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Why Children should Avoid Energy Drinks

Why Children should Avoid Energy Drinks
Why Children should Avoid Energy Drinks

Children should always steer away from Energy Drinks due to a large number of reasons. Firstly, one must understand that there is a huge difference between a sports drink and an energy drink. A sports drink is one which is used for rehydration I.e. it is a more soluble and concentrated form of water which provides various healthy nutrients that are quickly digested and ingested into the bloodstream so one feels fresh and revitalized. Energy drinks, however are a high dose of sugar that are also quickly ingested into the bloodstream that contain high number of additives such as caffeine and taurine which are harmful. Children should Avoid Energy Drinks.

Energy drinks have become a very big source of caffeine overdoses. A large dosage of such chemicals may cause thing such as dependance, addiction, insomnia and much more. In children, the symptoms associated with the consumption of energy drinks are much more extreme and dangerous. This has led to a large number of countries completely removing the use of energy drinks from children as it may cause to seizures, mania, stroke and even death in extremely rare conditions.

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While conditions regarding energy drinks may not be present in every child, especially a healthy child. These conditions are going to be extremely apparent to individuals who make thier children consume energy drinks who might already suffer from some kind of a dietary issue. This is one of the many reason’s children should avoid energy drinks. According to a recent report, a single container of an energy drink may contain up to 62 grams of extra sugar which is far more than the recommended amount of daily sugars. Children who drink energy drinks at this amount are at risk of serious diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Children should instead of energy drinks drink healthy fruit juice, water and many other healthy alternatives that provides them with energy. A fresh sliced fruit, baby carrots or whole wheat crackers will prevent your child from feeling hungry or tired while it is also healthy and good for them. Energy drinks have become engraved in our society as the only way to refuel which is simply not the case and as such should be avoided by children altogether.