggest disadvantages of the iPhone 11. As you can see, there aren't many of them. Now it's time to move on to the advantages, which are still quite a lot.

    The iPhone 11 has a sensational casing with increased durability

    We start with the housing and build quality. iPhone 11 is the first smartphone to be made of more durable glass. Apple has used a new material on the back that better stands the test of time. In addition, the frame is still made of aluminum, and on the front we can find tempered glass, which should, however, be secured with additional protective glass.

    The rounded frames, which facilitate the operation of a fairly large smartphone, also speak in favor of the older model. It is also worth adding that the iPhone 11 is sold in a total of six color versions.

    The iPhone 11 camera continues to surprise positively

    The biggest novelty of the iPhone 11 is certainly its camera. For the first time in history, Apple offered a night mode with longer exposure in its smartphones, which changed the quality of photos taken after dark.

    In addition to the night mode, the smartphone offers two lenses with a resolution of 12 MP - ultra-wide angle and wide angle. Using the iPhone 11, we will also record movies in 4K while maintaining 60 frames per second.

    The iPhone 11 also has optical image stabilization, but, like the night mode, it will not work with an ultra-wide angle lens.

    The only thing that may be missing is a telephoto lens known from more expensive models with the note Pro in the name.

    You will not run out of performance for the next few years

    iPhone 11 is powered by a 7 nm Apple A13 Bionic processor supported by 4 GB of RAM. Depending on the configuration, we get 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB of built-in mass memory.

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    On paper, the technical specification of the iPhone 11 is not impressive, but in practice it is more than enough. We must also remember that all elements are displayed on a screen with a relatively low resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels.

    The iPhone 11 continues to fight bravely against Android's flagship models for 2021. In terms of performance, the iPhone 11 is still one of the fastest smartphones we can find on store shelves.

    Great battery with fast charging

    iPhone 11 users praise it for one more element. It is a battery with a capacity of 3110 mAh. Its size does not impress, but in combination with an energy-saving processor and an optimized operating system, we can easily get two days of work away from power.

    At the moment when we need to charge the smartphone, we can use the fast, 18 W wired charging. It will allow you to recharge the battery to 50% in 30 minutes (same as in the iPhone 12). The smartphone also supports wireless charging in the Qi standard with a maximum power of 7.5 W. Compared to the more expensive and newer models, the MagSafe port was missing.

    Low loss of value

    The iPhone has always held its value well. Owners of Apple equipment are able to recover a lot from the sale of a used iPhone. The iPhone 11, on the other hand, is now two years old and has lost a lot of value..

    If you are looking for an Apple device that offers the best value for money, it is definitely the iPhone 11.

    iPhone 11 will remain on sale until September 2022

    Are you worried that you will buy an iPhone 11 and Apple will soon withdraw the model from sale and limit service support? None of these things - the iPhone 11 will continue to be sold until the launch of the iPhone 14. From September 2021 it will be the cheapest model with Face ID, which will replace the still sold iPhone Xr.

    Apple continues to offer full service support and original accessories for the iPhone 11. Given the huge popularity of this device, we do not expect Apple to withdraw from support for the iPhone 11.

    iPhone 11 in 2021 - is it worth buying?

    Is it worth buying a two-year-old smartphone? In the case of most designs with the Android operating system, we would say no, but when it comes to Apple hardware, things are completely different.

    The iPhone 11 is a smartphone that is still worth considering. The almost two-year-old smartphone positively surprises with high performance, a very good camera, a sensational battery and an attractive design. Of course, there is no rose without a thorn. The disadvantages of the iPhone 11 certainly include the lack of a 5G modem and the display that stands out from today's standards.

    Summing up the list of advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 11, it must be admitted that Apple knew what it was doing. The two-year-old iPhone is still a good choice, and the iPhone 11 is a great device that will please most consumers. If you don't care about the fact of having the latest device and want to save some cash, but at the same time don't want to make far-reaching compromises, the iPhone 11 is a great choice.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:56:08 +0500 informal
    Xiaomi's Redmi 10 rumoured to be the next budget range style&icon! Xiaomi is launching another phone under the umbrella of it™s Redmi series. Named as the Redmi 10, the phone  will be launched in Pakistan very soon; a confirmed date is still unknown. The mobile will be equipped with striking features and crazy specifications. The tentative price of this mobile from Xiaomi might be starting from Rs 35,000- 36,000.

    In addition to this, the upcoming phone is rumored to be powered by a Octa-core (4x2.0 GHz Kryo 260 Gold & 4x1.8 GHz Kryo 260 Silver) processor that will let you enjoy a smooth and faster performance. Also, you will be able to access multiple applications and play intense graphics games without any lags or interruptions. Moreover, the phone is rumored to  have 4 GB of RAM and about 64 GB of internal storage. Space constraints is something you will not have to be worried about while saving your files such as videos, music, documents, and more. 

    Must Read: TECNO launches its most anticipated Phantom X in Pakistan

    It is expected that this upcoming phone will come with a 6.53 inches (16.58 cm) display that will have a resolution of 1080 x 2340 Pixels. Which is why you will have an immersive viewing experience while playing games or watching videos.

    Talking about the optics, the upcoming Xiaomi phone is likely to come with a Single camera setup on the rear. It is rumored to have about a 50 MP camera that will let you click some amazing pictures. Some of the features included on the back camera setup might include Auto Flash, Digital Zoom, Face detection and Touch to focus. The mobile is rumored to come with a 13 MP front camera for clicking some crazy selfies and making video calls.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:56:04 +0500 informal
    To help a web designer: 14 best tools for working with color Choosing a color palette for sites is one of the most difficult steps for a designer. However, you don't have to be a master of color theory to choose the right combination. Here are 14 tools that will be useful for both web designers and beginners. To help a web designer.

    1. HueSnap

    Inspiration can catch up with us at any time. The HueSnap tool allows you to capture interesting combinations of shades that surround us in real life. The decor of a hotel room or evening park can suggest unusual solutions for the color scheme of the next site. Just take a picture and create a palette with HueSnap.

    This application is only for mobile devices, but you can save and share the created palettes with others. It also includes many additional features, such as options for selecting additional and component colors.

    1. Khroma

    This is an AI color palette generator that adapts to your preferences. First you need to choose 50 favorite colors, and then the algorithm itself will offer other combinations.

    1. С

    Coolors offers a wide range of tools for customizing palettes. In addition, the result can be exported in various formats. Coolors also allows you to be inspired by the work of other users. In the "Browse" section you can find many ready-made color selections that can also be viewed, saved and edited.

    Coolors is available for desktops, iOS devices. Moreover, this tool can be added as an extension for Adobe applications (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign) and even in the Google Chrome browser.

    1. Adobe Color CC

    This tool is considered one of the best for choosing color selections. It allows you not only to create your own schemes, but also to be inspired by the work of others. To create a palette, you need to choose a shade on the wheel (or in the image) and apply the rules of color harmony. For example, sequential, monochrome or shades of your chosen color.

    Recently, the tool got a new feature. She will tell you if the selected colors are suitable for people with color blindness, and whether they can be used as a background for the text.

    1. Colordot

    Colordot by Hailpixel is a free online tool for creating a color palette.

    Management is carried out by means of clicks:

    • Find a hue - move the cursor back and forth,
    • Adjust the light - move the cursor up and down,
    • Adjust saturation - scroll the mouse wheel,
    • Save color in the palette - click on the selected shade.

    If you click on the switch icon, you will be able to see the RGB and HSL values ‹‹of each hue. And the mobile application for iOS devices allows you to capture colors with the camera.

    1. Eggradients

    This tool offers a variety of gradient ideas selected by professional designers.

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    1. 147 Colors

    To create a comfortable and readable CSS code, it is sometimes better to use standard colors and their names. The 147 Colors tool has gathered all the CSS colors in one place so you can choose the right one. It contains 17 standard and 130 additional names of shades. You can also filter the results by color or select with the color wheel.

    1. Canva color palette generator

    This tool is ideal for creating a color palette based on a specific image. Canva is very easy to use: you upload an image, and the generator creates a selection of the five primary colors it contains. Click on your favorite hue to copy the hexadecimal value to the clipboard. You can also use the color wheel to create a palette manually. Unfortunately, this tool does not allow you to customize the colors of the created sample.

    1. Material Design Palette

    With this tool, you can select two colors, which are converted than  into a full color palette.

    1. ColourCode

    ColourCode is somewhat similar to Colordot, but contains more useful tips. In addition, it also allows you to choose different palette categories (analogues, triad, monochrome, etc.).

    With ColourCode you can set various parameters on the color wheel to create an original combination. The finished selection of colors can be saved or exported in SCSS, LESS or PNG format.

    1. Color Calculator

    This is a fairly simple tool - just choose the shade and parameters of color harmony, and the program will select the recommended color scheme. This site also provides useful information on color and combination theory.

    1. HTML Co

    HTML Color Codes is a large set of free tools that include many comment palettes, color charts, Google Material Design diagrams, classic safe color palettes, and a list of standard HTML color names and codes.

    You can also find tutorials and other resources for web designers on the site. The result can be exported as HEX, HTML, CSS and SCSS code.

    1. W3Schools: Colors Tutorial

    If you are looking for a universal solution that includes a color guide and various tools, then W3Schools: Colors Tutorial is the perfect choice. With it, you will not only learn more about color theory, color circles and shades, but also be able to use various tools, such as Color Converter.

    It allows you to convert any hue to HEX, RGB, HSL, HWB and CMYK code.

    1. Digital colorimeter (Mac)

    With the digital colorimeter, a standard MacOs tool, you can "capture" a hue from anywhere on the screen and then get the value of that color in decimal, hexadecimal, or percentage. In addition, it allows you to copy the selected color as text or image.

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    10 applications for downloading videos from social networks Have you ever found an interesting video on Instagram, Facebook or Reddit, but haven't been able to upload it to share with friends or family? This is because downloading videos from social networks.

    1. Video is not publicly available.
    2. You cannot share a video without logging in to the social network application.

    Well, if you want to find a way out of this situation, here are some of the best and easiest video downloads for Android and iOS, as well as for desktops.

    One important thing to keep in mind when uploading and articaling, please be sure to include the name of the author of the video, especially if you share it on a public page.

    1. Friendly Social Browser

    Friendly Social Browser is a universal application for social networks that works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It allows you to access all your profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc., and also has built-in features to upload images and videos for later viewing.

    The app also has great privacy features, such as ad blocking, content tracking tools, and other online trackers that you probably don't need, but it would be nice to have them.

    1. Social Downloader

    Social Downloader is a very simple application with which you can easily download images and videos from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp with just one click.

    The application works great with the above-mentioned social networks and messengers, however, when it comes to other bizarre features, there is no special choice. So, if you are looking for a minimalist application that does its job, you should pay attention to Social Download.

    1. Universal Downloader

    Universal Downloader is a free media downloader that works on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. All downloaded videos are of the highest quality, and you can choose whether to store videos in your device's internal storage or on an SD card.

    Judging by the reviews, the download is quite fast, and the application does not crash and does not stop working.

    1. Regrann

    Regrann is an Instagram reartical app. That's right, because unlike other social networks, where you can just click "Share" to republish a photo or video on your page (or just copy / paste a link), Instagram doesn't really have this feature other than sharing videos in your story.

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    However, with Regrann, you can save and re-artical photos or videos directly to your feed. And with Regrann Pro you can even schedule publications.

    1. Reartical for Instagram

    Reartical for Instagram is another reartical app for Instagram. However, unlike Regrann, you don't need to download and re-upload content first. Instead, you can share the artical directly in one click.

    What's even more interesting in this app is that you have the ability to specify the author of the video or photo you share, which is always good!

    1. Fastsave

    Fastsave is an application for uploading photos and videos from social networks, which works for both iOS and Android. It supports multiple languages, works even with macOS and has all the features needed to save and reartical content from social networks.

    One of the great features of the program is that you can protect it by including a password. For ease of use, the program also has dark and light modes. And most pleasantly, the application is absolutely free!

    1. Pure All Video Downloader

    Pure All Video Downloader is a multi-purpose Android application that allows you to download videos of any length and quality from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Daily Motion and other platforms on which videos are hosted.

    One of its unique features is that it allows you to choose the video resolution to download - from 480p and 720p to the maximum resolution. The app also has a built-in video to MP3 conversion feature if you only want to download audio.

    1. All Downloader

    All Downloader allows you to download videos from any platform, be it Instagram, IGTV, TikTok, Tumblr, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and many more.

    The application works in such a way that you copy the link to the video you want to download, paste it into the application and click the download button - that's all!

    But if you use the built-in browser to view your social networking platforms, the application will detect the video itself and allow you to download it with one touch.


    The video downloader from Reddit,, is by far the simplest of all. Since not all apps or platforms can download videos from Reddit, this is a useful tool to bookmark.

    In essence, you simply copy the URL of the page to Reddit and paste it into a website that runs in your own web browser for both desktop and mobile computers.

    1. Save the Video

    Save the Video is an online platform that allows you to download videos from almost any website on which it is hosted - Instagram, Facebook, Daily Motion, YouTube, Reddit, Vimeo, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, even Soundcloud and many more others.

    The nice thing here is that if you download videos often, they have a free Chrome extension that will make your life easier.

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    How to eat smarter? 10 ways to fight compulsive eating unhealthy foods Under the influence of emotions, we can gain such an appetite that in the blink of an eye we are able to eat the proverbial horse with hooves and empty half the refrigerator at the speed of light. How to prevent it? How to eat smarter.

    The stress and uncertainty of a completely new situation in which the world suddenly found itself more than once led many people to start eating emotionally more often than usual.

    Consolation food for emotional hunger

    In particularly difficult moments, when it is difficult for us to deal with something that bothers us, a problem with the so-called compulsive eating, which is an eating disorder involving loss of control over what and how much we eat.

    Contrary to anorexia and bulimia, which are also psychiatric disorders, there is no so-called compensatory behaviors, i.e. inducing vomiting or destructively intense physical exercise.

    Although people who experience binge eating do not intentionally wipe their bodies, they are able to quickly consume a large amount of food, although theoretically they are not very hungry at all.

    People with low self-esteem are more likely to eat under the influence of emotions

    They reach for food - usually high-calorie, unhealthy and of poor quality - just to feel better, but remorse often does not make them feel better. In their case, the problem is the emotional hunger they are trying to satisfy. This usually affects people with very low self-esteem or people who suffer from depression.

    If bouts of compulsive eating recur regularly - we should immediately go to psychotherapy and ask for help from specialists.

    However, much more often we are completely unaware that our food choices are controlled by emotions. So let's try to limit the number of factors that can lead to loss of control over what we eat. How to do it?

    How to eat smarter and healthier? The Best Ways to Fight Emotional Eating

    The longer you use your smartphones, the more often you eat unhealthy foods

    New results of research conducted on over 53,000 Korean teenagers indicate that people who use smartphones for more than 2 hours a day are more likely to eat highly processed products and rarely eat fruit and vegetables.

    Researchers have shown that adolescents who spend more than 3 hours a day using cell phones are more likely to be overweight and obese. Their food choices are influenced by the emotions accompanying the movies they watch or the content they read.

    People who only search for information using cell phones have healthier eating habits compared to those who use this equipment for chatting, using social media, messaging, as well as computer games or listening to music and watching movies.

    Write down what you eat during the day - it will be easier for you to control your menu

    Keeping a notebook with what we ate on a given day, contrary to appearances, is quite an effective solution for people who have a problem with compulsive eating.

    Writing down the products we have eaten on a piece of paper makes it easier to control the daily diet and allows you to develop more rational eating habits - this is the first step to success in the fight against binge eating for comfort.

    Breathe deeply for 5 minutes - this will lower your blood pressure and lower your stress levels

    New research findings confirm that five-minute breathing exercises can lower blood pressure as effectively as medications, and are more effective in reducing blood pressure levels rapidly than walking.

    Compulsive eating usually happens at times where we're very stressed, and taking a few deep breaths in 5 minutes can help us cool down a bit, which will help us fight bouts of emotional hunger.

    Ask family or friends for support - they will lift your spirits

    Nothing discharges emotions as quickly as a laugh among our friendly people. If you have a problem with binge eating, make fun of it in the presence of people who wish us well and are sympathetic to us. Facing your own weaknesses alone is usually much more difficult.

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    Surround yourself with healthy food - even if you overeat, it will do you better

    Instead of gorging on high-calorie snacks, try eating as many ... fresh tomatoes.

    Try to fill your stomach with incredibly well-hydrating cucumbers or nutritious apples - if you have only superfood in the refrigerator, compulsive eating attacks will not be so severe ...

    Pay attention to the hormones

    Eating disorders can be related to how our hormones function. If it seems to us that we are starting to gain weight, then the cause of this problem may be not only compulsive eating and the so-called eating emotions, but also quite serious diseases, such as hypothyroidism. It is worth doing regularly, among others test.

    Be less strict with yourself and allow yourself a little weakness

    You don't have to be perfect in everything you do. Even if you do make any mistakes, you should be able to forgive yourself.

    The more you accumulate emotions, the more often you put them in a situation where they take control of your life and control what, when and how much you eat. With compulsive eating, accepting your weaknesses can be the key to success.

    Meditate more often - it will be easier for you to control your emotions

    One of the most effective relaxation techniques that can help you fight compulsive eating is meditation.

    Conscious breathing and calming the body down during meditation sessions make it easier to control emotions under the influence of which irrational bouts of eating occur. It is worth trying this method if you are unable to cope with comfort food.

    Train more - physical activity improves your mood and has a good effect on the psyche

    Sport is good for health - especially if it is not extreme and does not exhaust the body. It is enough to get tired a little and not to push too much for our body to function differently.

    A sedentary lifestyle has a destructive effect on us - if we are not active enough, it is more difficult for us to control our emotions, because only when we exercise, the hormones responsible for our mood begin to function properly in our body.

    The longer you stay passive, the worse your psyche can take it, and then the more difficult it is to control bouts of compulsive eating.

    Talk to a therapist - he will help you solve the problem

    Psychotherapy is recommended for people who are unable to cope with compulsive eating under the influence of emotions.

    Having a relaxed conversation with a therapist can be the most effective way to deal with binge eating and allows us to get our emotions under control to the extent that they do not take control of what we eat.

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    TCL Wins Three 2021&2022 EISA Awards TCL Electronics (1070.HK), one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, has won three major awards from the Expert Imaging and Sound Association EISA including 'Best Buy LCD TV, 2021-2022', 'Best Buy Soundbar, 2021-2022' and, for the first time, the Best Product 'Premium LCD TV, 2021-2022' for TCL's Mini LED 4K TV 65C825.

    TCL's C825 TV comes with TCL Mini LED technology with thousands of Mini LEDs that deliver incredible brightness, dramatic highlights and richer, more lifelike HDR performance; the precisely controlled Mini LEDs yield breathtaking contrast, which makes C825 capable of unveiling new details in dark areas and specular highlights simultaneously, for greater depth and dimension. C825 features state-of-the-art Quantum Dot technology, delivering over 100% colour volume made from over a billion colours and shades. It also comes with Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos and Onkyo sound system.

    TCL QLED 4K TV 55C728 - Best Buy LCD TV, 2021-2022

    TCL's C728 combines 4K and Quantum Dot, 120Hz MEMC for superb and smooth 4K HDR picture quality with vivid colour performance. C728 also comes with Game Master and supports the latest HDR formats (including HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ). The bezeless design of TCL C728 comes with an elegant metal central stand so that this large screen TV can be easily placed on any surface at home.

