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Who invented the Email?

Who invented the Email?
Who invented the Email?

Shiva Ayyudaurai is an Indian American scientist who is known as the founder of Email. Email is a peer-to-peer communication network where users can electronically mail each other letters that contain information such as text, hyperlinks, videos, and images that can be accessed only by the user it is sent to. Email can be sent to multiple and forwarded and replied to extremely easy. Email is widely used for business meetings, correspondence messages, academic meetings and much more. Who invented the Email.

Emails that are sent to one another are instantaneous and Shiva Ayyudaurai imagined Email as being one of the best inventions in the internet era. This is imply because of the fact that he imagined Email to be extremely useful in day-to-day scenarios especially when the postal service in the US is quite weak and as distances were increasing it felt hard for people to instantly communicate with each other.

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At that time, instant messaging was not invented, and most networks could not support the high band with required. Therefore, emails made more sense where those mails were stored on a central server and could be accessed at any time from there. This gave users the access to view their emails from internet cafes or other areas where they normally would not have access to them. Later, companies like Yahoo and Microsoft expanded on the idea and created their own mailing services each with their own unique exclusive features.

However, it was Gmail that perfected the mailing idea, and it is the most used email site to this day. Companies use emails in their own spaces in the Intranet as well. These kinds of emails can only be accessed presiding in the network. This is also broken down in universities in educational institutions.

Shiva Ayyudaurai is still considered a controversial figure in the history of the internet as some accuse him of not having invented the first version of Email but rather a version of it. ARPANET is credited to be the first use of the Email, but it remains disputed to this day.