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Why do O A Level students face problems studying in Pakistan?

Why do O A Level students face problems studying in Pakistan?

O A Level students are those who study the Cambridge International Examination format. In Pakistan, these are students who are not studying Matriculation and Board Examinations but are rather those who study the CAIE examinations. O A Level students face problems studying in Pakistan.

They face quite a lot of problems in Pakistan as even though thousands of people pursue CAIE examinations, most of them still do not have the same worth or value in the degree as compared to local examinations. This has led to a large number of students facing problems in Pakistan due to them not being given the same position in University admissions.

O A Level students face a variety of problems in Pakistan. These also include the inability to properly perform in their university entry test examinations. As most of these examinations are based on the FSC or board syllabi. This leads to O and A Level students not scoring well in these examinations and therefore facing large difficulties or problems when it comes to getting admitted into proper universities. Moreover, students of O and A levels also face problems when it comes to equivalency.

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Their marks are subtracted just because they did not give their board or matriculation examinations and are therefore already put on a back-foot. O A Levels students are also faced with the immense pressure of stigmatization by parents and their surroundings as they feel that going towards this path is career suicide.

Another problem O and A level students face is the extensive amount of trouble they have to face when pursuing a degree in medicine. As most students have to go through MDCat examinations which are rigorous in and of itself. But, due to marks being deducted constantly by the examining board, it is quite hard for individuals who wish to become doctors to pursue it due to just being O and A level students.

This constant stigmatization has led to students not opting for O and A level even thought it might seem subjectively better to them. These are only some of the problems faced by O and A level students in Pakistan.