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    TCL TS8132 Dolby Atmos Soundbar - Best Buy Soundbar, 2021-2022

    The TS8132 delivers an exceptional immersive experience for movies, TV and gaming. Users can experience Dolby Atmos with a new dimension, driven by 3.1.2 channel setup. The TS8132 can also serve as the living room audio hub as it has Chromecast built-in, and it works with Apple AirPlay, Hey Google and Alexa and connects to all popular audio ecosystems.

    *Product appearance, functionalities and availabilities differ between countries/regions.

    TCL Electronics (1070.HK) is a fast-growing consumer electronics company and a leading player in the global TV industry. Founded in 1981, it now operates in over 160 markets globally. According to OMDIA, TCL ranked global No.2 in TCL brand LCD TV market share in 2020. TCL specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of consumer electronics products ranging from TVs, audio and smart home appliances.

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    List of Top Game Development Companies Worldwide 2021 Nowadays, the entire gaming industry is booming. Today, children and even adults enjoy playing games on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and other handheld devices. As many people play games, creating more demand for engaging entertainment and easier ways to access games. Top Game Development Companies Worldwide 2021.

    Today, the best gaming companies in the world are experiencing incredible success. During the health crisis, gaming encouraged people to stay home and socialize with their family and friends. Presently, cloud gaming has become a revolution in the gaming field. It allows gamers with device or hardware limitations to play and enjoy without downloading it.

    Many are investing in the gaming industry and seeking for best game developers. It is significant to choose an excellent partner to design, build, test and release it. Currently, there are numerous game developers in the market, which has made it challenging for service seekers to find reliable game developers.

    Thus, has unveiled the list of Top Game Development Companies to assist the service seekers. Moreover, here is a list of game development companies specialized in developing 2D, 3D, Android, AR, Cross-Platform, Facebook, and HTML5 Games.

    Take a Sneak Peek at the List of Top Game Development Companies worldwide and experts in delivering high-standard 2D, 3D, Android, AR, Cross-Platform, Facebook, and HTML5 Games:

    Top Game Development Companies:

    Argentics, Cubix, Whimsy Games, Logic Simplified, KEVURU GAMES, Next Big Technology (NBT), Riseup Labs, Visartech Inc., Kmphitech, Nimblechapps Pvt. Ltd.

    Top 2D Game Development Companies:

    Appingine, BEETSOFT CO., Ltd, SYNARION IT SOLUTIONS, Orion InfoSolutions, Buildbox Developers, Juego Studio Private Limited, Perpetio, Terasol Technologies, The NineHertz, Algoworks.

    Top 3D Game Development Companies

    RV Technologies Softwares Pvt. Ltd, Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Crickle Studio Pvt. Ltd., INGIC, Technoloader, InnoApps Technologies Pvt. Ltd., APPSTIRR, iQlance Solutions, Technource.

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    Top Android App Development Companies:

    OpenXcell, Utility, Ads N Url, Mobcoder, Swenson He, RipenApps, SoluLab, SPEC INDIA, Day One Technologies, Zco Corporation.

    Top AR Game Development Companies:

    N-iX, Chaos Theory, Bit Space Development Ltd, Mantreza Technologies Private Limited, Jploft Solutions Pvt. Ltd, ViitorCloud, Awakeen Studio Pvt. Ltd., Queppelin, Azmi Studio, Vidhema Technologies Pte Ltd.

    Top Cross Platform Game Development Companies:

    Quokka Labs, MobMaxime, Anthill Worldwide, iLogos Game Studios, Sababa Labs LLC, Unanimous Studios, JoyTime Apps, Vibra Infotech, Emblem Technologies Private Limited, Codehunt Technology Pvt Ltd.

    Top Facebook Game Development Companies:

    Brillmindz Technologies, Apps Nado, Lafont Innovation LLC, iLogos Game Studios, Golden Logic Company, Brainsmiths Labs, Softclain Technologies Private Limited, SRGH, South Games Studio, Onlyplay.

    Top HTML5 Game Development Companies:

    Logic Simplified, TechPhant Consulting Group, FuGenX Technologies, CreatioSoft, Appiskey Inc, HelloPixelsDigital, GamePix, Freak X Apps, Mobitsolutions, Technogiq IT Solutions Private Limited.

    Washington DC, based GoodFirms is an internationally renowned B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform. It aims to associate the service seekers with top companies. The analyst team of GoodFirms conducts an assessment to evaluate every firm from different industries following three main critical criteria that are Quality, Reliability, and Ability.

    These components are sub-divided into several parameters such as to determine the complete background of every firm, years of experience in their proficiency, online market penetration, and client reviews. Focusing on overall research measures, agencies are provided the scores that are out of total 60. Thus, considering these points companies are indexed in the catalog as per their categories.

    Moreover, GoodFirms uplift the service providers by asking them to be involved in the research process and present strong proof of the work done by them. Hence, grab a chance to Get Listed for free in the list of outstanding IT companies, best software, and other organizations from various sectors of industries. Securing a position among the list of top companies at GoodFirms will help you spread your wings globally and attract new prospects to earn more revenue. Reuters 

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    Birmingham researchers confirm speed COVID&19 Researchers from the University of Birmingham, U.K., have confirmed the speed, accuracy and simplicity of a novel, highly sensitive testing method for COVID-19 that can be deployed at entertainment venues, airport arrival terminals, and in remote settings where clinical testing laboratories are not available.

    The scientists used a three way comparison study to confirm that the Exponential Amplification Reaction (EXPAR) method is just as sensitive, but faster, than both PCR and LAMP tests which are currently used in hospital settings. The Birmingham COVID-19 test, called RTF-EXPAR, gives a sample-to-signal time of under 10 minutes, even for low viral levels where current lateral flow tests are less effective.

    Professors Tim Dafforn from the School of Biosciences, and Jim Tucker from the School of Chemistry, worked with graduate student Jake Carter, and Professor Andrew Beggs from the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences on the study, which was published today in PNAS.

    Both PCR and LAMP tests detect viral RNA, which can be present in extremely low levels in swabs taken from the mouth and nose.  These tests use a two-step process which involves first converting to RNA to DNA (a process called reverse transcription) and then 'amplifying' the material many times over so it can be detected in the sample.

    Professor Tim Dafforn said: "Both the reverse transcription and amplification steps slow down existing COVID assays that are based on nucleic acid detection, compared to antigen tests, such as lateral flow, which do not have these steps. However, while this makes lateral flow tests faster than those based on PCR and LAMP, in return they are typically less sensitive. An ideal test would be one that is both sufficiently sensitive and speedy “ our test, called RTF-EXPAR, achieves this goal.

    RTF-EXPAR achieves this feat in two ways “ firstly the assay team designed a new RNA-to-DNA conversion step that avoids reverse transcription, making it reverse transcription-free (RTF). Secondly their amplification step to generate the read-out signal uses EXPAR, an alternative DNA amplification process to PCR and LAMP.

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    Professor Dafforn added: "EXPAR amplifies DNA at a single temperature, thus avoiding lengthy heating and cooling steps found in PCR. However, while LAMP also uses a single temperature for amplification, EXPAR is a simpler and a more direct process, in which much smaller strands are amplified. This makes EXPAR an even faster DNA amplification technique than not only PCR but also LAMP."

    The study revealed that the RTF-EXPAR method converts under 10 strands of RNA into billions of copies of DNA in under 10 minutes, using a one-pot assay that is compatible with more basic, benchtop equipment than that used with current testing methods.

    RTF-EXPAR also demonstrated significant improvements over both PCR and LAMP-based assays on time to signal detection.  At low concentrations of RNA (7.25 copies/µL), the time to signal detection was 42.67 (± 0.47) minutes for PCR, 11.25 (± 0.20) minutes for LAMP, and 8.75 (± 0.35) minutes for EXPAR.  At high (1450 copies/µL) concentrations of viral RNA, the time to signal detection was 34.00 (± 0.00) minutes for PCR, 11.25 (± 0.20) minutes for LAMP, and 3.08 (± 0.42) minutes for EXPAR.

    Identification of the optimal sequence was clearly an important step in the development of the EXPAR method, and the sequence detected in the study, which comes from the Orf1ab gene in the SARS-CoV-2 genome, has been shown to be conserved in all current variants of COVID1.  However, the RTF-EXPAR method can be quickly adapted should new variants emerge, or for testing other viral pathogens such as Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), or Ebola, where near-patient testing is required to prevent more widespread transmission.

    The assay has been tested at the Surgical Research Laboratory at the University of Birmingham. Professor Andrew Beggs, whose team conducted the testing, commented:  "The testing used swabs containing a typical range of viral loads seen during the pandemic, and had a six-minute cut-off time.  The analysis showed RTF-EXPAR's sensitivity is equivalent to quantitative PCR testing, with a positive predictive value of 89%, and a negative predictive value of 93%.  We expect to publish the full results of this testing in the near future."

    The team is now seeking commercial partners for rapid licensing, to make the RTF-EXPAR test as available as widely as possible.  Reuters 

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    Buying an Apple MacBook laptop in 2021 When so many professionals use a MacBook it is for several reasons. If you are thinking of buying one, we have prepared this buying guide that will surely be of great help to you. Buying an Apple MacBook laptop in 2021.

    There are many good reasons to buy a MacBook today. Maybe you're a lifelong Mac, or you're tired of Windows 10 bugs and looking for stability from Apple. We are going to see everything you need to know to buy a MacBook in 2021.

    It is always a good year to buy a MacBook because Apple constantly updates its equipment and we have powerful computers on the market. They all use state-of-the-art processors, more memory, and the latest in storage.

    With a MacBook you will be assured of the stability and peace of mind provided by your own operating system such as MacOS Catalina, designed for this hardware. It is an advantage that must be taken into account.

    It also seems like a wise decision if you have an iPhone or an iPad, as there are many tools to synchronize content with them, through the computer.

    If you are going to buy a MacBook in 2021 you must take into account a number of things, before making a decision. Knowing them will help you choose. Either the model, or directly, another type of computer. Let's find out.

    Table of Contents

    • MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini with M1
    • Other models in catalog
    • Before with Intel processors, now with Apple M1
    • Maybe you don't need more than 256GB
    • MacBook Air, best of 2020
    • Is the Touch Bar worth it?
    • USB Type C only
    • Doesn't like Android mobiles
    • If you have an iPad, you will take advantage of it
    • It is for professionals, but you will be able to play video games
    • PC laptops just keep getting better

    MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini with M1

    A few months ago, the new Mac computers were finally presented, the main novelty of which is the Apple M1 CPU after leaving aside the Intel components.

    Much was the previous expectation and after a few days of analysis, it can be said that the forecasts have been fulfilled, even that they have arrived with some surprise given the prices, but we are going to see the different models.

    MacBook Air

    The MacBook Air has a weight of only 1.29 kilos and little news in general beyond the processor. The M1 comes with up to 16GB of RAM and 2TB of internal SSD storage.

    The screen is 13.3 inches with Retina Display and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and 227 dpi. As for the keyboard, it has a backlit Magic Keyboard. In addition to Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 and two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

    • MacBook Air with M1 chip and 256 GB of internal storage for 1,129 euros.
    • MacBook Air with M1 chip and 512 GB of internal storage for 1,399 euros.

    MacBook Pro

    This model was launched with a 13-inch Retina IPS screen and 2,560 by 1,600 pixel resolution and 20 hours of autonomy. The 8-core M1 processor is accompanied by 8 or 16 GB of RAM and a 256, 512 GB or 1 TB SSD that make the MacBook Pro an especially powerful model.

    The computer has a new backlit Magic Keyboard and Touch Bar, which includes a fingerprint reader. In addition, it also has 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, a 720p FaceTime HD camera and three microphones with noise reduction, DisplayPort and HDMI outputs with 6K monitor support ... what more could you ask for?

    • 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage - 1,449 euros
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage - 1,649 euros

    Mac Mini

    Finally we have the Mac Mini with M1 that multiplies by 3 the power of the previous model and arrives with a very small size, only 19.7 x19.7 x 3.6 cm, with a weight of 1.2 Kilos.

    Mac Mini comes with 8GB RAM expandable to 16GB, SSD from 256GB to 2TB. The outputs are Thunderbolt, HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort with 6K monitor supports. In addition, it also has WiFi 6, and Bluetooth 5.0 and two Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2 USB A, Ethernet connection and headphone jack.

    • Mac Mini with M1, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage - 799 euros
    • Mac Mini with M1, 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage - 1029 euros

    Other models in catalog

    Apple currently maintains three more MacBook models in its catalog. They are the MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro (which was renewed a few months ago), and the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

    Before with Intel processors, now with Apple M1

    A first fact that you should keep in mind is that previous MacBooks only used Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors. They did not use AMD processors, but with the new generation they have given a significant steering wheel.

    But now Apple has made the leap and, after much announcing them, the new MacBook integrate its Apple M1 processor. The same company announced it as the most powerful PC CPU with the least consumption in its category, but to assess it, it is enough to note some figures, such as the 5 nm technology and 16,000 million transistors that the processor has.

    Of the 8 cores it has, 4 are high-performance, with a combined 12MB of L2 cache; the other 4 are 4 MB also combined L2 cache. Furthermore, the SoC has an 8-core GPU with 2.6 TFLOPS of graphics power.

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    And what does all this mean for the user on a practical level? Above all, the latest benchmarks are showing that it is much more powerful than previous models, clearly outperforming any other Intel Mac. In addition, there is no compatibility problem, since all apps had to be rewritten to work with these new processors.

    In short, the risky change to mean an important step forward.

    Maybe you don't need more than 256GB

    Unless you are a professional graphic designer or video editor, you really don't need an SSD larger than 256GB on a MacBook (on a PC, yes). If you run out of space you can always upload something to the cloud, or free up disk

    Storage space on Macs is very expensive, and going from 256 to 512 GB of SSD will cost you 250 euros.

    Best MacBook Air of 2020

    Apple has updated the MacBook Air this week. And the news is important. Now there are models with Intel Core i7 processors, the Touchpad is bigger, the sound is twice as powerful, it has more storage ...

    But the main improvement is in the keyboard. The previous butterfly keyboard has caused glitches and problems, and Apple has replaced it with the spectacular scissor keyboard of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

    Not only are the keys now more reliable and comfortable to use, but some, like the directional arrows, have been redesigned to make them more comfortable.

    Unless you find the previous 2018 model very cheap, the new 2020 version is worth buying.

    Is the Touch Bar worth it?

    The Touch Bar is Apple's latest great addition to notebooks. A small bar-shaped touch screen above the keyboard.

    Shortcuts to the main apps are placed on this small touch screen, and their content changes depending on the program we are using.

    For example, in a music player there may be a volume or song change bar, in a graphic editor tools to change the color palette or apply filters, and in a video game there may be the score, the achievements, or the current objective.

    It is a very useful tool once you get used to it, and although not all applications use it, Apple's do. Even so, it is not mandatory that you buy a MacBook with a Touch Bar. All the functions that can be placed on this bar are duplicated in other keys, or in icons on the screen. It offers faster or more direct access, but there is nothing you cannot do without it. Decide based on your budget.

    USB Type C only

    The only connection port that MacBooks have is a Thunderbolt 3 with a USB Type C connector. Keep this in mind if you want to connect external drives, pen drives, printers or other peripherals. If they don't have a USB Type-C plug, you'll need to buy an adapter.

    Something similar happens if you want to connect the MacBook to a monitor or television. The Thunderbolt 3 port has video output, but you will need a special cable or adapter to connect via USB TYPE C.

    Doesn't like Android mobiles

    Obviously, Apple gives priority to iPhone phones over Android. If you use Android, you can do some basic things like send files, but syncing with an iPhone is much deeper. You can share content from apps and use it as remote access, among other things.

    If you have an iPad, you will take advantage of it

    If you own an iPad, you can increase the functions of both devices. It is possible to use the iPad as a second screen for the MacBook, to view two windows at the same time, or to exchange photos or videos between both devices with one click.

    It is very useful, for example, to draw with the Apple Pencil or your finger on the iPad, and see the results on the MacBook screen.

    You can also send messages from iPad to Mac, sync data between apps, and much more.

    The truth is that if you have an Apple device, the recommendation to buy a MacBook increases.

    It is for professionals, but you will be able to play video games

    Let's not fool ourselves. Except for the MacBook Air, the Pro models are, well, for professional users. You just need to look at the price. But they are capable of running virtually any Apple Arcade game, especially the 16-inch model, which has Radeon graphics chips.

    MacBooks with state-of-the-art chips are getting better with the most powerful games, and most will work without a problem.

    PC laptops just keep getting better

    Buying a MacBook is an excellent option, but you should know that today there are Windows 10 laptops that have nothing to envy them, and in some respects they surpass them.

    PCs like the new Lenovo ThinkPad T14 and T5, or the compact ThinkPad X13 and X3 Yoga boast AMD Ryzen 4000 or Intel Core vPro processors, Wi-Fi 6 and up to 32 GB of RAM, with 2 TB of hard disk.

    Or the new Acer Travelmate focused on the professional environment. The HP Elite Dragonfly convertible with 5G connection. Or the Huawei MateBook D, among others.

    If for some reason you cannot find the MacBook that suits you (and the price may be the main one), you will have enough alternatives on Windows PC, without losing practically anything.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:55:39 +0500 informal
    realme to Launch 100 Million Sales Milestone Product GT Master Edition Series realme, the world™s fastest-growing smartphone brand, officially exceeded 100M in cumulative shipment volume of smartphones*. At the same time, reaching 100M in 37 months makes realme the fastest smartphone brand in the world to exceed 100M sales*. To top that off, realme also touched two million in sales since their operations in Pakistan, making it the fastest growing smartphone brand in the country. To celebrate this achievement, realme will launch its realme GT Master Edition Series and new product lines on Monday, August 23, 2021.

    realme GT Master Edition Series, the brand™s most high-end flagship, is designed by famous Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, who has previously explored new smartphone aesthetics.

    Apart from smartphones, realme will also debut other aspects of its TechLife ecosystem at the event, while underscoring its intention of becoming the fastest-growing brand and disruptor in the new product categories.

    The event shall also witness the launch of realme™s biggest promotion of the year to thank all 100 million users for their support over the past three years. The promotion will include 61 markets, covering all product categories. The launch event will be held online on realme official social media platforms, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Stay tuned!

    * Data source: Counterpoint, Strategy Analytics, Canalys 2021 Q2  smartphone shipment report

    realme is a global emerging consumer technology company disrupting the smartphone and AIoT market by making cutting-edge technologies more accessible. It provides a range of smartphones and lifestyle technology devices with premium specs, quality, and trend-setting designs to young consumers at affordable prices.

    Established by Sky Li in 2018 and driven by its œDare to Leap spirit, realme is the world™s 7th largest smartphone company. As of Q2 2021, realme has entered 61 markets worldwide, including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, with a global user base of over 100 million.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:55:36 +0500 informal
    10000 steps a day? Scientists have told how much you need to walk for health Usually fitness trackers recommend taking 10000 steps a day. Many believe that this advice is confirmed by science, but it is rather a random number that has turned into a marketing move. In fact, you can improve your health, even if you exercise less.

    The watchmaker, who hoped to earn an interest in fitness after the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, launched a mass-produced pedometer. Its name was denoted by Japanese hieroglyphs, reminiscent of a man walking, and also meant "measuring 10,000 steps."

    It is this "recommendation" that has somehow become entrenched in the public consciousness.

    What research says

    Current scientific evidence shows that we do not need to walk 10,000 steps a day (about 8 km) to stay healthy and live long.

