Working as a Youtuber - what is worth knowing about a career on Youtube?

attractive content and gather a loyal group of viewers that will enable regular earning on Youtube? Let's find out! Working as a Youtuber.

Working as a Youtuber - what is worth knowing about a career on Youtube?
Working as a Youtuber - what is worth knowing about a career on Youtube?

.Ten years ago, no one suspected that you could live by recording free videos on Youtube. Today, the YouTubers earn millions a year, and abroad these amounts are even several hundred times higher. Sociological studies show that up to 70% of children under the age of 12 would like to become YouTubers in the future. Where did such a large percentage of people who think about making a living by recording videos on Youtube come from? Is working as a Youtuber a distant fantasy or is it a real career path? How to create attractive content and gather a loyal group of viewers that will enable regular earning on Youtube? Let's find out! Working as a Youtuber.

Table of Contents

  • What does Youtuber do?
  • Youtuber as an influencer
  • How to get on Youtube?
  • Is it really possible to earn money on Youtube?
  • What does YouTuber do?

YouTuber career

A YouTuber is a person who records and uploads videos to Youtube. An extremely popular social networking site owned by Google. You can find there free films of various kinds - from amateur and semi-professional features. And also documentary productions, through various reviews, columns, and video essays, to short. Funny videos with memes and funny situations from everyday life. There is basically everything on YouTube that translates into the huge popularity of this platform, especially among young people who often become attached to specific content creators, i.e. YouTubers.

They create content of various types and for different target groups - these can be game materials and vlogs for young people, but also, for example, comments on social and political life, popular science, or specialized content for a narrow audience. It is worth noting, however, that a career on Youtube is made primarily by those who hit the tastes of a mass audience, which is related to the issue of earnings. We'll take a closer look at them later, but the biggest shortcut: the more views, the greater the profit.

Youtuber as an influencer

This is why the life of creating content on Youtube can primarily be afforded by YouTubers who are also influencers, i.e. people with a large influence on viewers. Youtuber fans are not only willing to see his work. But also to buy gadgets and become interested in products and services advertised by their idol. In the forefront of earnings of and foreign YouTubers are channels run by individuals with a strong personality, capable of gaining a large group of loyal fans. It is worth noting, however, that on Youtube. You can find large channels run by companies that also employ YouTubers. As well as smaller channels often focused on a specific issue. They also allow you to earn earnings, although much lower than in the case of YouTubers who are influencers.

How to become a Youtuber?

Anyone can become a Youtuber - all you need to do is have a computer and recording equipment (e.g. a regular smartphone), create an account on the portal, and start uploading videos. Pretty simple, right? Unfortunately, there is a catch - millions of videos are uploaded to Youtube every day. And the vast majority of beginner YouTubers are simply unable to gain more than a few regular viewers. Getting a lot of views and popularity is the biggest problem facing people who are thinking about a career on Youtube.

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How to get on Youtube?

The easiest way to get on Youtube is to collaborate with other popular YouTubers. However, it requires appropriate knowledge as well as something unique. And attractive that will encourage them to cooperate. However, the vast majority of YouTubers are not so lucky and have to build recognition on their own. To do this, you need to create content in a specific niche. It is worth approaching it as with any other business venture, i.e. defining the target group, getting to know its needs, and trying to provide content that responds to them.

Of course, the authenticity and passion must not be forgotten - most viewers appreciate the commitment of their favorite creators and will quickly bounce back from artificial, forced films. In addition, you should build a community around the canal, be it through various contests or constant contact with loyal viewers. Contrary to appearances, gaining popularity as a Youtuber is a long and exhausting job. It requires patience and a perfect understanding of how social media works. Not everyone will succeed - sometimes you have to be able to accept failure.

How much does YouTuber earn?

The amount of YouTuber's earnings is closely related to the number of views under his videos. There are a number of ways to earn money by doing business on Youtube, but the most important are three. AdSense ads on videos, partnering with advertisers, and selling merchandise and channel-related products. The earnings from AdSense (ads displayed by Youtube that share some of the profits with the developers) are generally the smallest and are a kind of "icing on the cake". Partnerships with companies are much more important.

It is on them that you can earn thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for one movie! YouTubers with several hundred thousand views on each video can count on such sums. The third form of earning money on Youtube, i.e. selling gadgets (most often T-shirts, mugs, etc.) is only an addition to advertising profits, but it should not be underestimated. Interesting, heart-designed gadgets are a treat for the most faithful viewers. And at the same time help build a positive image of the channel. In the end, we left the question of subsidies from fans. Services such as Patronite allow you to receive monthly tributes from viewers.

Is it really possible to earn money on Youtube?

If you are considering a career on Youtube, we have bad news for you - the chance that you will excel and earn enough income to live a normal life is slim. To do this, you need not only a good plan and a lot of self-denial, but also a lot of luck.