Young people need to be equipped with the skills to effectively contribute to and shape the world they inherit

Education is fundamental to development and growth. The human mind makes possible all development achievements,

Young people need to be equipped with the skills to effectively contribute to and shape the world they inherit
Young people need to be equipped with the skills

Young people need to be equipped with the skills to effectively contribute to and shape the world they inherit; time abroad is a wonderful way to help them develop these abilities.

Q1. Please give a brief introduction about yourself to our readers:

Brief Introduction:

My name is Kashif Khan, and I am the Managing Director of Platform Intl (Pvt.) Ltd.

I have been a Career Counselor Public Speaker / Youth Activist on ˜Academia “ Industry Linkages™ & ˜International Education Network Expert™, with contacts base in several local and international institutions. I have done MBA-Majors in Marketing, Preston Institute of Management (Science & Technology), Karachi, Pakistan

Q2. What education means to you, in your point off you?

Education is fundamental to development and growth. The human mind makes possible all development achievements, from health advances and agricultural innovations to efficient public administration, information technology and private sector growth.

For countries to reap these benefits fully, they need to unleash the potential of the human mind. And there is no better tool for doing so than education.

The ever-changing scenario of the education along with the technological advancements have enabled today™s students to achieve and grasp an un-parallel level of information, which few years ago wasn™t available.

Q.3 What are the Education Standards in our Country?

The education standards in our country are stereotyped, yet there is a long way to go to accomplish and compete on international standards.

Our mainstream education standards are derived out on models of the west, yet when we say adaptive learning expertise, then we have not attained impressive pace in maintaining those, such as:

Here, categorically, I would like to express the following:

¢ Guided Learning: Deliberate acts of teaching where teachers identify learning goals, strategies, and outcomes.

¢ Action Learning: Students play an active role in designing learning outcomes, strong element of self-regulation and self-planning. Teachers, explicitly teach these self-regulation skills.

¢ Experiential Learning: This is not controlled by teachers and there are no predetermined learning outcomes. What is learned is determined by context, student™s interests, and the others with whom they work alongside and make discoveries with.

Q4. Do we have better opportunities to give to our Children?

Pakistan is blessed with one of the best minds in the world. To unleash and explore the talent amongst our children, we need to strive out and create avenues for all those opportunities to our Children, which currently being practiced by world recognized industry experts across the globe.

In my viewpoint, the following five important opportunities plays a vital role in children mental development:

1. Let them meet their tribe:

Comfortable as your home, street, town, and life may be, the world is so much larger than our immediate lives and interactions. Research has shown again and again that relationships, rather than wealth or social standing, are instrumental in increasing our happiness. For young people, the search to find their œpeople always runs close to the surface.

Social groups are everything as a young person grows up and the support (or lack of support) gained from them affects their understanding of themselves and their place in the world. It™s wonderful that your child has important people at home, made up of parent/s, extended family, and friends, but there™s a difference between our œtribe and the people who surround us in our daily lives.

People who make up your son or daughter™s tribe will have shared interests, common goals, and enhance their self-esteem.

Through travel and overseas study, young people are naturally encouraged to spend time with peers who share their values and interests. This period in a young person™s life can be intense and challenging and their œtribe will often remain close for the rest of their lives.

2. Help them feel at home anywhere, with anyone:

If there™s one thing exchange students, expats, and long-term travelers report, it™s the surprising realization that despite our cultural and linguistic differences, human beings are all the same.

Right now, your adolescent or young adult might not appreciate this. On the surface, from after, or through the glare of the news or the blue light of a smartphone, it can seem that there are very few similarities between themselves and a young person from China, Singapore, Australia, the United States, France, Argentina, or South Africa.

But if you let your child experience life, study, and make friends in any one of those places (or any other!), just sit back and watch delighted as their world widens and empathy for others multiplies.

3. Help them improve their language skills:

There is no better way to learn a new language and become more confident as a communicator than spending time abroad. The life and language lessons learned are invaluable, and in today™s world and today™s job market, being bilingual “ and bicultural “ truly is better.

This means young people who don™t have a working level in at least one other language “ and the cultural understanding to go with it “ risk being left out of the loop should they desire to work and live internationally. The benefits of language learning are endless.

From increasing brainpower, to reducing the risk of dementia, and the chance to have an international future.

4. Make the planet feel smaller and bring opportunities closer:

Following this first jump into international living, further opportunities become far easier to imagine. Believe us: The feelings of nervousness your son or daughter experiences initially will soon disappear as they dive into their time abroad “ and later, it will be them expressing interest in undertaking new endeavors. This confidence comes from the breakdown of the idea that we are different at our core (see point 2) and the motivating energy of increased self-esteem after tackling a challenge.

5. Give them the leadership skills they need:

Now, more than ever before in your child™s lifetime, people are politically and socially divided. In many corners of the world, emotions and anxieties are running high. Your son or daughter is part of the upcoming generation of thinkers, politicians, parents, leaders and change agents whose contributions will direct the course of the rest of this century.

Young people need to be equipped with the skills to effectively contribute to and shape the world they inherit; time abroad is a wonderful way to help them develop these abilities.

Travel, cultural immersion and language learning encourages independence, creativity and creative thinking, open-mindedness, problem-solving, social interaction and language skills “ all of which contribute to making leaders, thinkers and citizens able to think critically and contribute positively.

Q5. Can you please tell us about your educational plans?

I am immensely excited to share through your prime magazine forum, that after the fall of pandemic, where the world has started to recover, we have planned to induce the following plans during 2022 & 2023 respectively:

¢ Execution of multiple ˜Study cum Training Educational Tours™, for different parts of the world.

¢ Adding in new educational training programs under Youth Voyage & Youth Development Drive Programs, domestically and internationally.

¢ Initiating and launching of our ˜Training Academy™, comprising of onsite and online educational learning and development training programs, leading to mentoring on internships, on job trainings and placements in different organizations locally and internationally.

¢ Launching of Pakistan™s first international paid / unpaid internship™s program for meriting students from colleges and universities.

¢ Creating multiple academia “ industry linkages for various other institutions and students across Pakistan.

Q.6 Do you have any better suggestions to give our readers?

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciations to the management of Informal Magazine, to have given me an opportunity to share my practical experiences from their magazine.

I am extremely humbled and thankful for this break.

Informal Magazine has been doing a great job in promoting education in the spheres of Pakistan. The content is relevance based and very lucrative to study.

Their approach has been very productive and in line with their agenda of promoting excellence in education.

My humble suggestions for the promising reader™s, collaborative sponsors, respectable institutions, and all well-wishers, are to push more through your own networks in promoting any good initiative taken by this magazine to bring in positive contributions in the society.