    This is confirmed by a study conducted by Dr. Lee and her colleagues in 2019.

    • In women aged 70 years who walked only 4.4 thousand steps a day, the risk of premature death was reduced by about 40% compared with those who walked 2.7 thousand or less.
    • Early mortality was also lower among women who walked more than 5,000 steps a day. However, the benefits remained at the same level after 7.5 thousand steps.

    In other words, older women who walked less than half a thousand steps tended to live much longer than those who walked even less.

    Another, broader study conducted in 2020 also found that popular advice does not increase life expectancy. Almost 5,000 women and middle-aged men took part in the test.

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    • 8,000 steps a day halved the likelihood of premature death from heart and other diseases, as did 4,000 steps.
    • The benefits of the extra steps were small: 10,000 steps did not harm your health, but did not provide greater protection against early death.

    In reality, not all people reach the mark of 10 thousand steps. According to the latest estimates, the majority of the adult population of America, Canada and Europe on average walks less than 5,000 steps a day.

    At the same time, many people, as a rule, do not always follow the norm of 10 thousand steps. A 2005 study in Ghent, Belgium, provided pedometers to local residents and asked them to walk at least 10,000 steps daily during the year. Of the 660 men and women who completed the test, only about 8% coped with the task.

    Four years later, further research found that most of them had returned to their usual number of steps they had taken before the test.


    But there is also good news. According to Dr. Lee, it is enough to increase the rate by several thousand steps, and this is quite an achievable goal.

    Official guidelines issued in the United States and other countries recommend devoting at least 2.5 hours a week (approximately half an hour a day) to physical activity in addition to any movement we perform in our daily lives.

    According to Dr. Lee, in steps, this figure is a little more than 16 thousand steps per week or 2-3 thousand per day (approximately 1.5 thousand km).

    Everyday activities (shopping, housework, etc.) are about 5 thousand steps. If you supplement them with 2-3 thousand recommended steps, the total number will be 7-8 thousand, which, according to Dr. Lee, is the best number.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:55:34 +0500 informal
    10 ideas for personal projects that will help you unleash your creativity and develop skills If you are a creative person, you probably have a few hobbies. Personal projects are a great way to realize your creative abilities outside of your work and open up the other side of your personality to the world. personal projects that will help you unleash your creativity and develop skills.

    For IT professionals, personal projects can also be a great opportunity to strengthen their existing skills, learn new ones, and improve their resume when it makes sense.

    In this article, we will look at 10 cool ideas for personal projects.

    1. Launch a podcast

    It seems that nowadays everyone has podcasts. And not in vain. 37% of Americans listen to at least one podcast a month. Podcast listening statistics have also grown by almost 40% over the past three years.

    If you're trying to connect with your audience, podcasts are a great option.

    You may want to create a podcast directly related to your professional creative activity. Or you can start doing something related to a hobby or hobby outside of your profession. Either way, podcasting is a great personal creative project to explore.

    1. Start blogging

    If you enjoy writing, blogging is a great project. You also don't have to create your own blog. Blogs in almost every creative niche are always looking for invited authors or regular participants. Some of them search for free articles and share your links in exchange, while others pay for the materials.

    1. Start sending out the news

    Newsletters are considered only in terms of content marketing. But there are many thematic and personal letters that are written without any specific marketing purpose.

    Think about what you are passionate about and aware of, and think about writing a regular newsletter about it. If you are interested, most likely others too.

    1. Create a site about an unusual hobby

    If sending regular emails is none of your business, consider creating a website dedicated to the unusual passion you may have. A well-designed niche website with unique content can attract a lot of attention

    Such niche sites can be a great way to experience different methods of interaction, new design ideas and other experimental design elements. They can allow you to demonstrate your design skills.

    1. Create digital art

    If you are looking for a purely creative complementary project, creating digital art can be an ideal option. There are many different types of digital art, from digital painting to photo collages. Digital art has a significant advantage, it is cheaper than analog art, because your materials can be reused.

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    In digital art, you don't have to feel like an "artist" to create amazing things.

    1. Create an application

    Making money with the program can be a difficult and risky prospect. But if you are creating an application as an additional project, the profit does not have to be your main motive.

    Think about the gaps you notice in current app trading platforms, and what programs you think exist for ideas. If you are creating something that you would like to use yourself, chances are others will want to use it as well.

    You can create an application yourself, but it's also a great opportunity to work with other creators. Talk to designers, programmers or other people you are interested in who may be interested in your project and can help you.

    1. Create a digital product

    Digital products can cover the entire spectrum from e-books to audio files, from templates to icon sets and headsets. Many designers and other creators create free digital products to pay tribute to the design community, while others monetize their products as an additional source of income (and some do both).

    Think about what digital products you like to create. Also, consider whether there are design elements you have already created for projects that you could modify or improve and offer as products to a wider audience (this can be a great way to reuse design elements that were not included in the last project).

    Whether you choose to offer them for free or sell them, there are many options for delivering your products, from marketplaces to Dropbox files with links from your website or social media accounts.

    1. Start an open source project

    Wikipedia estimates that there are more than 180,000 open source software projects. There are open source alternatives for virtually any commercial, proprietary software or technology available on the market. Popular open source projects include many of the platforms and frameworks you've heard of, including WordPress, jQuery, and React.

    But that doesn't mean you can't think of anything else. Open source projects are a great way to create something useful, and if you want you can monetize them in unique ways (for example, through support contracts, consultations or add-ons).

    1. Create online courses or tutorials

    If you have mastered almost any creative direction on a professional level or as a hobby, chances are you could teach it to others. Remember, you don't even have to be an expert; you just need to know more than the people you teach.

    You can create online design courses and offer them directly from your website. Tutorials can be hosted on any video hosting site, although YouTube is the most popular. You decide whether to monetize your courses or tutorials.

    1. Manufacture (and sale) of goods

    If you enjoy seeing your digital creations come to life, think about making something and selling it online. Many creative professionals use their design to create individual clothing or physical goods, using this as a way to earn extra income.

    No matter what personal project you decide to do, make sure you like it and it meets your needs - both creatively and in terms of time spent. Use your personal project as a way to express yourself, build a community, earn extra income, or get your money back (or maybe some combination of it all).

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    Celebrate real Azaadi with realme Azaadi Sale 2021 with up to 30% in Discounts Celebrate real Azaadi with realme Azaadi Sale 2021 with up to 30% in Discounts

    The realme Azaadi Sale 2021 is Live with up to 30% Off on Daraz

    realme, the world™s fastest brand to touch 100 million handsets, has brought another reason for Pakistanis to celebrate. An amazing discount offer has gone live on realme products at Daraz, as part of the realme Azaadi Sale 2021. People can get up to 30% off on prices of smartphones, smart AIoT products and many more of their favourite realme products.

    The realme Azaadi Sale 2021 runs from August 07 to August 14 on Daraz featuring exciting price drops on the following products:

    · realme 7 Pro with 64MP Quad Camera and 65W Fast Charging comes for only PKR 38,199/- instead of PKR 49,999/-

    · realme Narzo 30 with 6+128GB storage and 5000mAh battery is available for PKR 32,499/- instead of PKR 34,999/-

    · The budget king, realme C11 is now available at a discounted price of PKR 14,499/- instead of PKR 15,999/-

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    Apart from these, up to 30% discounts are available on:

    · realme Buds Air Pro that costs PKR 10,999/- all the way down from PKR 13,999/-

    · realme Buds Wireless Pro now comes for PKR 7,999/- down from PKR 9,999/-

    · realme Buds Q now come for PKR 2,999/- down from PKR 5,999/-

    · realme N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush now comes for PKR 1,999/- instead of PKR 2,499/-

    · realme Smart Cam 360° costs PKR 5,849/- down from PKR 6,999/-

    · realme Smart Scale for PKR 4,999/- down from PKR 5,499/-

    Not only this, but the entire month of August is being celebrated as the three year anniversary of realme globally, so more exciting products and discounts are going to be ringing in. Stay hooked to realme™s official pages on social media because the brand has some really exciting products to launch that will surely entice their entire fandom across the country.

    Until then, head over to and get your favourite realme products soon:

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:55:16 +0500 informal
    TECNO all set for Daraz Independence Day Sale 2021 TECNO Mobile Pakistan is here offering up to 10% discounts on all the latest smartphones in the upcoming Daraz Independence Day Sale 2021. Offer is already started from August 7, 2021 and will remain active till August 14, 2021.  TECNO all set for Daraz Independence Day Sale 2021.

    The phones on sale include the powerful series for gaming enthusiast Spark 7 and Spark 7 Pro; the hot seller Spark 6 Go (4+64); and TECNO™s Gaming King, POVA. Moreover, TECNO is also giving a special discount on its latest Selfie series phone, Camon 17 that supports a 48MP AI Triple Camera, Helio G85 processor, 6+128GB storage, 5000mAh battery, and many more amazing features.

    Must Read: How long does it take to get a doctorate Ph.D. by 2021

    Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, said:

    œSince our launch in Pakistan, TECNO has tried its best to reach out to maximum users, providing them with the best smartphone solution at competitive prices. On this special occasion of Independence Day, we bring this exclusive discount offer in collaboration with to mark these national celebrations. I would encourage people to get their latest TECNO phones at the lowest prices than before.

    So what are you all waiting for? This 10% exclusive discount is available only from 7th August till 14th August, so do not miss this golden chance. Head over to now and order your favorite phones right away.

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    How long does it take to get a doctorate Ph.D. by 2021 The Doctor of Philosophy degree is one of the most outstanding academic awards in the world, but what does it really take to call yourself a Doctor of Arts, Sciences and Philosophy? How much work is involved in the program to earn a Ph.D. Degree 2021? How long does it take to get a doctorate Ph.D. by 2021.

    Is a doctorate as difficult as everyone says? And most importantly, how long does it take to get it, and is it worth it in the end? With all these questions in mind, here's everything you need to know to get a Ph.D.

    You may need to earn a doctorate to achieve your career goals. For example, if you want to become a clinical psychologist, this level of training is important. Many research and development positions require doctoral research. University teachers, as a rule, must also have a doctorate.

    Even if a doctorate is not a prerequisite for your desired field of work, it can help you achieve greater success. You can get a higher level of responsibility and you could make more money. In some fields, those with a doctorate earn about 30% more than those with a master's degree.

    1. Why should I do a PhD?
    2. What are the advantages of obtaining a PhD? Is it worth getting a PhD?
    3. How long does it take to get a PhD?
    4. What is the average time of a doctor of science in the field of study?
    5. Why does it take so long to complete a traditional PhD?
    6. Obtaining the degree of candidate of technical sciences full-time and distance learning
    7. Getting a PhD online against campus
    • This is the fastest process
    • Saves cost
    • Completely flexible
    • They have the same status
    1. How difficult is it to complete a doctorate?
    2. How to complete a doctorate faster and in less time?
    3. Use what you already know
    4. Look for short classes
    5. Work on your dissertation throughout the program
    6. Ask for help
    7. Do I need to have a master's degree to get a doctorate?
    8. How long does it take to get a doctorate after a master's degree?
    9. What is the easiest way to get a PhD?
    10. Is there a way for me to earn my doctorate faster?
    11. As an international student, what happens when I finish my doctorate?
    12. Frequently asked questions about the degree of Doctor of Science
    13. How fast can you get a doctorate?
    14. How long does it take to get a doctorate after a master's degree?
    15. Why does it take so long to get a PhD?
    16. Is it difficult to get a doctorate?
    17. In the conclusion

    Why should I do a PhD?

    People are inspired to get a doctorate for many different reasons. For some, it is the biggest step towards a long and fruitful academic career. For others, a PhD is a great way to deepen their research in a particular field, which can lead to highly innovative and profitable business solutions. In fact, some of the most revolutionary technologies and companies emerged as a articaldoctoral research project.

    For example, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin met while studying for a doctorate at Stanford University, while the work of physicists Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov of the University of Manchester led to the discovery of graphene. - a very thin material that is incredibly solid and extremely conductive.

    In addition, Geim and Novoselov became professors when they entered the Manchester faculty, but a team of avid doctoral students supported their work, which won a noble award in physics in 2004.

    A few students simply enjoy college life and sign up to enjoy their studies. These naturally interesting people may not mean specific career goals, but a PhD. - the best way to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

    What are the advantages of obtaining a PhD? Is it worth getting a PhD?

    First, you can call yourself a "doctor", which is quite good (although you should be silent if you have any emergency medical care). Having this title means that you can change your title in this bank, in the company that issued the credit card, and in your passport.

    And if someone asks you why you can call yourself a "doctor" without knowing one end of the scalpel from the other, tell him that the doctor comes from the Latin word "outstanding professor". This became a common medical term after doctors had to obtain a Ph.D. degree before becoming licensed physicians.

    But in addition to prestige and some opportunities to show off, being a "doctor" College has several practical advantages. For starters, this is a must for anyone looking to build an academic career. And even if you decide not to pursue an academic career with a Ph.D. Your resume will impress almost all potential employers.

    Finally, Doctor of Science is a lot of fun! Obviously, this involves years of hard work, but you will also spend time with people who share your interests and passions. In addition, there are many travel opportunities for many graduate students. You could meet at a prestigious conference surrounded by the best experts in your field or work on a research project in some of the most exotic places in the world.

    How long you spend to do PhD  ?

    It depends on where or what you study, but you will have to spend at least three to four years to get a PhD. Most graduate students in the UK take three to four years to complete a doctorate, while in the United States the average time required for students to complete a doctorate is 5-8 years.

    It will also depend on the university awarding the doctorate. Deadlines also vary greatly from country to country, so international students still need to do research long before applying for a doctorate abroad.

    High-tech disciplines, such as physics, often require years of research, which means that some graduate students study for up to eight years before obtaining doctoral status. And if you are interested in a doctor of architecture, you will be there for a long time. Candidate of Architecture lasts ten years! The biological sciences usually require the least amount of time.

    What is the average time of a doctor of science in the field of study?

    Students in certain disciplines typically need much more time to earn a Ph.D. than students in other fields.

    If you study in the following fields, you are more likely to graduate in seven years or less:

    • Physical: average five years
    • Psychology: average five to seven years

    On the other hand, if your field of study is more related to the humanities, the program on your campus may take longer:

    • History - an average of eight years
    • English - an average of eight years
    • Education - an average of 13 years

    These are traditional figures. There are ways to finish faster.

    Why does it take so long to complete a traditional PhD?

    Some schools require graduate students to take about 40 classes, which is a traditional campus environment that can take years. At the end of the course you must write and defend a dissertation. The dissertation process can take only a few years. This is one of the reasons that makes any doctoral program take so long.

    However, if the process of obtaining a doctoral degree means much more to you than the degree itself, then you can choose the online format.

    Online doctoral programs can help reduce the doctoral process to three to four years. Less credit hours may be required, and lessons can be conducted in an accelerated format.

    Schools that focus on rapid doctoral programs may also offer dissertation counselors to effectively guide students in this phase. In addition, some universities allow students to complete short projects that do not require time, like a dissertation.

    Obtaining the degree of candidate of technical sciences full-time and distance learning

    Given the huge commitment to doctoral studies, many students choose distance learning. Most doctoral students study education, medicine, society and veterinary medicine. It usually takes six to eight years, but there are many benefits to taking the long road to your PhD.

    Part-time students spend 20-30 hours a week studying, leaving enough time for work or raising a young family. This is also the best option if you are studying pleasure and do not have a specific career goal in mind. A full-time doctoral degree can be a stressful experience: tight deadlines and demanding leaders can be interesting for those who value a more relaxed approach to learning.

    Getting a PhD online against campus

    Online education has changed the opportunities for students to obtain a doctorate. Today, beginning students can choose to attend classes on the college campus or online.

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    Traditional programs may require you to move to campus and attend school full time. On average, these programs take a little over eight years to complete. The benefits of choosing an online school for a PhD include:

    This is the fastest process

    Eight-week intensive courses can help you complete a course download earlier. You can complete the full program in just three to four years, sometimes even less.

    Saves Cost

    Completing a doctorate online is faster, and it can mean paying less for tuition.

    Completely flexible

    No need to move to campus or attend classes at set hours allows you to work on your own schedule.

    They have the same status

    Internet programs are as tough as campus programs. As long as your university is accredited, your degree will be as important as your university degree.

    How difficult is it to complete a doctorate?

    Doctoral studies are difficult. This should come as no surprise; If candidates were easy to obtain, almost all college graduates would end up with a PhD in their name.

    About 50% of students who start a doctoral program do not graduate. Many responded within two years of the start. Another significant part is given after reaching the thesis phase.

    While all doctoral programs are difficult, the flexible nature of online programs can help you succeed. Choosing a track that does not require a dissertation can also help.

    How to complete a doctorate faster and in less time?

    Until you can get a PhD overnight, you won't have to spend most of your working years earning a PhD. The following tips for accelerating your doctoral studies can help you complete your studies faster than the average graduate student.

    Use what you already know

    Each school requires a minimum number of credit hours that you must earn to receive a degree. To help you reach this threshold, some schools will allow you to transfer credits from other doctoral programs. Universities can also accredit you with their professional experience. Reducing the workload on your class can save you time and money.

    Look for short classes

    One of the best ways to speed up the graduation process is through accelerated course schedules. A new series of lessons begins every eight weeks. There can be five different sessions during the year, during which you can take courses.

    Work on your dissertation throughout the program

    Traditionally, thesis work begins after the class part of your studies has been completed. Quick doctoral programs will allow you to begin the thesis process while taking other courses. This approach, known as an integrated dissertation, can reduce the likelihood of you being rejected until the last project is completed. It can also speed up your doctoral history.

    Ask for help

    Lack of support can lead to the refusal of some graduate students. On the other hand, having a good support system can help you move forward and finish the program faster. Build a team of family, friends, and college mentors who can encourage, guide, and assist you when you feel overwhelmed by school.

    Do I need a master's degree to get a doctorate?

    Many schools consider a master's degree to be an important prerequisite for entering a doctorate. If you have not yet obtained a master's degree, the doctoral program may allow you to obtain a master's degree and a doctorate in less time and money than is required to obtain them separately.

    How long does it take to get a doctorate after a master's degree?

    The decision to obtain a PhD after obtaining a master's degree is difficult. The PhD is a great emotional, mental and financial degree, so you need to be prepared for it. It takes 3-4 years to complete a PhD after obtaining a master's degree.

    However, you may be able to complete your doctoral program in three to four years if you choose the accelerated online program. On average, traditional doctoral programs on campus take about eight years.

    What is the easiest way to get a PhD?

    All doctoral programs are demanding, but you will have the best time if you choose a program that meets your interests and career goals. The flexibility of online research can help make your doctoral program less restrictive. In addition, compiling projects is sometimes easier than writing dissertations.

    If it is important for you to earn a doctorate in a short period of time, consider the many benefits that online programs can offer. A few years later, you can put the letters "PhD" at the end of your name.

    Is there a way for me to earn my doctorate faster?

    A small group of students completes a doctorate in two years, while a small number of elite students can complete it in 12 months. It is difficult to exaggerate how rare and impressive this phenomenon is, but it is still an opportunity.

    The key to accelerated doctoral studies is to create a solid academic resume before you begin. Publishing your work in journals as an undergraduate is one of the best ways to warn teachers about your academic qualities. And if you manage to become a doctor in two years or less, you will be in a very noble company. Professor Stephen Wolfram graduated in particle physics from the California Institute of Technology, spending less than a year on campus.

