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Will the Coronavirus slowdown in the winters?

Will the Coronavirus slowdown in the winters?
Will the Coronavirus slowdown in the winters?

Many people have recently said that the coronavirus will be slowing down in the winters as it is a disease which can only be spread in the heat and this disease dies from the cold. This is denied by most medical health experts as COVID 19 is not a bacterial infection but a viral infection which revolves around a virus who has extreme adaptability to heat and cold and can mutate to better suit the environment at any given point. the Coronavirus slowdown in the winters.

The coronavirus has taken the world by storm but most people have said that once the winter rolls around most experts have stated that people should follow the same precautions and statement of protocols or SOPs that they follow before as there is no chance that a little bad weather or cold weather will spark the end of the virus. From previous medical research and from recent findings even colder regions such as Switzerland or the Arctic areas have also been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic and have thus been affected by it as well. This means that cold regions are not immune to the pandemic which would indicate that a change in weather will not do a lot of good either.

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It is important to understand that viruses are not living organism per say but a e a genetic sequence of code that causes infection and other bad symptoms. This means that viruses in themselves do not really need to operate a t a certain temperature but just require a medium of transfer. This means that in the cold, people should still follow social distancing protocols and try to stay away from crowds as much as they can in order to keep themselves and their families safe.

It is quite sadistic for people to start spreading misinformation regarding the pandemic and not relying on medical health expertise for their decisions regarding the virus and climate change in general. One must realize that if proper precautions are not taken, there is a high chance more high-risk people will contract the disease.