Who are graduate students and doctoral students?

embarrassed to ask themselves. Our teachers are arrogant people; they can make fun of them. graduate students and doctoral students.

Who are graduate students and doctoral students?
Who are graduate students and doctoral students?

Already in the 3-4th year, more and more often our teachers begin to use such mysterious words as "doctoral studies" and "articalgraduate studies". They say something - they say, and they are in no hurry to explain what it is and how these concepts differ. And students are embarrassed to ask themselves. Our teachers are arrogant people; they can make fun of them. graduate students and doctoral students.

Let's try to help our student to be, as they say, "aware of the case."

Scientific staff is trained in graduate school. You can study here on a paid and free basis, by correspondence and full-time. But you will be able to enter graduate school only when you have a crust on your hands, about graduating from higher education - a bachelor, specialist or master. If full-time education is suitable for you, it lasts about three years. You will be paid a scholarship every month. In correspondence, you will have to unlearn for 4 years, but in this case you will also be able to work (and studying full-time, you will have to take time off from work). At the time of writing scientific papers, part-time graduate students have the right to take leave, while your salary will be saved.

If you are determined to enter graduate school, then you need to prepare an abstract, application for admission and scientific publication. It is recommended that you participate in scientific conferences in advance and have a recommendation for admission. articalgraduate education takes the form of lectures and seminars.

Many employers are very positive about such a line in the resume as "graduate school", and make a choice in favor of the graduate student. And if by the end of your studies at the university you are writing a diploma, then studying in graduate school, you write a dissertation. The dissertation is written under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by you. Before defending your dissertation, you will need to pass candidate exams - in history, philosophy, foreign language and specialty. If you successfully defend your dissertation at the end of your studies, you will be awarded a degree. This is the purpose of articalgraduate study - to obtain a scientific degree.

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By the way, it is not necessary to go to the aspirator in the same specialty in which you received your diploma. It is quite possible to choose another specialty, only the information you have to learn 2-3 times more in the learning process.

Thus, studying in graduate school, you get the following benefits:

  • If necessary, you will be provided with a hostel,
  • You will be able to participate in scientific seminars and conferences,
  • You now have the right to teach in other educational institutions,
  • articalgraduate studies increase the chances of getting a good high-paying job.
  • Now let's talk about doctoral studies.

Doctoral studies give a person the opportunity to obtain a doctorate. To get a doctoral degree, you must first complete graduate school, that is, have a Ph.D. Doctoral students study for three years. And this term is counted in the length of scientific-pedagogical and scientific work. The doctoral student must attend the scientific seminars of the department where the work is performed. In addition, he is required to report each year on how he is preparing to defend his doctoral dissertation.

If for some reason the doctoral student was expelled before defending his doctoral dissertation, then if there are vacancies he has the opportunity to recover.

The legislation did not bypass the rights of doctoral students. In accordance with the law "On higher and articalgraduate professional education” the doctoral student is guaranteed:

  • Scholarship for the period of study,
  • Holidays for two months each year,
  • The place of previous work for the doctoral student is retained,
  • The doctoral student has the right to use all equipment, offices and laboratories free of charge,
  • In addition to the above, the doctoral student receives a grant to purchase the necessary scientific literature.

Most likely, you still doubt whether it is worth spending 3-4 years, acquiring the status of a graduate student, and then a doctoral student. But the future is unpredictable: perhaps these magic words in your resume will help the employer make a choice in favor of your candidacy.

Good luck on your life and career!