    He was only 20 at the time, and he left Oxford at only 17 because the lectures were not difficult enough! And his later achievements show that it was not only due to the arrogance of young people. Then he created a whole new language of computer programming, as well as revolutionary theories of algebra and artificial intelligence.

    As an international student, what happens when I finish my doctorate?

    Many universities have implemented expansion programs aimed at helping international students stay in the country after their final dissertations have been approved. These extensions help new graduates find work or continue their academic careers. They usually last up to 12 months, after which you will need to agree on additional arrangements if you want to stay in your host country.

    Universities typically sponsor these extension programs, and you must meet very specific criteria before applying. Again, this depends on where you study, so talk to the person running the program for more information.

    Frequently asked questions about the degree of Doctor of Science

    How fast can you get a doctorate?

    As a rule, it will take 3.5 to 6 or even 7 full-time years to obtain a PhD. The university can provide for 3 to 5 years at the time of graduation, but students can apply for a continuation with accepted excuses. However, online applications make it even faster.

    How long does it take to get a doctorate after a master's degree?

    The decision to obtain a PhD after obtaining a master's degree is difficult. The PhD is a great emotional, mental and financial degree, so you need to be prepared for it. It takes 3-4 years to complete a PhD after obtaining a master's degree.

    Why does it take so long to get a PhD?

    Some schools require graduate students to take about 40 classes, which on a traditional campus can take years. At the end of the course you must write and defend a dissertation. The dissertation process can take only a few years. This is one of the reasons that makes any doctoral program take so long.

    Is it difficult to get a doctorate?

    Doctoral studies are difficult. This should come as no surprise; If candidates were easy to obtain, almost all college graduates would end up with a PhD in their name. While all doctoral programs are difficult, the flexible nature of online programs can help you succeed. Choosing a track that does not require a dissertation can also help.

    In the conclusion

    No matter how long it takes to get a doctorate, what really matters is the joy that comes later. However, there are better ways to get a Ph.D. without spending all your time studying.

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    I just lost my job! 10 quick things you need to do now One of the worst things that can happen from a professional point of view is job loss. This is especially true if it's unexpected and not your fault. On the other hand, it can be good if you know what to do when you lose your job, even if it doesn't feel a distant positive right now. I just lost my job.

    Emotionally and traumatically suddenly lose your job or, worse, be fired. You are unemployed, you have no salary, and you will lose touch with your colleagues because it will never happen again, even if you promise to keep in touch. It's painful.

    1. What happens when a person loses his job?
    2. What to do when you lose your job
    • â„–1. Unemployment document
    • # 2. Review your costs and funds
    • # 3. Create additional sources of income
    • # 4. Commercialize your skills
    • # 5. Use your hobbies
    • # 6. Create a professional LinkedIn profile
    • # 7. Learn about health insurance options
    • # 8. Work on a personal budget
    • # 9. Apply for a new job within 30 days
    • # 10. Google yourself
    • # 11. Clear your social media accounts
    • # 12. Update your resume.
    • #13. Connect to your network
    • # 14. Get a link
    • # 15. Check vacancies
    • # 16. Focus on finding a job
    • # 17. Write target cover letters
    • # 18. Find out what you are worth
    • # 19. Prepare a suit for an interview (or two)
    • # 20. Practice interviews
    • # 21. Go where there is work
    • # 22. Decorate your online presence
    • # 23. Gain skills or go back to school - or both
    • # 24. Don't be discouraged
    • # 25. Don't be afraid

    What happens when a person loses his job?

    It is very easy to despair when you lose your job. You will feel anger, fear, dread, anxiety and resentment. This thinking is self-destructive. It will permeate all aspects of your life and undermine your confidence.

    This will weaken your desire and motivation. It's hard to do, but you need to stop negative thoughts and continue with these tips on what to do when you lose your job

    The sooner you start looking for a job, the sooner you will think about your new job instead of the lost one.

    What to do when you lose your job

    The truth is that some people over the years have developed a system to continue their careers after dismissal. For many of these people, this is due to some experience in dealing with such situations.

    However, there are those who are so devastated by the loss of their job that it has an incredible impact on their personal lives and careers.

    Here are some things you can do when you lose your job

    â„–1. Unemployment document

    If you lost your job through no fault of your own, you must become unemployed. Depending on the circumstances, you may still be eligible even after your release.

    # 2. Review your costs and funds

    Your income directly affects your lifestyle, and losing your job can certainly make it harder to get out of your lifestyle inflation.

    Now that we know that these unprecedented times will last for some time, we will never be late with planning. Minimize unnecessary costs

    # 3. Create additional sources of income

    You can make money while you sleep. It's time to put on your thinking hats and come up with ideas to help you make the much-needed extra money.

    We are talking about passive money. Losing a job closes one door, but we can always look at other doors that may look closed but not like that. Because income is generated passively, you can continue to use limited resources, leaving room for active income.

    Freelance work is a very chosen step in creating new / additional income. This is a great way to make money online with minimal resources

    There are many freelance websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Simply Hired. Websites like are a great platform for making money writing content.

    # 4. Commercialize your skills

    Throughout your years of work, you must have the skills you need to equip yourself

    Any skills you have will be useless if you do not use them. You need to know how to spread your experience to the market and show your customers how to help them and solve their problems. It's time to commercialize these skills on your terms. Skills can be:

    • Hard or soft
    • Technical or commercial
    • Creative or objective.

    Decide targeted customers who can make the most of your skills. For example, if you are an MS Excel professional, create a channel on Youtube and promote your experience.

    # 5. Use your hobbies

    In the rush to make money, people often put their hobbies in the background. Losing a job causes emotional upheaval, as well as financial loss and uncertainty about the future.

    Hobbies can be a solution to both of these problems. It brings feelings of happiness, balances emotions and with the right strategy can bring money to reduce your financial burden.

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    For example, if you play chess, you can teach beginners or sell textbooks on how to make winning moves in chess. So easy!

    # 6. Create a professional LinkedIn profile

    LinkedIn is designed for professionals so that users can create an online profile that reflects their professional history and skills.

    You can do the following;

    • Find jobs and business opportunities
    • Communicate with professionals who can recommend you to their colleagues
    • Get an idea of ‹‹your industry.
    • Create a personal brand for yourself

    Today, LinkedIn is probably the most popular professional networking site. The updated star profile and active presence on the platform can actually reduce the search for the right vacancies.

    # 7. Learn about health insurance options

    Contact your supervisor or HR department about options for extending your insurance coverage or see how you can get a new policy to cover you during your absence

    # 8. Work on a personal budget

    Your unemployment check will be less than your salary, so think about how you can save some money. It will also take a much shorter time, as many states have reduced the number of weeks of unemployment they provide.

    # 9. Apply for a new job within 30 days

    If finances are a problem, and this is true for many unemployed people, then you need to hurry a bit. Get a 30-day new job vacancy program online. This helps you stay motivated and keep your job search at the right level.

    # 10. Google yourself

    Search Google for your name to see what potential employers will see when they check on you. Make sure everything in the search results is correct.

    You don't want hiring managers or recruiters to see what you don't want to see.

    # 11. Clear your social media accounts

    Your social media pages are likely to be in a list of content that will appear when you search on your own. Make sure all your articals are public.

    If not, clear them and change your privacy settings. On the other hand, having a solid social presence is important for many jobs, so make sure you make the best impression.

    # 12. Update your resume.

    Before applying for a vacancy, take the time to update your resume. Your resume will be read by employers employed by employers and hiring managers from applicant tracking systems (ATS). Be sure to list your key skills and match your job qualifications. This gives you the best chance of being selected for the interview.

    #13. Connect to your network

    This is a good time to connect to the network. Use LinkedIn, the college alumni network, and your professional and personal networks to support job search. Ask your contacts to let you know when they come across vacancies that are right for you.

    # 14. Get a link

    When connecting to your network, think about who will be a good guide. This is especially important if you have been fired. Now set up a few links so they can wait for the call when you start the interview. Here you can find out who and how can apply for a job certificate.

    # 15. Check vacancies

    Now that you have many pieces of the job search puzzle, you can check out the vacancies and apply for the job. Use search engines such as to find job articalings from many different online sources in just a few clicks.

    # 16. Focus on finding a job

    Use advanced search options to focus on jobs that match your interests and skills, and in one place you want to work. Don't waste time looking for a job that doesn't suit you. This is a competitive labor market, and if you are not qualified, you will not be considered.

    # 17. Write target cover letters

    Don't skimp on your programs. Your cover letters should convincingly explain why you should be hired. Use a cover letter to show the reader at a glance why you are the most qualified person for the position.

    # 18. Find out what you are worth

    In the interview you will most likely be asked about your salary. Your salary history is as important as your salary expectations. Do you have the required minimum amount? What should you earn?

    Use payroll reports similar to those offered by so you don't miss out when your employer is looking for cheap workers. Be prepared to negotiate a salary to make sure you agree to be fair.

    # 19. Prepare a suit for an interview (or two)

    Expect to conduct at least a couple of interviews for each vacancy you apply for. Some can be on the phone or on video. There will be others. So be prepared to dress according to the job and the company you are applying for.

    # 20. Practice interviews

    The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice, practice again, and then practice more. Check the most common interview questions asked by employers so that you are ready to answer them.

    Read tips on how to rehearse at home and how to prepare for an interview so you can make the best impression. Prepare for a virtual interview - many employers outsource the hiring process online. Also, be prepared to answer questions during the interview about why you left the job.

    # 21. Go where there is work

    Some people move to another city, state, or country to find work in their area. However, if you are looking for a remote job, your location may not be the main factor.

    However, it helps to focus your search on those areas and vacancies that are most compatible with remote work. Do a little research on who often hires workers in your area to speed up the search.

    # 22. Decorate your online presence

    Research has shown that most employment managers look at someone's online presence before even interviewing them. What do your social media profiles look like? Are you a mix of (public) family photos and some political positions?

    One of the most important aspects of finding your job is to make sure that your online presence is relevant and professional.

    Take the time to clear your profiles or create new ones that will expose you in a professional light and update them so that potential bosses can see that you are active on social media.

    # 23. Gain skills or go back to school - or both

    If you find that you do not have enough qualifications for the vacancy you have applied for, it may be the reason that you cannot find a job. Employers often do not hire those who do not have most of the skills, education or work experience required for the position.

    If you need to improve your skills to better meet your business needs, try going back to school or finding resources online to acquire the skills you need.

    # 24. Don't be discouraged

    You probably won't hear more from employers than you expected. Unfortunately, many companies do not bother to report applicants who have not been selected. The interview may take much longer than you expected.

    You may be asked for an interview three to four times or even more before deciding to hire. Expect it to take a while and try not to feel depressed if you are not hired right away.

    You are not there - the employer is looking for the right candidate. It is better, even if you do not want to, not to hire than to have a job that does not work.

    # 25. Don't be afraid to ask for help

    Finally, and most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help. Friends and family will be happy to help, but they won't be able to if they don't know you need help.

    Whether you need a loan, an elevator, a babysitter, someone to check your application, or an outfit that can be borrowed for an interview, feel free to ask.


    Although the unemployment rate is still high, there are many things you can do to improve the situation and move forward if you lose your job. While new skills that will help you in your work may seem unattainable to you, there are many free ways to promote online and offline.

    Unemployment can give you extra time to improve and possibly become more skilled in your job search.

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    realme Becomes the Fastest Smartphone Brand to Sell 100 Million Handsets Globally realme, a global emerging consumer technology company, today announced a milestone of 100 million smartphones sold globally. On the back of strong performance during the 2020 and 2021 economic challenges posed by COVID-19, realme became the fastest global smartphone brand to reach this milestone in three years, according to Strategy Analytics, a market research consultancy. realme is also the fastest growing major smartphone brand globally in Q2 2021 with a year-over-year growth rate of 149%, as data from research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) showed.

    This achievement has further validated realme™s sales and business strategies across the globe. Established only in 2018, realme is now the 7th largest smartphone brand with a presence in 61 different markets worldwide and ranks at Top 05 smartphone makers in 13 markets, claiming the first place in Philippines and Bangladesh, fourth in India and Russia and fifth in the Europe region in Q2 2021. This 100-million milestone is the latest in line of realme™s spectacular global rise, as the company adds another ˜first™ to its name.

    Previously, realme was one of the ˜first™ to introduce the 125W UltraDart Charging Technology, and among the ˜first™ equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Processor. Its phones were one of the ˜first™ in the world with a 64-megapixel camera. What™s more, realme was also the ˜first™ company to launch a 5G phone under USD 200.

    Targeting global youth and young professionals as a consumer group has allowed realme to leapfrog many established brands, as this group has been over-promised but underserved, according to realme™s CEO, Sky Li. œYoung people, both our consumers and our staff, have taught us to dare to leap into the future and be trendsetters, giving us the courage to disrupt a well-entrenched industry.

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    œThe past three years have really been about an entrepreneurial spirit and untamed growth for realme, said Li. œThanks to the huge support from our young users, we have been able to reach our goal of shipping 100 million smartphones and have gained significant ground in the smartphone market. We will continue to provide young consumers around the world with products that have premium performance and trend-setting designs at affordable prices.

    Li also said realme's next goal is to achieve a dual-100 million target - shipping another 100 million handsets by the end of 2022 and completing the same milestone within the 2023 calendar year.

    To achieve this, realme is counting on a comprehensive product development strategy that will see it expand its offerings in two ways. With the recent launch of its flagship GT Series devices, dubbed as ˜flagship-killer™ phone, realme is poised to compete at mid-to-high-end segments in mature markets such as Western Europe and China.

    The company is also evolving its vision of building out a full-fledged AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) ecosystem for global users within the next five years. To this end, realme has unveiled its 1+5+T strategy, where 1 is the mobile phone, 5 stands for True Wireless Stereo earphones, wearables, TVs, tablets, laptops, and T stands for realme™s AIoT brand TechLife. realme believes in its ability to lead users to a technologically enhanced lifestyle in a way that is affordable and sustainable at the same time.

    With an audacious vision and courage to take on the world, realme is poised to break down barriers in a competitive environment.

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    iOS 15 can solve one of the big problems when taking photos with your iPhone Now the photos taken with your brand new iPhone will be almost perfect. If you are a photography lover and you have an iPhone, surely you have experienced certain photographs taken with the device's camera where a small green or greenish-blue dot has appeared in a part of the snapshot, often not visible, but when you locate it, you can't stop seeing it. iOS 15 can solve one of the big problems.

    This glitch is called the "lens flare" effect, or lens flare, and they appear when we are taking a snapshot and we have a direct light source. This flare usually appears on the opposite side of the light source. Now a user It has been reported on Reddit that iOS 15 beta 4 is capable of automatically removing lens flares when a photo is artical-processed.

    This means that when you take the snapshot you see the green dot in a part of the image if that were the case, but then when you check the photo in the Photos application of the iPhone, it is no longer there. It's not about your imagination, but the iOS 15 image processing algorithms have removed it.

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    This finding was also shared by the developers of the Halide camera application, where you can compare the image before being processed and the image later after being processed where the pinpoint of light that appears on the left side of the image ends up disappearing.

    According to the community, users are testing beta 2 of iOS 15 on iPhone XS, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 and have managed to see this image processing, but it seems that it is an exclusive feature of phones with A12 Bionic processor or more. Again, so even if you can update your iPhone 6s to iOS 15, it is likely that this "failure" will continue to have it.

    It is a feature present in beta 4 of iOS 15, and it would not be the first time that a function has been dropped in the final version, but given that it seems quite advanced it is likely to be included. With this you already have a reason to download the iOS 15 update as soon as it is available now in September.

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    Ethics Manager and Garbage Designer: What Professions Will Be Popular in 10 Years? IT (Information technology) will penetrate into most areas of human activity. The world is changing and young people who want to be competitive for the next ten years must first and foremost learn, be flexible, active and open to constant change. However, often students do not have a clear plan for personal development. Ethics Manager and Garbage Designer.

    In order for young people to know about the potential changes that will take place in the leading industries, to learn about what will be the new professions of the future and which may disappear altogether, the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility conducted a study "Future of Work 2030: how to prepare for changes

    According to the study, one of the global trends of the next decade will be the mass reformatting of the labor market (due to the demise of a number of professions and the emergence of new ones), which will lead to the need to revise current economic models of behavior of states, businesses and workers.

    Experts believe that:

    1. In 10 years Information technologies will get into the majority of spheres of human activity;
    2. Demand will be those employees who will have knowledge of technology and the ability to think creatively;
    3. An important factor for the employee of the future will be the ability to communicate with other people, the ability to quickly integrate into the team and active interaction with the team; employers will prefer those who can quickly find common ground with others;
    4. The employee of the future should be characterized by stress resistance, high organization and mobility, as it is likely that in our lives, remote work outside the office will remain for a long time.
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    It is quite difficult for young people to predict in which industry they want or will work in 10 years. However, they intuitively prefer professions related to creativity, creativity, communication, management, business intelligence (journalism, marketing, SMM, acting, singing, rarely employment in finance, public administration, education), - the study said. .

    Many jobs in the future are the work of today, but with even greater technology, at the same time there will be new ones:

    • Space pilot and pilot.
    • Ethics Manager.
    • Digital Rehabilitation Consultant.
    • Companion for the elderly.
    • Curator of personal memory.
    • Virtual reality travel manager.
    • Highway controller.
    • Manufacturer of body parts.
    • Digital Currency Advisor.
    • Memory surgeon.
    • Trash designer.
    • Digital Finance Specialist, Digital Currency Consultant.
    • Editor of personal pages in social networks.
    • Cyber security Specialist.

    In addition, the level and depth of use of technology will grow every year in the following areas:

    • Artificial intelligence management.
    • Data analysis and management.
    • Digital-promotion, digital-sales, digital-customer services;

    Those professions that can be algorithmized and / or replaced by machine analytics will completely change.

    Examples of such professions today are:

    • Auditors (s), accountants (s), economists (s).
    • Travel agents.
    • Secretaries, stenographers.
    • Call center operators.
    • Drivers, truckers.
    • Encoders (s) (code developers).
    • Sports commentators.
    • Conveyor workers.

    Also, professions that pose a threat to human life and health are likely to disappear. However, most professions will disappear not in form but in content,  they will need qualitatively new skills. Instead, there will be specialties that will be difficult, expensive to algorithmize, as well as those that involve a high degree of creativity and creativity.

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    Customize your fashion sense with TECNO™s Camon 17 In the current tech-driven era, smartphones have become more than devices just used for calling and messaging. The young generation looks for modern devices that reflect their style and personalities. TECNO™s recently launched their latest Camon 17 smartphone which is the perfect blend of upgraded style and latest features for modern users to make a fashion statement. Customize your fashion sense with TECNO™s Camon 17.

    Recently, the brand shared the fashion shoot of Camon 17 on their social media platforms that show the chic and modern style of this latest device. Holding this phone, the models look elegant and stylish at the same time, showing the power this smartphone exhibits. Adding class to these pictures, TECNO™s latest Camon smartphone compliments everyone™s diverse style and guarantees to do the same for you. So, whether you™re dressing up to go to a party or want to look professional for a meeting, the Camon 17 will help you elevate your style.

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    This phone catches everyone™s eyes with its sleek and elegant body made out of organic glass. Moreover, the rear camera design of the phone increases its modish appearance. The Camon 17 comes in three different shades including Frost Silver, Deep Sea Blue, and Tranquil Green so there™s something to match everyone™s personality.

    Not only this, the Camon 17 comes with incredible camera quality and features for photography enthusiasts. This latest phone by TECNO is equipped with a remarkable 16MP Selfie camera paired with an AI triple camera system including a 48MP main camera, 8MP Wide-angle camera, and 2 MP Bokeh camera. All of these latest features will surely level up your photography game.

