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Why Health Food Education is important for everyone?

Health Food education or nutritional education is the study of nutritional values of different foods in order to understand what is healthy and what isn’t healthy for general consumption. Health Food Education is also important for students to understand the concept of calories and nutritional value especially in the modern age where fast-food consumption has grown exponentially and unhealthy eating habits are now the norm within the society which has led to obesity and diabetes due to lack of education within students as they are unable to understand what is good for them and what is bad for them.

The importance of Health Food Education can also not be denied by individuals who are in the field. Medical experts and doctors agree that if food education is implemented into the curriculum a lot of unforeseen issues can be avoided simply due to proper education. Children would end up eating healthier and parents of those children would have the proper awareness to understand the many issues of eating unhealthy foods.

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The importance of Health Food Education can also be seen and taken an example of from countries such as the United States where obesity is at an all-time high due to no knowledge of eating and nutritional values. This has led to a high number of students dropping out of their educational institutions and being fat-shamed and bullied which leads them to suffer from depression and other mental illnesses as well.

Health Food Education’s importance can also be seen in Pakistan as well. Most individuals are unaware of the dangers of unhygienic food and are thus affected by diseases like Typhoid and Malaria simply due to consuming food which is not good for you.

Schools and universities should implement this course in their curriculum in order to make sure that the general public is healthy and is not affected by the dangers of malicious food items. Moreover, universities should encourage students to take proper health courses so that the public is aware of the dangers from experts and professionals.