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Who is the founder of the Mouse?

Who is the founder of the Mouse?
Who is the founder of the Mouse?

Douglas Carl Engelbart is an American Engineer and inventory. He was an early computer programmer and engineer is and is credited with the founding of the human augmentation with technology technique which has led to the invention of the computer mouse which is wildly used in almost all computing devices to this day. He has also been credited with developing hypertext, networked computers and graphical user interfaces. All of these were shown in the mother of all demos in 1968. He also has a mathematical law named after him called Engelbart’s law. Who is the founder of the Mouse.

Douglas Engelbart the creator of the mouse did this pivotal thing while working for Stanford Research Institute in Melo Park California. They developed and recruited and researched a team in the Augmentation Research Center which was founded by him. He also created an innovative business strategy called bootstrapping strategy. The team became the force behind the design and development of the NLS system.

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They developed a large amount of interface elements which Douglas Engelbart had also agreed upon. These included the mouse, hypertext, and the start of the GUI or the graphical user interface. Douglas Engelbart had a lot of ideas about computers at a time where most of them were not accessible to the public. The ideas he proposed include batch processing and vertical integration of applications. Engelbart applied for a patent which included an X and Y axis indicator for a display which was the computer mouse. Douglas Card who is the founder of the mouse surprisingly never received any royalty or extra money out of his great invention. Some say that the license of the mouse was sold to Apple for only forty thousand dollars.

Douglas Engelbart is a pivotal creator of the Computer devices and computer mouses. He is created with many inventions that have shaped the computing industry in very different ways. Douglas passed away in 2013 and has been awarded with numerus honorary degrees and accolades which have cemented him as a legend in the computing industry.