    So, this is your chance to make a fashion statement at an affordable price with TECNO™s latest Camon 17. Go get your latest Camon device and upgrade your style.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:54:13 +0500 informal
    TCL unveils its new 2021 C series QLED TV in Pakistan TCL has announced the launch of its latest Quantum Dot LED (QLED) TV, the C725 Series in Pakistan. Last year, TCL had introduced the Hi-Tech QLED Range with their C716 and C815 range. The new range is an upgrade to the C716 Series offering a sharper, crisper display and enhanced features from its predecessor. Coupled with the launch of their flagship ground-breaking Mini LED Technology range last month, TCL is now offering the widest, most technologically advanced range of QLED TVs in Pakistan, featuring more than 8 TV models. TCL unveils its new 2021 C series QLED TV in Pakistan.

    The new TV features a 4K QLED Quantum Dot panel with a 60Hz refresh rate. The TV comes with Dolby Vision, HDR 10+ technology, 4K resolution, AIPQ Engine, and supports both MEMC and HDMI 2.1 to deliver the best picture quality. C725 is integrated with ONKYO certified soundbar with Dolby Atmos and offers seamless voice recognition through hands-free voice control 2.0. The C725 is equipped with two 9.5W speakers. TCL C725 is available in 4 sizes: 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches and will be available across Pakistan through their official website, brands stores and dealership network throughout Pakistan.

    Moreover, the all-new C725 is equipped with the latest Android R operating system and Home entertainment centre which gives you access to hundreds of your favourite applications. In addition, the built-in Chromecast enables effortless mirroring of photos, videos, and music directly from your smart devices. Further, you do not have to worry about privacy anymore because the TCL C725 has a safety guard which ensures that your private information is kept safe.

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    Majid Khan Niazi, Head of Marketing at TCL Pakistan, commented, œWe are excited to introduce our latest QLED Quantum Dot TV C725. Last year we introduced our QLED TV range in Pakistan which was a significant upgrade in terms of the TV viewing experience. This year we have expanded our range, both in terms of TV features and sizes as well as adding new display tech like Mini LED to the range, giving consumers a wide variety of the best tech currently available globally.

    TCL has maintained its position of being the No. 1 in Pakistan and the 2nd Largest TV Brand in the Global Consumer Electronics industry, with a global presence in over 150 countries, and aims to further broaden its footprint across the country, by giving customers the best Smart CE solutions available globally.

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    12 non&obvious Dropbox features Dropbox features was launched in 2008, and since then it has acquired many useful features. Typically, many people use the service in the background, so some tools may go unnoticed. Here are the 12 most interesting features that can simplify working with cloud storage.

    1. Restore previous versions of files

    Dropbox allows you to restore previous versions of individual files, and with Dropbox Rewind, which is only available to subscribers, the user can restore multiple files, folders, or even the entire Dropbox. This is very handy in cases where many documents have been damaged.

    To do this, log in, select "All Files", then click three dots at the top (to restore the entire Dropbox) or three dots next to any folder. Next, select "Version Log" and restore the desired file.

    1. Convert files

    Dropbox has recently added several useful tools for converting files. They are available in the web version of the service. Click the three dots next to any file and select "Save As¦". Next, you will have options for formats in which you can save the file. Dropbox allows you to convert many popular file types (including Word, RTF documents and GIF files) to PDF, JPEG or PNG files, depending on the type of file you have to work with. The source file does not change and remains available in the same format.

    1. Use Dropbox with Microsoft Office

    Windows device users can work with Dropbox in conjunction with Microsoft Office. To do this, open the Dropbox client from the notification bar, click on your profile picture, then "Settings" and in the "General" section, select the "Show Dropbox as a folder to save in Microsoft Office" check box. This feature allows you to quickly transfer Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly to cloud storage folders.

    1. Download the desktop application

    In Windows and macOS, users can manage files using a web service or directly in the file manager on their computer (Explorer or Finder). But there is a third option - a desktop application Dropbox. This is a good solution for those who spend most of their working time in Dropbox.

    1. Set a password for sensitive files

    Dropbox allows you to create a special safe folder, which is protected by an additional PIN code. Third-party plug-ins also do not have access to it. To do this, log in to your account in the web version of Dropbox, then click on the profile image (top right), then "Settings" and in the "General" section next to "Safe" select "Install"

    1. Move the Dropbox root folder

    You don't have to settle for a standard Dropbox folder on your computer - you can move it almost anywhere on your local hard drive. Open the Dropbox client from the message bar in Windows or from the menu bar in macOS, click on your profile picture, then go to "Settings", then to the "Sync" tab. There you can select where to move the Dropbox folder.

    1. Share Dropbox with your family

    Like most modern digital services, Dropbox can be used by the whole family. Family subscription 2 TB cloud storage that can be shared between six different people and a shared folder that all members have access to. Other features, including password management and Dropbox Paper, are also available to all tariff members. The cost of a family subscription is $ 20 per month.

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    1. Create a portfolio

    Dropbox Professional is a tariff plan for $ 20 per month, which in addition to all the standard features includes 3 TB of disk space and several additional tools. For example, the ability to add logos to files and view the traffic of all documents (whether they have been viewed). This subscription is suitable for those who want to create a portfolio and make it available to others.

    1. Upload photos and videos from selected albums

    Recently, another new feature was added to Dropbox - the ability to automatically upload photos and videos from a specific album on a smartphone. In the Dropbox app for iOS, click "Account," "Download from Camera," and "Download from¦" to select the albums you want. This feature is not yet available in the Dropbox Android app, but it should be available soon.

    1. Send files to anyone

    Dropbox includes its own reliable file and folder sharing system. But there is a separate tool Dropbox Transfer. It has some additional features, such as viewing file statistics.

    To use Dropbox Transfer, log in to the Dropbox web service, click the grid icon in the upper left corner, and select Dropbox Transfer. The maximum file size depends on your tariff plan.

    1. More user-friendly Dropbox web interface

    The Dropbox web interface has also been recently updated. Now it is more like Explorer in Windows or Finder in macOS. On the left is the area with all the files and folders. If you click on them, you can see the information panel on the right. To customize the way files are displayed, click on the icon in the upper right corner above the file list.

    1. Manage passwords

    Among other things, Dropbox can now act as a password manager. However, the standard rate has some limitations: 50 accounts and 3 devices. Dropbox Passwords works in the same way as other similar services, ie you can store information about payment cards and all credentials there. For easy password synchronization, you can use browser extensions or special applications for smartphones.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:54:00 +0500 informal
    10 signs that you have been broken As a rule, hackers try not to leave traces so that the user does not have time to notice the intrusion and do not take appropriate measures. However, some attackers do not always act covertly. Here are ten signs that your device has been hacked. 10 signs that you have been broken.

    1. Hackers themselves report hacking

    If criminals want to make money, they often contact the victim directly.

    Demanding programs

    Encryption of all files and inability to process data indicate that the network has been hacked. Typically, attackers demand ransom to restore access to data.

    Experts advise not to transfer anything to hackers, but according to statistics, 50% of victims pay a ransom. Generally, once hackers get what they want, they demand more money.

    Most likely, the victim will no longer have access to their data, so you should reinstall the system and restore the data from the backup. But this is not always possible. Some viruses can stay in the system for several weeks before activating encryption. Intruders must make sure that they have infected local and sometimes remote backups.

    If this method does not work, you can try to find the decryption key on the Internet. The No More Ransom project, which is supported by Europol, can help.

    It is also worth noting that even if the victim transfers the required amount to the perpetrator, he may not receive the key. Experts say that after such a hack, you should still conduct a deep cleanup, restore the system and make sure that the extortionist program is completely removed.


    This method of hacking involves the theft of confidential data and private documents in order to publish them in the public domain. This is a kind of digital blackmail. For a certain amount, attackers promise to delete documents and not artical them on the Internet.

    Advertising software

    Pop-up ads that speed up the system, remove malware, or impersonate technical support are signs that a network or computer has been hacked.

    This may be due to a browser vulnerability, and if you don't click on the ad, nothing will happen to your computer. On the other hand, it may also mean that the operating system is already infected.


    In this type of attack, the attacker also contacts the victim directly. Typically, it sends an email stating that it has hacked the webcam and removed the user in some compromising situation. If he does not pay the ransom, the hacker threatens to send these materials to friends and family.

    These fraudulent letters can be ignored. They are sent to thousands of people in the hope that someone will believe it. However, even if there are a few naive users among them, it can enrich cybercriminals.

    Attackers can actually access webcams, and this method of hacking is gaining momentum. It is used for all purposes, from industrial espionage to stalking. But as a rule, criminals rarely get in touch with their victims.

    1. New tools appear in the browser

    If your browser has new toolbars that you didn't install, it's probably infected. They can log keystrokes to collect account and credit card information. In addition, such a virus can download other malicious programs to the device. At best, search queries will simply be redirected to other sites. Attackers receive money for generating traffic on certain resources.

    1. Friends receive strange messages

    Hackers often create fake profiles on social networks and send invitations to the contacts of the owner of the real page. A real or fake profile can be used to disseminate controversial or confidential information in order to damage the reputation. With these pages you can also get the necessary information about the user by asking his friends. This method is called social engineering.

    User friends may receive a request to receive payment via PayPal on your behalf.

    Because the victim is asked to receive rather than pay for something, she may not have any suspicions. The attacker offers the victim to transfer the money to her bank account, and then to his card.

    But, of course, the bank account belongs to the attackers. As soon as they receive the money, the original PayPal transaction is canceled and the victim is left without money.

    1. Unable to log in to your account

    If you cannot go to a service or site, you must first make sure that it works. If other users have no problems, it's likely that your account has been hacked. As soon as an attacker manages to log in to someone else's account, he immediately changes the password so that the account holder cannot log in to it.

    Hackers can get a password in different ways:

    • They can use the selection method,

    hack another of your accounts that uses the same password,

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    • Conduct a phishing attack.

    If you are unable to access the site, you must report the problem to technical support as soon as possible. Of course, you have to prove that you are the real owner, not a cracker who uses social engineering to access the account.

    You can also ask for support to immediately lock the profile and restore access only after they identify the real owner. If you have used this password on other sites or platforms, change it immediately.

    1. New software is installed

    If a new program appears on your computer that no one else has installed, it is a sure sign of infection. Viruses and malware are usually hidden from the eyes of the average user, and Trojans, worms, and adware can appear as regular applications.

    Unusual software can be downloaded along with other free programs. In terms of use, there may be an item about downloading other software packages, which many do not notice. Such programs can collect information about owners and statistics about the use of the device, which can later be sold to marketing companies.

    When your computer is left unattended, attackers can download malware from a USB drive that will install one program at a time.

    1. The cursor moves by itself

    A moving pointer can not only indicate a problem with the hardware, but also be the result of problems in the software drivers.

    If the cursor moves purposefully, there can be two explanations.

    1. Technical support can access your computer remotely.
    2. The device was infected with a remote access Trojan (RAT), and the attackers gained access to a computer.

    RAT allows hackers to connect to someone else's computer, perform various operations and monitor user actions. It can also record keystrokes so hackers can see all the owner's actions, even when they are not connected. Moreover, they can download and download files from your computer, as well as turn on or off the microphone and webcam without turning on the appropriate LEDs.

    1. Antivirus is disabled

    If the security software is disabled and unable to resume operation, the device may be infected with a virus.

    Modern malware is able to disable protective software and prevent it from being re-enabled.

    1. Money is disappearing

    Most cybercrimes are committed to get rich. If attackers can obtain registration data from online banking services, PayPal or a digital wallet with cryptocurrency, they will immediately devastate them.

    Also, if hackers manage to convince employees of banking organizations that they need to immediately transfer a large amount of money, the victim can lose all savings.

    1. Personal data appears in the public domain

    If the user's data was articaled on the Internet, there is no doubt that this is the result of hacking. Sometimes this is done as part of docking attacks. And sometimes this indicates that hacktivists (hackers who promote political ideas) have chosen a particular user or an entire organization as their victim.

    1. The computer warns of infection

    Every warning of the system about the infection must be taken seriously. An alarming sign is incomprehensible activity in system logs, such as logins at unusual times or from IP addresses with suspicious geolocation.

    To learn how to properly evaluate such system alerts, you need to understand what your regular network traffic looks like.

    How to protect yourself from burglary?

    To ensure the security of all systems, it is necessary to take seriously the training of personnel in the basics of information security and use only licensed security software. Here are some tips to help you protect yourself from hacking.

    • Update all operating systems and applications regularly.
    • Use quality firewalls and antivirus software.
    • Set strong passwords and do not use the same code word on different sites.

    If possible, use two-factor authentication.

    • Create a multi-level backup system and store copies in different places.
    • Check your backups, data recovery systems, and disaster recovery plans.
    • Try to rehearse your actions in case of hacking.
    • Install monitoring software that monitors various access attempts, system logs, network traffic, and issues alerts about suspicious or prohibited activity.
    • Examine the security protocols in your bank to prevent large transfers without additional information and verification.
    • Use the best programs that provide protection against viruses and malware, as well as safe browsing.
    • Teach your employees cyber literacy.
    • Create a culture of safety in the workplace. Teach staff not to trust unusual requests and to report suspicious and unexplained actions.
    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:53:56 +0500 informal
    10 effective classroom management strategies Let's talk about approaches to creating an orderly and friendly environment. Classroom management can be a real challenge even for an experienced teacher. Especially if the behavior of students is not entirely honest. What shall I do? Definitely not upset! After all, there are time-tested classroom management strategies that will help find common ground, improve discipline, and motivate children to learn.

    1. Invite the children to set rules of conduct

    Do your students always follow the rules of conduct in good faith? Invite them to develop their own class laws, taking into account their rights and responsibilities. Be sure to adjust the workflow. So you get really fair and constructive requirements where every word matters. Don't forget to print out the rules and hang them in the classroom.

    1. Name students by name and patronymic

    How do you get students to respond? Some call the last name. And why not address them by name and patronymic? Formal business style of communication will increase students' self-esteem and promote a working atmosphere.

    1. Praise

    Sincere praise for a job well done inspires students, boosts their self-esteem, and strengthens your credibility. In addition, it encourages children to continue to work successfully, looking for new solutions and ways.

    1. Avoid public punishment

    Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to react quickly to the defiant behavior of students. And the conflict that is happening in front of the whole class only exacerbates the situation. What to do? Take the rebel out of class for a couple of minutes for a short conversation. Keep calm, provide rational arguments in support of your position and be sure to listen to the student's position. In 90% of cases, the conflict will be resolved, and the student will keep his face in front of peers.

    You should not punish the whole class for the fault of one! This can ruin your relationship with your students and jeopardize all your efforts.

    1. Communicate face to face

    A student who learns poorly or exhibits deviant behavior can mask any problems. Try to find out as carefully as possible the reasons for such behavior and find common ground with him. To increase motivation to learn, ask the child what helps him focus on the lesson, what exercises and techniques he likes. Write down all the answers. This will allow you to find classes and approaches that will motivate the student to learn.

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    Mark the achievements of the class and each student. Try to monitor, evaluate activities and record the progress of each. This will allow you to flexibly adjust the curriculum. The student will see not only the intermediate result, but also the prospects for his growth.

    1. Use non-verbal communication

    Nonverbal cues, such as a smile, open gestures, and eye contact, can reduce psychological distance from students. Such behavior increases the positive feelings of students towards the teacher and the subject. And accordingly promotes good discipline.

    1. Involve parents

    Parents can really become your allies. Tell them about the student's academic success or behavioral progress. Feel free to tell them that they raised a beautiful child.

    1. Practice mutual learning

    There are probably students in your class who can help others master the subjects. So invite them to join the teaching if they want to. In this way, students pump the skills of synthesis and analysis of educational material. Some students are more comfortable perceiving information from peers, so mutual learning will be useful for the milestones of learning.

    1. Be flexible

    Flexibility does not mean unprincipled. You have established regulations, but you should be prepared for unexpected situations: both positive and negative. For example, students do not like the deadlines you set for the task. In this case, it is better to make sure what happened: a whim or it is really difficult for children to complete the task on time.

    1. Be close

    Your involvement in the educational process is crucial to classroom management. Be active in class: do not sit at your desk, move around the classroom, if necessary, adjust the tasks. Let the children understand that you are not watching their behavior, but want to help them.

    There are many strategies and approaches to classroom management that will help create a friendly atmosphere of collaboration. And systematic work and well-established contact with the class will improve your mood and improve your performance.

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    realmeet with realme C21 Gives You A Chance To Meet Your Favourite Stars realme C21 now comes for PKR 19,999/- bringing top notch quality, reliability and a chance for people to meet with their favourite stars such as Romaisa Khan, Zulqarnain Sikandar and Bilal Munir through the realmeet with realme C21 campaign   realme “ a smartphone brand that has gained impeccable popularity amongst Gen-Zers and has become a name most synonymous with the youth, is set to maintain its reputation with the exciting announcement of their new campaign for realme C21 that would enable fans to meet their favourite online personalities ranging from the world of entertainment to tech.   realme is collaborating with Romaisa Khan “ actress, model, and TikToker, Bilal Munir “ tech YouTuber of VideoWaliSarkar fame and Zulqarnain Sikandar “ TikTok star, for the massive campaign œrealmeet with realme C21  that would let the realme Community to connect with their favourite online stars like never before.   Romaisa Khan, Bilal Munir, and Zulqarnain Sikandar have garnered immense popularity amongst the youth with their content and abilities across all social platforms. As their achievements vibe with the essence of realme, the brand recognizes and caters to the wants of its young consumers and has come up with this initiative to build a bridge between the realme Community and their most-liked content creators.   To be part of the realmeet with realme C21 campaign, people have to follow these steps:  
    1. Buy a realme C21*
    2. artical a photo with their realme C21 along with the hashtag #realmeet & tell us why you want to meet your favourite influencer
    3. Join the realme Community:
      With the recent price drop of realme C21 to PKR 19,999/- it has become even more feasible for youngsters to become eligible for #realmeet campaign and becoming a part of the celebrated realme Community.   * People who have bought the realme C21 earlier are also eligible to be a part of this campaign. ]]>
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    At last! Intel overcame the 14nm of the technological process It might seem that Intel and 14nm processors are a never ending story. It turns out that this is a thing of the past - the old technology is slowly becoming obsolete and is being replaced by newer, 10-nanometer lithography.

    As some of you probably remember, Intel initially had huge problems with the implementation of the new technological process - although the first 10-nanometer processors appeared in 2018, most of the systems were still produced in 14-nanometer lithography (constantly improved). The producer, however, came out of the crisis and boasted about new achievements.

    Intel is rearranging the production lines - the blue is dominated by 10 nm

    During the last financial report, Pat Gelsinger praised the latest achievements in the production of processors - Intel factories already produce more 10nm silicon wafers than 14nm silicon wafers, and the cost of their production is 45% lower than last year's statistics. Importantly, the production of 10-nanometer semiconductors is expected to increase over time.

    IDM 2.0 program, network of factories produces more 10nm than 14nm wafers. As the 10nm volume grows, the economy improves, the cost of the wafer is 45% lower compared to last year, and there will be more in the future.

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    Increasing the production capacity is certainly an important milestone in the "blue" strategy. Some concerns, however, may be raised by the fact that the head of Intel did not disclose details about the yield of 10-nanometer processors (greater production of wafers does not have to coincide with greater production of efficient processors).

