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Informal Educational Magazine is formally designed for educational institutions with the aim of providing vital and interesting information on various aspects of educational institutions to its readers. It not only covers inspirational stories and articles about educational entrepreneurs, students and institutions but also promotes products and services through glossy adverts.

Besides this, it also include information about contemporary topics of our country such as, music, travel, events, entertainment, health and gaming world etc.

It’s an opportunity for you to advertise about your Brand product, institution’s enhancements, student’s achievements, staff expertise, events, and many more.
It will not only benefit you to rendering about your intuition’s accomplishments to the readers but also help to attract prospect students.

➢ The distribution of this magazine would be monthly allover Lahore – Karachi – Islamabad and gradually to other cities as well. Presently it is close to 10500 number per month,

We are a team of qualified and experienced professionals who are highly dedicated and passionate in their work. We expect to have a good relationship with you in near future.

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The child does not want to eat

How to deal with the lack of appetite of children. What causes or reasons can lead children to not want to eat? Babies eat for their size, much more than adults. For this reason, in...

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