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Why your teacher is the best

Why your teacher is the best
Why your teacher is the best

There are many different types of teachers. There are those you love, those you like and those you like a little less. But today we will focus on the teacher the one who supports you, and who makes you feel good, who answers all your questions and who really wants to make you better. The teachers have an important task, and do so much more behind the scenes than can be seen, so show your teacher a little extra appreciation today. It’s worth it! Why your teacher is the best.

Here is a list of teachers which we have all had at one time or another.

The teacher who encourages you

Maybe you have had a teacher who made you feel that anything is possible? That you can do everything you want. Teachers are there to encourage you and make you feel good. A really good teacher sees what you are good at and encourages you to continue with it, whether it is about writing, drawing or playing an instrument.

The teacher who makes you passionate about things

You must have had a teacher who made you love a certain subject, even though it seemed extremely boring. A teacher who speaks with such fervor and passion that even the poorest history lesson or the most complicated math lesson will be the best lesson of the day. When you have finished the subject, and you still remember what you learned, and continue to research, then you know that a little of their fervor has stuck with you.

The teacher who sees when you feel bad

Life does not always go up and it can be difficult to talk about it. Then it is lucky that the teacher who looks at you that you feel bad is there. It is the teacher who asks you to stay after the lesson to talk about what weighs on you. Who wants to know how you feel, really, and who knows what to do to make it feel better.

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The teacher who is on your side

This is the teacher who defends you when he knows you have not done what you are accused of (and who dares to tell you when you have actually done something stupid). The one you can always go to if something has happened because you know it only wants your best.

The teacher who does his best for each student

Although it may not always feel like it, the teachers care about each student and they really want you to succeed. How you succeed, and get to the goal can look different. You may have had a teacher who allowed you to do a fourth retest, even though you can only do three, or who came up with new ideas to help you learn better. It’s because they want you to learn, even if it’s not the same as everyone else.

The teacher who has high expectations of you

This is the teacher who never just lets you be but constantly makes new demands on you and then it does not matter if you are the one with the best or worst grades. The teacher who pushes you to do harder and harder tasks and peppers you to do new things. This is the teacher who always challenges you and constantly tries to make you better.

Not all teachers you have or have had will be your favorite, but it does make it even more important to pay attention and give appreciation to the teachers you like a little extra.