Will Apple™s iPhone 13 be completely wireless?

Will Apple™s iPhone 13 be completely wireless?
Will Apple’s iPhone 13 be completely wireless?

After taking a look at the public perception of the MagSafe wireless charger, Apple is rumored to be working with something that is a bit different for the next years. According to most leaks, the company is going to completely switch the game with their iPhone 13 release next year. According to a leaker called John Prosser, the company is already building a next gen iPhone right now which will be extremely futuristic in nature and will have features that no other phone will have before it. iPhone 13 be completely wireless.

The new iPhone 13 is rumored to be completely portless and will only charge using the Mag Safe charger. This information was revealed by the leaker on Twitter. It should be noted however, that Apple will not turn every phone into a portless one and would rather have some models that are wireless so they can have an year where all the phones are making a transition. The leaker has also confirmed that this information is coming from a source that is completely authentic so there is no chance that what he is saying is wrong.

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Apple may have thought about this idea before 2-3 months when the MagSafe was not that popular. However, Apple now realizes that wireless charging for the iPhone currently is slow compared to wired charging. SO, people will not be able charge their phones at a quick speed which will hinder the functional efficiency of the phone which Apple takes extremely seriously. Currently MagSafe can only transfer 15W power to compatible iPhones. This means that Apple would first need to improve their charging criteria and protocol for wireless charging before they can implement their complete idea into actual reality. So, people have also rumored the Apple is working on their charger and will release a second version of it very soon.

While there is a big chance that Apple™s iPhone 13 will be completely cordless and wireless, not every model will be the same and there will hardly be wireless modes. However, you can expect that in 2023, almost every iPhone wont require a wire and everything will be done wirelessly.