    The era of 10nm processors is coming

    After all, the information disclosed bodes well for the future and heralds an increase in the production of new generations of processors - 10-nanometer lithography already produces mobile Core 11th generation (Tiger Lake-U / -H) and server Xeon Scalable 3rd generation ( Ice Lake-SP).

    Of course, this is just the beginning of the manufacturer's plans! Soon, they will also be joined by mobile and desktop 12th generation Core processors (Alder Lake-M / -S), as well as Xe generation HP and HPC graphics systems. Over time, 10-nanometer lithography (and the next, lower ones) should replace the old, legendary "fourteen".

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:53:37 +0500 informal
    What Makes CAMON 17 Better than Other Phones? TECNO Pakistan presented CAMON 17 series recently, and we had numerous inquiries that how it's been for clients. There isn't anything to stress over on the grounds now that we have its details and a handset in our hands. We owe a genuine survey to our supporters.

    You know we do not keep its undertone. Thus, expect only a straightforward review of the CAMON 17 series. Here we go!

    CAMON 17 Is the Photography Treasure

    What bodes well from the actual name, CAMON 17 is the photography smartphone that can annul the need to purchase a DSLR. The back and selfie cameras, both are exceptional in their way with certain coolest highlights.

    Presumably, TECNO Pakistan needed to offer something to the always exciting youth who loves to gain visual experiences. Furthermore, gen-Z loves to utilize online media for even minor subtleties. Along these lines, when a reasonable telephone offers quality and richness in camera quality, for what reason a person would not need it!

    Catch Clicks and Videos with Coolest Features

    Indeed! Artificially intelligent features like auto-focus, video bokeh, magic pixels, HD-zoom quality, all go well when you think about a photography telephone and CAMON 17 series has these highlights.

    You can catch the clearest selfies with the 16 MG camera or snap the pictures from the 48 MP back cam. We don't need to persuade you about the astounding camera quality. You must have known TECNO a bit, so you would realize they don't believe in average.

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    They are a colossal cell phone brand in Pakistan. They generally set forward quality for their customers. Thus, we likewise didn't expect anything short of that.

    Security Features Got Updated

    Not simply CAMON 17 has the photo features, it likewise got the updated security highlights. We should discuss them individually.

    First is the coolest theft alert, which goes off if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. It implies if your telephone gets burglarized, you can make it go off.

    Another element is the security insurance highlights is that your screen goes dull other than the space you are working on. We know how it feels that a close-by outsider or relative continues to steal glances at our telephones and causes an irritating circumstance. This element of CAMON 17 will assist with staying away from that.

    Cost is Affordable

    What more we can say, it has a nice processor, sensible capacity, and the most recent Android working framework. It™s a great phone, and you would love it thoroughly. Plus, it isn't at all costly. The mid-range telephones are accessible at under thirty.

    CAMON 17 is definitely different than the rest. You have our vote. BUY IT NOW.

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    OPPO Launches Renovators 2021 Emerging Artists Project, Lighting Up the Creative Dreams of the Youth Worldwide The leading global smart device brand OPPO officially launched OPPO Renovators 2021, the 3rd iteration of its Emerging Artists Project, today. With the Renovators program rolling out worldwide, OPPO will build an active community through which emerging artists can seek guidance and inspiration from renowned artists, showcase their work on international platforms, and have access to once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities.

    With multiple competition categories, there are unlimited ways to explore this year™s theme of Light

    The theme for this year™s Renovators program is Light. OPPO Renovators 2021 includes two professional contest categories “ ART TECH and ART TOY “ as well as a Portrait Capture category targeted at creative enthusiasts. In the ART TECH category, young artists can freely explore the fusion of technology and art; in the ART TOY category, artists are invited to imagine their own take on OPPO™s mascot, Ollie, in the form of a collectible designer toy; and in the Portrait Capture category, entrants can submit their own captivating human stories as told through portrait images or videos.

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    Awards and global stages for the bright artists of tomorrow

    OPPO Renovators 2021 will leverage OPPO™s global resources to help the growth and development of the program™s talented artists. In addition to a number of generous prizes and awards, the artworks selected from OPPO Renovators 2021 will have the opportunity to be displayed at global exhibitions such as London Design Festival and Dubai World Expo, as well as continuous exposure through global online exhibitions. Furthermore, young designers participating in OPPO Renovators 2021 will have the chance to become contracted OPPO designers, through which there may be commercial opportunities to further realize their creative ideas.

    For more information and to take part in OPPO Renovators 2021, please visit the official OPPO Renovators 2021 website: All artworks must be submitted before GMT 24:00 August 29, 2021 to be eligible. The final results will be announced before GMT 24:00 September 18, 2021.

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    Best Infection Prevention Products 2021 Air purification specialist Rensair has been included in Newsweek's list of Best Infection Prevention Products 2021. Newsweek, in partnership with the Leapfrog Group, an independent nonprofit that evaluates health care quality, compiles and publishes an ongoing series of ratings for healthcare facilities and products.

    The Rensair hospital-grade air purifier is included within the 'Lighting Disinfectants' category. To make the list, a selection committee evaluated the product using four criteria: effectiveness, safety (to both patients and healthcare workers), successful real-world implementation and the stability of the company (to support future implementations).

    Leapfrog also evaluated the quality of research studies demonstrating the product's effectiveness by looking at reproducibility, closeness between lab data/results and real-world application of the data/results, and closeness of fit between the choice of test or method of testing and what was being tested for.

    "We are proud to be included in this evidence-based list of infection prevention products that   evaluates real-world implementation", said Christian Hendriksen, Co-founder and CEO of Rensair. "Safe, breathable air has never been more important, but COVID-19 is not the only threat. Hospitals also need protection against the rise in multidrug-resistant, airborne bacterial infections, which claim at least 700,000 lives per year worldwide and are projected to cause 10 million deaths per year by 2050. "

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    Rensair's patented technology was developed in Denmark to meet the strict air quality requirements of Scandinavian hospitals. Its efficacy is documented by several independent scientific laboratories, including Eurofins, Norconsult, and Oslo University Hospital. Tests conducted by the Danish Technological Institute in March 2021, which used aerosolized MS2 bacteriophages as a proxy for Covid-19, further proved its efficiency at capturing and inactivating the Coronavirus family of viruses.

    On the back of these credentials, Rensair's trusted technology has been adopted by doctor and dental practices, care homes and hospitals worldwide, including several NHS trusts in the UK. With operations in the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia, the company has recently expanded its client base beyond the health sector, enabling both public and private organisations to benefit from a safer working environment. Clients include multinationals, manufacturers, educational establishments, and hospitality venues.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:52:49 +0500 informal
    TECNO Camon 17 becomes the new favorite among photographers Smartphone photography has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially among young consumers. Youngsters, notably travelers love taking pictures but sometimes carrying a huge DSLR with you is not that easy. Smartphones with high-quality camera lenses have somehow helped overcome this with exceptional photography features. The popular Chinese smartphone brand, TECNO recently launched two new devices from its popular camera series, the Camon 17 series. The phones have become immensely popular among the local photographers who have been seen articaling outstanding pictures using Camon 17.

    Like their predecessors, the Camon 17 comes equipped with TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution, more popularly known as the TAIVOS technology. TAIVOS enhances the camera quality and offers multiple photography features using the signal processing technology that works with artificial intelligence algorithms. The Camon 17 supports a 16MP selfie camera with a 48MP AI Triple camera that captures first-class pictures at any time of the day.

    Camon 17 gained a huge fan base among TECNO users in Pakistan with its exceptional camera features, and has caught many photographers eye. Recently, some local photographers shared their skills on social media using the new Camon 17. Usman Khan (@saahib_e_zoaq), a travel logger on Instagram shared some eye-catchy pictures of the Pasu cones, the breathtaking beauty of Hussaini bridge, the dramatic scenery from the forests of Naltar valley, and Altit fort. The incredible macro shot of a bee with the splendid background of Naran Kaghan caught everyone™s attention with its incredible clarity. Another photographer, Suleman Attiq (androon_wala) shared amazing portraits of the famous Food Street of Lahore, capturing every color distinctly, highlighting the magnificence of the location.

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    Similarly, Dani Khattak ( used Camon 17 to take focused and crisp pictures of the majestic Faisal mosque and the Sunehri Masjid. Using Camon 17™s Super Night mode, he captured a picture of the Baradari in F9 Park in all its glory. Many other photographers including Fahad Hanif (fahadhanifff), Hammad Photography (hammadphotography_), Lightroom (lightroompk), Nabeel Nak (roamwithnabeel), Umer Khalid (tasveerkahani), Waleed Tahir (waleedtahir6), and Muhammad Irfan (hunzukutz_kahn) also shared their work using the Camon 17. They praised the phone for its brilliant photography features and camera quality, the ease of the camera settings, and also applauded the clarity that enabled the phone to take outstanding pictures without much editing.

    Not only this, the good news is that you don™t need to buy any crazy expensive gadgets to become a photographer as the Camon 17 is available for only PKR 24,999. So, go get your latest photography companion while staying within budget.

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    Bigger Celebrations, Bigger Offers! OPPO F19 and A54 dropped down to new amazing prices for you to enjoy your Eid! As consumers prepare for the festivities of Eid Ul-Adha, Global leading smartphone brand OPPO decides to make your Eid even more exciting by announcing jaw-dropping new prices! Enjoy the sleek and stylish OPPO A54 for PKR 28,999/- ONLY! Avail this startling price drop of PKR3,000 now! Also, get the Ultra Slim, Ultra Powerful OPPO F19 for PKR 34,999/- ONLY! That™s a whopping price drop of PKR 5,000/-. That™s not all! Capture Eid vibes with OPPO by heading over to OPPO™s Facebook page and win exciting gifts!

    Like always, OPPO brings you the best smartphones in the best prices! To keep you worry-free throughout your day, A54 notably features a long-lasting battery life with 5000mAh of capacity. This will last you up to 2.2 days on a single charge! The 18W Fast Charge lets you fully charge your phone in only 2 hours and 23 minutes. With 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM, make and keep your memories safe! A54 runs on a Mediatek Helio P35 (MT6765) Octa-Core Processor and with HyperBoost, you™ll experience less lag, and can multitask more. Get all these features for PKR 28,999/- only!

    Must Read: The role of videos in gaining knowledge

    The OPPO F19 is not only super stylish but it is also loaded with a plethora of fantastic features! The 33W Flash Charge and a 5000mAh battery allows you to charge more than 50% in under 30 minutes making it easier for you to stay connected for the whole day without having to worry about your battery running out. In addition, the AMOLED FHD+ punch-hole display lets you enjoy your longer screen time while still being gentle on your eyes. You can also enjoy abundant memory and smooth performance with its 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM. All of this in just PKR 34,999/-.

    OPPO brings another exciting activity for you to enjoy this Eid. Be a part of the interactive game on OPPO™s social handles for a chance to win exciting gifts! Go to @OPPOPakistan Facebook page and join the Eid challenge. See what gift OPPO has for you to make your Eid more memorable! Take a screenshot of the GIF and hit send!

    With all the exquisite features and slim designs, the OPPO F19 and A54 are definitely worth every penny and not to be missed given the incredible new price drops. Celebrate your Eid with OPPO and get your phones today from all OPPO outlets nationwide!

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    10 myths about working for yourself Now more and more people decide to work only for themselves, but some are afraid of such an innovation. No one is safe from mistakes. Especially in such an important matter. myths about working for yourself.

    1. People who work for themselves work really hard.

    Many self-employed people work harder than employees. Some get so much pleasure from work that they want to work longer. Some organize their business in such a way that their physical presence is necessary to generate income. Both ways are a normal choice at least because you personally decide what and how to organize.

    Many people start their business by being paid only when they work, such as a lawyer who opens legal advice and issues hourly bills to his clients. When a lawyer is at home, he does not generate income.

    But there is no law that says you should only start a business that brings in money only during your work. If you start such a business, you are only creating a job for yourself. You build a revenue system that brings you money, a system that you own and control. It's like having a golden chicken that works to bring golden eggs.

    So, long work is mostly an indicator of the type of business you have personally chosen. If you don't like to work hard, you usually don't have to.

    1. The only reason to start a business is to sell it.

    This is a favorite statement of Michael Gerbera, author of The E-Myth Revisited and other books in the E-Myth series. Of course, you can always create a business to sell or put it up for public offering, but you can also create a business in order to keep it to yourself. In fact, starting a business, leaving it for a while, and then just killing it is absolutely right.

    As a self-employed person, you are free to build any business you want. If you want to build a business for sale, do it. If you just need a source of income that does not require you to go to work, this is also good. There is no rule that says you should create a business as a monument to human greatness.

    Many people enjoy recurring entrepreneurship. They start a business, run it for a while, and then sell or close it. Then they repeat the process.

    You can also have multiple businesses at the same time. This may sound tricky, but if you have businesses for ten years or more, repeating the process and generating another one is not difficult. Variety can also be fun if you don't get too tired.

    1. Working for yourself is much riskier than getting a job.

    Security is the result of control, and work gives you much more control than regular work. When you work for yourself, no one can fire or fire you. What is safer - owning your own source of income or renting it? Undoubtedly possession.

    If you urgently need extra money, it is very difficult to find it when you are an employee. But as an owner who controls all the assets of your businesses, you have the ability to reallocate resources to a difficult place. Possession of control creates great differences.

    Employees risk the most. You realize how risky it is when you suddenly hear "we let you act," while the owners enjoy a percentage of record profits.

    1. To work for yourself means to put all the eggs in one basket.

    Ask yourself: how many people do you need to anger to shut down your source of income? For employees usually one. If your boss fires you, your income shuts down immediately. Fair or not, you will lose all sources of income, for whatever reason. So it's folding eggs into one basket.

    By working for yourself, meanwhile, you can easily diversify your income streams, thereby reducing your risks. You have all the necessary levers for this. Generating different types of income from thousands of customers is much safer than getting a single salary.

    1. Work on yourself is full of stress.

    If you are tense, you are unable to make ends meet, you work somewhere or only for yourself. But other things being equal in life and income, work on yourself is less stressful, since you enjoy a greater degree of control. Lack of control over one's time and life is stressful. When you have the freedom to say no, you can control your stress more easily.

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    Working on yourself can be very stress-free if you decide to do it that way. You can turn your office into a relaxing place to work. You can set your own schedule. If you notice signs of stress, you can take a break to relax. No one can force you to do what you don't want to do.

    1. The customer is always right.

    If you work for yourself, feel free to get rid of customers who upset you. Some customers just don't deserve your effort. If you work for yourself, there is no need to do business with those who think they have the privilege of perceiving you as unnecessary. If you don't like having such clients, you are unlikely to like people who come for their recommendations. On the other hand, you can have fun sending such people to competitors.

    1. Work on yourself leads to loneliness.

    Many employees think that they enjoy a full social life when all they do is flirt with their colleagues. It's nice at first, but it gets boring after a while. On the other hand, a self-employed person finds it easier to recognize the need for social activity outside of their work. After all, it may be because of a desire to learn from the same business owners.

    There is no need to be lonely and isolated if you work for yourself, as long as you want to participate in various social activities. There is some kind of internal socialization in regular work, but if you think about it, you will see how limited it is. An employee may be fired for over-socializing at work. But a self-employed person can communicate freely at any time of the day.

    1. Self-employed people must do everything themselves.

    Self-employed people can be responsible for everything they do, but it is usually inappropriate to do everything yourself. The amount of work will be too large.

    1. Work on yourself is too incomprehensible.

    Self-employment can seem confusing because there is a lot to learn in the beginning, such as accounting, taxes, payroll, legal regulations, insurance, and more. It takes time to learn the basics, but most of them aren't really that complicated. Just take a good book on the subject and you will start great.

    Don't let the initial learning curve break you. You only need to study this once and only for your first business. When you start a second business later, things will go much faster.

    If you organize everything correctly, supporting a working business will no longer seem like a nightmare.

    1. You will need a lot of money to start a new business.

    It depends on the business. You can start an online business for a very small amount, starting with buying a domain and hosting, which are very cheap. It's less than the $ 100 needed to close the first year.

    The bottom line is that there is no need to invest your last money in your first business. You still need to have a thoughtful way to add value to people. The good thing about online business is that you can create value over a fixed period of time (an article, for example), and technology can deliver that value millions of times without increasing the cost of that delivery. You invest a small amount of time in the initial value creation, but you get paid for the constant bringing of value. Technology does the main work for you at a price that is virtually zero, but you get paid for the results (much more than zero).

    In contrast to self-employed people, workers cannot normally receive money for the constant introduction of value. They receive a fixed fee or one-time commissions, while employers receive a fee indefinitely. Employees are very generous to their employers.

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    10 tips for those who enter the university  gives 10 simple tips on how to get a cherished student ticket, avoiding unnecessary worries, significant financial and time losses. enter the university.

    1. Try to enter several universities at once

    The entrant has the right to enter several universities at the same time. Accordingly, the more attempts - the more chances. All universities and academies (both public and commercial) must accept certified copies of secondary education documents. You can certify them with any notary. The main thing with a multi-entry - to calculate the time and effort so as to have time for all exams.

    1. Do not rush to enter the paid department

    Universities must accept documents and conduct exams (including for entrants on a commercial basis) absolutely free of charge. Various fees for so-called "office expenses" are usually treated as voluntary, universities do not have the right to make them mandatory.

    In non-state universities, the fee for exams must be specified in the contract concluded between the entrant and the educational institution.

    1. Beware of scammers advises to be extremely skeptical about the proposals of strangers to pay a round sum to "their" person in the admissions office to ensure 100% admission. You are too likely to be deceived. Fraudsters are usually covered up by alleged connections in the management of the university, but know: such people do not offer their services on the street! It is much cheaper and safer (if you have the funds, of course) to immediately enter the paid department of the university. And the money will not be lost, and the state diploma will be secured by a formal contract.

    1. Appeal, but in moderation

    If the teachers gave an undeservedly low grade on the exam or failed altogether - file an appeal. This is done immediately after the oral exam or on the day of the announcement of the results of the written work. It is necessary to write a statement addressed to the executive secretary of the admissions committee and prove that the examiners were, to put it mildly, wrong. The application will be considered by a special appeal commission on the same day. Her decisions will be announced in your presence. But not the fact that the score will be increased after that. Experience shows that the commission is extremely reluctant to review the results of the exam. Which is understandable: teachers defend the honor of their uniform. But with persistence and argumentation of requirements it is possible to achieve the.

    The reason for filing an appeal may be:

    • A situation when only one teacher listened to your answer at the oral exam (the other one was asking another entrant at that time or was absent from the classroom at all);
    • Only one person checked their written work (at least two must check);
    • Appeal if the teacher put moral pressure on you, was rude, intolerant, did not listen to the answer to the end;
    • If you were required to have knowledge beyond the school curriculum or were asked to take only paid university preparatory courses.

    All this is considered a violation of the rules of entrance examinations and may be a reason to review the results. Remember: they have no right to ask additional questions on appeal!

    1. Stock up on help

    The list of necessary certificates can be found in the description of each of the universities on But always specify in the admissions committee what other documents will be required for admission to a particular university.

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    If you were unable to take the exam due to illness, accident, as well as if you suddenly felt bad during it - require re-assembly at another time. You are obliged to meet and set a date for retaking the exam. Do not forget to just submit to the admissions committee a certificate certified by the seal of the medical institution.

