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Why are proper teaching ethics not followed in Pakistan?

Why are proper teaching ethics not followed in Pakistan?
Why are proper teaching ethics not followed in Pakistan?

Pakistan is known to not be too keen on following rules and principles regarding morals. This is especially true in the Education sector where a lot of teachers and students alike do not follow the morals and principle set aside by their respective institutes or the general standards and cultural norms of teaching ethics present in our society in general.

This is extremely problematic especially for female students and our younger generation who take teachers ass their role models and thus use society’s understanding of them and then become deeply misguided by the acts happening our institutes.

The definition of morals or ethics is quite different for each individual. But to be fair, morals and ethics and boundaries themselves are defined by the society in general. If a society feels like a certain act is moral or immoral then it is their right to follow that understand.

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The issue arises however, when different strata of the same society collapse. For example, some parts of our society might feel like a student’s dressing is immoral or unethical while some might think it’s perfectly normal for that student to dress that way. This issue is exemplified when it comes to the class room. AS the teachers can only belong to a certain part of Pakistan’s sub-culture. They may not be able to exceed or be of proper understanding to every student present in the class.

Some might take that teacher’s cultural norms and ethics as ideal while some may shun them daily for their methodology of teaching and conversing. This, alongside the generally frustrated social identity of Pakistan has led to many teachers and educators alike being tormented for their lack of teachings ethics in Pakistan.

Teaching ethics is not just moral policing however, it also evolves around the passion and thrust students put to their teachers so they can impart them with useful and practical knowledge. However, more teachers are now resorting to not teaching in a proper manner and thus leaving students in the wild and presenting them with countless assignments and examinations in order to cover up for their misleading. Therefore, Pakistan does indeed need proper teaching ethics and they must be followed.