Why is it worth reading books?

Reading books is the most beautiful game that humanity has imagined .People who have reached for at least one novel in their lives certainly

Why is it worth reading books?

Reading books is the most beautiful game that humanity has imagined .People who have reached for at least one novel in their lives certainly know what this outstanding poet, essayist and Nobel Prize winner in literature meant. See for yourself the benefits of reading books.

Top 6 Benefits of Reading Books

The vast majority of respondents prefer to watch TV and movies, and use the Internet and social media. Others do not have time during the day to read a book, complain of difficulty concentrating or get bored quickly.

Meanwhile, the benefits of reading books are really many:

Stress release - according to research, reading slows the heartbeat, calms down and reduces stress levels by up to 70% - much more than when listening to music or walking. Just 6 minutes with a book in hand is enough to feel relaxed and forget about the worries of everyday life. Reaching for a book is also a great way to relieve stress before the exam.

Improving concentration, memory and intelligence - reading is an excellent stimulation for the brain. It has been proven that children who readily read books from an early age acquire knowledge faster and have no problems with learning. Combining reading books with a diet by heart can have many benefits for adults as well;

Better sleep - Another advantage of reading books is that it is a great way to wind down before going to bed. Experts remind that it is better to reach for a book than for a telephone - especially since the screens of the devices emit blue light, which inhibits the production of melatonin;

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Vocabulary enhancement - if you've ever had a word on the tip of your tongue, but you couldn't remember it, it's time to read a book. A large vocabulary means that we are considered eloquent people and therefore we are successful in our professional and personal life. It is also very important for children who are starting to construct their first sentences, so make sure you read them aloud.

Increasing empathy - reading books develops not only our imagination, but also empathy. Book lovers are open to otherness, free from prejudices and are not guided by stereotypes. All because reading allows you to see the world from the perspective of another person. This is one of the most beautiful and important benefits of reading books.

Personality shaping - reading books allows us to confront various types of situations and teaches us to draw conclusions. It is thanks to them that we can answer the question of what we would do in the place of the novel's protagonist.

Reading books and learning

There are different learning styles, but many philologists emphasize that there is no better way to learn vocabulary than reading books. This is why, when learning English, it is worth reaching for the positions of American or British writers in the original. The main thing is not to get discouraged too quickly - in foreign-language books there will always be words that we do not understand, regardless of the level of language proficiency. It will be easier with the next book, because practice makes perfect! However, these are not all the benefits of reading books. Thanks to them, we deepen our knowledge about the world, learn grammatical and spelling correctness, increase our analytical skills, develop critical thinking, and improve our communication skills. All of this is useful not only at work, but also in your personal life.

If you already know why it is worth reading books, maybe you will turn an episode of the series into an interesting novel?