    1. Do not forget about benefits

    Privileged students enter universities out of competition: it is enough for them to get positive grades in exams. Winners of Olympiads have special rights. Winners - "internationals" enter without exams at all, all other winners - at the discretion of the university itself. Medal students, as well as graduates of vocational schools, colleges and technical schools with a diploma with honors, to enroll in the first year is enough to pass one "five" one, a profile exam (in each university it is its own).

    1. Prestige has not become the main thing

    Competitions in universities are growing every year. In some universities, 12-15 people apply for one student place! Assess your chances realistically and think: maybe you should go to the same specialty, only in a less prestigious educational institution? It is better to be a student of a "middle" university than to fight against the wall of a "cool" university for several years in a row, losing time and money. And remember the first piece of advice - try to enter several universities at once.

    1. Be more modest

    Do not dress defiantly for the exam, do not show bright clothes, long legs and bare navel. Teachers are annoyed by this. It is better to come dressed modestly, but with taste. Don't show that you know more examiners! They don't like it. Look the teacher in the eye, answer clearly, confidently, not without impudence. If you feel that they are openly "rolling", try to hold yourself in your hands. Write down all the questions and your answers. Not a scandal at the exam, it is better to file an appeal immediately after it and set out your claims in it.

    1. Stick to the "golden mean"

    Try to get to the audience not the first and not the last. The former are usually asked more severely, the latter get worse grades. The main principle of conduct on the exam - do not stand out.

    1. Forget about phone and cheat sheets

    It is allowed to take a bottle, chocolate, calculator, with you to the audience. But you cannot use additional literature (especially cheat sheets). It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones. It is not allowed to talk on the exam. For all these violations, you may well be asked by the audience and put "two".

    We are sure that these simple rules from will help you successfully pass the admission stage and become a student of the chosen university in the desired specialty.

    We wish you success!

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    Top 10 best ideas for home business Working from home is as real as any other paid activity. The main thing is to understand what it is. best ideas for home business.

    1. Virtual assistant

    It is quite possible to earn money by helping entrepreneurs in office, administrative and marketing matters. Initial costs are relatively low. However, you will need to create an online portfolio to demonstrate your experience and skills.

    1. Care for the elderly

    Our population is aging rapidly, and medical care is becoming more expensive. This creates a demand for special private services that care for the elderly. You can clean the house, cook, wash and iron. If you have the appropriate diploma - you can also provide basic medical care for patients.

    1. Repair of computer equipment

    You can repair computer equipment, install programs, remove viruses or even give basic computer literacy lessons.

    1. Writer-blogger

    If you can write well and have your own literary style - a career on the Internet is right for you. As a rule, writers who are well acquainted with technologies of optimization of web pages for search engines and successfully select keywords earn well. In addition, a certain amount can be obtained for materials on hot topics of the day in your own blog. This way you can make money from advertising.

    1. Provision of services

    If you are a fairly experienced specialist - try to create your own business. Work for yourself by offering clients professional services (accounting, medicine, computer programming, web design, etc.).

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    1. Pet care

    You can take care of pets when their owners go on a business trip. Or provide a list of additional services: for example, care for the appearance of animals. For this work, of course, it is desirable to live in a private house, as well as have enough money to equip cages and cages.

    1. House cleaning

    Demand for housewives and office cleaners is never falling. You just need to have good equipment. The hardest thing is to find customers, but the positive recommendations of satisfied owners will definitely do the trick. If you have a good administrative experience - you can organize your own service.

    1. Minor repairs

    During the construction boom, this type of activity is always in demand. But even during a temporary downturn in the market, many need professionals who can lay parquet, wallpaper, repair plumbing.

    1. Network business

    Becoming successful in a network business, such as selling perfumes, is not that difficult. To do this, first of all, you need to know if there is a market for these products. In addition, it is necessary to invest some money in the purchase of goods and advertising, to have good marketing skills.

    1. Interactive auctions

    Selling a variety of goods at online auctions remains one of the most lucrative types of home business. You just need to find your niche. For example, to sell unique handmade products or popular running goods. In the end, you can set prices that will be much lower than your competitors.

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    TOP&16 principles of creating an online store for its successful operation Buying goods online is a common practice for modern users. Entrepreneurs are actively creating online stores. The success of the project lies in sales, and the growing traffic does not always guarantee them.

    The main criteria for creating a profitable online store will be discussed below.

    It will be useful to get acquainted with them:

    • Those who are going to open an Internet site;
    • Those who already have their own store and want to upgrade it.
    1. Niche.

    People need what they want. Then they are ready to pay the money. The demanded goods are a guarantee of profit. Popular niches have been occupied for a long time, but if you can, you can bypass competitors.

    1. CMS site.

    From this program depends:

    • how fast the site pages will appear,
    • how user-friendly the interface is;
    • functionality of the main elements of the resource.

    CMS is required for administrative work:

    • filling the site with content;
    • editing and storing data;
    • Internet resource management.
    1. Promotion.

    Website promotion requires the use of the maximum number of internet marketing tools. There are many options for promotion. But it is not recommended to invest huge sums at once. If one doesn't work, try the next one.

    Here is a list of popular ways:

    • SEO (anchor, keywords);
    • Contextual advertising;
    • Price aggregators;
    • Mailings;
    • Retargeting;
    • Promotion on social networks.
    1. Usability.

    When getting to the site, the potential buyer should be able to navigate without problems:

    • Find the product using filters;
    • Compare several positions;
    • Get a discount;
    • Evaluate special offers;
    • Make a purchase;
    • Find out payment methods, delivery times.

    Usability without confusion is your goal. Otherwise you risk losing a customer. The buyer enters the site in order to purchase the product. Functionality should help him in this. All stages consistently bring the user to the purchase. Ease, accessibility of navigation increases the probability of returning the client.

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    1. Product card.

    The description of the offered products should be exhaustive, but not boring. In addition to the name and details, this includes:

    • Enlarged images for detailed consideration;
    • If necessary - video review;
    • Cost;
    • Add to cart button;
    • Field for recall and question about the product;
    • Warranty information;
    • Delivery and payment notifications.
    1. Customer loyalty.

    You can "get" additional buyers both by sales and discounts, and by attracting attention with the help of tools. The best scenario is to fully immerse yourself in the chosen niche. Prepare articles and video reviews regularly.

    1. Communication.

    Contact information is not only telephone numbers, feedback form, e-mail, but also effective help of online consultants. It is convenient to receive the missing information on the goods in dialogue. The client feels anxious, so if necessary he will return.

    1. Accompanying proposals.

    The selection of additional products to the already selected ones helps to increase sales. For example, when buying a laptop, the actual choice of computer mouse, bag and other accessories.

    1. Notification.

    Even if the buyer has not purchased anything, you can unobtrusively ask him to leave an email address. When you update the range or the desired position appears, the potential customer will receive a message and return to you.

    1. Product testing.

    Before launching an online store, perform a simple procedure. Add a page with a description of the product, set up contextual advertising and during the day you will understand how many people are interested in your products.

    1. Attachments.

    It is not recommended to invest huge sums in an online store at once. The main rule is to offer the product to customers who are ready to buy it. Many "burn out" when purchases are made and buyers cannot be found. To this end, you should set up sales through various social services, and only then create a quality online store.

    1. Speed.

    Store pages should load quickly. The user does not have time to wait. With a fast connection, a download speed of a few seconds is the perfect solution. Replace any photos with thumbnail links so that the image opens in a new window. Remove any scripts and items that affect performance. The right platform guarantees the attractiveness of your store.

    1. Communication by interests.

    Feedback from other buyers and a forum where you can ask questions and get an answer, help to decide on the purchase faster. Advertising loses when there is information from real people.

    1. Design.

    This point has its nuances. Simplified design does not inspire confidence in buyers. Blank pages with little text and images are repulsive. Busting with information is also bad. It is difficult to navigate among banners, buttons, photos, sudden messages. Obsessive advertising, coming out from all sides, annoying. The user will go fast, will not buy anything. The most open screen is another step towards successful sales. WOW-site design should correspond to the class of your services.

    1. Ability to adapt to any gadget.

    Users access the Internet from devices with different screen sizes. Most often - it's a smartphone, tablet. All important elements of the site should be available. Special applications for common operating systems will help in this. The reputation of the store will grow in the eyes of the user, because it means that the team includes professionals in various fields.

    1. Corporate style blog.

    For an online store, advertising is a thing of the past. What can you say about a blog in the hands of a skilled copywriter. Briefly mention the product, talking about its wonderful properties in a given situation. You can't insist on buying. Advertising should be native. Readers will begin discussions, and then the already shown interest will lead them to purchase.

    When creating an online store, you should understand how costly and time consuming the process is. Make a plan and strictly follow the planned points. The result will definitely make you happy!

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    10 tips for freshmen It is always difficult for a freshman, so experienced students shared some survival experiences. tips for freshmen.

    1. Conduct reconnaissance. In the first days, find out the maximum information about the location of classrooms, departments, library, dean's office, etc. This will help you navigate quickly and be less nervous.
    2. Find out the schedule. On the first day, and even better the day before, it is your responsibility to find out the schedule. According to experienced students, a schedule is a student's Prayer. And then it will be even more useful to study it in the shortest possible time: You will know this - and classmates will reach out to you.
    3. Gather information about teachers. After reading the schedule, you should learn something about teachers. This is extremely important: to know at least the name and subject taught by a particular teacher. This is a vital minimum. And it is even better to know as much as possible about teachers (habits, hobbies, peculiarities of work and attitude to students). And there will be something to tease with classmates, and the teacher's personality will become more interesting, and most importantly - will help to find an approach to the teacher.
    4. Make useful acquaintances. People are a resource. Teachers will give you knowledge. And who will share the experience of student life? Therefore it is necessary to use the environment as much as possible: make friends with senior students. They have already felt a lot and will be happy to share information about student life hacks.
    5. Learn to learn. If you haven't done so yet. The purpose of the university is to teach you to work with information as well as possible. The institute will not give you baggage with limited knowledge, it will show you that there is no limit to knowledge, and that most of it you get yourself. Teachers are only arbitrators, moderators; they guide you in the right direction.
    6. Set priorities. In any university there are profile subjects, and there are subjects for the general development. Since you came to university, so you want to get a certain specialty. Therefore, determine for yourself the importance of each subject and accordingly distribute your attention to them.
    7. Became a question. The student's goal is to know the world. So if you do not know something - ask. Forget about embarrassment, shyness, etc. It's not a shame not to know, it's a shame not to study.
    8. Learn all the pros of a student ticket. Your student card is a truly magical document. These are discounts on long-distance and public transport, "Student Days" in cafes, cinemas and entertainment centers, etc. And if you do not have enough benefits of the student card issued to you by the dean's office - google about the benefits of ISIC (International Student Identity Card), it is many times more opportunities.
    9. Enjoy being a student. Travel, walk, meet new people, have fun and learn - and this time, while you are a student, will be the golden age of your life.
    10. Be active. Or become like that. Always and everywhere. Not blood flows in your veins, youth flows in them. Therefore, be active in lectures, seminars. Participate in student life: all the events that take place in the university deserve attention.
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    Quality and Affordability “ realme C21 is the Best Buy at PKR19,999/& Compromises “ that™s what people have in mind the moment they think of buying a smartphone that doesn™t fit their pocket. They count their money and then look at the plethora of options available, each smartphone touting its bestselling capabilities. That™s when they realize that the more desirable a phone gets, the harder it becomes to afford it.

    All that changes with the realme C21 “ which has a jaw-dropping price change of PKR 5,000/- making it a truly affordable yet durable and technology-heavy smartphone. With its new price of PKR 19,999/-, realme C21 comes with its TUV Rheinland Smartphone High Reliability Certification making it the best quality smartphone you can have in this price bracket.

    realme C21 is an extremely capable smartphone “ a feat that is a rarity at this price point. The phone supports MediaTek™s Helio G35 gaming processor, which guarantees ceaseless and efficient gaming. It houses a massive 5,000 mAh battery in its sleek chassis that won™t run out all day even while running games like PUBG, Asphalt, and Call of Duty, which are very graphically demanding. This phenomenal combination of Helio G35 chipset and 5,000 mAh battery allows a smooth gaming experience while using realme C21. The chipset is responsible for the overall performance of the phone, therefore the realme C21 is perfect for everyday usage as well.

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    Apart from the exceptional processor and battery, the phone holds some aspiring design and display qualities. The 6.5-inch display screen allows you to binge-watch videos all day with a high-quality display, making the experience ten folds better. The phone is equipped with a 13MP Rear Camera that gives vibrant and crisp pictures, with just one click anywhere and everywhere regardless of the levels of brightness or darkness in the surrounding. Running out of storage isn™t an issue with realme C21 as it comes with the storage capacity of 64GB internal storage and 4GB RAM, which is ample enough for an average young user.

    With these amazing features like the massive battery, powerful chipset, clear camera, and big storage, realme C21 is the first phone in this budget to have passed the TUV Rheinland Smartphone High Reliability Certification. The phone is worth every penny for the specifications it has. Go ahead and steal the deal before it's sold out!

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    Test Acer Nitro 5 with Intel Core i7&11800H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 card. The premiere of Tiger Lake&H systems In May, Intel unveiled 11th-generation Intel Tiger Lake-H mobile processors that use Willow Cove architecture and 10nm SuperFin technology. They are the first Intel "H" series processors to offer new architecture and lithography simultaneously and more than four cores. Intel Core i7-11800H - which is part of the Acer Nitro 5 notebook in the latest revision. This is by far the most refined and polished version of the popular laptop I have dealt with. The equipment offers a well-known design, but at the same time much higher efficiency. Inside, we will also find the latest NVIDIA Ampere chip, and not all the positive changes that have occurred inside.

    Acer Nitro 5 is one of the most popular gaming laptops world. The producer himself praises the sale very much, mainly due to the good price-to-offer ratio. In the case of this year's version of Nitro 5, the situation is a bit different, because much more efficient components have started to be inserted into the laptop. The model I received for testing is the highest configuration based on Intel Tiger Lake-H processors. It has an 8-core and 16-thread Intel Core i7-11800H chip, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU graphics card, 32 GB RAM, 4 TB data storage and a great WQHD screen with 165 Hz refresh rate. In many respects, it is therefore a huge leap in performance compared to the previous versions of the Acer Nitro 5. But will noticeably stronger components cope with a housing that was not originally adapted to them?

    Acer Nitro 5 in its latest version has an 8-core and 16-thread Intel Core i7-11800H processor. It is a debuting unit, belonging to the 11th generation of Tiger Lake-H, using the Willow Cove architecture and the 10nm SuperFin process. There is also an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU with TGP 100 W.

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    The Acer Nitro 5 comes with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU. The note "Laptop GPU" is not accidental - from now on, it is part of the official naming of laptop cards, thanks to which they are to be more clearly distinguished from their desktop "counterparts". In the case of the Ampere architecture, we go back to the times when mobile and desktop systems were something completely different. The large GA102 core with a very high TGP turned out to be a breakneck task for notebooks, so in portable computers we will see cards based at most on the GA104 core. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU is the second and most efficient graphics card in notebooks. However, it has been slightly modified compared to the desktop version. We have a truncated Ampere GA104 core with 5120 CUDA cores and 8 GB of GDDR6 VRAM on a 256-bit memory bus. For comparison, the GeForce RTX 3070 in desktops uses the GA104 core with 5,888 CUDA cores. From now on, NVIDIA will no longer distinguish between Max-Q and Max-P models this is another problem. (this was usually the internal term for normal cards in full TGP laptops). Instead, we get systems with a certain, certain TGP that laptop manufacturers must adhere to. Depending on the card, the TGP will range from 60W to 125W and above. In the case of the tested notebook, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU card has a TGP of up to 100 W and support for Dynamic Boost 2.0 technology.

    The tested version of the Acer Nitro 5 has an Intel Core i7-11800H processor, presented in May 2021. It is the latest 11th generation chip, using the Wilow Cove architecture (improved compared to Sunny Cove, with a modified cache subsystem) and 10 nm SuperFin lithography. The base TDP of the processor is 45 W and for such a factor, the clock speed is 2.3 GHz. Thanks to the Turbo Boost 2.0 function, it is possible to increase it to a maximum of 4.6 GHz with a load of one core or 4.2 GHz with a load of all eight cores. The processor also has a new integrated graphics chip Intel UHD Graphics 750, based on the Xe-LP architecture with 32 Execution Units. Intel Tiger Lake-H processors are also the first mobile units to offer full support for the PCIe 4.0 interface - we have 20 lines at our disposal, which can be divided between the graphics card and SSD. There is also support for the Thunderbolt 4 platform. The Intel Core i7-11800H also has a 2-channel 3200 MHz DDR4 memory controller.

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    The best antivirus for Windows 10 Here is a ranking of the best antivirus programs for Windows 10. They were selected on the basis of 3 criteria: protection, performance and system performance. The best antivirus for Windows 10.

    The best antivirus applications scored 18 points. We present them below in alphabetical order. However, it should be remembered that the tests were performed in laboratory conditions, therefore the results of the tests performed may differ depending on the version of the system used, software installed on it and similar factors. In other words - do not expect that e.g. the detection efficiency in the test will also be 100% on your machine, but you have the right to expect very high efficiency. Why this situation? Well, from the moment the results were published to the day you read these words, hundreds of new pests appeared on the web that were not involved in the study. If the antivirus in question was successful in detecting threats in the lab, it should also detect them for you, but there can always be a nasty exception

    The best antivirus for Windows 10

    AhnLabV3 Internet Security

    The antivirus, turned out to be a surprisingly good solution to protect Windows 10. With a barely noticeable impact on the speed of opening websites, the trauma of installing and launching applications is 100% effective in detecting various types of threats - although it raised a false alarm once. But it's better safe than sorry, right?

    Avast Free AntiVirus 21.10 & 21.2

    Avast Free Antivirus proved to be perfectly effective in stopping zero-day attacks, it also stopped 100% of malware found in the last four weeks. She also had a great sense of danger - never once did she report a false alarm. The only drawback is the slight delays in opening popular websites - the industry standard is a delay of 16%, here it was 18%. That's a small price to pay for strong protection, right?

    AVG Internet Security

    Free antivirus that perfectly detects new and old threats. Its effectiveness is very high, however, it noticeably slows down the opening of websites and the launch of applications. However, it makes up for the high level of protection. Perfect for home users. Once out of 37 samples, he announced a false alarm, but this is nothing to discourage him.

    Bull Guard Internet Security

    Bull Guard Internet Security is a strong Windows 10 protection that you will not feel. It is characterized by "lightness" - it does not slow down websites, installation and application launch, and it does not raise false alarms. What more could you want? Well, maybe a Polish language version, which it does not have. Despite this, it looks perfect.

    ESET Internet Security

    ESET Internet Security is a well-known brand that confirms its class in tests. Effectively protects against all kinds of pests, including zero-day, as well as phishing and similar threats. It slows down the opening of pages a bit - by 15% with the standard of 11% - but you can live with it. And it's safe to live. It is definitely a proposition worth considering.

    F-Secure Safe

    F-Secure Safe showed full effectiveness in protecting Windows 10 against pests, however, it noticeably slowed down the opening of popular websites - by 17% with an average of 11%. It also affects the copying of files - here the delay is 6% with the standard 3%. But it does not have a noticeable effect on the installation and launch of the application, so in practice it works great.

    G Data Total Security

    G Data Total Security 100% protects the Windows system against all kinds of pests, nor does it delay the opening of websites in any noticeable way. It barely slows down app installation noticeably - by 14% against an average of 12% - but that's the only thing it might not like. He raised a false alarm once during testing. However, overall it is perfect.

