Why should iPhone X (and below) users upgrade to iPhone 12

Why should iPhone X (and below) users upgrade to iPhone 12
Why should iPhone X (and below) users upgrade to iPhone 12

Apple has a history of astonishing the customers and quiet the critics every time they launch new models of their flagship products. iPhone is one really good example, Apple has delivered successful models of iPhone time and again¦and this is not just overall phone at a higher level, we could compare every little piece from chipset to GPU to battery optimization to camera to overall design. When we do this comparison, we would see how Apple has put real thought process and effort behind every upgraded part of the newer model. upgrade to iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 gives you four different options to choose from if you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone, which means you get to take the coolest phone in your hands and may not even have to spend a fortune.

Let us look at comparison of few important parts of an iPhone and see how iPhone is scoring a home run every single time.

Chipset comparison: iPhone 12 has a bionic A14 chipset that Apple already claims, is the fastest ever, while iPhone X has a bionic A11 chipset which too is pretty awesome by the way. Let us look a bit closer into this comparison. A14 & A11 both have 6 cores and 6 threads based processor, however A14 base frequency is 1.8 GHz and A11 base frequency is 1.4 GHz. A14 turbo frequency tops at 3.1 GHz while A11 tops at 2.4 GHz. A14 comes with 4 GPU execution units while A11 has 3. A14 has more than double energy efficiency over A11 chipset.

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Camera: iPhone X had the best dual cameras with 12 megapixels and a focal length of f1.8 and f2.4 with a Quad LED dual-tone flash and the ability to shoot 4K videos at 24 frames per second, selfie camera was 7 megapixels with focal length of f2.2. Huh, pretty impressive isn™t it? Well yes, but top quality phones have moved on to even bigger and better camera specifications. We are talking about 3 or even 4 cameras on the back of most phones. Looking around already for one such phone? Well, iPhone 12 is the top quality phone which can give you even better photography and videography experience with three cameras on the back, wide, ultra wide and a telephoto lens. Specifications are better too, of course. How about Apple throwing in Dolby vision and stereo sound recording for videography.

iPhone 12 has a 2815 mAh battery while iPhone X had 2716 mAh battery. Well, it may seem like very little difference in battery power but the processor technology and high performing circuitry makes the iPhone 12 battery last significantly longer¦3 additional hours of active multimedia or voice call usage to be exact.

Display: iPhone X had a 5.8 inch display with 82.9% screen to body ratio and it was amazing. Specially because Apple had for the first time left its trademark home button behind and introduced an all screen display. iPhone 12 came with a bigger display of 6.1 inches with an 86% screen to body ratio.

Long story short, iPhone 12 as Apple said in their launch event, is the best iPhone ever produced and it implicitly means the best smart phone ever produced, doesn™t it. So shop online at Qmart and book your brand new iPhone 12 right away.