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What you need to become a popular blogger

What you need to become a popular blogger
What you need to become a popular blogger

Everyday life is increasingly moving to the network. We buy, communicate, travel, learn on the Internet… Platforms where people run their blogs are becoming more and more popular. This is a real trend and a sign of modernity. need to become a popular blogger.

Who would have thought decades ago that webinars on any topic would become commonplace for us, and pupils and students would study on Skype or Zoom. The real authorities are not politicians, but bloggers from “TikTok” and “Instagram”. Millions of subscribers, a fantastic number of views, comments, likes. Do you dream of becoming popular online and telling the world about your life and talents every day? To start moving confidently in this direction, you need to make a plan and purchase the necessary equipment. Although many of the popular characters are limited to a regular smartphone with a headset to shoot videos and stories, the technical equipment must match the scale of the plans.

A novice blogger should:

  1. Make a list of necessary techniques.
  2. Outline the topic that most posts and videos will cover. Of course, no one is forced to maintain a purely thematic page, but the thematic focus must be expressed.
  3. Write a content plan for at least a few weeks. Practice proves that if you do not approach blogging systematically, there is a 90% probability that in a month the inspiration will disappear and it will come to naught.

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Technical issues

By the time the blog starts making a profit from advertising, you will have to spend on the initial set of equipment. So that the costs are not too significant, we advise you to pay attention to the range of Auchan online store. On the Auchan website, it is easy to choose and order everything that a future star of the network may need. And this, in particular:

  • A smartphone with a powerful operating system and enough memory;
  • Laptop or tablet, if you plan to have text posts that are inconvenient to create with your phone;
  • Camera to create quality photos (if you do not plan to do it with an account chip, then choose a smartphone with the best opportunities for shooting);
  • light – or bright lamps, or special “umbrellas” on tripods.
  • Convenient option – a tripod for a phone with LED backlight; selfie stick – an indispensable tool for video bloggers and fans of spectacular selfies;
  • Tripod for camera or smartphone. It is not very convenient to shoot full-fledged videos while holding the phone in your hand;
  • The go-pro camera is a great thing for those who want to dedicate their account to active recreation or travel.