10 mobile applications for teaching children

10 mobile applications for teaching children
10 mobile applications for teaching children

Modern children from an early age with digitalization "for you". Toddlers can perform simple actions or even solve primitive logic problems on the phone before they start talking. And it's impressive! Time spent on the screen of the gadget can be wasted. A variety of online games on iOS or Android will help you do this. mobile applications for teaching children.

We share a selection of the best free applications aimed at developing the intellectual abilities of preschoolers and students.

KApp Games

This is a game for those who want not only to play on the phone, but also to improve their mental abilities. Numerous mini-games are guaranteed to replenish the vocabulary of junior high school students (Doman's cards) and teach them to pronounce words correctly (articulation exercises). And they will learn the skills of memorizing information, learn to count, add and subtract.


Together with Lepetun, the protagonist of the application, the student will remember the basic rules of spelling; learns new phraseologies and synonyms for familiar words; learn to pronounce words correctly and get rid of calluses. The application has a library of bright illustrations with explanations and exercises with comments. And those images that you liked the most, you can add to favorites. And it's all free!


Invite your child to improve their knowledge of a foreign language in practice! There are many interactive tasks for reading, pronunciation, writing and listening. There are no boring lectures in the free Duolingo application - learning is conducted in the form of games. Does the child want to know the language at the Advanced level? Regular training in this application will help to take steps towards this goal.

I Can™t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

Is it difficult to wake up in the morning? A little training for the brain will help. Simply install this application on a student's smartphone. Thanks to it, you will not be able to turn off the alarm until you complete tasks in mathematics, geography, logic or something (in the settings you can choose the level of difficulty of the tasks). Make the morning productive from the first seconds of getting up!

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Khan Academy

There are thousands of interactive exercises, videos and articles for children and adults. With this application, children learn a lot of new things in mathematics, science, economics, finance, grammar and history. All tasks are presented in an interesting form (quizzes, tests and games).


This is an application from Adobe developers, which allows you to view the works of the best artists and designers in the world directly from the smartphone screen. Here you can not only be inspired by the work of professionals, but also publish your own creative projects in any field: graphics, illustration, photography, video or something.


Coursera is the official application for the website of the same name, where users can take hundreds of different online courses in various subjects. We are talking about social sciences, mathematics, biology, applied sciences. Here you will find courses for almost any field and level.


From now on, you don't have to memorize the schedule and the lessons you set: the program will do everything for the student. This application will help not only to save the order of classes, homework, time of couples and breaks, but also to record the name. teacher and automatically switch the device to "silent" mode at the beginning of the lesson.

Physics - Formulas

How to quickly remember the numerous formulas on the eve of the control or Olympiad? Just use this application. It contains all the terms, formulas and tables that children learn in physics classes in grades 7-11. Here a complex theory is presented in accessible language, and physics will no longer seem incomprehensible to the student.


These are free educational courses in IT, foreign languages, critical thinking, psychology, history, project management and other areas. Most courses are offered here for adults, but there are also those that are suitable for high school students.

Using these mobile applications, children will learn to value their time: spend it not only on entertainment. After all, the prospect of self-realization in the future depends on personal development!