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Who Founded the USB?

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is an absolute industry staple in the current day and age. However, this technology surprisingly has roots in the subcontinent. The founder of USB is Ajay V. Bhatt, an Indian American computer architect. The founder of USB Ajay V Bhatt has his education from the maharaja sayjirao University of Baroda India and further studies from the city university of New York. He is the holder of 132 us and international patents currently. He received wide recognition after being the 2013 winner of the European Inventor Award in Non-European category by the European patent office as well as his portrayal on an intel 2009 TV advertisement where Sunil Narkar portrays him as the founder of USB. Who Founded the USB.

This essential USB technology is utilized all over the world in daily households as well as big businesses. It has taken several new forms based on the initial technology developed by the founder of USB. A large variety now exists of USBs. Such as eleven different connectors most recent and popular of which is the USB C a port used in most new android in the market. Some notable prior iterations of the USB connectors are the USB1.x, USB2.0, USB 3.x and USB4.

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The USB is an imperative technology in the modern 21st century. Without it, a lot of the peripherals we are currently using would simply network. This is mainly due to the fact that now a days a lot of people prefer wired connections over wireless ones especially in the professional market as the latency and lag present in wireless connections is simply unfeasible for alot of people to understand and comprehend as it will hinder their workflow. Moreover, the universal serial bus or USB has taken its strides in the fact that it allows fast charging between networks and its low license and manufacturing cost has quickly established it as a standard for a lot of devices around the world.

The universal serial bus and its founder Ajay V Bhatt are immortalized in computer history due to their immense contribution to the field of consumer electronics and the USB in general.