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    Kaspersky Internet Security

    Kaspersky Internet Security has been at the forefront of similar rankings for years, and the same is the case here. One hundred percent protection is the basis, but it is great when downloading files from the network - it examines them absolutely imperceptibly, i.e. it does not slow down the process. It also has significantly lower latency in opening websites and launching applications compared to the market average.

    Malwarebytes Premium

    Malwarebytes Premium is a lightweight, highly effective antivirus program. It perfectly protects the system, but you don't feel it working. Application launch exception - with an average of 8% here, the delay is 15%. In practice, it is 1-2 seconds longer, so it won't spoil anyone's mood. In addition, it does not raise false alarms and does not affect the speed of opening websites.

    McAfee Total Protection

    McAfee Total Protection is great at detecting all threats, has a much lower average delay in opening pages, downloading and starting applications. However, it has long delays during installation - 25% with an average of 12%. He raised a false alarm once during testing.

    Microsoft Defender

    Microsoft Defender perfectly protects the system against threats, it also does not raise false positives. It has the lowest latency of all the rest, including opening pages and applications, downloading files, copying files, and installing. Microsoft has done a great job - Windows 10 is perfectly protected by itself.

    Northguard Security

    Have the well-known and popular Northguard Security gives you strong protection for your system. During testing, it showed delays in opening websites - 15% with an average of 11%. However, it had lower latency when launching applications - 6% with an average of 8% - and installing applications - 7% with an average of 12%. So it is solid.

    Norton 360

    Norton 360 does a great job of protecting the system. It also has an almost imperceptible impact on the operations performed on the device - from opening pages to launching applications. It only sticks out when installing the application - the delay is 17% compared to the standard 12%. One time he raised a false alarm, but in general it cannot be accused of anything more serious.

    Total AV

    Total AV is an application that achieved an almost perfect result in terms of protection - 99.9%. So why is it on the list of the best? Well, it makes up for with much smaller delays in operations than the others. In order: when opening pages it is 5% - the average is 11%, when downloading files it is 0% - the average is 1%, running applications is 2% with an average of 8%. The only drawback is copying files - here the delay is as high as 17% with an average of 3%.

    Sat, 09 Sep 2023 08:51:46 +0500 informal
    Can't install Windows 11? It doesn't matter, check it out here Screenshots of Windows 11 have leaked in recent days - and hardly anyone is delighted. What has been shown and why could the new system be a disaster? Let's analyze. Can't install Windows 11?

    Its official - Windows 11 is no longer just an innocent fantasy of Twitter conspirators. This is despite the numerous assurances made by Microsoft representatives in 2015 that Windows 10 is final and nothing else will happen outside of it. Admittedly, their plan was good: to create software ideal for everyone, which will be improved only through regular updates. The patch calendar always included two major compilations released in the first and second half of the year and several monthly Patch Tuesday series, whose task was to fix bugs and update security. In addition, Microsoft made sure to add separate patches as needed - and there were a lot of these over the last year, mainly due to the really numerous and annoying bugs that caused further failures. This endless streak of failures was apparently unstoppable, and it was for this reason that Microsoft decided to throw Windows 10 to the devil to invest in something else, which is Windows 11. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be another complex and patched with previous versions of Windows software - and that can't end well. So let's take a look at what we know about the new generation today.

    Windows 11 announcements

    Let's start with the fact that in May no one took the rumors about Windows 11 seriously. Everything changed after the developers' conference, which was also attended by representatives of Microsoft. It was there, CEO Satya Nadella announced that details on the next generation of Windows will be released soon. Importantly, apart from that, he did not reveal any details, so the Internet was full of theory. It was on that day that the world split into two camps: one that insists that Windows 11 is coming, and the other that insists that it was just a Windows 10 update called Sun Valley. Back then, no one knew what the truth was.

    Suddenly everything changed yesterday, when screenshots from the Chinese preview version of Windows 11 suddenly appeared on the Internet. Since then, no one has any doubts - Windows 11 will be created, and Microsoft has been working on it for some time. Not only that, after analyzing the screenshots, some of the company's decisions now seem much clearer than before. It is worth mentioning here the sudden abandonment of the development and deployment of Windows 10X, which was already being implemented on mobile devices. At that time, it seemed that the representatives just wanted to transfer the solutions from Windows 10X to Windows 10, but from today's perspective, we know that it was about Windows 11. Anyway, what's a lot to say. See for yourself by watching screenshots straight from the new generation of Windows.

    Start menu

    The first thing that catches your eye is a radical change in the design of the Start Menu. In the new system, the window is located in the center of the screen, not far from the taskbar, which is separated by a small space. This is the solution we've already seen in the Windows 10X announcements. The layout itself has changed enormously compared to Windows 10. In the new system, it is divided into two sections: pinned applications at the top, and recommended at the bottom. At the bottom edge of the window there is a user profile view and a power control icon, which can be clicked to turn off, sleep or restart the device. Interestingly, the Start Menu can also take the form of a list, which we also know well from Windows 10.

    The more skilled eye will notice one huge and "groundbreaking" change - dynamic tiles do not appear in the Windows 11 Start menu. Some time ago, Microsoft announced that they would be a thing of the past, after all, they have been accompanying the system since Windows Phone 7 and are not as cool for most users as it initially seemed. However, fans of this solution can breathe a sigh of relief - there is a way that allows you to turn it on even in Windows 11. It is true that you should use the Registry Editor, but who cares there. Honestly, I don't know how this relates to Microsoft's announcements about the end of support for tiles from a few months ago, but maybe the possibility of turning them on is a leftover from other software?

    Dynamic Tiles can only be enabled using Registry Editor:

    • Open Regedit (Registry Editor.
    • Open HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoft WindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced
    • Open the Advanced folder.
    • Create a new DWord and name it "Start_ShowClassicMode"
    • Double-tap the DWord entry and set its value to 1.
    • Restart Windows Explorer by using the Task Manager.

    Search engine

    The search function - as before - is right next to the Start Menu icon. When you click the magnifying glass, a window opens, which has also been divided into several separate spheres. The first one is, of course, a phrase input window, then you can see the search categories, below Most popular applications and Recent and Quick searches. Compared to Windows 10, this version looks much nicer. Unfortunately, we have already seen this project during the Windows 10X promotion.


    As I mentioned, the taskbar has undergone the greatest transformation. You can see that the icons placed on the bar are arranged centrally, not the way we were hidden in previous versions of Windows 10 on the left. It is directly associated with Microsoft's competitor, Apple, which uses just such a system in its proprietary software. I think it will come as no surprise to anyone that this is exactly what Windows 10X was supposed to look like for hybrid devices. The only surprising information is that different user preferences are anticipated. In the settings, you can modify the location of the icons in the center or on the left. Unfortunately, the option to set them on the right has not been implemented, which is a pity.

    Dark and light mode

    Windows 11 will be able to customize display modes to suit your needs. The option to use light or dark mode seems to be a complete standard, so it's no surprise that it will also appear in Windows 11. However, it turns out that the system can be adjusted in terms of color. To change the color, go to Settings> Personalization> Start, taskbar and action center. There you can choose any color on the grid, but an important note here - the color will not work in bright mode.

    Rounded edges

    You can see in  Windows 11 has rounded corners. So far, we only got this visualization when we looked at the Sun Valley update. Well, here we see even more, but it is absolutely not new, because not only the new way of ending window corners will appear in Windows 10, it was also supposed to be implemented in Windows 10X. The rounded corners are just a quickly copied feature of the system, nothing more.

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    File Explorer

    Sorry to say, File Explorer also didn't get any particular refresh, other than a superficial one. Of course, it is now compatible with touch screens (is it because Windows 10X was designed for hybrid screens with a touch screen?), It has slightly modernized icons and rounded corners, but that's about it. The entire layout of the application is exactly the same as we know from Windows 10. What's more, as of today, File Explorer does not support the dark mode - but that's because what we see is only the preview version of Windows 11. Unfortunately, the same applies to the Manager tasks that looks as clunky as in the current system. For a "new generation of system" I would expect something more.

    Update 06/26/2021

    You can see huge changes in the screenshots. The first thing that catches your eye is a completely modified toolbar. From now on it is adapted to touch screens. On the left side there is a button "New Folder", which was previously not standard. Besides, Microsoft is introducing an updated edit button, modern pop-ups, dialog boxes, context menus, and more, the new interface looks much more modern than it is today. The design has been simplified a bit compared to what we saw in the Windows 10X announcements.

    Action Center

    On the one hand, the Action Center is an absolute shot in the knee. In Windows 11 it is the same as in Windows 10. There is nothing to discuss here and as a proof I put a screenshot of the desktop from both systems for comparison. On the other hand, maybe it's a good thing that they didn't change everything. In my opinion, the Action Center is used very rarely and it is a pity to invest time in something that is not used. However, it is worth asking yourself: why is this element of the system so clunky in Windows, when it works great in macOS?

    Function supporting multitasking

    In addition to a twin-like interface to Windows 10X, Microsoft has also added a multitasking feature to Windows 11 to allow you to conveniently arrange windows on the desktop. You can choose a layout in half, three windows and quarters. To select the layout you are interested in, simply hover the cursor over the window maximization icon, and the extended possibilities will appear after a while. According to rumors, Microsoft also intends to allow users to design their own spheres tailored to their needs - unfortunately, this is not yet implemented for the preview.

    Wake on Touch

    Wake on Touch is a feature that helps you quickly unlock your phone with just a few clicks. Former owners of Windows Phone will surely know what's going on, because it was in this system that it was recently implemented, where it has achieved modest success. It looks like Wake on Touch will come back in a spectacular way to the system in Windows 11. It is possible that its correct operation will require a special hardware configuration that will only make its debut with Surface Pro 8.

    Microsoft Store

    The Microsoft Store will also be redesigned. It turns out that Microsoft has decided to change the design and rules of the application. According to the latest data, the Microsoft Store is to become more pleasant for the developer community due to new features. One of them is to be able to use your own in-app payment system. In addition, popular applications such as Google Chrome and Firefox are to appear there.

    Support for multiple monitors

    Windows 10 has one major drawback - it doesn't quite handle multiple monitors at once. Sometimes it is better, sometimes it is worse, but you always know that something can get ugly. The most common problem reported by users was the rearrangement of windows into a single monitor after waking the device from sleep mode. Fortunately, this is about to change in Windows 11. According to the premises, a new function will appear that will allow the operating system to remember the locations of the windows based on the monitor connection. In addition to application rearrangement improvements, there is a chance that the system will minimize all windows when the secondary monitor is disconnected.

    Widget support

    Microsoft is apparently considering support for third-party widgets that will allow users to customize their desktop as needed. It's worth noting that API support is not available in the build that hit the web, but is due to be enabled later this year or next. Probably new widgets will be available thanks to the mediation of the new, refreshed version of the Microsoft Store, where an appropriate tab called "Widgets" will be implemented.


    Windows 11 is a very interesting idea, taking into account the number of problems with the Windows 10 emergency. Unfortunately, I think that when analyzing the last premises, work on the new generation of the system started too late. It seems that Microsoft representatives are looking to mold something quickly with Windows 10X and the Sun Valley update only to get rid of the burning problems with Windows 10 that they have not been able to solve for over a year. Ideas for the implementation of the next system are interesting, but on the rounded corners and moving the icons to the center of the taskbar, a good system cannot be built. Time will tell if my skeptical approach is right, maybe Windows 11 will turn out to be a mysterious project that has been worked on for the last few years? I don't think so, but I still hope we won't get a bunk soon that will need to be patched the same way as Windows 10.

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    10 steps to help implement a large project Many people find it difficult to cope with large-scale tasks and large projects. While having the time, ability, and skills to do the job is crucial, they are often insufficient. Economic expert explains several ways to help implement large projects. They may not give a recipe for success, but they will help analyze the factors that have influenced the ability to achieve results in the past and the steps that can be taken to help yourself in the future. help implement a large project.

    Make a plan

    When it comes to big projects, the most important thing to do is make a plan.

    Clear goals and organization are the first step to success.

    The plan should be as specific as possible, answering questions about how you will approach the project and complete it, when you will do it and where you need to do it.

    Stick to it

    When building a plan, you also set a goal.

    This is a way to commit to completing the project.

    If a project is part of your job, you will probably also be responsible for it to others.

    If you are doing something for yourself, then by telling other people about your goal, you need to take your responsibilities more seriously.

    Divide the project into parts

    Were you one of those students who managed to write a term paper the day before her term?

    Most people work better with less pressure and with more manageable workloads.

    In fact, splitting a large task into smaller parts is one of the best things you can do.

    This will help make the task less difficult and more likely to be done properly.

    Achieving smaller goals or stages related to these activities will help maintain motivation.

    Make it a habit

    Large projects that require several work sessions give you the opportunity to build an agenda.

    If you haven't already done so at the planning stage, try to set aside specific days, times, and places to work.

    If you also use support mechanisms such as reminders and checklists, it will be easier for you to develop a habit and make your efforts as automatic as possible.

    Start in your head.

    Even with the best planning and routine, there may be times when the thought of continuing a project fills you with fear and you are tempted to put things off.

    Therefore, you must first run the task in your head.

    Previous research has determined that imaginary modeling is an effective method of increasing focused effort and productivity.

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    The simulation helps you to weaken your own resistance to the task and prepares you for future work.

    Start easy.

    Many projects contain smaller tasks with varying levels of complexity, and people sometimes end up working on a project when faced with a complex task.

    This is the opposite of what is really worth doing.

    When you close a work session, try setting up the next one so that you can start with a less complex task.

    This will allow you to return to the project with ease, rather than break away from it.

    Be positive.

    Sometimes it's easier said than done, but a good mood is a great fuel for productivity, and it, in turn, strengthens a positive mood.

    Do not make your happiness depend on the completion of the whole project.

    Instead, celebrate small victories, such as exceeding your own performance target for the day.

    Reward yourself.

    When you celebrate small victories, you can somehow reward yourself, which will be a positive reinforcement of your efforts.

    But you can also directly link the reward to your work.

    For example, you may find it difficult to work with music playing in the background, but sometimes you can afford to break away during tasks for which you are particularly motivated.

    Share your progress.

    Communicating your plans and goals with others strengthens your commitment.

    Similarly, sharing your progress can help you achieve your goals.

     Practice activity changes.

    No matter if you put in a lot of effort physically or mentally, you can get tired or stuck from time to time.

    When that happens, think about a complete change of activity - go for a walk, play a musical instrument, read a book.

    This should not only charge your batteries, but also inspire you if you have few creative or intellectual resources.

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    PayPal 19 Tips and Tricks Guide to Mastering the Payment Service We bring you a complete PayPal guide with 19 functions and tricks to master the online payment system. PayPal is a service that has become popular for acting as an intermediary between your bank account and the online store where you buy so as not to give them your account details, but it is a service that offers much more. PayPal 19 Tips and Tricks Guide to Mastering the Payment Service.

    In this guide you will find all the main functions of this platform, from the methods to send money to other users to the cancellation of payments or refunds against scams. It also has other lesser-known options, such as a fundraising system and another for splitting accounts among your friends.

    And as we always say in Engadget Basics, if you think we have missed any important or interesting function, or if you know a somewhat more elaborate trick, we invite you to share it with everyone .

    Pay online with PayPal

    Let's start with the most obvious function, that of being able to pay using your PayPal account. In accounts that accept PayPal as payment, you will be able to use the account you have created to pay without having to enter your card details on the website where you are going to make the payment. A good way to keep your card details safe by paying online with PayPal.

    This is especially useful when you are going to pay on a website that you do not trust at all. As we will see later, PayPal has guarantees and security in the event that the purchase ends up being a fraud. In addition, when you are going to pay with PayPal you can choose which payment method to use in the event that you have more than one card or account numbers linked.

    Check all your movements

    PayPal has a tab called Activity, in which you can see the information about all your movements. Here, both payments in online establishments and money shipments and requests will be grouped, and if you click on one of the movements, an information page will open with all its details.

    This section has several search filters, which include a search engine in which to enter the search terms, or a date selector to filter the results. You also have advanced filters to show results by the type of transaction, its status, or even the currency in which it was made.

    Check automatic payments

    In the web version of PayPal it is one of the filters on the activity screen, but in the mobile version it has a separate section. PayPal allows you to review the payments you make automatically, such as the subscriptions you have for online services. Thus, it will be easier to check what money you are giving without realizing it each month, and manage or eliminate PayPal as a form of payment so that no more payments are allowed in this service and your subscription is canceled.

    Ask for a refund if you have been scammed

    The main advantage of using PayPal as a payment system is that it has mechanisms to request a refund if you have been scammed. You just have to enter your PayPal account and right click on a payment you have made. Once inside the payment information tab, click on the option Report a problem to start the procedure.

    You will be able to request a refund in several cases. For example, if the purchased item has not reached you, or if what has arrived does not match the description on the website. You can also request a refund if someone has made a payment on your behalf using your account, or if there have been billing problems such as duplicate charges.

    Request a refund of return payments

    Imagine that you buy something, but then you make use of your right of withdrawal to return it to the online store where you bought it. But hey, this online store wants to pay you return costs, that you pay for the return shipping of the product. Well, if you have paid with PayPal, you can request a refund of return payments so that it is free to return the product.

    In order to use this function, you have to activate the service on the PayPal. website. Then, the product must have been purchased using PayPal to pay, and you must return it within the period stipulated by the conditions of the trade or seller. The item must have been sent back to the seller through the artical Office, courier or any other option or usual delivery service, and then make the request for a refund of these expenses within 30 days. The button to initiate the request is in the payment tab in PayPal.

    Send or request money to your contacts

    Another advantage of PayPal is that you can send or ask for money from your contacts who also have an account. It is a very simple process, since on the initial page you have the options to send or request money. Then, you will only have to write the name or email of the contact to continue with the process.

    The contact email must be the one you used to register with PayPal. Once the contact has been chosen, you can set the amount of money you want to send or request, and attach a personalized message so that person can read it. You will also have to specify that it is about sending money to a friend or relative.

    It also serves to send money abroad

    And if you want to send money to a friend or relative who lives abroad, PayPal is a fairly inexpensive method to do so as long as that person has their own account. There is a different rate for each country, but they are usually much lower than those of banks when you are going to send money abroad, and compete with other alternatives such as Western Union.

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    The process of sending money abroad or requesting it from a contact who lives abroad is exactly the same, write the email of the account of this contact in the form to send or receive money. PayPal will automatically recognize the country to which the account belongs, and will inform you about the currency exchange and the commissions that the operation has. There is also another alternative to send money directly to a bank, but it is more expensive.

    PayPal Me to send or receive money with a link

    As we have told you in the previous steps, to send money or request that someone else send you money, you need to use email as a method to identify yourself as a contact. However, there is another alternative that does not require giving personal information, a by-product of PayPal called PayPal.Me.

    The only thing you need to use PayPal.Me is to have an account created in PayPal with a linked bank account. Then, with this system you can create a unique and personal link, which you can share with other people so that they can send you money or request that you send them money.

    Manage your public profile

    Your PayPal profile is much more than being able to add a PayPalMe address, you will be able to edit it whenever you want both from the web managing PayPalMe data and from the public profile section of the app. Here, you can change the profile picture you want to use, the information about your location or a short description of 200 characters maximum to talk about you.

    But the most important thing about these settings is that you will also be able to configure how other users can find you on PayPal. You will be able to activate or deactivate the option of being found through the email with which you have registered, or with the phone that you have linked to your account.

    You can send money with a greeting card

    When you enter the official PayPal website or mobile application, on the main page you will only see the normal options to send or request money. However, there is a