WhatsApp articalponed the introduction of new data protection regulations

WhatsApp articalponed the introduction of new data protection regulations
WhatsApp articalponed the introduction of new data protection regulations

Facebook's ownership of WhatsApp on May 7 withdrew from its plans to force users to accept new terms that critics say could expand the data collection of two billion users worldwide.

WhatsApp, which will launch a new data-sharing policy on May 15 - after a delay in response to user protests - announced on its website that it would not immediately stop users who did not accept the new terms, despite reminders sent to those who agreed. not joined.

The update allows additional sharing of WhatsApp information to Facebook and other applications such as Instagram and Messenger such as contact and account details, but not message content, which remains encrypted.

The platform says the update is primarily aimed at merchants using WhatsApp to chat with customers - so they can share data with Facebook.

However, critics fear this could open the door to wider data sharing with Facebook, with potential consequences for user privacy.

"No one will delete their account or lose WhatsApp functionality on May 15 because of this update," reads the website's latest update, which was previously seen by The Verge and other media outlets.

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However, users receive a "permanent" policy reminder and may lose some functionality if they don't accept the new terms.

"As soon as we give everyone time to review, we will alert those who haven't had the opportunity to review and accept," the website says.

"After a few weeks, the memories people get will eventually last."

At some point, according to the WhatsApp site, users will "find WhatsApp limited functionality until you receive the update".

"You can't access your chat list, but you can still answer incoming calls and video calls. After a few weeks of reduced functionality, you will no longer receive incoming calls or notifications and WhatsApp will no longer send messages and calls to your phone." "

The removal of WhatsApp's privacy policy - described by Facebook as a misunderstanding of efforts to attract businesses to the platform - is one of the recent episodes highlighting concerns about the tech giant's privacy and privacy policies.