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Zen 5 – the first leaks appear!

Zen 5 - the first leaks appear
Zen 5 - the first leaks appear

According to them, the “reds” are going to introduce the big. LITTLE architecture, that is, to follow Intel’s footsteps. Zen 5 – the first leaks appear.

AMD is doing simply sensational lately – the manufacturer recorded excellent financial results for the first quarter of 2021 and announced an increase in production in the second. We also know that he is working on other products from the Zen family, including Zen 5. As reported by MoePC, the processors from this line will use hybrid solutions similar to Intel’s Alder Lake chips. So they will combine large, high-performance cores with smaller, energy-saving ones.

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Zen 5 is to appear first in Ryzen 8000 processors. Their code name is Strix Point. They are to have eight large Zen 5 cores made by TSMC in the 3 nm lithographic process, and four smaller ones – about which information has not been provided. This agrees with what we know – TSCM is testing 3 nm this year and plans to mass-produce chips using this solution in 2022. In turn, Zen 5 will wait longer – plans disclosed by AMD speak of a premiere in 2024, so TSCM will have plenty of time to test. And after the first, it states that 3 nm is 25-30% less energy demand with an increase in efficiency of 10-15% and an increase in the density of transistors 1.7 times. Of course, we compare the parameters to the 5 nm process.

However, using the 6nm process Zen 3+ – a working name of Warhol – has been withdrawn from the plans. The main cause is problems with the production chain. Zen 4 remained in place,  in the plans for 2022-2023.