Which bike to choose for a junior high school student

entertainments and useful leisure both in the days of our youth, and today. Which bike to choose for a junior high school student.

Which bike to choose for a junior high school student
Which bike to choose for a junior high school student

It doesn't matter how old your child is, what gender she is or what her hobbies are. The bicycle was and remains one of the most popular entertainments and useful leisure both in the days of our youth, and today. Which bike to choose for a junior high school student.

The only difficulty that modern parents have to face is the huge variety of models on the market. Tricycles, bigovel, standard two-wheeled bicycles are presented in different versions, depending on the type of frame, wheel diameter, the presence of additional accessories in the form of balancing wheels for support and more.

What to choose for your child aged 8-12 years? Of course, the future bike should be convenient, comfortable for a particular teenager, the safest to use and easy to maintain. An important factor is the "correct" appearance: it is unlikely that the traditional pink color of the bike frame will be appropriate for a boy.

What to look for when buying

If we are talking about the primary school age from 8 to 12 years, then experts recommend considering models of bicycles with a wheel diameter of 20-24 inches. This is one of the key indicators when choosing your bike for a child: it is the diameter of the wheels, as well as the length of the inner surface of the foot affect the comfort and convenience of using a bicycle.

To ride as safely as possible, make sure that your child's feet reach the ground on both sides of the bike when parked. This will give her the necessary confidence in the development of new transport, which is why the important parameter of the length of the inner surface of the foot (or the distance from the saddle to the ground).

In addition, some manufacturers take into account the height of the future user: for a younger student, this parameter corresponds to 130-160 cm, but there are always exceptions. For this reason it is necessary to specify in advance a possibility of adjustment of a saddle of a bicycle, its maximum and minimum height.

It is worth paying attention to such parameters as:

  • Ip and saddle size (models for boys and girls may have some differences in the geometry of this element);
  • Material and size of pedals for reliable fixing of a foot;
  • type and quality of brakes;
  • width and type of tire (the road bike tire will be significantly different from the mountain bike tire);
  • Availability of additional accessories (trunks, mounting for water bottles, footrests, etc.);
  • frame type (for "female" models the frame is always slightly understated for a more comfortable fit);
  • Possibility of assembling a frame for compact storage and transportation, etc.

Each bike is individual, so it is desirable to "test" your future purchase before purchasing. This will allow you to understand how comfortable and convenient your child is on a new bike, the rest is a matter of technology.

What to choose - 5 popular models of bicycles

Of course, before choosing a particular model of bicycle, Your child's opinion will also be important: unfortunately, very often we do not listen to the requests and wishes of our children, as a result of which even the most expensive toys simply do not become interesting to them.

We offer you our unofficial "rating" of bicycles for younger students, which will allow you to at least roughly determine the type and parameters of your future purchase. For better orientation, we took 5 popular models in the categories:

  • Best value for money;
  • The cheapest (a great opportunity to save without losing quality);
  • The most expensive (for those who are always looking for the best reliability and functionality);
  • The best bike for girls;
  • The best bike for boys.

We hope our recommendations will help you decide on a choice or at least "indicate" the right direction for future searches.

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This model is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 20 inches with reinforced rubber and quality studs. The strong steel frame provides necessary durability even at operation in the most extreme modes of driving.

The bicycle is recommended for children aged 6 to 10 years and has a spectacular appearance, easy operation, quality materials. The model has seven speeds, so it is perfect for both city driving and off-road conquest.

For comfort while driving, there is a steel fork with shock absorbers, and double aluminum rims with wide tires provide safety and comfort while driving. The only drawback is, perhaps, the need for self-assembly of the model, which comes in disassembled form

You will need minimal skills and about half an hour of free time to assemble and adjust the bike settings to the optimal ones for your child.


One of the most affordable models of teenage bicycles, For this money you get almost a full-fledged stunt bike with a wheel diameter of 20 inches, a strong steel frame and a reinforced fork (no depreciation for the overall cost reduction).

From the outside, M&G Techno "ROYAL BIKE" looks quite impressive, and its frame design is universal, which allows us to recommend the model for both boys and girls aged 8 to 12 years. There is a seven-speed "transmission" from the popular manufacturer Shimano.

The bike is recommended for paved and rural trails and will be a great gift for your child without the need for serious costs. If you are looking for the optimal inexpensive option, but at the same time have the maximum requirements for quality, reliability and safety, we recommend M&G Techno "ROYAL BIKE"

PUKY S-PRO 20 is the most expensive

For those who do not look for compromises and perceive each purchase as "the last", without attaching great importance to value, we suggest to pay attention to the PUKY S-PRO 20 model in gray-pink color. As the name suggests, the bike belongs to the professional line of bikes for teenagers, which means maximum reliability, comfort and safety.

Among the advantages of the model we note the strength of the aluminum frame, the presence of seven speeds, the use of the Shimano Tourney and similar rear switches. The bike is equipped with one of the most reliable in its class rim mechanical brakes V-brake.

It is designed for a height of 115 to 135 cm, but you can always adjust both the saddle and the steering wheel for any anthropometry. The advantages of the model can be listed for a long time, in terms of disadvantages,

However, this quality is worth paying for if you are looking for a bike for several seasons and do not want your bike to rust after the first winter or have any problems with the chassis or brakes.

Rueda BMX-20 is the best stunt bike for boys

Stylish and spectacular Rueda BMX-20 in red and white will be the best gift for any boy who dreams of his professional Stunt bike. The well-known manufacturer guarantees quality, reliability and safety of operation of the model at the minimum service and regular care.

The features of the model include a strong aluminum frame, impressive frame of the wheel with spokes of the original design, quality lunch brakes, a comfortable saddle with several adjustment options.

The rubberized handles provide reliable fixing of hands, and the convenient footboard will allow to "park" the bicycle in any place for short-term rest. The Spanish manufacturer recommends this model for both urban use and country walks.

The disadvantages of this model include the smeared frame body. However, if you want your child to look at the wheel of his bike as impressive as possible, this disadvantage can be tolerated.

Royal Baby 2086 is an ideal option for a girl

A single-speed bicycle for leisurely cycling, equipped with additional balancing wheels, can be safely recommended for girls aged 6-9. This is a very bright model, one of the advantages of which is the use of fluorescent paint for the frame.

In the dark, for extra safety, the bike will be visible from afar. Also in the frame are moisture-resistant LEDs that blink and glow, creating a festive mood.

The brakes in this bike are manual front and rear foot: this is more than enough for leisurely walks. The wings above the wheels will ensure the necessary cleanliness of your child's clothes even after the rain, and a convenient basket can be used to transport both toys and school supplies.